Witching Hour

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Love, Actually

Morning reared its forsaken head all too soon for the three. However, this time, it was Lisa who stirred them. Samantha though Sehmi was bad about getting up early. The fang woke, bright and early, at 5... FIVE... her stomach and its ravenous bellow hers, and soon their, alarm.

She hurried out of the room, hissing back her gratitude and apologies, which stirred Sehmi –which, in turn, woke Samantha. The witch grumbled, wincing as she clambered to her feet and lurched to the door, shutting it. Her head ached, demanded more sleep. It was nonnegotiable.

It was negotiable. By Sehmi.

That didn’t stop Samantha from trying. She did, so hard, but the most she managed was making it to the bed. To Sehmi. She sat on it, bouncing, whining as her stomach growled.

“I’m hunchy, Mistress,” she said.

“Then go make yourself something,” Samantha grumbled, and tried again, to get to the bed. She flung her back at it... but the “mer” held her up, pouting.

“Why do I always have to mate it?”

Samantha blinked, and pointed a finger at her.

“Okay. You need to find a different sound for K. Also, do I look like I can cook?”

“I... is there a specifit loot for someone who coots?” She shook her head, and bounced off the bed, still pulling on her arm. Still. Pulling. On her arm. “Come, mistress! Let’s coot tochether.”

Samantha growled, but allowed herself to be dragged off of bed. If but to stop the downpour. Which, watching Sehmi cook first-hand... Samantha wished she never ate anything she made. It was truly a miracle she never got sick before. The lass had no idea that the knives in the block by the fridge had a purpose, let alone the drawers upon drawers of utensils that made whipping, batting, preparing, and overall making the food easier and safer time... Though, that didn’t stop Samantha from watching, with morbid curiosity, as the girl simply stuck her hand done in boiling oil. And how, somehow, the “mer” made it seem cold.

“Mistress?” Sehmi said, holding out her hands. “Tan you hand me the stits?”

“The wha?” Samantha muttered, pulled out of her stupor. She looked at the island in the center of the kitchen, and saw a plastic bag filled with French toast sticks. Ripped- no, ripped meant it had some purpose. That poor container was gored open. “Oh. Sure.”

She reached into it, pulling out four at a time, and carefully deposited them in the girl’s hands. Still dripping with the oil. The tincture bubbled and hissed as it dripped on the tile floor, popping at the “mer’s” feet, yet she seemed unfazed. She carried a smile and a tune, matching the pops and crackles as she bounced on her heels, seeming to bound around the kitchen, preparing the rest of the course as the sticks snapped and crackled away in the hot grease. Samantha... simply did her best to either stay out of the way or give aid when asked. For wanting her there to cook, the lass apparently was simply happy that she was there. More power to her.

It didn’t take long for the meal to be finished, but it was long enough for Samantha’s alarm to go off in the other room, reminding her of the lovely couple of hours she could have gained... As well as what she needed to do that day. Samantha looked down at the plate before her, at the eggs bashed by Sehmi’s hand, at the sausage that had been contaminated during, and the mound of hash browns on the tray between them. They were laden with green onion, with fresh rosemary and thyme. All prepared by literal hand... though Samantha had a fork, Sehmi didn’t bother with one, scooping it into her maw.

“I see you didn’t have etiquette taught to you,” Samantha grumbled, relishing a piece of toast, buttered and created by her own hand.

Sehmi cocked her head. “Etitette?” She said, muffled by a mouthful of food. She swallowed. “Oh! You mean using forts and such. I just don’t want to waste them is all.”

“You know you can clean silverware, right? You don’t need to throw it a- have you been throwing away everything?”

“What? No! It’s...” She groaned, and stood from the isle, stomping over and grabbing a fork from the drawers. She returned, shoveled on a good bit of potato onto those four prongs, and consumed it. Literally. All that was left of the fork was its base, and even that was being torn apart in her palm, being mangled and sheared. “That was me being chentle.”

“So... is that your excuse for not using any other utensil when cooking.”

She shrugged. “Fire tleanses all, mistress. Everything here was cooted.”

“But what about the lettuce yesterday? And the tomato! Did you wash your hands during that?”

“I didn’t have to tut or coot anything that might make you sit.” She sniffled, and reached over, taking Samantha’s left hand. “Please, Mistress. I would never do anything to make you sit.”

Samantha believed her. It didn’t make it any easier to stomach the food. It was tasty enough, even the generic toast sticks, given its own dash during with a sprinkle of nutmeg, but the lingering thought of the cross-contamination and the potential disease that was wrought blossomed in her stomach regardless. She could only handle about half a plate before she needed to stop. Her stomach gurgled, threatening, as Sehmi once more hummed and bounded around, packing it into plastic containers “for later”.

Who knows, Samantha thought, lumbering back to the bed, to her phone. Maybe then my stomach won’t be such a pu-

“Hey there, Sam,” Minos exclaimed. From the bed. He was sprawled out on it, holding each corner in some way. Much to Sehmi’s disdain. She heard his voice and bolted into the room, now rumbling with her growls. Minos returned it in kind, the pair sharing an intimate, loathsome glare, challenging each other to which couldn’t smolder more. “Hadn’t seen you for a few days, since, you know, you cannonized me out of the room, so I thought I would come check on you. Something that maybe you should have done, but... eh.”

“Minos,” Samantha began, her sigh already incredibly exasperated. Which only made Sehmi’s growl deeper, the room dull even more under her fire and ire.

“Chet out,” she said. It was little more than a whisper, but seemed to crush the room all. It became smaller, as if constricted, trying to keep that voice from spreading, that evil from letting loose. “This is Mistress’s room. That’s her bed. You aren’t weltome here. Chet. Out!”

“Listen here, you fucking crack elf-”

“Crack elf? Really?” Samantha grumbled.

“Can you think of a better label? As I was saying-”

“It doesn’t matter what you were saying!” Sehmi snarled, skin finally falling from her hands, releasing the bony talons underneath. “Chet out! You are hurting Mistress!”

“Eh? No, I’m not. I haven’t done shit.”

“Tan’t you smell it! When you’re around, her body weeps. It tries, it ates, all because of you.”

“I... is that what this was about this whole time?” Samantha said, blushing a little... and glowered at Minos as he snorted and chuckled. “Oh, Sehmi... you poor, poor child.”

“No! I will protet my Mistress. I won’t let you hurt her, so chet out!”

“Seriously, why does she keep using weird words?” Minos said, bouncing a little on the bed. Chuckling even more. “Kind of makes it hard to take anything she says serious.”

“She has a problem saying G’s and K’s,” Samantha said, creasing her brow. “Minos...”

“W...” He stopped bouncing, and sat up, looking at her in disbelief. “Y... you can’t be serious. Like... you can’t be serious! You’re actually kicking me out? Again!”

“I just don’t want the headache.”

“Then tell her! Explain to her what you’re really feeling.”

“Minos, all I’m feeling right now is pure agitation... and indigestion.”

He held out his arms, giving her a wide, goofy smile.

“Then get over here. Cuddling usually makes you feel b-”

“You won’t touch her!” Sehmi shrieked. The metal screeched above, blackened and warped by the fire bursting from her brow like a geyser. Her eyes burned green, paling the deep blue flames that engulfed her.

“Listen here, you psycho test tube baby! If I want to hold my girl-”

“She’s! Not! YOURS!” Sehmi yowled as she tried to leap at Minos- but was held at bay by a (thin) wall of metal, wrapping, ensnaring her limbs only to melt off, closing in on the minotaur. “Mistress has no owner! Mistress is not bound to anybody. Mistress is strong, independent, and tan do whatever she wants! She doesn’t need-”

“Now would be a good time to explain,” Minos said, sitting cross-legged on the bed. “Either you do, or I die. I’m not leaving. Not now, or ever. Again, anyways.”

Samantha looked between him, Sehmi- and her phone. It was blaring again, the second alarm rattling against her mind, adding more to that cacophony, that symphony of destruction. Sehmi continued to rant, to thrash and tear at the metal, screeching, groaning, sparking and sizzling, with each making the witch’s mind thrum and ache more. Minos simply stared at her, resolute, sitting pretty with his ultimatum. He didn’t bat an eye, not even when one of Sehmi’s long, distended talons caught him above the eye, drawing a sickle of blood that ran down down it and his cheek.

“Sehmi!” Samantha barked at last, the metal that lingered, that had endured, bolstered, rallied by her cry, consuming the elf in metal. “That’s enough!”

“M-mistress-” Sehmi began, whimpering, grunting as she tried to fight her metallic wrap. Her flames distorted it, casting such reds, oranges, and blues through it, clashing yet whirling and melding together.

“You don’t need to protect me, Sehmi... All the time, at least.”

“I-I know that, Mistress, but I want to. I don’t want my Mistress to ever hurt.”

“Then why are you doing this? Both of you?” She growled and snatched her phone off the nightstand at last. “Shut up!” She raised it, about to throw... but stopped, letting her arm fall. “Right. Still actually need this... Sehmi. When he says I’m ‘his girl’ he doesn’t mean it... well, in the way that you think. We’re... We love each other. A lot. Like Lisa does Peter-”

“And the guy attached to it,” Minos added.

“I’ll let her go. I’ll let her maul you. Do not tempt me right now.” She huffed, and patted Sehmi’s face, giving her a small smile. “In any case, he’s not... hurting me, Sehmi. He’s... well, in truth, his absence is what ‘hurts’ me.” She touched her own chest, cupping her heart. “It hurts here when he’s not around... Just like it would hurt you if I wasn’t here. You understand that, right?”

“B... but Mistress will never go away! Not while I’m alive. I’ll make sure Mistress never goes away! She will never go a-”

Samantha shushed her, and eased the metal from her shoulders, able to hold her truly. The flames smoldered against the witch’s (thin) metal membrane, but only a moment, snuffed out as Samantha kissed her brow. And, for a moment as well, Samantha felt something in her chest, something that she never felt before... was it... what was that feeling? The way Sehmi... was this maternal pride? Couldn’t be; it hasn’t even been a week. How could she form such a bond so quick... Then again, it is the Black Halls. Time is distorted, and so are the ideals and notions that depend on it.

Samantha shook her head, patted Sehmi’s shoulders one last time before letting the metal completely crumple away from her, and stepped back. She waved to Minos, smirking at him.

“So, it’s up to you, Sehmi,” she stated. “You can either hurt me by continuing this little war, or you can make me happy, protect me, by learning to tolerate him.”

Sehmi whined, and stamped her foot as she crossed her arms... mimicking, mirroring Minos.

“Tan’t you be with Peter? I like him better.”

“Well,” Minos said, wiping away some of the blood at last as he stood, towering over her, “trust me, honey, if I could have anybody else as my stepdaughter, I would take them in a heartbeat.”

She huffed and wheeled around... and so did Minos.

“Well, if I tould have anybody as my pappy, I’d sooner tate a pile of dung than you.”

“I would sooner take Samantha’s shit as my daughter. At least it actually came out of her.”

“Well, I would tate a moldy piece of bread. At least it tan be used for something!”

“I would get a cactus! At least you can trim and hold that without getting hurt!”

They both spun around at the same time, pointing at each other.

“I would get a cat!” They both said, Sehmi in her own... special way. “At least then you know it doesn’t really care!”

They gasped, then laughed, music to Samantha’s ears. At long last... She excused herself to the restroom, needing to make a call. Although she would have loved to stay and hear them continue to banter -not argue, not sling venom, but truly banter- she needed to talk to Lilith. Two lives were at stake, all that rut. And so she called... and waited... and w-

“What is it now?” Lilith grumbled over the line. “Every time you call on the weekend, it always makes my life Hell.”

“So sorry, not really. It’s about our deal... specifically, my old students. Norman and Ayn, to be precise.”

“She’s ready to go, huh?”

“Both of them are, but you know the deal you struck with her.”

“I do... Listen, can it wait until Monday? It’s only a couple more days, but the last couple weeks have kicked my ass. I just want to relax here, with my hubby, and enjoy the weeke-”

“Who are you talking to?” A familiar voice said on the other end. Samantha wasn’t sure where she heard the voice before, but knew she did. “Why are you trying to sound l-”

The call went silent. Samantha blinked, and checked to see if she was still in it, at least. She was; Lilith must have muted it... SO... Samantha groaned as she stretched, leaning back on the false throne, waiting as the silence became deafening, ringing in her ears. The whine of the facility tried so hard to take its rightful place again, but the silence was too strong, drawing it down into its well, freed as the phone line snapped back to Lilith clearing her throat.

“Sorry about that,” she said, though something about how she said it ticked something in Samantha’s mind. Something about it was... wrong. “Monday good?”

“Y... yeah... you okay, Lilith?”

“Huh? Why?”

“I don’t know. You don’t sound all there.”

“Like I said. It has been a long and rough couple of weeks... See you Monday, Sammy.”

This time, the call really did end. With even more questions. Why was that a trend? Why did it need to be a trend! Monday then, huh? She huffed again, and picked herself up off the toilet and lurched for the door. She slid it open.

Finding that the living room had been vacated in her absence.

Instead, they had moved to the kitchen, the containers that had been started to packed now dished out back onto a plate, being devoured by Minos.

“This is great, Sam,” he said through a mouthful of potato. A bit of onion hung from his lip, slurped down as he rammed in a bit of sausage. “You need to cook more.”

“Actually, Sehmi made most of that.”

“Yup,” Sehmi said, giggling as she spread and wiggled her fingers. “With my own, two hands.”

“Well, in that case, it is only subpar. Bordering on mediocre. A bit too salty, the bacon a touch too limp-”

Sehmi scoffed, and tamped her foot again, looking to Samantha.

“Mistress! He’s being mean to me.”

“Might as well get used to it,” Samantha grumbled, already heading for the entrance. “That’s how he is. Even with me-

“No. ESPECIALLY with you.” He clarified, chortling.

“See? He’s a right pain in the ass... Now that I know you guys won’t kill each other, I need to go check on the others and give them news.”

“Oh? Are you actually going to be teaching next week?”

“No, but somebody might get schooled.”

Night came –which was morning- which was now night- but night was morning- now night... Night came. Ayn and Norman “accepted” the news, and Peter was... overjoyed to know that Lisa wanted to say yes. So much so that he didn’t even let her finish her statement on the matter, leaving but a gust of wind behind for her to tell. Lisa’s door trembled with his excitement, reverberating through the walls.... Samantha held Sehmi in her arms, slumbering away. She had a fruitful day, a constant battle with Minos. Considering her limitations and “age”, it really was a wonder she could go toe-to-toe with the master of bullshit, himself.

Samantha played the audience to most of it, once in a while throwing in a sucker punch or dirty hit, but enjoyed it far more simply watching the two go at it... And now she was acting as their wall, holding Sehmi in her arms... while Minos held her in his. Sadly, though, he was no child. The fights he waged today were nothing, and he was looking for... more.

Minos groaned, nipping at her ear. He rocked against her, controlled by how hard she squeezed his horn. Which she gave it a hard one; he winced, bucking against her, rocking the bed... but Sehmi didn’t stir. She waited to see, and, after a couple minutes, sneaked a hand down. It was slow-going, as Sehmi did to her in the morning, her flesh making that awful velcro noise as her hand slipped down, down her side. Samantha stopped as the girl snorted... but continued as she did nothing else, absolutely loving the sandpaper treatment her hand was receiving.

At last, her hand met its mark, easing onto his throbbing member. He trembled as her digits touched, but sighed as she pressed it firmer against her back, coating it and her rear more in pre.

“‘Smelled of ache and pain’, huh?” He whispered into her ear, chuckling- turned moaning as she found the tip, circling and teasing it.

“Oh, baby. You don’t know how much I missed this,” she hissed, biting back her moan as he lifted her leg. The tiniest squeak escaped, though, as he rubbed his member in between before he letting her leg settle once more, squeezing against it. How it throbbed, how it twitched against her folds, slurping with her juices, mingling with his as he thrust. A gasp made it through, along with the smallest moan as he reached around pinched her bud, stroking it, caressing as he spread her folds.

Sadly, she couldn’t hold her voice as he growled against her neck, nipping it. His other hand found her breast, pulling on its nip. He winced as she stroked his horn faster. She rubbed his thigh, nails, digging in- but all came to a stop when Sehmi snorted again... fading back into snores.

“We’ve got to be quiet,” she repeated.

“I will I will,” he grumbled. “Couldn’t you, like, hold her while having your ass out?”

“Just continue with what you are doing for now. It feels great.”

He chortled, and kissed her again. “Well, I would, but I’m sort of afraid to hit her. More for myself, really.”

She sighed, but pushed back against him, easing her legs, her knees to rise. Minos carefully shuffled back, raising her thigh to slip out a moment before pressing back against the wall, waiting for her to bare her rear his way. She shook it a little- and hissed as he gave it a tamp. She leaned against Sehmi, ruffling her hair, sighing softly into those blue locks as she felt his horns ease on her back, his breath hot against her folds. He gave her rump two more quick tamps, the second ringing a little, and he fully delved into her need, slurping and lapping at it. It became so hard for Samantha to keep her breathing steady. She bit her knuckles whenever he sucked on her bud, and drew blood by the fifth, whimpering, squealing into it as she came.

He didn’t show remorse, didn’t relent, sucking on her clit so hard, holding her thighs, keeping her from rocking into Sehmi, making her hit a second so soon. This time she even squirted on his face, audible in the quiet room... but Sehmi kept snoring, unperturbed. He gave her rump, her right thigh one last grope before his hand joined in on the fun, pushing, delving deep inside both her folds and ass. Her leg, now freed, tried so hard to flail away, kicking at him, patting at the wall, but went still, locked as she hit her fourth, six, ninth climax, not even close to going numb.

Minos pulled away a moment. Much to her disdain... mostly for his LOUD panting- then he bit her left butt cheek, chortling as his hand still rubbed, still teased, making her hit her tenth... and eleventh.

“Oh man, and I thought I needed this,” he mumbled, and gave those folds a sharp smack... making her squirt again. The bed creaked a touch as he rose again, aiming his member for her p-

“Wait,” she said, and reached over Sehmi. She was thankful that the nightstand drawer was quiet... though wished shuffling through its contents was moreso. She got what she wanted without waking the Sehmi, and closed it, just as quiet, handing Cy back to Minos. “Put this in my ass.”

He did... as well as his member.

She winced, sputtered, rambled and cursed under her breath before giving into the vibrations and pounding. It didn’t take long for the pleasure to overcome the pain and ache from the stretching. It had been a while since she even had Cy in there, let alone a full piece of hard manmeat. She reached back, holding the line, as she so practiced before... but she eased it away, handling Cy, instead. Its vibrations, its motor and its humming roared so loud in the quiet room, pulsing, controlled by her whim. She inhaled, holding her breath as she hit another orgasm- and had to pull out the dildo, getting too tight. A wash of blue energy scorched it clean, and she thrust it into her folds. Minos followed suit, only stopped for her to cleanse him, taking her completely, bulging her stomach with his length.

“That all you got, stud?” She hissed, gasping as she let a loud moan escape... thankful that Sehmi didn’t stir. “Will you hurry up and cum?”

“Jeez. Don’t usually girls like a guy who can last?”

“Not when it comes to a qui- oh, thank you!”

She rubbed the base of his rod, her stomach gurgling a little with how much he packed into her. Thick globs of it oozed out, making her thighs tremble, her spine shudder feeling it run down and onto the bed. He pushed forward, easing her against the girl again... and thrust inside still, cumming three more times before sleep stole the two away... Morning came too soon, and Sehmi yawned, kissing Samantha on the cheek. She stirred, grumbling so, making the girl giggle as she pushed away, and even gave Minos a tiny kiss as well. He exclaimed, rubbing his cheek as he gave Sehmi a dirty look... fading seeing her frown.

“S-sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” she said, giving Samantha another kiss. “I’m choing to cho take my shower.”

“Alright,” Samantha grumbled, fighting to keep her voice even. Minos was still inside her, throbbing, dumping another round of his love inside... she cleared her throat. “And remember: right one hot, left one hotter.”

“Heheeh! Silly mistress. You mean told and tolder.”

She skipped off to the bathroom... The two waited for her to close the door before pulling the cover away. The sheets weren’t able to soak up all the cum, thick globs left to jiggle and move whenever they did. Cy still vibrated in her, weakly, while Minos still pulsed, releasing more in her until she finally pulled both free.

“Do you ever jack off?” Samantha exclaimed, her hand glowing, burning away the stains on the sheet. “Like... this is ridiculous.”

“I do! It’s just not enough anymore. It saves up for that sweet, sweet... lover’s pussy.”

“Yeah... about that... I... I’m still not sure... I said that for her sake-”

He cut her off by pulling her down on the bed, nipping her neck. As she caressed her breast.

“Oh, but I do know, and know that you’re lying through your teeth. What other guy would you risk banging in front of your ‘daughter’, hmm?”

“That’s... fine. You caught me. Guess that makes us one happy fucking family.”

“I like that last part.”

“What? Fucking?”

“No. Family.” He poked her nose, chortling. “Get your mind out of the gutter. I mean, I know my cock is irresistible, but show some decency. Think of the children.”

“I... have been... I... I wouldn’t get too attached.”

“Eh? What do y-”

“Just don’t. Okay? It’s... I don’t... Something stinks about all this.”

“Could it because we just fucked the entire night away?”

“And you said to get my mind out of the gutter... Well, she’ll be in there for at least five more minutes.”

“Great, but what are we going to do with the other four minutes-forty-two seconds.”

“I dunno. Cuddle?”

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