Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 10

I didn’t intentionally seek out the porn actress whose image now filled my screen, much less any idea what could have triggered this overwhelming sense of familiarity. But, there she was.

The hair was completely different; the near-white blonde tresses 180 degrees opposite the brunette locks from the photo in my trembling hand. The face was made up with what I could only refer to as “porn makeup.” Or maybe she’d been the victim of a Mary Kay Cosmetic commando. Regardless, the shape of the face, with its prominent cheekbones and brow, and the picture-perfect nose, was dead-on from the angle in both pics.

Now, Holly’s hazel eyes didn’t match the bright green of the porn actress, but that’s an easy fix with colored contact lenses, just like the hair would be an easy enough change with either chemicals or a wig.

But, I think it was the lips that really clinched it for me. Their fullness and the prominent dent under the nose –I think it’s called a philtrim – that contributed to their distinct “Cupid’s Bow” shape that so bizarrely captured my interest when I first gazed upon the photograph... it had to be Holly Fortuna.

A switch to a web search soon revealed the names of the actresses appearing in “Blackballed Blondes, Volume Six”: Kimber Lee, Candy Blessing, Crystal Fortune, Carol Gables...

Crystal Fortune? Fortuna is Spanish for “fortune.” Well, that’s an easy reach if there ever was one.

If Holly Fortuna: Missing Mom and Crystal Fortune: Porn Starlet were truly one and the same, no wonder she would shy away from her friends and family, yet be able to afford to send money to her parents to care for her child.

Now I was searching for anything related to Crystal Fortune. My web search revealed a number of films featuring the actress: “Mammary Memories”, “White Rain Facials”, “Breast Friends (Volumes 6, 9, 11, 13, 17 and 18)”, “Tits for Tats”... the list was fairly extensive. A common thread that I could find among the videos was the release dates. Anything with Crystal Fortune was released within the last three years; nothing older. But the real common denominator could be verified with a quick phone call to Sandra Titus.

“This is Sandra,” replied the voice on my cellphone.

“Mrs. Titus, this is Justin Case.”

“Oh! You have something for me already?” she replied, a mix of surprise and hope in her voice.

“I wish,” I said with a self-effacing chortle. “No, I just realized that... uh, that Holly’s photo you provided is only from the neck up.”

“Most of her pictures are like that,” she replied. “Is that a problem?”

“Not a problem, per se, but it helps to have a complete picture – at least a mental one – of your daughter. You know, things like tattoos, moles, whether or not she has both arms, three legs...”

“I see,” Mrs. Titus said. Then in a low voice, she added, “You mean like how you only saw me naked from the waist-down?”

“Yeah, kind of like that,” I chuckled.

“Well, I intend to rectify that in due time, Mr. Case,” she answered in the same low, sultry voice, “although you might be disappointed with my lack of breasts.”

“I... I don’t think I’d be disappointed at all, Mrs. Titus.”

“Well, I don’t know,” she said. “I’m afraid that Holly got all of the tits in the family.”

Maybe, but from what little I’d seen of Holly, er, Crystal so far, I’d say that her oral talents were definitely passed down from her mother.

“Holly’s breasts are 38E, last time I helped her find clothes,” Mrs. Titus continued. “She was always rather self-conscious about her large breasts; even embarrassed. Being that she’s only 5’5”, well, it made for an unusual package that generated a lot of unwanted stares from men. And a few women, I might add.”

“I see.” My heart rate was escalating.

“Oscar, on the other hand, kept trying to pimp Holly out. Told her there was a fortune in her tits.” Mrs. Tutus sighed wearily. “Smart girl; she was too proud to take him up on it. I’m sure that drove the last nail in the coffin that was her marriage.”

“No doubt.”

“So, did that help any, Mr. Case?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied. “It did.”

“Good. Well, until our next round of... negotiations brings us together, I bid you a good night.”

I closed the call on my phone and returned to clicking on the many images of the naturally busty porn star Crystal Fortune. With Mrs. Titus mentioning that Oscar claimed there was a “fortune” in her tits, the connection between the two names made even more sense.

“Nothing like hiding in plain sight there, Holly,” I said aloud.

A quick check of her video catalog gave me a single distributor; the Fantasy Factory, out of Berkeley, California. Ironic that a city known for its support of things like feminism and Women’s Rights would also be the headquarters of a business that thrived on exploiting women. Such is the dichotomy of what is regarded as the third most liberal city in the United States.

So what if it wasn’t just my well-honed investigative skills that made the connection between Holly Fortuna and Crystal Fortune. Sometimes being lucky is just as effective as being good at what you do. Regardless, my next move in my search for Holly was to make arrangements for a trip to Berkeley. With any more luck, I would soon be finding Fortune.

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