Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 23

The “set” was a bedroom decorated to look like something a stereotypical teenage girl supposedly inhabited. In reality, it wasn’t a set at all. It was a furnished room of a 3-bedroom model home, and we were using it with the blessing of the sales team. I guess the housing market is really tough this year.

Our director was the same one I worked with on my debut; Eric Bradley.

“Glad to see you on this gig, Case,” he said brightly. “You’re gonna fit perfectly compared to any other of our contracted actors in this scene.”

“I believe you’re dancing around saying that I’m old.”

Eric laughed. “Not old, man. Mature. Like a reasonably young father of a sexy teenager.”


“I’m good with ‘mature’,” replied a high-octave female voice.

I turned to find a young blonde lady in a fluffy terry robe walking toward us.

“Case,” said Eric, “this will be your daughter for this shoot. Tiffany Lords.”

“Whoa,” I replied. “You barely look 15, then you throw the name ‘Lords’ in there?”

Tiffany laughed. “I’m 20, but I’ve managed to keep my young looks. It’s gotten me a lot of work. And going by the same name as a legend hasn’t hurt, either.”

Adding to the young lady’s even more youthful appearance was probably helped by the fact she was only 4’6”, maybe 90 lbs. dripping wet, with bright blue eyes and blonde hair cut short.

“Yeah, you admittedly look young enough to be my daughter if I had one,” I said.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, you barely look old enough to be my dad.”

“Thanks… I guess.”

“But you look nothing like my real father,” she replied. “I’d never have sex with him. You on the other hand…”

Leaving her little tease hanging, Tiffany winked and walked off.

“And this is an anal shoot?” I asked Eric. “She looks like I’ll split her in half.”

“Not to worry, Case. Tiff may be small, but she’s, uh, flexible.”

The scene was an after-shower encounter between a father and daughter. Now dressed in silky boxers, I took my spot outside the bedroom but left the door cracked for my cue. Through the opening I could see Tiffany step up to her mark, a lime green towel held around her. The makeup tech sprayed her face and shoulders with water from a squeeze bottle for the ‘just showered’ look then quickly stepped out of the camera’s view and shouted, “Action!”

I opened the door a little, exposing my face to the guy with the handheld camera. He was catching my “reaction” to Tiff’s casual drying of herself. I heard him whisper, “One… two… three,” and I opened the door to step into the bedroom.

I hit my mark and Tiffany jumped in shock and said, “Daddy!”

“I can’t take it anymore, Mary Jane. Drop the towel,” I demanded.

“But… I’m naked under here!”

“I know, Mary Jane. I know you’re naked under there.” Who the fuck came up with these lines? “That’s why I want you to drop the towel. I want to see what I’ve dreamt about for so long. What I’ve craved for so long.”

Obediently, Tiff let go of the towel, but it didn’t simply fall. Instead it slid slowly down her young body, revealing her naked form teasingly bit-by-bit.

Once the towel was at her feet, I could easily see why I got tagged for the gig; it had to have been arranged by Bobby Dare. The star of the shoot barely looked 15, had her hair cut short enough to be a boy’s haircut, had nice puffy nipples but zero tits, and I was assigned to drill her in the ass.

Tiffany Lords was just a penis short of being a boy, but thank God she still had a vagina, shaved bald as it was. Yeah, Dare surely put me up with an anal gig with an actress so boy-like that he had to be testing my reactions. Well, I had a hard-on for the little blonde cutie, but only because I knew she was a sexy young girl. I hoped Dare wouldn’t assume otherwise. It took a little effort to do it smoothly, but I managed to get my silky boxers off despite my erection.

“Oh, daddy,” Tiff said with wide eyes as she stared at my rigid manhood. “It’s so big!”

“You don’t know how long I’ve been fighting off my cravings, Mary Jane,” I recited. “I refuse to put it off any more. I want you. I need you…”

“But, but… but it’s so wrong,” she said as I stepped closer to her.

“It’s wrong, but I’m going to make it all right for you,” I said as I wrapped my arms around the little vixen.

I hoisted her up until her face was level with mine and engaged her in a deep French kiss that she eagerly returned. Her body melted in my embrace, conforming to mine as she spread her legs just enough that my prick could spring up between her thighs and smack against her moist snatch.

“Ohhh,” she sighed deeply as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

Still holding her well off the floor, as she held onto my neck I slid my hands down her torso until I grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist. The move allowed me to shift her butt around until the head of my erection found the opening of her little pussy.

“Oh, God, daddy,” she squealed. “What… what are you doing?”

“Daddy’s doing what he should have been doing all along, sweetheart.”

Now it was Tiffany who was gyrating her hips, helping to work the head of my cock hands-free until it penetrated into her incredibly wet tunnel. She let out another high-pitched squeal and pulled her face to my ear away from the cameras.

“This isn’t in the script,” she whispered, “but don’t stop.”

Leaning back she nearly shouted, “Oh, daddy… you’re inside me! Your big penis is inside me!”

“But not deep enough, sweetie!”

I let Tiff’s weight settle and with a pivot of her hips my cock slid to the hilt in the young lady’s steamy snatch. She jumped in my grasp and with eyes wide Tiff nearly growled, “God, you’re huge!”

Her remark wasn’t made in her little girl voice, nor was she apparently content to let me bounce her on my pole. I adjusted my stance to brace myself, making sure our combined weight was supported in my standing position. Using her thighs, it was Tiffany who started the action, lifting herself up and down the length of my dick while I only assisted her with my hands. It was me who suddenly found himself along for the ride.

“What took us so long to do this, daddy?” she said, in character this time.

“What does it matter?” I replied. “Nothing can stop us now!”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the cameraman with the handheld unit slipping to the floor so he could get a close-up of Tiffany’s tight twat gliding up and down my rigid member.

“Oh, fuck,” growled Tiff before she pulled on my neck and planted her lips to mine, literally sucking my tongue from my mouth.

That wasn’t in the script, either.

I could have gone on like this for as long as the young cutie wanted, but the “actor” in me knew that we had to get some variety into the routine, and eventually my dick in her ass. I moved toward the bed slightly, just enough to signal the cameraman to get out of my way. Once he was clear I stepped to the foot of the bed. I bent over slightly until Tiffany loosened her grip on my neck but didn’t let go just yet.

Careful not to let my meat slip out of her little velvet vise, with her legs anchored around me I was able to move my hands from her tight thighs and under her back, supporting her as I positioned her perpendicular to the bed. It was the oddest damn position, but not too hard to accomplish thanks to her light weight.

From this position she was almost floating in mid-air as she pushed and pulled herself the length of my cock and the guy with the handheld scrambled around us to get the action. But she was also close to making me cum and we still had things to do.

“This is so good, baby,” I said, “but I want more!”

I reluctantly gave a little heave and tossed Tiff off my meat and on to the bed. She bounced on the soft mattress, a rather startled expression on her face.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she asked, barely in character.

I bent over to rest my chest on the bed and dove into Tiff’s bald pussy, easily finding her little nub with my lips. My face firmly sealed into her sex, I flicked the tip of my tongue into her hole while massaging her clit with the pad of my tongue. Twenty, thirty seconds and I was treated with a flood of Tiff’s sweet juices and I backed off enough to let my saliva and her vaginal fluids trail down into the crack of her tiny ass while I teased her clit with butterfly flicks from my tongue.

“Oh, daddy!” she moaned.

Sliding my hands under her firm butt cheeks, I easily lifted her ass off the bed and began working my tongue around her anus and then pushing it into her ass, fucking her with my tongue while priming my intended target.

“Oh, that feels so good, daddy,” sighed Tiff as she ran fingers through my hair. “Are you going to put your big cock into my ass?”

The scripted dialogue was terrible, but not so bad that I couldn’t finish my job.

“Is that what you want?” I asked, going a little off-script before going back to rimming her tender ass hole.


“I didn’t hear you, Mary Jane…”

“Yes, daddy!”

“I still can’t hear you!”

“Please fuck my ass, daddy!” she shouted.

Now, script or not how could I refuse that? I slipped my hands from under Tiffany’s sweet butt and climbed up between her legs. The script had mentioned doggy-style, but the perv in me wanted to see her pretty, childlike face as I fucked her.

I lifted Tiffany’s legs by her ankles and rested them on my shoulders. Leaning forward, I stuck the head of my cock against the anal rose I had seconds ago slickened up. Tiff immediately moved her hips, maybe to tease me, maybe because she was actually nervous, but I followed her moves holding my stiff prick like a lance until I found her hole and pushed.

“Oh, God!” she barked as I penetrated her rectum, ever the great actress.

I took it slow at first, almost tenderly sliding my cock into young ass until I was balls-deep and she nearly jumped off the bed.

“My little girl likes this, doesn’t she?”

“So big,” she croaked. “You’re so big!”

At least, I think she was acting.

I withdrew just as slowly but just before slipping out I pushed into her again. And again. And again. She was so tight around me and had earlier almost fucked me to climax so I needed to be as patient as possible or we’d be done before we even got started.

With each stroke into her rectum I sped up just a little more, and more again, until we had a nice rhythm going. Far slower than she had ridden my cock, but steady.

By now her sphincter had loosened enough to grant me a little more freedom to accelerate my thrusts and I happily complied. Tiff was breathing hard, her breaths almost timed to my patient pounding.

The cameras to my left, I reached down with my right hand, placing my thumb over her little clit I had teased earlier. I started to work my thumb in a circular motion on her sensitive bud, massaging it as I kept up my pace drilling Tiff’s tight ass.

Handheld guy came around again, focusing his shot on the action while I focused on not climaxing too soon. Then Tiffany started to moan, the sounds coming from deep in her throat. Seconds later she was shaking, then her abs tightening, gripping at the bedspread and panting.

Despite her near-epileptic movements I kept thrusting and continued massaging her clit until she was literally bouncing on the mattress and screaming, “Fuck! I’m cumming!! FUCK!!”

I gave her another moment and then my own climax hit me. I quickly pulled out of her ass and stroked my cock by hand, firing stream after stream of gooey bliss all over the teenybopper porn starlet, spraying her from her pussy to her forehead. I continued yanking on my meat until only small splatters remained and I was near exhaustion.

Then I remembered my line and said, “You’ll always be daddy’s little girl.”

“And… cut!”

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