Witching Hour

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Cain Enabled

Samantha barged into her room, showing so little respect for herself. The lack of such is always a sad sight to see. She even left the door tossed aside, bubbling and melting away on the molten floor below. More leaped after, draping down from the ceiling, guiding her to the bed –and caught her midflight. She growled at it, echoed in the roar on the dragon on her arm, and it let her down. Like so many other things that day. Including herself.

She fell upon that mattress with a huff, turned into a scream into the pillow. The force, the wind behind it shredding through and to the dear mattress, already being torn asunder by the lances of metal still pricking through, burning away. Her stomach gurgled, burning, broiling from the fires that still scorched at her heart (and area), boiling the blood racing through her system and thrumming against her brow. If it wasn’t already smoking in the room, her ire, alone, would have made it seem like a volcano had awoken. Instead, she had her own ring of fire.

The toilet flushed, and Minos stepped out of the restroom, blinking, seeing the carnage left in her wake. Samantha’s neck cracked as she forced herself to look up at him, to force him to see the anger and desperation that poured from her eyes, streaking, marring her visage more than the flames that continued to engulf all around her. Though it was a question which harmed it more: the tears, or the scowl it held, the lines that creased it cracking her youthful appearance, seeming to age it by a decade if not more.

Minos simply stared at it all, at her... but finally shook his head, whistling as he started to close the bathroom d-

“Where do you think you’re going?” She croaked, the room rumbling with the threat it carried. The metal rippled, above and below. Him. It forced him to halt... and melted the door away. Just in case.

“Nowhere?” He said, chuckling, rather sheepishly, pointing back towards the bath. “I was going to get it ready for you. It seems like you’ve had a bad time.”

“Oh, like that sounds totally b- you’ve got a point.” The metal settled, for the moment, but the ripples were slowly returning the longer he simply stood there. In fact, a part of her wanted him to try and run; it would make the day a bit sweeter... but, for once, he was a man of his word. He clonked back up to the bath, and water could be heard rushing, rising over the roar of the flames.

Samantha yipped as the bed gave completely, but the fire did not touch her, kept at bay by the metal, lacing around her. She sighed, and raised her left arm. The dragon took to the air, and, with three great beats of its wings, the flames were quelled by her wind. She stood from the debris, grimacing, glowering at the mess around her, but rolled her eyes as she looked to the entry.

Good thing we weren’t talking about anything. Yet. If her eyes rolled anymore, she could travel on the interstate. So she put that energy to good use and remade the door. The dragon swooped out during, putting out the river of molten steel... and rock she left all the way from the beginning of the undercroft. Everyone calls me a hothead, but nobody has ever truly seen me lose my cool... Well, three did, and one was-

She huffed, refusing to return to that. Twice was asking too much... She cleaned up the room too –and made sure her laptop and game system were fine. Peter, Norman, and Jack were still around and there was one, final dragon they needed to handle. Luckily, or as expected, all three were perfectly safe, if a bit blackened around the edges.

The water stopped running, and Minos returned to the door. He had a pained smile painted on his face, with a bead of sweat trickling down his brow. His feet seemed rooted, but even then she could see the legs above shaking, aimed towards the entry. They seemed ready to run –especially when the dragon burst through it again, settling on the new, metal desk. Seeing him like that, the fact he actually respected and FEARED her power... Samantha was both a bit happier... and a touch guilty.

Thankfully, though, the guilt was quickly remedied with one smack to her rear. Minos groped it, chortling as he sat behind, his smile more coy than pained.

“Your shower of celebration is ready, massah,” he said. “It... did go well, right? As well as you expected?”

Her head was forced to swivel again, giving him an indignant look.

“Very much as I suspected. It was a fucking walk in the park. A whole barrel full of sunshine and fuck rainbows.”

“Not only rainbows but fuck rainbows? Man... were they doubles or triples?” He chuckled, giving her ass another slap... and there was an audible clack heard in Samantha’s mind. “So when you do start teaching?”

And there it was. The barrel was now poised, with only the trigger left to be pulled on Chekhov’s gun. The temptation was great; Samantha was showing great temperance, abstaining from even wrapping her finger around the trigger, even with the dragon... and Minos’ slaps making it all the m-

“Hey! Sam? Did you hear me? When do you teach again, teach... teach? tea-”

“Don’t call me that!” She shrieked, and the walls, after being fixed, after warning him with their groans, exploded to life once again. They shot out, splintered, scattered apart as hundreds- thousands- millions of tiny razors shot at him.


Wind whistled, making them float and laze against him, drawing the tiniest bit of blood with each quivering breath. Hers, not his. No... he couldn’t afford it at that moment. She inhaled, deep, and the metal eased away, allowing him to breathe again.

“Sorry. She... she did it. She found a way to completely and utterly get under my skin.”

He cleared his throat, rubbing it, smearing the dozen or so dots of blood there- yet still groped her ass!

“So I see... What did she do, kill a puppy? Rape your son? Rape you? Throw you on a large, swanky bed, pinning you down, and had her lover help her strip you down, teasing y-”

“I said under my skin, not your sick and twisted fantasy.”

“Wouldn’t they be the same?”

“Touche... and no... Basically, I’m... not teaching you guys anymore.”

“Oh? Why?”

“They believe you all, all six of you left that is, are well edumucated and smarticle enough to live good down her... I think I lost a few brain cells talking like that.”

“As long as you don’t start using ‘like’ as if its holy scripture.”

She scoffed, and “flipped” her hair back, and hopped onto his lap. She felt him jump, saw that wonderful flash of fear in those big red eyes... Sadly, though, that didn’t take his hand off her rump. Truly a man who likes to live dangerously.

“Like, I don’t, like, think, like, that’s ever, like, going t- I’m stopping I’m stopping! Put the nightstand down.” He did, but at least he no longer was touching her- something rattled inside it. They shared a curious look, and Minos opened it, finding a blue dild- “Cy!”


“Yeah. My old... friend.” She took it out of his hand, feeling, smelling that it had been cleaned... She sniffed, fresh tears rising in her eyes. “Monica must have returned him before she...”

Minos snorted, and snatched it out of her hand, readying to fling it into the kitchen, into the tra-

“What are you doing!” She yelped.

“You got the real thing now. You don’t need this.”

“Maybe I don’t want the real thing now.” She snapped it out of his hand, holding it close to her chest, glaring at him. “It’s your fault for pulling the BF card. I’m... not sure if I’m ready for that. Not yet.”

“Then what would you call me, hmm? We’re sort of beyond fuck friends, and if that’s all there is, then I’ll go find somebody else. Besides, it sounds like you aren’t going to be around for very much longer, anyways.”

He started to stand, to push her off... but Samantha grabbed his arms.

“You’re right,” she said, voice cracking as she sniffled. “She’s going to be moving me someplace else real soon... and, although I was able to grant everyone else asylum, to be allowed to leave, safely... I couldn’t save you... You’ll be stuck down here, alone... unless...”

“Unless... what?”

“Unless... I let you move in with me. Unless I say you are going to be staying with me.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound so bad. It’s pretty much what we’ve become alread-”

“It’s going exactly as Norman wanted me to wish it as!” She gulped, hard, and coughed, glaring at him. “Lilith used that against me. That’s one way she toyed with my mind, but I don’t know if it was only a prank... or... or if I really did agree... How do I know this isn’t all my fault? How do I know that everyone is dying, tensions are rising, and everything is going as it is... all because I had made the wish.”

She sobbed, and fell into his chest, clawing at his arms harder.

“Everything is going as he said. All obstacles are being removed. I am getting a better job- a cushier job at that. I am becoming a more respected member of VNA and even garnering Lilith’s respect and friendship... all while getting us together.”

“Sam... This isn’t your fault. None of it is.”

“But it is. If I had made the wish-”

“But you didn’t.”

“But how do I know for sure? What if this is a Total Recall moment where I have no fucking idea what is reality and what is the altered version of it? I can’t even go ask Norman because I wouldn’t know if his answer would be because of the wish or the actual truth... And that’s only the first thing she fucked with my head with.”

Minos hummed, and hugged her. Picking her up. He caressed her legs, cradling her as she was still wrapped into a ball, nuzzling her neck as he carried her into the bathroom.

“Okay... you can keep the dildo... though, as you laid claim on my cock, I’m staking my claim on your pussy.”

She laughed, a bitter thing, and looked up at him.

“That’s perfectly fine. I preferred it in my ass, anyways.”

“Oh my... I like where this is going.”

She sighed, and Cy floated out of her hands, lazing through the air and back into the nightstand once more, closed with a soft clack.

“Not in the mood. All thanks to Lilith.”

He growled, huffing into her ear. “Man... Fuck Lilith... in a bad way.”

“So how you do it?”

“Oh. Ow. My pride... More like you.”

“Don’t see you complaining.”

“I’ve gotten good at faking my orgasm. Thanks to M... So what are you going to be doing, instead? The job, I mean- or, rather, anything now.”

“What Lilith thinks? Preparing a new roster of students to teach.”

“... Wait. What?”

“It’s a long story. Too weary to tell it. I’ll explain tomorrow.”

“Okay, then... and what are you actually going to do?”

“After the explanation, and most likely a morning fuck, we are going to go talk to Peter. There’s a certain hen that needs to be beheaded.”

“Hen? You don’t mean-”

“Don’t say her name –I mean, I guess it doesn’t matter since she can read minds but... better than nothing. What is important is that she’s helping Lilith. We remove her, we have our first step... and, I suppose, Peter is freed. It’s not going to be that simple, but... baby steps... Turn off the light, but don’t stop holding me.”

“In the shower?”

“Then in bed.”

He huffed, chuckling, and eased both of them into the scented bath. It wasn’t her favorite scent –which Lilith and Lucille knew. At least it wasn’t a smell she completely hated. Their clothes were going to be saturated in it until the morning, so that was one positive of the entire day. He still managed to open her shirt, to tease her chest, but it wasn’t his usual, hungry self. It was more like a mouse “testing the waters”, seeing how far they can get before bolting. Luckily for him, this kitty wasn’t in any mood to play.

She almost nodded off in the bath, but held until they returned to bed. He completely stripped her there, laid her clothes on the floor, then did the same before crawling in and cuddling up. Samantha clapped twice, and the pair faded into the dark, Samantha dragged down into a deep sleep, where no dreams dared to loom.

If only the same were true come the morn. She was hooked and reeled back up by each solid pound on her door. Minos groaned as he stood, disappointing her as he went to get in her pants, checking her cell, seeing if they did actually sleep the “night” away. Samantha moaned as he picked her up, still cradled in his arms, and carried her to that cacophony. She tried to burrow into his chest, to hide from it, wanting nothing more than to be a part of that burly, muscular chest.

Especially since it was Lilith on the other side.

It didn’t even look like she had went home to rest. She was still in the same clothes as yesterday, yet her eyes had a certain, warm glow to them that made Samantha want nothing more than to pluck them out. No one should be that energetic in the morning. Only a real devil, if not THE Devil, should be that alive at this time. She patted the manila envelopes in her arms, seven in total, and was still looking down at them as Minos opened the door.

“These should do nicely,” she said... still not looking up. “There are no repeats, but they can- oh. Minos. What are you d... Oh... naughty naughty, Samantha. Getting involved with a st-”

“Piss off,” Samantha spat, and yanked the folders out of her hands. Lilith gave her a sad, almost... doting smile, gone as Samantha had the door slam shut. The wind shrieked through the room a moment, almost tearing the documents out of her arms, holding true until Minos slid her into her desk chair. He sat on the bed behind, leaving her to spread the folders out on the rich wood, shaking her head. “Another lust demon, a hearth demon, a mermaid, and the four lycans. She’s dead set on these four-”

“What are those?” Minos said.

“My new students... or, rather they will be. After they... finish growing.”

“Growing?” The bed grumbled as he stood again, looming over her. “Wait... you don’t mean-”

“They’re going to be cloned. There are glowing facilities under VNA... under us.”

He barked a wry laugh, and stomped off to the bathroom, leaning against its door. Samantha slowly turned around, already knowing, feeling the dirty, hateful look that he was giving her.

“Oh, this is rich,” he said, his voice dripping with venom. “So... you knew I wasn’t spouting bull this entire time?”

“Not the entire time. Only since... wow. It’s been so long I forget... It’s where I’ve been going on my walks-”

“To the cloning vats? To do... what, exactly? Test yourself?”

“What? No! It wasn’t until I took Bella-”

“So Bella knew, too!” He clapped, slow, loud, each smack making her shrink a touch more in her seat. “Well isn’t this just fucking wonderful! How fucking lovely that I was finally believed years after Fraila gave me the info. After she had fucking died for it!”

“Yes yes. We’re sorry we didn’t listen. Can we please focus on what’s ahead instead of stroking your ego’s hindsight?”

“But it likes to be stroked.” He shook his head, and stomped back over, leaning over as she turned around... frowning at the hearth demon. “I saw this chick before.”


“Yeah. She forced her way into this hall along the way to...”

“To? To what? Who?”

“I think it was two whos- er, people. One was named Scarlette-”

“She knew Scarlette?”

“You know a Scarlette?”

“It’s... it’s better if I just showed you.”

“What? No long, long story?”

“That doesn’t even come close, especially with what you are saying now. We need to go see her. Now.”

“But what about your plan with Peter?”

“We’ll deal with him once we get back... if we get back...”

Once more, Samantha found herself following the ragged white cloth, returning to Scarlette’s hall, and wincing at every clomp and stomp that echoed from her “partner’s” fat “feet”. She thought Bella was bad; at least Bella could subdue her breathing. His shrieked like the wind. His heart was a drum line, thumping, booming deep into the depths, rising whenever she stopped. She looked around every corner, made sure it was completely and utterly clear (even of electrics), but damned if they didn’t reach that hall. No one else was behind those doors this time, a straight shot to that skull. To Scarlette, still there. Still there.

Samantha held out her hand, wary, into the entry of the drider’s room. Since no klaxon started to wail, no spikes shot out, and no gun shot... she still sent Minos in first. Since he didn’t immolate or get torn apart or even exsanguinated, she pulled him out and entered. Scarlette’s eyes shined as Samantha picked her up, and was able to look back, down the hallway, as Samantha spun around.

To find she was alone... Samantha stepped out of the room, ready to retort, so smug at how cowardly he was for a bull... but stopped, seeing him standing before the old, wooden doors to the left. He snuffled at the wood, snorting, growling a bit as he pulled and wrenched at it.

“What are you doing?” She hissed, already pushing magic through Scarlette’s “neck”.

“Scent... scents,” he grumbled, turned to a growl then a snarl. He pulled at the doors, making them creak and groan from his (sudden) rage, but the chains on them simply rattled, the wood too strong. Even for him. He was forced to let go, panting, huffing as he cracked his back, looking back at her at last. “Man. They really don’t make them like they used to. I... recognized a few scen- hello, Hamlet.”

“Huh. A m...eat head who knowsss his classics,” Scarlette said. “Must be y...your lover.”


“A conversation we’re not having right now.” Samantha said, waving to Minos. “Scar, Minos. Minos, the one you mentioned that knew the hearth demon-”

“H... hearth demon? You mussst mean Isssiah,” Scarlette said, and sighed. “I didn’t w...w...want to kill her.”

“Wait. You killed her?” Minos said, chuckling. “That’s one helluva feat for just a head.”

“I used to b...be more than a head, you know. M....aybe I gave you t-t-too much credit... But yesss. I killed her, and everyone... in there.”

“In where?”

“Behind that door. Where my wedding wasssupposed to be.” She sighed again. “I didn’t want to, but they were stopping our happiness. For us-”

“You mean that Johnny fella?” Minos said.

Scarlette’s eyes swiveled his way again, squelching in their rush.

“You... know his name?”

“Yeah. Isiah got screwed up in her directions when she was on her way to ‘save’ him, and screamed it up and down our lovely Halls. Should totally come see them; we’ll schedule a head.”

He chortled, and both women just gave him a bored look –no small task for Scarlette.

“Y... you could do better, Sssam,” Scarlette said.

“She could, but beggars can’t be choosers.”

“So why are you... h...here this d-” Scarlette winced with Samantha as Minos bombarded the doors and their chains once more, growling, grunted as he yanked and wrenched at them. “Rounnnnd two? He doesssssn’t know when to g...give up, doesssss he?”

“Nope. Not at all,” she said, and was surprised to feel a bit of... pride from that. Even more as she watched him assault that door, as sparks flew when he tried to add his horns into the mix, pulling, dragging them across the old, polished oak, crackling on the chains.

And a link finally broke.

He cheered, and made quick work of pulling it off. He shattered an entire row in his zeal, tearing away row after row... until Samantha cleared her throat.

“To answer your question, Scar, it was originally for you two to meet, but he seems to have something else in mind.”

He roared as he rammed into the doors, unable to hold back his rage any longer. They cracked, and splintered down their middle, flying into the room beyond. And so did the door. Dust billowed out as he wheezed inside- turned to gagging. The air before them had a garish green hue. Samantha had a moment to cover her nose, but Minos wasn’t as fortunate, staining the darkness and his front in bile. His arm wasn’t even spared as he tried so hard to cover it, to keep that miasma of... rot, of... putrescence at bay. It surged from that capsule, staining the entire hall green and yellow with its musk, meant to be forgotten along with whatever laid below.

Minos clambered to his feet... and took a step further in. Samantha could see that there was one light bulb still alive, enduring in that abyss. It flickered on a stage, with strange, black chips fragmented around it, surrounding a dress. It was once white, now dyed in shades from the remains liquefied inside. Heads, now little more than skulls were stuck on pikes along the front row, “cooked” by the light. Grayed flesh hung and drooped, but it was the brown... splatter against the wall that had brewed the worst. The skin around the remnants of a tail had gave from the sudden burst of fresh air, letting the intestine exit, bloated, popping, releasing all sorts of delicious mixes to the smorgasbord of death.

“My wedding,” Scarlette whispered, “tearing” up a little, shuddering in Samantha’s hand. “It was so... beautiful... Lilith. Ssshe ruined everything. Ssshe... took him from me. Took my life, my body!”

“There? You happy, Minos? You made Scarlette cry,” Samantha said, smacking his shoulder- but regretted it, tasting the air. “Oh g- oh g-”

He shrugged her off- as if he needed to; she clawed towards her mouth, trying to cover it with a metal veil before too much got in- it was too late. She added her own slurry to the growing pile of putrescence, gagging as it burned even inside her brain. Somehow, it had broken down enough to even burn at those neurons and synapses, jerking and stuttering and releasing more until the last of that wisp faded away.

Minos, meanwhile, SOMEHOW endured. He snorted, sniffing, releasing another flood of bile before following his nose down to the stage... but passed the dark wedding. To the wall. His hand grazed along it, and he grunted, groaned, snarled as he kicked at the steel.

It rang hollow, opening to a new corridor.

He looked back at Samantha, and she followed after at last. She brought along poor Scarlette, all three descending into that dark hallway. Twists, turns, forks; it was a maze within a maze, but they were never lost. Minos “knew” the way forward, while Samantha left behind runes of all color, marking duplicates with many, getting more vibrant as they delved, showing the way back. They reached one last fork; both were dead-ends. Samantha cocked her head at Minos, and he kicked the wall at the right end, once more ringing hollow. He tore it aside, showing a small room and an elevator at the other end. It only had one option, down, but it was the sheer number on the panel inside, going from B1 to B60 before continuing on the wall on the right, delving ever further. The last few, B684 through 790, were out of order.

Samantha inhaled, looked to Minos, and nodded, hitting B2. The elevator shuddered, groaned... but gave, dropping fast and stopping hard, opening to another series of vats. They were silver this time, the gel inside blue, painting the room in a turquoise sea, bubbling and buzzing away. Rows upon rows expanded into the dark, filled with pointed ear individuals, their skins getting darker as they headed for the walls, while fair and pale as moonlight was near the center.

One creaked, and the vat beeped.

The tubes around them popped off, steaming the room as it lowered, hissing softly against the plinth that kept it secure. Minos growled, and grabbed Samantha by the waist, hauling ass to it. He jumping on its top before it fully descended. It clicked into place, and turned, ticking away, faster, faster... faster!

Silenced as it simply... dropped.

Minos covered both of their mouths while Samantha cut air to Scarlette, their screams muffled as best they could as he hugged his legs to the top of that vat. Samantha dug her nails into the metal, her hand melted in. The dragon on her arm growled, eyes burning bright as it let go of her thumb and flew around them, creating an orb as fast as it could, but the end came on swifter wings. It only finished forming when it had been slammed by the impact, crumpling and shattering like glass, taking most of the energy with it... though Minos still got a nice shiner.

Samantha was about to mention it, but her whole body weary from the sudden rush, the sudden need for magic. And the vat hissed. It “opened”, the top part of the metal simply rising enough for the glass to fall out, holding the mer. She was on the tall side, at least two head’s on Samantha. At least Ayn’s height, though nowhere near as big in the chest region... It was still enough to make Samantha envy those dark, cherry tips. She had wide hips, a good bit of softness to her overall, and her rich, dark skin was almost a warm red in the dusk, clashing with her long, blue hair.

Is she ali- Samantha thought, but had her answer, seeing the faintest flicker of her sapphire eyes under the lids, stirring as she groaned. Samantha was about to jump down to her, but Minos held her in place, holding true even as the girl gasped and coughed. Which they had no need.

Cain was there.

He stepped into view, in a white suit this day –for how long, though, was the question. The shoulders, as usual, already gave, allowing those jagged stalagmites to reign. The girl looked up at him, her eyes shimmering and wide- and recoiled with the soft of squeaks as he offered his hand. He stopped... but turned his hand, easing towards her face. His knuckles “caressed” her cheek, scratching like sandpaper, but she leaned into it all the same, her breathing settling. She took it as he turned it over again, and he let her take her time standing. Her legs shook like jelly, her whole body quivering like a leaf, but he was so gentle, far too gentle for what he seemed to be. He gripped her side as well, holding her firm as she finally straightened. She eased against him, head lulling against as he shushed her and smoothed out her hair.

“It’ll all be all right... Everything will be okay,” he said, little more than a whisper as he lead her out of view. The others waited up on that vat until his steps faded to barely echoes, then Minos eased down onto the glass-

Almost slipping on the blue goo.

Samantha gave him a dirty look as she pushed out of his embrace –paying for it as she slipped a little, as well. She hugged against him, scoffing as she looked around, ignoring his smirk. It was a simple, stone room, lined with soft cloth and warm light, spread evenly among the many “chutes” that lead from above. All funneled towards a single door.

Minos hissed, and pushed her and Scarlette against the wall, waiting for the door to close, for Cain to be out of view... then sighed. He inched them towards it, hearing a light buzzing, and opened it a touch. There was Cain, the woman... and Lilith on a platform in a dark warehouse. The crowd below was hidden in the shadows, only their suits able to penetrate its cloak. Lilith dug her nails into the girl’s shoulder, making her wince as she drew a bit of blood.

“As you gentlemen can see, this is progress in comparison to our attempts last year.” Lilith stated, and slapped the girl’s chest, making the poor girl sway under their weight... but managed to stay upright, holding onto Cain. Lilith continued to tug on those dusky nips, making the girl moan and wince, and the look in her eyes shown Samantha she was too scared to even speak... If she could even speak. For all she knew, she was less vocal than the deer she reflected, caught in the brightest pair of headlights. “This batch is more sensitive to stimuli, able, and more than willing, to take all sorts of abuse.”

Lilith withdrew from the girl’s chest, and brought her hand hard upon her cheek, knocking her down at last. The girl screamed, shadowing Cain’s growl, and looked up, pitifully at Lilith... and pleading at Cain. Whom was glowering at Lilith. The girl clung to his leg... but seemed to, also, lean towards Lilith, as if... wanting her to do it. To continue.

Lilith simply chortled, and hauled her to her feet again, taking her away from Cain before lifting her by her hips, spreading her legs for everyone to see.

“Naturally hairless down here,” she remarked.

“You can always special order otherwise,” Cain added, growling, and caught the girl as Lilith let her go. He eased her to his side, caressing her hair, looking back out to the audience again. “No males in stock at the moment, though. Sorry to disappoint Investors C, G, and M.”

“However, because of that sacrifice, we had the biggest leap so far, our greatest step for mer: we have finally made them fertile. You can now impregnate them to your hearts content. No problems, no issues whatsoever. They give birth every two months, and their offspring grow up in about three years, meaning you can see a return in your investment relatively quick. Their DNA, also, randomizes the genetic code. They will technically be your children, but there are no incestual consequences if you decide to have fun. Go ahead and pack it and its progenitors full. Have yourself your own little home-grown harem. And don’t worry about breaking them, or having to feed them. You have already seen the quality of the prototypes, how sturdy and adaptive they were, and, I assure you all, the real deal is just as good, if not better. Don’t take my word for it, though. Cain, why not give your famous... demonstration.”

“What? No. I told you I didn’t want t-” He began, but cut himself off, looking down at the mer. She gazed up at him, crying out as Lilith wrenched at her hair and turned her to face him.

“Either show our esteemed investors... or...” She pulled out a gun. It wasn’t like her normal gun. No... this one had a battery pack, and the “ammo” was far more sinister: seven-inch long spikes. Lilith pressed it against the top of the girl’s head... and pressed the trigger. The gun wheezed, and a single nail went straight through-

Cain’s hand.

He winced, even more as the girl cried out, the last inch having met its true target. Her hands shot up to it, wailing, stuttering as Cain pulled it free... and Samantha watched as that hole, once bleeding so heavily... simply closed. If it wasn’t for the blood that stained her face, she wouldn’t have known anything happened to her.

Lilith shoved Cain’s hand aside, and aiming it at the girl’s neck next.

“Either way, Cain, she’s getting railed,” she muttered. “Which would you prefer.”

Cain growled, and looked down at the girl. She was looking up at him, into his eyes. They were hard... pained. He hummed as he caressed her chin, stilling her shaking once more, and shot Lilith another dirty look.

“Well, brother? They’re waiting.” She snapped her fingers, and a pair of cameras whirred, pulling closer to Cain, to the mer... and to what laid before her. “Also, just for those people in the audience, she is of legal age and intelligent so don’t start feeling guilty. Then again, I know Investor A has a thing for goblins, so maybe saying they’re legal is a turn-off.”

The hall rumbled with laughter, but Cain wasn’t in a laughing mood. He grimaced as he looked down at the mer again, and, after pulling out the nail, held out his hand, as he had done so before. She... she took it, readying to stand, but he shook his head, goading her grasp to his pants, instead, having her touch what laid underneath. Her eyes seemed to glitter with such... innocence, such wonder, gasping as something twitched inside. She cocked her head at it, and slid her hand out of his grip, tugging at his belt. He helped her undo it, but she undid the zipper, herself.

Her jaw, and Samantha’s, both dropped seeing the gnarled, jagged, arm-length phallus that laid beyond. It throbbed, starting to only rise. The skin along it glowed with the blood that worked its way through, alighting with crude runes. She eyed it, all along its length, to its jagged, hooked end, seeping with a black ooze, but her eyes only seemed to sparkle more, changed as she looked him in the eyes again.

He gulped, shot Lilith another dirty look, and her own look, how depraved, how soulless and... vile it was, sent a shiver down both his... and Samantha’s spine... Cain nodded to the girl, and took it in both hands, lifting and stroking it. Slow, at first, but she winced at each tug. Blood poured from her hands, from all those barbs, but she kept going, spurred on as Cain moaned, an animalist- no. That word comes nowhere near the realm where that nightmarish growl originated.

His head lulled back as the girl teased and massaged him, staining the runes red. The black ooze hissed as it came into contact with her hands, with her breasts, leaving gashes and holes. But she still pressed on, coating his member in it.

Cain looked down at her again, pity and sadness dancing in his gaze, and ran a finger across her lips. She whimpered, looking at the tip, and opened her trembling mouth, giving it a lick. The room resonated with its rip; her tongue split into two, and Samantha shuddered, realizing that the hook on the tip was separating. It was but the foreskin; it seemed to flower out, folding back, becoming more jagged shards along the rod, while a spiked, gray head emerged. The very top of it was bright red, with its slit black, staring her down, weeping its dark curse upon her. She looked up at Cain again, tears welling in her eyes... but Cain shook his head, caressing the back of her head, easing her towards it again.

Her jaw dropped as she closed in. She closed her eyes, and he eased the tip in, carefully sliding to the back of her throat, taking in all that jagged member. She trembled, gagged, wretched as his growls returned, rising as he clenched her head in both hands, unable to escape as he thrust against her face. Each buck brought with it blood and flesh, raining down onto the metal with his black ooze, hissing and eating away at it. She gagged, coughed, choking on her very throat being torn away. Her eyes shot open, and Samantha saw they were bloodshot, welling with tears. She pressed on, though. She endured. Her hands were carved, sheared, stripped to the bone as she continued to stroke him, resorting to the outside of her arms when they were completely unable to shut anymore.

“D... don’t worry,” he whispered, sniffling, growling, thrusting hard into her mouth. “It’ll be quick. You won’t... won’t hurt any-”

His howl rumbled the room, stole the life from so many lights, and left a layer of rime and sick on the back of Samantha’s throat, watching as the girl gurgled. He wrenched his member free, tearing with it the last of her throat. Her eyes were already glassed as he shot a long line of black fire on her face, hissing, burning... transforming her face into a monstrous mask. Yellowed veins pulsed under, slowly turning red as they stole away the gloss of her dark skin, replacing it with dark, purple scales. She spat up one last glob of blood, already turned black, and ripped off her old throat from his member, licking it clean before lapping at his leg, trilling.

Cain nodded, snorting... and looked to the audience, gaining a round of applause.

“You see? Adaptable. Now, I’m afraid Sehmi here is not for sale, but there are plenty of others... If you’ll excuse me a moment, I need to talk to my sister.” He gripped Lilith’s arm, turning towards the door, and Minos gasped as he dragged Samantha to the vat... holding his breath as Cain slammed the door behind them. “I told you I didn’t want to do that this time! Don’t you remember what happened in the practice?”

“Thankfully, this batch turned out well, didn’t it?”

“You are very lucky. If we weren’t perfectly confident, I would have stormed off that stage at that moment. What’s gotten into you lately?”

“A good bit of dick, of course. Which now you don’t have to be so uptight. You got your Sehmi back.”

“Not yet. Not yet... That witch of yours under control?”

“She’s... contained.”

“Good. I want you to take Sehmi there. I want her to watch over for now. See if there are any adverse effects.”

“I can’t guarantee her safety.”

“You better!” Cain groaned, more a growl, and they heard him rubbing her shoulder, palm scraping so. “I don’t want anything bad happening to her... Take her there. I’ll handle the sales.”

The door opened again, and there were a smattering of slaps, replaced by a pair of footsteps fading off into the distance. An elevator whirred somewhere, and Cain finally stepped out onto the platform again, allowing Minos to sneak up and stop the door from fully shutting, seeing him clap.

“Right. Who wants first bid?” He boomed, and the room they were in rumbled. Another vat dropped, close to the door. Minos hurried behind it, just in time before the glass was ejected, and Cain retrieved the mer, nowhere near as gentle as he was with the first. He practically threw her at the rail, leaning against it. She was still coughing, covered in the blue goo, shimmering from the light of the cameras as the crowd under oohed and awed. “This is Serihm. Just look at her alabaster skin, that bountiful bust. Truly the spitting image of her ancestors from Albion. Shall we start the bidding at 450?”

As the biddings rose, Samantha watched Cain’s face. And the hate and sorrow in those eyes. She wasn’t sure, but the witch was certain she saw him mutter something about a certain succubus. Especially as he rubbed his pierced hand.

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