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Sway Jones
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Chapter 1

Jace splashed some water on his face, trying to wake himself up. He had a late night at the club and an early morning for work. Needing to go home, he couldn’t because he had promised his best friend Ryan that he would be there for his little sister’s homecoming party. An hour into the party and he had yet to see Ava. She was at the party, Ryan had told him, but Jace must have missed her every time he came into a room and then left because he hadn’t run across her yet.

He wanted to say hi and bye so that he could go home and fall asleep in his huge comfortable bed. Being a Dominant was adrenaline inducing and such a high but it was also physically and emotionally draining. He needed a break from people. All night women had been coming up to him, flirting aggressively. He was flattered but he was also tired of deflecting them.

Jace looked at himself in the mirror. His light brown eyes were red-rimmed but that was the only outward indication of his exhaustion. He wasn’t arrogant but he knew he was a handsome man. He had thick brown hair, an olive complexion that was inherited from his father. His beard made more than one woman wonder how it would feel against her inner thighs.

His height he had gotten from his model mother, who had been nearly six feet tall, herself. He stood at six feet four inches. He was lean like her too, but unlike her he was cut with muscles and planes that were all masculine and gorgeous. He had broad shoulders and a tapered waist. Women loved to bury themselves in his big chest.

His face was classically beautiful, a Roman god come to life. With all the charisma of a powerful Caesar with the strength of a gladiator, he could stop a submissive’s disobedience with just an arched brow. He was definitely sought after as a Dominant. Women upon women threw themselves at his feet.

It was heady in his early twenties, but now that he was approaching his thirties, he found himself wanting something more. He had no idea what that was but there was an emptiness in his chest that wouldn’t go away.

He sighed deeply and grabbed a towel to wipe his face dry. Hanging it back up, he thought he heard a muffled scream from somewhere in the house. He opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the second floor hallway. Listening intently, he heard a thump. He tried to figure out from where it was coming.

“No!” he heard from a bedroom. It was Ava’s room if he wasn’t mistaken. As he got closer to the door, he realized it was Ava calling out for help.

Jace threw the door open and walked in.

“No, no. Stop it! You fucking bastard. Let go of me!” She struggled to get out of the man’s grasp. He held her down on the floor, straddling her. She scratched and slapped at him, desperate to get him off of her.

Jace reached down and grabbed the man by his collar and pulled him off of Ava. Throwing him to the other side of the room, he turned to face the would-be rapist. He was calm and collected but he was also vigilant of the bastard.

The man came at him low, trying to take out his legs. Jace crouched down and met the man with all his 230 pounds of pure muscle. He knocked the man back on his ass. Punching him until he pleaded for him to stop, Jace stood back up and watched him roll around on the floor, holding his head. He seemed to be down for the count.

As soon as he turned, he was nearly knocked over by the rush of a small body launching her self at him, clutching him tightly. He wrapped his arms around Ava and began to realize that his best friend’s little sister was no longer little in more ways than one.

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