A Woman's Touch(Sample)

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Join the world of the poor and the proper of two women colliding. Religion, heathens, love, sex, and obsession brings the whirlwind of two people committing to one another in this dangerous attraction. When one girl leaves home to the big Apple nothing will ever be the same, for better or for worse. This story is only available on Dream, more information on my wall. Enjoy. WARNING: 17+ and up ONLY Sexual themes, dark themes, and BDSM.

Erotica / Romance
Dalila Alvizo
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Funny Thoughts

A finger glides soothingly across my back.

The muscles underneath the skin flex at the tickling sensation of being caressed.

Soft lips are trailing my spine raising the goosebumps to reveal in my flesh. Her hands stop to rest on my bottom, cupping them, feeling the full roundness of my butt.

My body jolts from the stinging sensation left by a slap to my ass.

It’s her world, her rules, her doing.

Nothing will be left untouched.

"Love me Omi...”

“Agh!” My whole body jolts awake from the sound of my alarm clock ringing through my room. It was nearing 30 minutes till arrival time for work.

Any minute longer wasted and I’ll be late.

Grabbing my flip phone, searching through the contacts for one of my friends to come over and give me a ride.


“Henry pick me up please?” I ask as I slip my black skirt and a white camisole to match with a light pink sweater. I was rushing to leave as fast as any human could.

“I’m already at work Omi.”

“Great, so I have to arrive late?” I spit my toothpaste out, dropping my toothbrush in the sink. Swiftly grabbing my purse, locking the door behind me as I skip steps down the stairs.

No time for elevators.

“Take the metro?” He suggests.

“Henry I do not like the metro because it is filled with things I cannot even begin to describe as of yet. Half the time I don’t know if I’m looking at a human or a rat.” I raise my hand signaling for a taxi to come to my aid.

Luckily, one stops.

“Well, I suggest to hurry on over here because I just overheard our boss is coming over to check on our progress. There’s even a mention of a promotion soon? Maybe you’ll get it Omi! You are our best employee ever.”

“Stop with this silly hope. They’ll never give it to a girl like me.” I mention as I apply a light shade of pink lipstick onto my lips as the taxi driver speeds off.

“And what kind of girl are you Omi?” He asks me while I think for a moment, the time I could even begin to imagine at the beginning of wanting to work my dream job was unfathomable.

Except, I was only an intern with a little pay.

I was no one.

“No one important.”

Reaching the building was perfect timing as I made it against the clock.

Stepping off of the elevator sitting on my desk swiftly as if nothing happened hoping no one had noticed.

“Well, you seem, flustered girlfriend,” Henry mentions as he types away on his computer.

“You haven’t even seen me,” I mutter.

I see the pile of folders on my desk being full already. They’ve stacked my office with so many files this time that I can't seem to see where it begins or ends.

“I don’t have to. I know you look a hot mess. Also, pink is not your color.” He stands up grabbing a napkin wiping away my lipstick.

“Hey, I just applied that in the car Henry.” I shoo him away from me as I turned on my Microsoft, getting started on the new issue for September.

“It’s all about the browns baby girl, ain’t no one tryna’ be caught dead in pink Omi. Follow the latest trends, please. You do work for a high-end fashion company by none other than who?!”

“For Milan Petrovo,” I mumble.

“Exactly, here... you can borrow mine.” Henry passes me his shade of brownish lip color, and I take it applying it to my lips.

“So what else have you been hearing huh?” If you wanted to know the latest gossips, trends, or rumors: Henry is your man for the job.

“Well as your most trusted best gay friend ever. I heard from one of my little birdies that Milan and her Husband is soon to be no more. As they will be SPLITSO.” My eyes widen, my heart rose.

“Is that so...” I mumble.

“Yes... also, guess what happened this weekend.”

“What happened?” I ask as I begin to turn on my PC hearing the chime of Windows opening.

“So, yesterday, I was out dancing, of course...and while I was doing my thang in the club seeing all these single, young bachelors... you would not believe who I saw!”

Everyone in the office shushes us as Henry glares at them. I giggle at his reaction.

“Ugh... rude, hello I’m trying to tell a story here!” I am beyond confused how this man still has a job here.

“Anyways... as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted-”

“Henry, Omi, get back to work.” Our manager walks near to our cubicle reprimanding us for talking “you guys don’t get paid to socialize, you’re paid to work.”

“Oh, what’s gone up against his butt?” I ask as our manager walks away with a nasty attitude.

“Mm... speaking of his butt, I saw his cute behind at the club last night. Let’s say, wow he can move.” Henry smiles as I grin continuing to work on another article.

“So have you decided if you’ll have the guts to speak with our boss finally?” He mentions.

“No, why would I?” I ask.

“Well, one you like her, two you like her, three she’s newly single, and four you like her.” As if it’s that simple.

“Henry, I cannot be going around trying to date my boss. As you’ve mentioned before, she’s a new divorcée who’s going through plenty of emotions. That must be difficult for her.”

The thought has come across once or twice, or a few times where I’ve wanted nothing more than to have a little taste of her. She was a being to be reckoned with. The few times that I have met her were the times I would sit in the conference room taking notes and giving them back to her. Sometimes she’s even had me run down to the cafeteria to bring her a cup of coffee.

“Well you know what my momma always says... to quote her ‘to get over someone, you have to get on top of someone.’” He laughs as I throw a piece of paper at him while we return to typing away.

The elevators door chimes in opening up to reveal a few people on board, almost all come off on this floor except one.

It was her.

She looks up tilting her head, her body in a white coat with knee-high boots, a large bag, and sunglasses to cover her eyes which were a light hazel brown.

I could have sworn she was staring at me because the moment I looked up. She caught me staring at her; she smirks as if she was pleased.

However, I was embarrassed.

I was caught ogling my boss.

It’s noon right about now, and my stomach was grumbling to me that we needed food into our system. Also, there was no way I was missing Monday’s potato eggs salad special.

I wait in line holding onto a tray filled with the egg salad and some baby carrots to nibble on. I love to have raw vegetables. I like the crunchy texture tingling in my mouth.

Tapping my foot, my hand starts to nibble on a carrot without noticing some of it had fallen to the ground from my continuous steps.

I try to bend down and pick it up but I couldn’t.

No one wanted to help me either.

As I begin another attempt to reach down and pick up the carrot. Someone’s soft hands had picked it for me.

“Oh thank you so m-”

It was her.

“Seems you dropped a couple of baby vegetables.” She mentions as she places them on the side away from the plate.

“Uh... um... y-yea,” I stuttered.

“Hm, well what are you doing out here?” She asks.

“Um... I’m on my lunch break,” I say as I move my feet as the line moves along. Milan is now moving with me.

“I see, I don’t really come down here often.” She mentions as she looks around the area as if she were looking for someone.

“I know.”

She turns to stare at me as if I were strange. Of course, I’m strange, I just admitted to knowing what she doesn’t do and she doesn’t do cafeterias.

“I mean uh... I know because you usually send me to get coffee.” One point for a good saves because I’m not a total lunatic.

“Ah... well, I’m very busy and I honestly don’t see the point. It’s too crowded.” There’s only a rough estimate of 15 people give or take.

The cafeteria is huge.

“Well, I was thinking, this is probably funny but I always thought that maybe you were a vampire who didn’t want to come out because of the exposure of sunlight or too much crowd to feast on one's blood.” I giggle as I tell her my funny thought.

“Ohhh goodness.” She laughs, the sweet serenade of her laugh was like honey to my ears.

“That is very funny, truly indeed, just for that, I will gladly pay for your lunch. It’s on me today hun.” I drop my smile quickly as she mentions to pay for me.

I decline right away.

“Oh that’s so generous of you but you don’t have to do that!” I say as quickly as possible.

“Nonsense, I don’t mind at all, a reward for a good thought. Plus, I don’t mind helping my hard-working employees. I’ll see you soon for the meeting in four hours. Goodbye Omi.” She walks away as she waves to the lunch lady she’s paying for my food.

I stood there shocked as I see her lovely behind sashay away from me entering the elevators.

She knew my name.

I never told her.

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