Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 22

Just because Bobby Dare closed the door on giving his approval on me working with Crystal Fortune unless I considered doing some gay gigs didn’t mean that I was without my secret weapon; Colleen. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in any position to give me a gig with Crystal since the starlet wasn’t currently scheduled for any shoots herself.

What Colleen gave me came directly from Saul Gordon. Apparently, Bobby Dare had already suggested an anal gig before our little chat and now the orders were given to me for two days away.

“It’s a daddy-daughter gig,” Colleen said with a mischievous grin.

“Geez, do I really look old enough to be some teenager’s father?”

“It’s those rugged looks of yours, Case. You might have a lot more than one daddy gig if you play your cards right.”

“Yeah, well I understand that I could play my cards wrong and get lots of daddy-son gigs through Bobby.” I sighed again. “Do I really look old enough to be some teenager’s father?”

Forced by necessity into a two-day break, I decided to get out of Berkeley and back to my home base and my “real” job.

The next two days were spent searching for additional clues regarding Oscar Fortuna. Mrs. Titus found out I was in town and thought we might have another “chat” while I filled her in on what was happening. Regretfully, I had to turn that down to save up a load for my next big shoot. Except for having to pace myself with some sexual opportunities I was rather enjoying my second career.

With all that had happened the last week my ego and my dick had only gotten me so far in finding Holly. I was so focused on trying to get close to her that I was missing an important piece to it all; what got her started in the porn biz to begin with? And that brought me back to the subject of the late Oscar.

Sandra Titus told me that Oscar tried pimping Holly out for her generous tits but it was a no-go for her. Yet she was clearly in the business now so what had changed over three years?

I was digging through the mail that had piled up in my absence when I ran across an envelope I’d been hoping for from the Florida Department of Corrections. Even though Stick Crabtree had left me hanging at least some office drone in the DOC was following up on my request for information. What I received didn’t give me all of the answers, but it definitely confirmed I was headed in the right direction.

Oscar Fortuna sentenced to do time for his role in soliciting underage girls to appear in soft- and hardcore porn. Apparently, he’d succeeded in getting some of these gals to expose themselves on video, which led to a sting, which led to his arrest, conviction, and incarceration.

A very busy guy, Oscar Fortuna certainly had done a lot in a very short time to have spent a third of the time he and Holly had been missing in the Florida prison system. Florida, not California.

A quick calculation of events started to sort it out… a little.

For as long as they’d been together – at least to Mrs. Titus’ recollection – Oscar wants Holly to do porn because of her tits. She says no.

Holly and Oscar disappear, literally disappear, without any word, leaving their only child behind with grandma almost three years ago. Immediately following their departure their 1999 Hyundai gets sold to a dealership in Stockton, California. DMV has no record of another car being bought in either of their names, nor of any driver’s license change of address or renewals.

Within three months of that, the first video featuring Crystal Fortune debuts from the Fantasy Factory in Berkeley. That tells me that Oscar must have convinced Holly to go into porn. This also coincides with the timing of Bobby Dare’s “discovery” of the new porn legend. Therefore, there may very well be a connection between Dare and Oscar.

Within a couple weeks after the first Crystal Fortune video debuts Mrs. Titus receives the first of the regular monthly checks to provide for Toby, and there hasn’t been a break in the schedule ever since. For that to happen, Holly had apparently contracted to do the porn. All signs at that juncture point to it being a voluntary partnership.

I located a car registration and driver’s license through the Florida DMV for Oscar and a 2009 Corvette, both initiated just shy of a year after Crystal’s emergence into the porn biz. So, even though Holly is working in California for the Fantasy Factory, Oscar takes up residence clear across the U.S. in sunny Florida, about as far from Holly as he could be. Was he simply trying to become the Fantasy Factory East, or was he forced away by something and tried to rebuild his sorry life out there?

Oscar has to do time, but doesn’t roll on anyone else he may have been involved with, taking sole blame for his failed stint as a pornographer. He ends up in the prison system and receives financial support from an anonymous entity. He’s in prison for one year, expects to be out in one more, stays out of the way of the baddies, pays for inside protection, yet gets shanked in a supposed scuffle and dies. His monthly financial support immediately stops with the final deposit about three weeks before his death.

Definitely a hit.

Interestingly, the piece of this puzzle that I can’t quite fit into the rest is the one person I have to be the most cautious around lest I lose my shot at contacting Holly. The apparent Joker in my house of cards.

Bobby Dare.

On a good note my only real obstacle appeared to be the gay porn producer. On a bad note my biggest obstacle appeared to be the gay porn producer. Turning gay for pay was a valid shot for me finding Fortune. I just couldn’t bring myself to go that route right now. God help me if I’m ever that desperate.

Plenty to think about as I prepared to head back to the Bay Area to do a daddy-daughter anal sex gig.

Still, do I really look old enough to be some teenager’s father?

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