Wrath of Camouflage

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Chapter 3

Third person POV:

When darkness consumed her vision, he moved closer in a flash and carried her in his arms before she kissed the ground. At his single voice command, the doctor came running to him and started examining her. She was pale like a white plain paper, barely breathing due to the panic attack. He ordered the doctor to inject her with some sedatives so that she can relax for few hours. Out of no where his team assembled outside his cabin, a single knock made him realise his duty. He went outside “Camelia, I need you to take care of my queen until I return. Make sure she is inside the building till noon. If I find anyone messing with my queen I won’t allow you to breadth.” he hissed angrily.

“Yes...Alpha, I won’t repeat my mistake again” she said kneeling to him.

He entered the private elevator said “Basement 15” and scanned his thumb as well as gave the retinal scan.

When he entered the basement, he covered himself with the black cloak and mask.

He found his team playing with his prey.

His puppet for today was covered with the blood and he death was right in front of him in the form of this camouflage.

“well, my dear William, how are you???” he asked laughing.

“who… who… are … you, what. Do you want from me…? William spluttered

He got a punch on his face by one of his men “how dare to you speak to our alpha like that.??? You can only speak when he asks you to…”

The alpha raised his hand, and everything damn thing became cold like an ice.

“Willy, how dare you to leak the information of our meeting to the Russians.” And continued “you thought I wouldn’t know right???” he smirked and continued “unless you realise that I’m the fucking leader of all of these mafias. Every damn person who is associated with mafia or government is under my wing”.

“Discard” he said while moving towards the elevator, the screams of William went unnoticed as soon as the elevator door closed.

The alpha then entered basement 18 with the wide grin on his face.

He was welcomed by the strong smell of the chilly, and the blood dripping puppet

“Lorenzo, I need you to describe your relationship with Diana” the alpha asked in an authoritative voice.

“Diana … how do you know her???” he asked with a worry on his face.

Alpha held the gun in his hand and aimed at Lorenzo.

“Wait… wait… Diana was my batchmate in my college. She was the most beautiful girl found in entire university.” Suddenly alpha clutched his fingers into fist trying to control his anger, while Lorenzo continued “She rejected almost half the population of guys from our university including me.” Lorenzo sighed.

Alpha felt relieved that she rejected the guys who approached her.

“I was heartbroken so I planned to kidnap her- the day she was attacked” he said narrowing his eyes.

Out of no where Alpha pulled Lorenzo’s hair and said “is í mo banríon í. Beidh mé blas gach agus gach orlach a. ní duine ar bith, ach domsa (she is my queen. I will taste each and every inch of her. No one, but me)

“Discard” he said to the guards as moved to meet his queen.

When he entered his cabin, he found camelia staring at his queen. He motioned her to get out and checked her pulse.

He took the small gun out of his locker, inserted the tracking chip in it and shot into her palm.

He checked the location of the tracker in his phone, wiped her palm with the surgical spirt to remove the redness caused by the shot.

He did know that she is still in the trauma and fainted due to stress. He placed a small kiss on her lips when his second in command entered his cabin.

He looked at the queen and asked “What happened??? I was worried that you were sick Ron. Oh Lord!!! What happened to her???” Zac asked with a worry on his face.

Alpha chuckled and said “stop being over dramatic. She is under stress.”

“But why did you call our doctor when you yourself could treat her???” Zac asked out of curiosity.

“I wasn’t having any sedatives to inject her, I’m sure she will catch up some good sleep for few hours due to medication effect.” Alpha said smiling.

“Wohh!!! Did I see you smiling Ron???” Zac said laughing.

“Shut up Zac and just inform her brother at 7pm that she is sick so that he can pick her up” Alpha said.

“What??? Why??? I mean why???” Zac asked with his mouth wide open.

“She is a feisty strong headed independent girl. I don’t want her to think that her boss is lenient who is interested in her. I want her to admit that she wants to be with me, love me with all my flaws. I’m just creating that situation” Alpha said with the smirk.

“Aaron bloody Dickson you are pretty genius” and continued “I mean you proved it today in spite of getting 10 different degrees in all field.” Zac said feeling proud about his best friend.

“Okay … Zac get your fucking ass out of my cabin. She will get up anytime.” Aaron said smiling.

She stirred in her sleep so, he moved towards his chair and pretended as though he is typing something important in his laptop.

“Good Afternoon, Miss Diana. I think you should take some rest and report after few weeks” He said staring at his laptop.

She walked near his table and said “Thank you so much sir for your concern, but I will join tomorrow.”

“I don’t pay my employees for fainting every now and then, so I suggest you to get some rest” he said rudely.

“What!!! I mean I’m joining tomorrow and that’s final” she said with determination.

“Well, then I suggest you to sign these contract papers.” He said sliding the file across the table and continued “your brother is waiting for you in the lobby”

She pulled her cell-phone to find hundreds of miss call from her mom and brother, without using her brains she signed the contract and left his cabin.

He started laughing wickedly, he wanted her to sign the contract without any query.

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