Wrath of Camouflage

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Chapter 2

Diana’s POV:

I woke up with a lightening jolt, when I opened my eyes I was lying in the hospital bed where IV is attached to my left wrist. I could see tension in my mom and brother’s face. I understood that whatever I experienced yesterday wasn’t my dream. It was a real nightmare which I managed to survive. I could hear the long beep sound coming from the monitor which made me realise that I’m getting a panic attack.

Suddenly the nurse ran towards me and injected anti-anxiety injection. After few minutes, I was normal when doctor came inside and checked my vitals.

“Oh my god Diana!!! I have decided my restaurant will be open only till evening. I don’t want to see you lying in hospital bed for a week” my mom said crying.

“A week??” I questioned her out of curiosity and continued “what is the exact date today?”

“You were in shock baby girl, you took one week to recover from that shock” my brother said kissing my forehead.

I couldn’t react to their words because the cops entered my cabin.

“We are here to take statement of Ms. Diana.” the officer said.

I nodded and he sat in a chair next to my bed.

“Can you explain to us in detail what happened last week???” He questioned me.

I narrated whatever occurred on that fateful night.

“Well, we got the cctv footage. The people who attacked your restaurant were the ghost gang. We exactly want to know what their leader said you before leaving.” Officer questioned me.

“I ... I have no idea... he said something in some foreign language” I answered truthfully.

“I must say Ms. Diana you are the lucky one” he said.

My brother interrupted and asked why he is saying so!!

Police officer replied “Because the ghost gang they don’t utter a word, they just kill people. She is the only one who survived from their wrath”.

My mom started laughing “she is indeed a lucky one.”

Police officer was confused seeing my mom, so my brother had to clarify that she is suffering from early stage of schizophrenia.

Yeah!!! My mom is suffering from mental disorder ever since she saw my dad’s dead body.

“Excuse me, officer who was that girl??? Did they find any clue about the gang rapists???” I said out of curiosity.

“Well, that girl was an assassin. She was working for the gang, as well as police informer. They did find her identity and she had to pay for it.” Officer sighed.

“But... they molested her, I mean, their sperms will be in her body and the doctors can find those culprits using DNA technique right.” I asked with a hope of getting those psychopaths behind the bars.

“You see Ms. Diana, they are too smart. They chopped her vagina in such a tiny single part that, her reproductive system is crushed into Nano particles. Even doctors couldn’t do any sort of help with that.” Officer said and went off.

My mom gasped “how can someone be so cruel??? I feel like throwing up “she said and ran outside.

My brother sat near the bed, held my hands and said “D... I’m sorry I couldn’t be an ideal brother for you, couldn’t protect you when you were in trouble.”
“It’s okay big brother!!! It’s not your fault.” I said with a thin smile.
“Why didn’t you tell me that you were searching for a job???” He questioned me.

“Well, I didn’t want to give you any trouble” I sighed.

“Trouble??? Do you think of me as an outsider baby girl??” He said being hurt.

“No... it’s not like what you think” I told him.

“Well, I spoke to my boss since there are no vacancies in our company. He suggested your name to his friend Mr. Aaron. He is a famous billionaire. You just have to go and give interview. It is just to follow the company protocols.” And continued ” I don’t want to hear anything about this matter, you are giving an interview after two days and that’s final” he said in an authoritative voice.

I nodded and my mom came inside and informed about my discharge.
Two days went in a flash as I was busy eating, sleeping and watching Netflix.
I woke early today since I have an interview to attend.

I took a quick shower and changed into a formal white shirt and formal pant. I did apply minimal amount of makeup and headed towards the kitchen.

My mom was preparing toast, eggs. I drank milk and had my breakfast. I kissed her and took a cab to Mr. Aaron’s office.

I was memorising everything what my brother told about the company and how these corporate companies work.

I got down to find a unique designed huge building, I wasn’t sure whether it is a base of something or an actual office.

When I was about to enter the building bowed as though I’m their boss’s wife. I shrugged off and thought may be its their protocol to respect each individual.

I went towards the reception found an extremely beautiful girl wearing black suit with a red shirt. She bowed to me, asked about my resume.
I found it little strange that she bowed to me.

She saw the confusion in my face and said, it is the company protocol, I’ll send your resume to the boss. You should take a lift for 48th floor and you will meet Camilla, she will guide you from there.

I thanked her and started walking towards the lift, when everyone around me kneeled as though the building is hijacked by a group.
I turned towards the entrance and saw most handsome guy on the planet walking towards the private elevator with his dozens of bodyguards.

The handsome guy was wearing navy blue suit and he was staring me as though he was reading me from my soul making chills roll down my spine. He didn’t break the intense eye contact until the elevator door closed.

“Ouch!!! What was that??? Focus on getting job, focus focus” I mumbled to myself and headed to elevator.
As soon as I reached the 48th floor, I could see a blonde girl wearing slutty clothes and applying lipstick.
I walked towards her table and said “Hello, I’m Diana. I was supposed to meet Mr. Aaron today at 10 am.”

She scanned my body through her eyes and gave a disgusting look but before she could comment something to me her desk phone started ringing.

She picked up and out of nowhere is became pale as though she is speaking to the ghost.
" You must go inside the Alpha’s... I mean Boss cabin right now. Make sure to knock twice before entering” she said in a scared low voice.
I looked at her weirdly and went near the cabin where huge board was stating its Mr. Dickson, the CEO.

knocked twice and I heard someone saying come in.

I entered inside the office to find a most sophisticated and elegant decor with a huge view of the city.
I found Mr. Dickinson facing towards the view with his hands shoved inside his navy blue suit.
Was he the same person I saw in the lobby??

“I’m Diana, I was supposed to meet Mr. Aaron. I have no idea why they guided me to you, Mr. Dickson.” I started rambling.

He started speaking in a soft voice which made me wet already ” Diana you should at least do your homework before applying for a job for any company” and continued ” well, you are all over the news for surviving the wrath of the camouflage. By the way, how are you now???”

I couldn’t answer him because he turned towards me and started walking. I started moving back until my back hit the table. I could feel that he is way taller than me and I could sense some sort of danger which I felt the day I faced the ghost gang.

I stared at his face and collapsed.

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