Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 18

We had barely stepped into her apartment when Colleen took me by the hand, leading me straight back to her bedroom. She didn’t switch on any lights as we entered, nor did she need to. The room was bathed in a soft blue-green glow from a large aquarium along one wall while the rest of the room reflected an aquatic theme. I surveyed the room, admiring what felt like an underwater hideaway. The old Beatles song “Octopuses Garden” began playing in my mind.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Interesting,” I replied, still checking out her choice of decor.

“I’m talking about me.”

I turned to find Colleen fully naked, having shed her clothes before I’d had the time to take in my surroundings. She remained still, giving me ample time to savor her ample features. Her breasts were round and capped with tennis ball-sized aureole and large nipples, her hips wide and thighs full, the gentle roll of her belly drawing my eyes to the ‘Y’ unimpeded by any hint of pubic hair. Her shape was the epitome of the plumper image, soft, smooth, svelte and womanly.

“You are very, very attractive, Colleen,” I sighed, more turned on by the woman before me than just by the thought of sex. I’m not all shallow and superficial, but it was kind of unusual for me. Then again, Colleen was an unusual lady.

Her eyes sparkled. “Do you like drag racing or Formula 1?”

And completely out of left field…

“If I had to choose, I’d say Formula 1.”

Colleen stepped slowly, catlike, to me. “I thought you might,” she said, sliding her arms around my neck. “Any man can drive a straight line. It takes a real man to handle curves.”

I let my hands rest on Colleen’s generous hips, the slid them along her satiny skin until I cupped a breast in each one. I could feel her trembling; feel the gooseflesh rising in response to my touch. She took a deep breath and then smothered my mouth with hers in a deep kiss as she worked on undoing my belt.

My hands roamed over Colleen’s plush tits, gently massaging the aureoles that were as large as my palms. Her nipples hardened in my tender grasp, pushing back against my hands. Colleen quivered and sighed deeply into my mouth just as she grabbed the hem of my T-shirt, working it up my body and forcing me to let go of her firm, yet pliant breasts long enough for her to strip my shirt off over my head.

My chest now bare, an electric jolt fired between us as Colleen embraced me and her naked tits made contact with my skin. She moaned softly, mashing her sweet mounds against me. I almost stumbled as I used my toes to push my shoes off of my feet, while Colleen dedicated herself to pushing my jeans down my hips. She bent over slightly to get my pants down to my thighs and my engorged cock sprang up, finding a soft landing between her breasts.

“I swear that thing was designed for tit-fucking,” she laughed.

“I hadn’t really considered it my only claim to fame.”

“Nope,” she replied once she was on her knees. “I think it was meant to go here, too.”

Colleen parted her lips and drew my dick deep into her mouth. She moaned deep in her throat but didn’t move for a moment, seemingly content just to hold my manhood within her warm oral grasp. It was another moment before she began to slowly – and I mean slowly – work her head back and forth to feel out my meat with her mouth and tongue.

Then like a red-headed human metronome, Colleen progressively sped up her oral pumping rhythm, setting a good pace that undoubtedly get any porn star blowing his load. The slurping of her mouth on my dick was suddenly overshadowed by a squishing sound, and I noted that Colleen was working her fingers in and out of her nether regions. That was my cue to step up to the plate before she had me blowing my load.

“Get on the bed, Colleen,” I ordered.

“You didn’t cum already,” Colleen noted with a smile, pulling me to he bed by my saliva-coated erection.

“Damned right. You’re in for as long a ride as we can manage.”

“Speaking of long,” she giggled, both of her hands now yanking on my rock-hard dick. “Oh, I’ve gotta have this inside me!”

I worked my pants the rest of the way off of me, a task not made any easier by Colleen’s refusal to let go of my erection with at least one hand, as if she were afraid it would disappear if she didn’t maintain a hold on it. Once my legs were free of any clothing, save my socks still on my feet, Colleen pulled on my dick to direct me to take position over her as she spread her legs.

“You know,” I said, “I might want to suck on your tits, or maybe go down on you before we go much further.”

“Fuck foreplay,” she said. “You can do that all you want later. Right now I need to feel your cock inside me!”

I braced myself onto my hands and knees, giving Colleen room to steer my dick between us. I felt her pubic hair tickling at the head of my member and looked down. I actually started shaking when I could feel the moist heat of her twat on the head of my dick.

Colleen closed her eyes and started to wiggle my dick between her slick pussy lips. We easily found the entrance to her and she slipped the head inside and then let go with her hand. I took my cue and pushed my hips forward, slowly sliding my cock deeply into her hot snatch. As my meat went deeper, Colleen arched her back until I was in her as far as I could go.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she nearly growled, her eyes springing open wide once I was in to the hilt. “Are you sure we aren’t related, ’cuz that has to be the most perfect fit on earth!”

“I might have to work harder on holding out,” I said as I slowly began to work my dick in and out of her, my compliment all too true. “Mmm, you feel wonderful.”

“Come on, Case,” she encouraged. “Fuck me good!”

I probably could have fucked her bad and still have passed muster, because every move either of us made was like feeling a bolt of lightning fire through us. I quickly built up a patient and steady cadence, thrusting my cock into Colleen’s tight, velvety pussy like a machine designed just for her pleasure. But don’t think for a moment that I wasn’t enjoying every mind-blowing second.

“God, this is incredible,” Colleen sighed in genuine pleasure. “What is it that’s making it so, so good?”

“Because it’s not supposed to happen.”

“Who gives a fuck... it’s so right!” she said, reaching down and grabbing the cheeks of my ass in her hands, pulling me even harder into her, if that were possible. “Oh, God... I’m gonna cum! Just a little harder,” she cooed. “A little harder!”

I responded with slightly harder thrusts, sensuous but not punishing, pounding into Colleen’s tight canal more firmly. I wanted to make sure I was giving her clit all the friction that she wanted… that she needed.

“A little more, Case! Just a little moooore... Ung!! Yes!!” Colleen shouted as her body quaked beneath me. “Don’t stop! Please! Keep going!”

Any thoughts of my own climax were shoved to the back of my mind. I might have been experiencing the fuck of my life, too, but right now I was really fucking Colleen for her pleasure.

“My God... it’s not stopping!” she cried. “Oh, fuck! Oh!!”

As I sensed her wearing down a bit as her climax ebbed, I, too, slowed my pumping until I came to a stop.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she asked weakly.

“Admiring my handiwork,” I said with a grin.

“You... you haven’t cum yet.”

“I told you I’d hold back for you,” I replied.

“Good,” said Colleen with a heavy breath. “Get off me.” Her seemingly cold remark threw me until she added, “Get on your back.”

I did as demanded, withdrawing my still steel-hard dick from her still-hot snatch, and rolling onto my back, my prick pointing straight to the ceiling.

“You’re not getting off that easily,” she said, “but you are getting off!”

Still shaky from her climax, Colleen got onto her hands and knees. She leaned over me and, taking the base of my prick into a hand, casually bent down and took my cock into her mouth. Still, I craved just a little more from her.

“Turn your body,” I said. “You promised I could eat you after we fucked.”

Her mouth never leaving my dick, Colleen slowly spun her body and threw a leg over me until we were in a sixty-nine position. Now I got my desired close-up perspective of Colleen’s pink and well-fucked pussy waiting above my face, the warmth of her sex literally steaming my skin. I took Colleen by her hips and pulled down on her, forcing her to spread her legs a little more until the slick, puffy folds of her labia were kissing my lips.

The scent of Colleen’s freshly fucked pussy was making my head spin, making me drunk with her sexuality, and that made the sensations of her mouth on my cock even more wonderful. I pushed my tongue into her hot fuck tunnel and probed into her as deeply as I could while smothering my face with her juices and hot pussy skin.

Colleen, her mouth still firmly wrapped around my dick, squealed from deep in her throat as I lavished her sweet snatch with my lips and tongue, devouring her sex as if I were a starving man. I knew that Colleen had to be even more sensitive after having already fucked her to one orgasm, and I wanted to feel her cum again, this time on my face. From probing hard into her with my tongue, I shifted my face and found her clit, flicking my tongue teasingly over her stiff nub. I could feel her body shudder in response, and she followed my lead by increasing the tempo of her mouth bobbing up and down on my cock.

Now it was me who was ever closer to climax, but I wasn’t giving up on my quest, either. I gently sucked Colleen’s rubbery clit between my lips, drawing even more blood into her sensitive bud. Holding it there firmly in my pursed lips, I started to flick my tongue against her clit while still suckling on it until I had her shaking like a leaf in the wind. I let go of her ass cheeks and slid my hands along the sides of her torso, then turned my hands over and slipped them between our bodies, cupping her tits and fondling her engorged nipples while I sucked her pussy. In seconds her response evolved from shaking to becoming a human earthquake.

Still she devoted as much attention as she could to sucking my cock, while her hot breath fired from her nose like blasts of stem on my balls while high-pitched moans came from deep in her throat. She was using her hand at the base of my prick to jack my meat while bouncing her head up and down, sucking deeply upon my sensitive dick and bringing me to the brink of my own orgasm.

Colleen’s thick thighs clamped around my head as her second climax shot through her body, washing my face in a sudden burst of vaginal fluids as Colleen screamed from deep in her throat, a squeal of delight that would have shaken the windows had my cock not stifled the sound. Then my legs started to shake uncontrollably as my own belly convulsed. My guts wound up like a tight spring and I had to release Colleen’s tits from my grasp and wrap my arms around her, burying my own loud shout of pleasure into her sweet pussy as my cock erupted into her hot, sucking mouth.

Burst after burst of my jizz fired into Colleen’s throat, choking her and forcing her to withdraw from my geyser of semen. Still she soldiered on, covering my spraying fire hose of a dick with her mouth, pumping my meat with her hand to keep my climax going. We clung to each other as we rode out our incredibly intense and mutual climax, locked onto each other as almost one orgasmic being until our bodies went limp and my sister rolled off of me, my spent cock popping from the vacuum of her mouth. We lay there panting, sucking in air like winded athletes. And then she began laughing.

“Well, that confirms it,” she cackled.

“Confirms what?”

“I’m definitely not the one who could be entrusted to trim your pubes,” she replied. “There’s no way I could stay focused on the pubic hair and not your dick.”

“You want to just take care of it now?”

“No,” she sighed. “Right now I think I want to just go to sleep after one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.”

“I see,” I chuckled. “Should I stay or should I go?”

“Dear God, I’d love you to stay. But I’ve had Saul and Bobby show up here in the morning with stuff they need me to do before a shoot. You being here wouldn’t look good.”

That was my cue to get dressed, give Colleen a good-night kiss and disappear into the night.

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