Wrath of Camouflage

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Chapter 1

Dark ally which is filled with absolute grave silence, another sacrifice for the wrath of this camouflage.
He rose from the ground, eyes filled with blood red anger, terror and satisfication of destroying the thorn out of his way.
All we can see is his height and a black cloak.

He walked towards the calm shoreline, a faint smile carved over his lips.

“I’m coming for you my queen, my Maggie”.

He along with his army vanished in thin air like a pure-blooded vampire.

He indeed was a ghost story.

Daina’s POV:

I closed the door in frustration and threw things out of my hands and slouched on the couch.
Another rejection!!!
The fact which is blowing my mind is, they call me for the interview and reject me by giving some absurd reasons for being over qualified for the post.

My mum came out of the kitchen holding freshly bake muffin.
The aroma of the muffins brought a smile on my face.
Yes, my mom is a superhero who can change my mood from absolute bad to the better one.

“Cheers!!! For another rejection” she said giving me a bite of the tasty muffins.

I pulled her and made her sit next to me. I placed my head in her lap “why mom!!! What is wrong with me??? Who knew that being best in the academics will lead to over qualified for all the job which I have applied till date”

She started moving her fingers along my hairline and said ” they don’t deserve you honey... I think you are meant to be a receptionist in my restaurant forever and ever I guess”.

I laughed at her and said ” yeah!!! I better leave now. Your restaurant is calling me for the service”

I left home and took a cab to reach restaurant.

The restaurant is a dream of my dad.
My dad was working in police Department. He was killed brutally by an unknown gang of ruthless people.
That gang is often known as a ghost gang. No one knows who they are, why they torture and kill people.

My dad went to collect information about those gang by a police informer.
But, that gang kidnapped my dad and tortured him like a guinea pig.

When we found his body after a week, it was cut into 3 pieces. The postmortem report stated some shocking details that they removed all the organs like eye, heart, kidney when he was alive.

Doctor even predicted that, my dad probably lost his voice box by screaming loudly when they removed his organs.
We couldn’t even recognise him.

My mom was in shock. I had to stop searching for a job and look after her restaurant.

My elder brother works as a personal secretary to Mr.Aaryan Malhotra.

The smooth ride of the cab came into sudden halt. I looked around to see my destination. I paid him and went inside the restaurant.

I changed into my uniform and had to put up my professional skills in order to give better service to people.

Everything was moving around perfectly till midnight. All my workers left the restaurant, I had to lock it down and then catch my last bus.

Deep down in my heart, my conscious is sensing some really bad signs.
I ignored it thinking that it’s because of my morning rejection.

When I was about to close the restaurant a girl who was petrified, crying entered the restaurant.

“Excuse me Ma’am, the restaurant is closed” I told her in a polite way.

“Please save me, save... save me from these... can you just close this restaurant for 5 minutes from inside. Please... understand my situation... I’m really in big trouble ..” the lady said.

“Okay...” I said and just closed it from inside.

I offered her some water and remaining muffin which I packed to take back home.

“Who are you??? Why are you in this condition?!! What is actually happen....” before I could complete my statement the glass door of the restaurant was broken and shredded into tiny pieces.

I got up and turned around to find men of the same height standing like bloody vampires wearing black cloaks.

“What the fuck!!! How can you damage my property!!! Who the hell are you” I screamed and went near the tallest guy.

When I looked up, I found the scariest mask I have ever seen in my life.
“Sorr..sorry sir, you are at the wrong place, there isn’t any masquerade party going on” I blurted out.

The tall guy I think he is the leader of the group stared at me for a second, pushed me into the wall and started kissing me.

The kisses were so hard like he is almost tearing off my lips.
I started hitting him and trying to push him away, but his hold on my neck tightened.

Out of no where, he pushed me into one of his men and he twisted my hand, kicked my knees.
I had to come to my knees, he held my hands tightly.

The person who kissed me went near the girl, she was crying and begging that she will never leak any information and asking others to save her.

The person who was holding my hands covered my mouth with a napkin which was kept in the table.

I lifted my head to see that girl being thrown to a table and the guy who kissed me, he went to her and started tearing off her clothes like he is peeling some banana.

His assistants ran and made sure that she is lying naked in the table her hands tied to the legs of the table.

Within a blink of my eye, the kisser guy started raping her.
Sharp glistening knife penetrated deep into her left breast.
As a result blood started oozing out.
Dark night witnessed her screams like a helpless bug.

I could only shed my silent tears, praying to get any sort of help.

But it didn’t stop there, one after the other , his fellow mates tortured, raped and used her like a public toilet.

The last one took the knife and inserted inside her vagina like a sexy toy. He started rotating the knife like a blender, that poor girl’s body couldn’t take it anymore. It became lifeless in seconds.

I didn’t know when I stopped crying, my brain was numb because I couldn’t believe what just happened in front of my eyes.

Suddenly everyone started starring at me, I felt like a sheep stuck between a pack of hungry wolves as they started towards me.

I closed my eyes thinking it’s my turn to scream like that girl who took her last breathe.

“sin do banríon” the guy who kissed me said in a cold tone.

I could see everyone moving outside my restaurant, the guy more over took a bite of my lips.
I felt the stinging pain shooting through my neck, I was in fix because I started drifting into darkness.

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