Wrath of Camouflage

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No one could face the wrath of camouflage, due to their unstoppable and extreme skills until they came across this serene pure soul Diana. She did manage to calm the wrath, but she had to pay a price.

Erotica / Thriller
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“Heyy You ... Black shirt handsome, I Love You and you must love me” a pretty girl said looking at me.

“I think you are drunk” I told her.

“May be, But still, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is i’m totally falling for you” she said slurring and fainted on my chest.

My bodyguards came in to push her away. I took her in my arms, “Your queen is finally ready to marry me” I said them laughing.

I’m Aaron Ryan Dickson, Head of International Mafia and a successful Billionaire. This crazy girl in my arms is Diana Maggie D’Cruze

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