Witching Hour

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Witching Hour

Samantha groaned, her head throbbing in agreement. It ached, though on the spectrum, it was on the lower end as of late. The cold metal she laid upon soothed it, but it could only do so much as the world spun, holding her down on that plinth. It battered her arms, her legs down with such malice, wrenching them apart. She was stripped bare, sweating and shivering and cursing those lights above, burning, boring through her lids. Chains rattled, echoed against what she assumed to be vats, churning, bubbling away.

Slowly, languidly, she opened her eyes. Those lids peeled away, both making that sickening, slurping sound after being closed for far too long, yet she felt they hadn’t been shut long enough. After all, morning’s fog still held, settled over them. How quaint; it couldn’t have been that long, but who knew how long she really was out, down there in the undercroft. She didn’t.

Samantha blinked it away, one every four heartbeats. It was slower than the bubbling of the vats –which they were vats. Large, silver cauldrons filled with bright blue liquid, giving the stainless steel room an eerie blue hue, as if they were under the ocean rather than a layer of Hell. They cast such shadows, as if projecting the monsters that dwelt in the deepest recesses of the world... now made real. Yet those were phantasms to the real monster in the room.

Lilith stood before Samantha, smirking down at her, coming into focus at last.

Sharply as she smacked Samantha.

The world cleared in an instant, and Samantha could see, and feel, that she was strapped to a steel table. Slapped in the middle of thirty-nine others. Lights dangled far above, and far down, from the ceiling, while the rest was lost to darkness. The ends of the room were hidden save for a small, LCD sign for the elevator off to the left. Leather cuffs bit into her wrists, each held off to her sides and stretching her as far as they could go. Which matched the ones around her neck and waist.

Her legs, however, had no clasps. They didn’t need them, locked in brackets, and were spread. There was no metal or anything in between, allowing perfect access to those folds. Lube dripped from those lips, but it wasn’t necessary. They ready on their own, quivering, wanting to be filled. Much to her distress.

“What have you done to m-” Samantha croaked, but was slapped again, glowering at Lilith’s finger as she wagged it at the witch and clucked her tongue.

“Now now. Breeding stock doesn’t get to speak,” the succubus said, then clapped her hands. Three vats behind her beeped, and the dark gel inside oozed out. The glass fell, but their fresh trio of minotaurs didn’t. Their horns were longer than Minos’s, curved and twisted towards each other... and the reason they didn’t fall. They sunk into the steel, creaking, screeching, shattering as the bullmen snorted, pulling free and stepping out. They stood easily two feet over Minos, and their deep, red chests were three times broader, covered in thick, ugly muscle. Their eyes were black as coal, staring, leering... drinking in Samantha, licking their lips as they stroked their members... slightly shorter than Minos’. They were also less thick, still human as well. Those reddened shafts ended with blackened steel, capped, quickly dissolved as they dripped.

Lilith tittered, putting her hand on each one, shaking her head.

“Now now. You have to wait,” she said. “Our audience isn’t awake, yet.”

She pointed off to Samantha’s right. All looked that way, and, there, between two other vats, was Minos, chained to their handles. Lilith sauntered over to him, pulling out a syringe from her black vest as she did. She had an attire change from the last time Samantha saw her, no longer in a sunny dress or bright pumps but in full black once more. Guess it was true; once you go black, you never really come back.

She pushed that needle into his neck, into the hole left by the original, and he gasped, his whole body surging up before remembering gravity and restraints were a thing. He groaned, just as Samantha had. He winced as he blinked awake, giving Lilith an evil look before paling, seeing Samantha as she struggled against the Minotaurs pawing at her. He tried to stand, but was kept in place, Lilith wagging her finger once more, pointing to the two vats.

“I would be careful,” she sung, then returned to Samantha. She pushed the minotaurs back, making them growl- quieted as she snapped her fingers. “You try anything, and she’ll be the one to suffer.”

“Let her go!” Minos boomed, snorting. Foam quickly formed then frothed from his jowls, splattered out as he kept slinging curses and brayed.

Lilith... tittered. Cackled- laughed as she circled a finger his way.

“Now, you see, I would. I really, really would. I would much prefer to have her as one of our teachers... or her brain in a jar. Since she burned the first bridge, that just leaves the second, no? Ah, but the higher ups have a soft spot.” She sighed, and swept back to Samantha, giving her such a smug smile. “Considering her... affinity with minotaurs, they decided to make her a breeder, an experiment to see if this strand can actually reproduce with a ‘human’ –though I use that term lightly.”

“Oh, go to H-” Samantha began again, but was slapped once more.

“What did I tell you... You should be thanking me, by the way. I was suppose to inject you with a full dose of aphrodisiac. You wouldn’t feel a thing, wouldn’t even know what was going on. Instead... well, you get to feel everything, and your little love toy over there gets to watch you get nice and full... What was this called again... cuckolding? Was never a fan myself, but you never-”

“Why are you doing this?” Minos bellowed.

Lilith sighed, giving him a bored look, and stepped out of the way of the minotaurs, allowed to feel up Samantha again. They lapped at her breasts, at her neck. They fondled wherever they could, chortling as she struggled under their hands, forced to moan and feel pleasure she didn’t want... all the while Minos sputtered and frothed with rage. He growled, shuddering against his chains, but couldn’t move, even as Lilith dug a nail into his forehead.

“Why? Why...” The room echoed with her back swing, tittering as Minos panted. “Isn’t it obvious? Because. I. Want. To... That, and you and your little whore decided to set back our supply lines for... a year? Tops? Then there was killing Lucille, letting go of our best ghoul subject-”

“Ghoul?” Samantha blurted out, and Lilith growled, pulling out a needle. The plunger pushed halfway down on a garish tincture.

“I’m this close to giving you the rest of the dose,” she muttered, “but yes. Ghoul. You heard it from its lips yourself, that its metabolism was unstable. Though it was a Fang, it was a... broken one. We were hoping to study more and find a way to eliminate that problem for good, but no. You had to fuck everything up, didn’t you? We lost our main key for understanding what makes a desire demon, a matriarch died in the process, and Cain’s wife was killed. You really... really put me in a tough spot.” She snapped her fingers, and the minotaurs snapped to attention. “Well? What are you waiting for? Inseminate. Impregnate her. I want to see that cunt filled with cock and that pig spit-roasted already.”

They smiled, all lumbering to her legs. Bumping into each other. They growled, shoved, snorted, slapping members and horns. They brayed and stamped- and silenced as Lilith pulled out her gun, putting a bullet in two of the minotaurs’s skulls. The last looked down at the pair, but there was no intellect in those eyes, no understanding, no care as he simply stared a moment... before wheeling to Samantha.

Another vat beeped, and a fresh minotaur lumbered out. He sniffed, snorted, and his tongue lulled as he lumbered over to Samantha, heading for her head. The minotaur tried to her turn her face to his member, slowly rising, twitching, reeking of the birthing goo, but she kept her head straight, watching, whimpering, as the first minotaur rubbed against her folds. They tingled, slurped and pulled on his rod so hard, wanting- needing him inside. She fought her moans. Tears beaded in her eyes until all were forced to be freed onto the other’s rod, pushed down her throat. It grunted, growled, pulled and mashed her breasts as she felt his friend finally thrust in her.

Into the wrong hole.

Samantha... couldn’t help but giggle, gulping against the pint-size cap. Made even worse as the minotaur was done with three thrusts, blasting her full of his seed. Though it did distend her belly, it wasn’t for the reason Lilith wanted, and that was enough to make Samantha laugh even harder. The minotaur that had her face only lasted two more than his brother, and he pulled out, coating her face, her chest in a wash of sticky mess.

“I don’t know what’s funnier,” Samantha panted, glaring at Lilith as the minotaurs collapsed, lost to goofy laughter. “That you made them premies, or that you didn’t teach them to fucking aim.”

Lilith simply stared at her... and put a bullet into each of the minotaurs, now four dead on the floor.

“There are still plenty more,” she said, holstering her gun, and pulled out a fresh syringe. She sauntered over to Samantha, ignoring the chains behind, clacking. Breaking. “I have all day... However, I am tired of your mouth. Why does your kind always think it has anything of worth to add?”

“What do you mean by ‘your kind’, huh?”

“Human. Rather, livestock. Fodder. Meat. You are little more than servants to us, the true champions of the evolutionary chain. Himanity, in general. Though you can cast a few spells, can mess with the world in ways others can’t, you are still nothing more than a normal, mundane, subhiman species... oh, and because you’re black. Just because that’s what you were hoping for. Black men are at least more tolerable than the she-boons.”

“‘She-boons’, huh? You better hope I never get off this table. You wouldn’t have to catch me outside. I’m gonna to rip that fat lily white ass a proper hole. Maybe then you would stop talking shit.”

Lilith huffed, cracking a smile as she slid the needle into Samantha’s neck. She started to press the plunger.

Ripped out of her neck as Minos charged Lilith into the wall.

He slammed her into it with such a satisfying crunch. He brayed, holding her by the neck, while his free fist pummeled her face, still crunch, crunch, crunching away. Blood splashed on wall, pattered on the ground with each thunderous hit.

After twelve, he let her go, left her to slide to the ground, and Minos rushed over to Samantha, undoing the bindings.

Sadly, the minotaur he was attached to were released. And finally gained their senses.

Minos got the one off her neck and middle, but was caught by the right minotaur’s swing. He was knocked- rocketed back through table after table with the second punch. The minotaur snorted and gave chase, but the other stopped a moment to look down at Samantha. He leaned over, lapping up her front, not stopping until he was at her lips, forcing himself in.

She bit it, making him bray, and headbutted his chin, but he simply snorted and shoved her back down. He reached below, stroking his member, aiming it for her folds-

Stopped as Lilith snapped her fingers.

She stood, panting, growling, and Samantha could see large cracks on her face. And it was bronze skin, not blood, that trickled through.

“Kill the whelp!” She boomed, her voice a mangled mess of her usual, sultry tones and a malevolent shrill. “What did I say, Sammy? Any time you call on the weekend, it makes my life Hell.”

“Minos!” Samantha shrieked, fighting against those leather cuffs. The dragon on her arm clawed and bit at it, the metal under sheared at it, but it seemed they were special. No matter what she did, they would simply fix themselves. “Shit. I’ll be there in a moment!”

“No! Go ahead! Take your time,” he exclaimed, charging the first minotaur.

It caught him by the horns.

The minotaur snorted, giving a smug smile, and bellowed as it picked him up, almost daintily. Its flicked was daintier, as if discarding a gum wrapper, yet he was lobbed him across the room, slamming into the fourteenth table. He slid and crashed through the others, all the way to the wall. He rolled to the side, dodging the second minotaur’s charge. Its horns sparked where he landed, and screeched across the metal, giving chase. Still.

Minos got to his feet just to dive in between the two... and into a third’s hand, crunching his middle in its palm. It bellowed, and slammed him into the ground. Five times. It let him go as its other fist crunched into his legs, again and again, and didn’t stop until bone peeked out.

“Minos! Minos!!!” Samantha shrieked, her vision blocked by Lilith, readying another syringe. “Get out of the way, you cunt!”

“What have I told you?” Lilith sung. “Breeding bitches don’t sp-”

Samantha spat. Hitting her in the face.

Lilith... sighed, wiped it away, and took a step to the side. Allowing her to see Minos again.

“I was trying to gift you mercy,” she stated, and the two watched as the minotaurs ripped off Minos’ legs, bashing him over the head with them. “But you are right. Why deprive you of a show.”

They continued to brutalize the little minotaur, continued to assault him with his own limbs. His eyes were swollen. His teeth were broken, scattered on the steel, his pants and groans barely heard above the cracks and chortles of the brood that made him a simple plaything. They picked him up, batted him around, but he still tried. He tried to punch them, to claw at them, but they removed his arms next, little more than a nugget.

“Minos,” Samantha whispered, whimpered, and hated that her heart fluttered as she saw them let him go, allowed him to land, face-first, onto the ground. He was still, flooding the floor with his blood... but he grunted, and she watched as he simply sat up, wobbling on his rump. He turned to her, head lulling, but still wore that same, goofy smile.

The minotaur behind him picked him up.

He grabbed him by the horn. And twisted. And didn’t stop twisting even after his neck snapped, even after the skin ripped, the muscles gave, until only the bone held it on. Only then did it stop, then pulled up, removing it with a sickening pop.

The minotaur lobbed it at Samantha, landing squarely on her chest, able to see his face. It was contorted into the gurgling grimace he had made during each turn, each rotation, screwed off. Samantha wanted to scream, but her voice refused. The metal around screeched, wind rose, amplifying Lilith’s titter, the minotaurs’ chuckling.

All cut as the room filled with wind, and water. And her voice heard at last.

Gales shrieked. Wild zephyrs tore and threw the tables aside, amassing into a wall of wind, swirling and spiraling around Samantha. The table screeched and bent, crumpling and breaking and reduced to little more than shrapnel as the vortex swirled around her hands, melting into the tornado as it bellowed towards the minotaurs. It circled them, ensnared them as water rose from the metal, gurgling.


The minotaurs grunted, brayed, screamed and cried, lacerated from head to toe by those winds. One lost an arm, another an eye, while another lost the complete side of their head, sheared away in that accelerating storm. Those winds were so fast, so strong, rending the vats, themselves, away and taking more of those monsters into her ire.

She lavished as the water slowly rose in her storm.

She enjoyed watching them panic, seeing those beady little eyes finally understand something, even if it took to the point for their heads to be submersed.

But, above all, she loved watching them die.

The water slid down their throats, engorging and bloating them as much Lilith wanted them to bloat the dear witch. But “Samantha” didn’t want to make them explode... No. She had a more... fun solution.

The winds died away, and the room was left with frozen, bloated minotaur sculptures, posed in many, silly ways, but all of them had that terrible realization, that understanding sculpted upon their frigid brows.

All pointing towards Lilith.

The winds picked up again. “Samantha” refocused, aiming her anger, her squall at the bitch in back, who still dared to simply look bored, who still dared to simply stand there and do nothing! The winds wrapped so close, ripped at her clothes, tore her leather boots apart, trying so hard to raise them from the metal as water gushed underneath. “Samantha” dismantled whatever gun she could find before rending at that perfect, marble skin.

Yet the succubus still did nothing.

The water sloshed and froze against her, up to her waist when Samantha peeked out from the winds, once more her monstrous self. She was panting, crying before Lilith, her lips trembling, wanting to open before she ever gripped her head, before her fingers wrapped around.

Stopped as Lilith smiled. Then laughed.

“Oh, this is simply superb,” she said, and pulled out... a remote. It was a simple thing, only two buttons, one red, one green. She clicked the red button before she waved down her body. The ice and wind simply... gave. It allowed her to simply walk out, leaving behind the perfect, white flesh and the combat gear. Instead, her thighs, her hips... her body was bronze, and gleaming with blue runes. She ran a finger up her middle, hissing and tearing apart the rest of her “suit”, revealing a pair of pert, perky breasts behind those magnanimous pair, their nips white as snow. She reached under her neck, and ripped her face... off, revealing a smooth, dark visage. Her dark brown hair was tied back, forbidden from ever touching her pure, white eyes, glittering at Samantha. She hummed, the soft voice gone, replaced fully by that hateful shrill, clashing against itself, reverberating. “I was wondering how long before your mother’s seals gave.”

“Who the hell a-” Samntha tried to say before crying out.

Her left hand dropped to the ground, its end perfectly puckered by the dragon. Freed, and glaring at Samantha. It roared, spreading its wings, and lunged at her face-

And got its true target, ripping her other hand off.

She fell with it, and watched as her hands still twitched- before they were burned away by the dragon, circling the room. It descended and perched on that woman’s shoulder, melting into it, but its eyes and the woman’s both shined, gleamed with such... such...


The woman tittered, almost a growl as she disappeared behind the vats, and metal clanged, things pushed aside as she seemed to sing.

“I was waiting a long, long time for you to snap... again, technically,” she called back, grumbling as heavier things thudded on the ground. Samantha caught glimpses of her in between as she crawled towards the elevator, whimpering, shaking hard. She wanted to get to her feet, but they were like lead, her legs jelly. Her arms weren’t in much better shape, but at least had warmth from the... blood... spilling from their tops... The woman continued to grumble, to toss things aside, growing more fervent. “Dammit! Where did I- you see? It’s been so long that I forgot where I put the tool. You see, Sammy, I never wanted you to be our ally- their ally. My apologies... I, me, didn’t want your brain, above all others, to be in the System. However, thanks to you, I can sneak it in under my own name. They’ll still have theirs, of course, but I’ll have a special folder for when I create the true Five... It’s been a long time coming, you know? You made me wait far too freakin’ long... but... you performed spectacularly. You did what I could never do: you demonized Lilith. You gave me the ammo I needed to finally put her in the ground.”

She grunted, and something boomed, knocking Samantha down. Her wrists still bled like mad, making the floor slick; it was a miracle she was able to right herself in the first place, but now she prayed that she could do it again. Her arms shook so much, slipping, sliding as she tried to prop up, and only managed to thanks to another thump. She continued her crawl towards the elevator, this... thing’s cue to keep monologuing.

“I hate working with these people. I have hated them since their inception- since my inception... You know how sickening it was when I took this role from Lilith, to work with that monster who believes he’s going to help humanity and himanity both? Answer: as sick as it calling me sister. Really? It knows Father but doesn’t know its own Mother? I s- here it is! Now where did you get off t- Aw... naughty naughty. Get away from that doo- come o- you’re just emb- don’t you get in-”

Samantha did, and the elevator closed on that woman’s fingers.

And her saw.

It buzzed and shrieked and sparked against the door. She tried to press it through, those sparks snapping at Samantha’s face, but the elevator started moving, down, down to the lowest floor possible, letting Samantha scream and cry as she hunkered against the back wall.

Cut short hearing a boom above.

She hit the button for the next floor, then the next, hopping off there. She found herself before five elevators, each one marked with a different letter of the Latin alphabet. She didn’t know much, but she knew Alpha and Omega. What better time than to ride the end to her destination.

She hit down, going as far as it would go. Her head spun, worse than before... yet it was... slower... slowing. The world was fading, in and out. In... and out... She shook her head, groaning, but was able to see as she looked at her “hands”. Those bloody stumps were swelling with blood, trickling from the puckers left by that dragon, slapping the wall wetly as she cried.

How could she have been so stupid? How could she not have predicted that? Why didn’t she give up the ring? If she ever had the chance, Lilith... Lilith...


That wasn’t Lilith... Was it ever Lilith?

Down, down the elevator went, creaking so, thrumming, bouncing. It lulled her head, this way and that, to and fro-

Until it came to a shuddering halt.

The doors opened, revealing a long, narrow corridor. There were no lights along it, but was lit by its end, where an array of monitors waited. The corridor echoed with each, lumbering step, with each patter of blood, with each, pained, fading gasp as she made her way to them. She slumped into the seat there, a blue office chair. How she wheezed, barely able to keep conscious, looking upon the array. There were at least two hundred of them going up and five hundred across, each showing a different... different staff member.

Is she? She thought, blinking away the fog that dared take away her search. Her heart beat hard against her mind, its last hurrah, needing to know. Needing to know... until, just in the bottom left corner, she found Her.


She looked so... happy. She was sitting with a man with medium brown hair, rubbing her belly oh, so tenderly. It was a bit plump, sticking out of her dark top, caressed and loved so much by that man, holding her so tight against himself in a heart-shaped bed... Samantha leaned back in the chair, trying to piece everything together, her mind already taxed to breaking as it was.

Given a little relief as the world went numb.

The woman tittered as she waltzed up the room, each of her steps pattering, splatting in the blood she left... but Samantha wasn’t focused on that. Instead, her blood ran cold, hearing two, heavy things thumping with each sway of her steps, clacking and clattering up a storm.

The woman reached her, pulled the dart out of her neck, and turned her around to see a small cooler and the saw from earlier in her clutches

“I have to thank you for... a multitude of things, really,” the woman said. She put down the cooler, and gripped the saw in both hands. It was a small thing, with a bright, blue paint job, but that didn’t change how Samantha’s heart sunk as it whirred to life. It crackled, stuttered a little, but after a few hits it was normal.

And brought against Samantha’s brow.

She wheezed, eye twitching, arms trying so hard to move, but whatever was in that dart made sure she couldn’t. Though she could feel all. She could feel the blade chew through her hair, her scalp... the muscle then bone. She could smell it, the scent of burnt flesh, but all was taken by the bitter tang of blood as it flowed down over her. It ran into her eyes, and she wasn’t even able to blink. Her body screamed, every ounce tense as the saw continued to eat away. Smoke rose, filling her lungs whenever she managed to take in a breath, and that was only in front. The chair started to slowly turn, the saw working its way completely around.

As she returned in front of the woman again, the saw was turned off. And was tossed aside. She ran her hand around that cut, still throbbing... and heard a sickening squelch. The bronze tormentor showed that it was the top of her skull before she tossed it aside, and pulled out a scalpel.

“Truly, you were a gift, Sammy,” she said, leaning over the witch. She couldn’t feel anything that was happening then, not until a single, quick tug. And she was gone. Samantha lulled forward, the blood that had gathered in her eyes allowed to spill free. It drooled from her lips, all the while the woman kept talking, tittering. “A gift I hope that keeps on... giving.”

She had worked around Samantha’s brain’s membrane. She was careful when she slipped down the back, into the bowl of her skull. That was the “tug” Samantha felt, the last thing she felt as she popped the brain stem free. Only then did Samantha know peace... but this wasn’t the end for the poor witch. Eve was going to make sure of that.

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