Vereor Nox Academy

By Shadowmaggot323 All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Horror


Johnathon Blaze has been offered the deal of a lifetime: a teaching job at Vereor Nox Academy in Paradise, West Virginia, with board and travel costs from Washington covered. It all seems to good to be truly, and is only cemented as he finds himself surrounded by a harem of women, all wanting, bordering on needing, him. However, some things don't seem to add up, and, as he sinks deeper into it all, the net snaps shut around him. Now Johnathon must find some way out, lest it is life, wife, or death.

Life is Hard

“Good morning, Tri-state area! This is Aunt Flow, your weather girl here at Convenient News Network, bringing you all the news of the weather. If it’s wet and steamy or hot and heavy, you know I’m here for you. It looks to be to be a nice mix here in Paradise, West Virginia. Morning’s going to start moist but comfortable in the mid-50′s before getting up to 69 this afternoon. It’s going to rain all day, clearing up at ni-”

“All I needed to hear,” Johnathon mumbled, yawning as he did, and turned off the TV. He yawned again, stretching towards the ceiling, just scraping its tile, a blend between cream and light orange, swirling across the living room and into the kitchen off to the right of the entrance. He cracked his neck, groaning so, and trudged into it, checking his work schedule on the gray-slate counter taking up the majority of space. He felt a bit special, tapping his finger against his times at the bottom, written in pen while all the others were typed. “Start at nine, end at five... How was this any different than my other gig?”

He shook his head, and lumbered back into the living room, leaning against one of the boxes still strewn across its sea of bland brown carpet. The sun blinked through the windows, one right behind the 30-inch TV, setting on the coffee table, its mahogany polished to a pristine shine yet still paled by its true stand, lost somewhere in that mess. He yawned again, scratching his eyes, those greens weighed down by hefty bags, the only ones that didn’t need checked that morning. TSA made sure his visit was more than thirty minutes, making him two hours late from sweeping off into his king bed in the next, and only other, room. His suit was ready in the bathroom attached, hanging on a hook behind the door. Its blue undershirt clashed, faded compared to the prim and sleek black coat, pants and shoes.

That only left testing the waters of the shower... and he didn’t feel like it.

“But thou must,” he grumbled, and trudged in. He avoided the mirror above the sink and on the back of the door at all costs. Last thing he needed was a nightmare before falling asleep. His brown hair must have been a mess, all three strands that dared to go against the coiffed perfection coiling and writhing into it, tearing it apart little by little before reaching for the blue-and-black tile above and below. He sat on the rim of the tub for the shower, its head gleaming with the single light bulb from the shell above the black marble sink, and turned the knob for hot water... in no time, it indeed gave steaming relief, and he turned it off, testing the cold. “Obvious.”

He turned it off, stood, and froze, a knock at his door... It came again, jarring his feet free. He shuffled as fast as he dared himself to hate, turned to a brisk limp as he reached the entrance’s blue tile, looking through the peephole. A woman stood outside, her red hair disheveled, clashing against her bright pink top and its assortment of cartoony critters. Her flannel pants at least were gray, them and her feet apologizing for the above in their dark green slipper glory.

She smiled as he opened the door, her blue eyes shimmering, though the sky behind spoke ill.

“Hi! Morning,” she exclaimed, offering her hand. “You must be the new tenant.”

He shook it. “Nah. Just sort of broke in. They gave me the key, too.”

... She laughed, her smile faltering but holding.

“Right. Well, I’m Bridget, your neighbor from down the hall. Thought I’d come say hi and welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Thanks. Name’s Johnathon. Call me Johnny.”

“Well, Johnny, I know it’s still early, but what say you come on over and we can talk. I just brewed a pot of coffee.”

“Tell you what. You bring over two cups and we can break in my kitchen.”

She nodded, and left, leaving him to crease his brow and lumber into that nook. Like the rest of the place, it was was loaded with boxes, glass and porcelain clinking as he set them before the entrance to the living room, clearing off the chairs at the tiny table beside the oven, all nestled in a single, tiny nook. The fridge was behind him, holding his chair as he leaned back, waving for Bridget to enter and take the seat across. She handed him a cup, the black nectar still steaming, bubbling around a silver spoon, and set a container of creamer and sugar on the table before sitting herself, her own coffee already tanned.

“Wasn’t sure if you needed them or not,” she said.

“I like a touch of creamer. No sugar. Cutting back on the sweets, you know.”

“You? You’re skinny as a twig. I mean, look at me.”

He already was, since she had exchanged her pink top for a tight green tank. Her chest bulged, quivered against the fabric, untouched by any bra, fighting, attempting to push their way through the loose opening. Her stomach had a bit of a pudge, giving her waist a good bit of grip, but she was in shape overall. At least appealing, if his “judge” below was to be believed.

He yawned, taking his mind off of those at last, and stirred in the creamer, placing it back down. He tapped the spoon on the side of the cup before setting it on the table as well. A single drop leaped from it, landing perfectly across on her shirt, staining, enticing him to further stair at the pale cleavage.

“So. Bridget,” he said, clearing his throat, “what are you doing up so early? Job? Kids?”

“Kids? No. Not even a man. Just got off... my job, I mean. Work at the local night school.”

“No kidding? I start there tonight. I mean, unless there’s more than one.”

“Around here?” She shook her head, and giggled, wagging a finger as she set down her coffee. “And really? You start working where I and two other tenants from this building work? Small world.”

“I know, right? It’s as if this place was made for the teachers.”

“Nah... Can’t be... I heard you saw a lot of the world coming over, though. Washington, huh?”

“Good ole Washington. Brunt of jokes ever since those vampire movies, so how could I say no when I’m invited out of the blue to come here, especially when they offered triple of my initial wage, got me this apartment, and covered all travel expenses?”

“We heard rumors about that, but... any idea why they asked you?”

“None. I mean, I’m a decent enough science teacher I suppose, but if that places me as THE top pick for this area... That scares me a little. J... Just a touch.” He chortled, taking a long gulp of his drink at last, cool enough on the tongue. “That’s a good blend... and I wasn’t going to argue.”

She hummed, biting her lip, and traced the rim of her cup with her finger, her arm pushing against her chest.

“Yeah... Ron retired earlier in the year, and he was our best science teacher. Others tried, but... Well, here’s hoping that you stick.”

“Anything I should know about th... Sorry... Weird time for a school, isn’t it?”

“It’s a school for... special students.”

“Special? How so?”

“They... Some can’t go to normally-scheduled schools. Others... are better attending this one.”

“Age group?”


“... They did know I was a high school teacher, right?”

“And you are still giving a high school education. You can just be a bit more... free with your scheduling.”

“So I saw. Six days instead of five...”

“It’s going to suck the first week, but you’ll get into the swing of it.” She picked up his cup, emptied, as well as the cream and sugar, giving him an ample view down her tank, those fair ladies swinging just a touch, their pale tips seeming to perk with the attention. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Johnny- Oh! Do you have a car? Do you know where the school is... Johhny?”

He shook his head, looking into her blues at last, his cheeks a bit warm. “Supposedly I have an escort coming later on in the day to show me the way. Orientation, all that fun stuff. After that, no idea.”

“Well, if you ever want to carpool, you simply need to ask.”

He nodded, and followed her to the door. He rested against its frame, saluting as she skipped away, disappearing into her apartment at the left end of that level, the second floor. How he grimaced as the last of her bum was lost to the dark planks, but he could argue that it wasn’t worth watching it leave, bouncing. He closed the door, yawned, and finally, at long last, began his dirge to the bedro-

There was another knock.

‘... You can’t be s-’ He thought, began to think, cut off by another series of raps. He turned around, looked through the peephole again, and this time was met with black hair, tied back in a ponytail. Bright green eyes, made brighter by her purple lipstick and her paler skin, scowled at the door, knocking for the third time, jiggling her chest, barely kept in by a black silk top. Skulls meshed, melded, clashed across it, fading into her crimson satin pants. She had no slippers, tapping away on the concrete outside of his door as he opened it.

Her scowl turned to a smile, her hands resting on her hips, and she jutted her chest forward. “May I help you?” He said.

“Just wanted to say hi to my new neighbor,” she said, yawning, and offered her hand, as well. “Lola. I live in the apartment right next door. Heard you and Bridget talking and thought I’d say hi before hitting the hay.”

“Let me guess: you work at the school, too.”

“Yup. English.”

“English? By the way, do you know what Bridget teaches?”

“English, too. All three of us d-”


“Thanks for ruining my introduction.”

A blonde pushed Lola aside. Her hair was rolled in curlers, complimenting her white bath robe, also forced to endure her chest. It failed more than the others, though, the largest so far, their light pink tips just seen, basking in their victory. She had wide hips, flaring the robes enough to show off her tanned thighs, her feet all snug in their white slippers.

She cleared her throat, her blue eyes cold, and bowed, showing off more of her front, one actually flopping out.

“Tanya,” she said. “A pleasure.”

“... Bridget... Lola... and Tanya,” he mumbled, flushing a little.

“Yeah? What about it?” Lola said, crossing her arms.

Well, aside I’d love to add the whip for that sandwich, he thought, but bit his cheek and shook his head all the same. “Nothing, nothing. Do you two want to come inside, as well? Have coffee?”

“Nah. I’m pooped,” Lola said, stretching, raising her shirt just enough to show the underside of her lovelies. They were the smallest out of the trio but still rather supple, larger than average. “Just wanted to say hi, all that good stuff.”

She patted his shoulder, and opened the door to the right of the apartment, stairs clacking away before it shut.

Tanya, meanwhile, entered his apartment, drifting into the living room. She weaved between the boxes, looking at them all, at the television before sprawling on the couch in between those cardboard monstrosities. The blue leather whispered under her fall, contouring, accepting her into its folds, and Johnny avoided looking, leering as her robes did nothing to hide her pink thong nor the forest under it, and sat in the chair across, it, its brother and two coffee tables creating a barrier to the bedroom behind.

So close, he mulled, waving, rolling his hand. “So... Tanya was it?”

She hummed, yawning, looking at him through heavy eyes. “And you’re Johnny.” He nodded, and she rose, much to the couch’s disdain. She swayed through the room, around the chair, and draped her arms on his neck, giggling as she blew against his ear. “I know it’s rather sudden, but do you mind if I stay this morning? I’m too tired to walk back upstairs.”

“S... sure. Let me just clear the middle of the room. I can set up a makeshift futo-”

“Hmm? Why?” She caressed his chest, nails digging in a little. “Besides, this feels more comfortable.”

There was a third knock at the door, and for once Johnathon sprang at the chance, practically sprinting to it. He threw it open, and obviously another woman awaited. Her dark skin warmed, gleamed in the sun, allowed a moment out from that overcast just to wash her in light. No shirt hindered her bountiful chest, winning first place. Instead, a single, quivering, pink bra braced against them, pushing them together. Her rounded face was flushed, “pink” eyes unfocused, glassed, and her breath was hot on his collar as she fell into the apartment, into him. Glass clinked against the tile, the empty bottle of whiskey shimmering so, her hand still trying to cling it.

“Hey there, handsome,” she said, and flung her hair back, giving him a haughty look. Those locks were dyed white to the amber roots, shimmering so. “I’m drunk; let’s fuck.”

“Oh, not again Lily,” Tanya grumbled, picking her up. “Come on... Let’s get you home. Sorry, Johnny. Looks like we’ll have to wait another day.”

The two left, and he couldn’t have closed the door fast enough, locking it and making a mad dash to the bedroom. He jumped from its entrance to the bed, crashing into its black satin, rubbing his head against its red pillows as the covers welcomed him into its embra-

Sadly, there was a fourth knock... and it repeated again and again, over and over until he stormed back through the living room, stomped through the entrance, and threw it wide, beaming at the person behind, his cheeks aching from the smile. She had long, brown hair, left to its own volition. It whispered against the wind, stirring, forcing it to dance over her fair shoulders and before her face and its hazel eyes, as warm as her smile. She wore a loose blue top, but even it seemed cursed- no, this entire apartment’s wardrobe seemed curse to suffer huge breasts. That top was pulled tight, revealing her belly, showing off its diamond stud at the navel.

“H-hi,” she said, her voice so soft. “I’m-”

“A neighbor, right?”

“I take it I wasn’t the first, then.”

“If it’s any consolation, I already like you the most.” He chuckled, offering his hand. “Johhny. A pleasure, Mrs...”

“Miss, and please. Just call me Isiah.”

“Isiah? That’s pretty... and unique.”

“Not in my family. Actually rather common.”

“Well, I never heard it before... So...”


“Are you going to ask to have coffee or come in and chat or...”

“Oh. No. I just wanted to say hi. I worked last night-”

“The school, right?”

“Y... yeah... Oh! You must be the new science teacher.”

“That’s what they keep telling me. What do you teach?”

“Oh... I don’t teach...”

“Then what are y... You’re a student?”

She nodded, blushing. “I know... Must be silly for a woman my age to still need high school education, but...”

“Hey, I’m not here to judge. Just to teach.”

She brightened back up, and bit her lip, marring its cherry coat a little. She giggled seeing him yawn, offering one in return.

“You must have had a long flight,” she said after.

“Nah. TSA theater had a field day.”

“Well, I won’t keep you... Can we have ‘breakfast’ later? Around 7?”

“If I’m awake by then, sure.”

“Right... See you later, Johnny... Or Mr...”

“Blaze. Yes, yes. Skull on fire, that kind of thing, no big deal. Dad had a lot of fun naming me when I was born.”

“Is he still alive?”

“Yeah. A boring doctor. Mom’s still with him too. A cop.”

She shook his hand one last time, and he closed the door, toppling against it... and he simply grabbed the floor mat, rolled it up, and laid his head on it, eyes allowed to close at long last.

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