Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 15

Once Eric the Director called “Action!” Bonny opened the door to the kitchen set, revealing me to the cameras. In my arms was a box with some bagged fruit, including two decently-sized cantaloupes I’d put in a single bag.

“Juicy Fruit delivery,” I said. “You ordered produce?”

Bonny looked me up and down and replied, “Depends on what you have that tastes good.”

I stepped into the kitchen, careful to keep my body facing Camera 1 as Bonny closed the door behind me.

“Everything I’m packing is delicious,” I said, trying not to come across as lame as I’m sure I sounded.

“What’s your specialty?” she said, licking her lips; a move that had me feeling genuinely excited.

I set the box on the counter and picked up the bag I’d set up for the scene, hoisting the two large melons.

“These are pretty big and heavy, so they must be real juicy,” I said, hefting the plastic bag up and down a couple times for emphasis. I shifted my gaze to Bonny’s giant tits. “Of course, you would already have experience with that, wouldn’t you?”

Bonny’s eyes widened in response to my cheekiness, but said nothing.

“I’d be perfectly happy to let you hold my melons if I could hold yours,” I said, giving my most evil smile.

By then I could tell that she was actually fighting the urge to break into a smile of her own. I then hoisted the plastic bag into the air again and just let it hang there with the two large melons fighting gravity and straining at the material.

“Hmm,” I hummed in mock thought as I eyed at my scrotal look-alike. “Unless you’d prefer to hold something of mine that looks like this but is only slightly less heavy.”

Bonny finally broke out in genuine laughter.

“Okay,” she said with a chuckle, “that was a new one.”

“Nice to know that I can come on to you with some originality,” I said. I wasn’t entirely acting.

“So… you are coming on to me,” she said, her eyes turning hard again.

“Let me mull that over,” I replied with what I hoped was a look of deep thought. “Yes… yes I’m officially coming on to you. Well, not cumming on you, but that can be arranged.”

Miss Bountiful looked me over from head to toe for a moment. I wondered if she was actually sizing up my melons like I had sized up hers.

“And I’ve always been a sucker for large breasts, ma’am,” I said with a bright smile. “Literally and figuratively.”

I put the bag of melons back into the box when Bonny stepped forward, closing the gap between us. She suddenly reached up and grabbed my face in her hands and pulled it down to hers, smothering my mouth with a wet kiss that I couldn’t help but return.

Bonny’s hands left my face and went for the zipper of my coveralls while I directed my hands right to her massive melons. The bodice of Bonny’s strapless sun dress was made of a gathered elasticized material like that of a tube top that clung hard to her massive breasts like a second skin. With one quick slip of my thumbs in her cleavage I gave the bodice a tug, immediately dropping her top as Bonny’s huge tits spilled out into the open air.

I had to pull my face back away from Bonny’s kiss for a moment to admire her mountainous globes of flesh. They were seriously the size of a pair of volleyballs attached to her chest, but they were full and supple, with reasonably little sag for their sheer mass and as natural as any of God’s creations.

The skin was soft and unblemished, save for a few understandable stretch marks near her armpits. But in no way did that detract from their beauty. Bonny’s nipples were so pale a pink that the areole nearly blended with the color of her skin, yet turned a dusky rose color as they tightened into the most suckable part of her nipple. And I was all too ready to suck on them.

I needed no script to say, “God, those are beautiful,” hoping the sound of my words would adequately convey just how honestly taken I was by her monstrous mammaries.

Bonny now had my zipper down past my own package, thankfully not snagging the zipper on my tender bits. She pushed me gently backwards until I was against the counter while her tits swayed just out of my reach, teasing me.

Bonny ran her hands inside my coveralls, her fingers stroking hard against my pecs as she pushed my clothing past my shoulders, revealing my chest and allowing me to shake the sleeves off my arms. Her eyes actually sparkled at the sight of my bared chest. She might have been acting and maybe not. But it felt good to be looked at so appreciatively, no matter the true source of the expression.

Bonny crouched before me, yanking the coveralls down with strong fingers and exposing my fully naked form, quickly taking my outfit down to my ankles and helping me step out of it. She slipped a hand to take hold of the base of my rapidly hardening dick, resting one of her giant tits on each of my knees while she again licked her lips while gazing at my freed hard-on.

“Oh, no you don’t,” I said. “I want to suck on those sweet melons before we go any further.”

Bonny smiled and stood up. I bent my head down while she arched her back slightly to push her bountiful breasts toward my face. The cameras seemed to disappear from my peripheral vision and I was no longer content to just stare. I reached out and gently grasped a huge tit in each hand as best I could and hefted their weight in my hands.

“Mmm, you’ve got those melons beat by a long shot,” I said. I was amazed at their firm, yet pliant texture within my hands. I caressed them as I admired them, completely lost in their beauty as Bonny placed her hands on the backs of mine and encouraged me to squeeze her boobs firmly.

“But you can’t be sure these are sweeter melons until you’ve tasted them,” Bonny replied as she placed a hand on the back of my head and smashed it into one of her fleshy pillows.

“Jesus,” I sighed from deep within Bonny’s cleavage. “If I had a set of these airbags installed in my truck, I’d hit everything on the road I could.”

As Bonny giggled at the absurdity of my suggestion I opened my mouth wide and sucked a massive nipple into my mouth and suckled on the sweet flesh like a starving man.

“You definitely are a breast man,” she sighed.

Not content to just wait for me to shift my attentions from one breast to the other voluntarily, Bonny pushed my head towards her other breast while shifting her shoulder to drive it hard into my face. I again devoted myself to feasting on her incredible tit-flesh, savoring the taste of her skin and the sensations of her sensitive areole against my face.

By this time Bonny had moved a hand down and was stroking my manhood and making me hunger for more. I then began to use less of my tongue and more of my teeth on Bonny’s rubbery nipples, gently gnawing upon the firm nubs in between running the tip of my tongue around the perimeter of her sweet, satiny areole.

Bonny suddenly pulled her wonderful globes from my mouth and dropped down to her knees, grasping my rock-hard cock in her hand and directing it into her hot mouth. She took my member into her throat as far as she could before pulling nearly all the way off of my dick and then diving down on me again, over and over with moves so experienced that I didn’t have a chance to do anything but just enjoy it.

Bonny’s head bobbed on my cock, making my body quiver with every intake of my flesh into her talented throat. Her tongue worked the underside of my cockhead expertly, giving intense pleasure without taking me over the edge too soon. I was nearly in heaven, but then it was time to take a stroll through the clouds.

Bonny stopped sucking on me and with some gentle nudges encouraged me to get up and sit on the countertop, putting my wagging erection at the height of her swaying tits. I spread my knees and she took her place between my legs as a cameraman with a handheld unit took position to my right.

Bonny’s eyes looked almost as big as her breasts as she guided my cock between her huge tits and gripped me between her soft pillows of womanhood. Placing a hand outside of each breast Bonny pressed them together to hold my manhood firmly in place. I began to rock my hips forward while Bonny hoisted and dropped her tits with her hands, allowing my dick to slide easily between her generous melons, aided by her saliva and growing sweat.

“That’s it, cowboy,” cooed Bonny. “Ride hard between them mountains!”

Together we got a rhythm going that worked my hard cock hard in and out of the sweetest tit flesh I think I’d ever known. And I was being paid for it! Bonny’s soft breasts felt like satin pillows surrounding my rigid tool, caressing the length of my member sweetly and bringing me closer to climax with each stroke. I grabbed hold of the edge of the countertop with both hands to brace myself as Bonny used her sweet tits to stoke me closer to oblivion.

“So… fucking… good,” I groaned. “Oh, God… here it cums!”

Bonny excitedly stroked my meat between her magnificent mounds as the first burst of cum rocketed through my cock and flooded the lady’s generous cleavage.

“Oh, yes!” Bonny sighed as my second ejaculation, more intense and in greater volume than the first one, fired from between her fleshy pillows and squirted all the way up to her throat.

Now aided by the onslaught of my semen lubricating the path between Bonny’s breasts, she was able to work me over with slicker and longer strokes within her valley of bliss, fucking me with her twin peaks while my body continued to expel my seed deep between Bonny’s bountiful pleasures until I was spent.

Bonny looked down at the gooey, glistening coating of my sperm all over her breasts. “Now this is one juicy pair of melons,” she said.

Bonny gently wiggled her cum-painted girls back and forth, playing to the camera and ensuring the lighting reflected off the streams of pearly jizz I had showered her with.

“Cut!” barked the director.

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