Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 19

I’m not entirely sure what it is about Asian women that makes them so especially sexy. I think it’s kind of that Japanese schoolgirl fantasy, kind of a natural reaction to their faces, always looking so young and innocent.

Suki though, as young as she looked, was anything but innocent as she rode my face. The pitch-black hair on her head was matched by the hair of her sweet and tasty young pussy now firmly attached to my face. My tongue danced in her tender, wet regions as my hands were stretched above me to play with her small breasts and their prominent puffy nipples.

Her hair flew like a wild mane as her body responded to the pleasures I was giving her. I could feel her try to withdraw from me so I released her breasts and move my hands down to her hips, holding her firmly in place as I sucked hard on her little clip. I could feel her start to shutter, feel her pussy juices flowing even more as she moaned from deep in her throat.

Now it was more than a shudder, it was an almost violent shaking as her hips ground into my face and she arched her back, letting out an almost primal scream.

She was panting hard, her eyes barely open when I released her from my grip. My hands were still on her hips, but I was not trying to restrain her. Now I gently encouraged her to slide back, as she slithered down my body until Hurley thighs were straddling my hips and the head of my cock was just barely touching into her wet tunnel. She opened her eyes staring into mind with an almost childlike wonder and then sat back, impaling herself on the full length of my member.

“Oh!” She squealed as she sat upon me. But it wasn’t a second later before she took advantage of her position and began to ride me with long slow strokes that caressed my member like a velvet vice.

She bent over while still stroking my member within her, licking her juices from my face while giggling like a little girl. The licks turned into a deep, probing kiss at which point I shifted my hips and rolled us over while never missing a stroke in her hot love tunnel.

I took her by the backs of her knees and pushed her legs not just up, but back until they were touching the mattress. Now her ass – her sweet, tiny ass – was splayed wide, her tender pussy held captive for my abuse. Now it was me who was making the full and long strokes into Suki, the head of my cock probing into places that still felt so tight that they might not have been probed so deeply before. I pounded her hard, my balls making a smacking noise with each stroke until Suki’s eyes went wide before they clenched tight again. She then she let out another scream as she quivered beneath me.

I could finally hold out no longer with just a few more dates strokes my climax hit me. I quickly withdrew myself from my sexy Japanese companion and balanced myself on one arm, using my free hand to finish the job of pumping my meat. I drenched her furry snatch with a rain of my semen, bathing her tender and sweetly beaten pussy lips with my pearlescent seed.

Spent, but still erect, I plunged my cock back into her for a couple more strokes while releasing her legs from my hands. They floated down and wrapped around my waist as she sighed and gave me a sweet, long kiss until I brought my body to a slow stop.

“Cut!” shouted the director.

Suki was giggling beneath me.

“Was that okay for you?” I asked her.

She nodded and giggled. “I enjoyed that way more than I should,” she said.

Reluctantly, I climbed off of the cute little Asian gal, withdrawing my spent dick.

The director arrived bedside, frowning. “You were a little long on the face sitting scene, Suki.”

“My fault,” I said in her defense. “She tasted so good I didn’t want to let her go.”

“You came for real?” he asked her. Her response was another nod and giggle. Turning to me: “We pay the girls to fake their orgasms, man.”

“Old habits die hard,” I shrugged. “Besides, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

“Chivalry and porn aren’t necessarily a good mix, Case.”

“Are you firing me?”

“Hardly,” he laughed. “But you still might want to file that away in your porn star mind.”

“Maybe that’s the problem,” I replied. “I don’t think of myself as a porn star.”

“Yeah, well, you might want to rethink that,” he said. “We can’t use your dick without you attached. Oh, and get those pubes trimmed, okay?”

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