Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 24

I climbed from the bed, feeling a little more winded than I wanted to let on. After all, I just played the part of somebody’s father in a perverted porn scene; I didn’t want to be stereotyped by coming across as old as I suddenly felt.

The director walked up to me as someone else stuffed a damp towel into my hand.

“What was with the ad-lib gymnastics, dude?” he asked.

“I don’t really know,” I replied, cleaning my spent dick with the towel. “That unprofessional side of me, I guess. I hope I didn’t fuck things up for you.”

“Are you kidding?” he laughed. “We got some wild footage there.”

“It helped that Tiff is such a tiny thing.”

Eric looked her way. “Speaking of, where did that orgasm scene come from, Tiffy? That was intense!”

Tiffany still lay on the bed, breathing hard and not yet making any effort to clean my jizz off of her.

“Fr-from my pussy,” she sighed before giggling. “I… I wasn’t acting.”

The director’s brow shot up and he turned to face me.

“Nice job, old man!” he said with a wink.

As Eric stepped away I took advantage of the freedom to return to the scene of my crime. I sat down beside Tiffany and picked up the towel that had been left for her to clean up with and started doing the duty myself. I started with cleaning up the little gobs of my semen that had made it all the way to her youthful face and worked my way down.

“That’s real sweet of you,” she said, looking up at me almost as if I was, well, her father or something.

“Eh, my dad taught me to always be a gentleman.”

“Did he also teach you to fuck?” she asked with a chortle. “That was stellar.”

“I guess I kind of do what hits me at the moment.”

“Careful, that might cost you some gigs. Not all directors are good with a loose cannon.” Tiffany sat up, still looking like a young teenager, albeit a young teenager that had been fucked pretty hard. “I was warned about you, you know.”

That took me aback.

“Warned? About what?”

“That you don’t fuck for the cameras. You fuck for your co-stars.”

“I can think of worse things to be known for,” I replied with a shrug.

“Well, it would be a shame to kill your career just for being a gentleman.”

Eric returned, not looking very happy. “Uh, we didn’t get any oral shots, guys.”

“Uh, I guess you can blame that on your loose cannon,” I confessed, getting up from the bed. “Once I picked Tiff up things just kind of took their own course. I’m sorry.”

“No complaints here,” she mumbled.

“Well, it’s part of the script and I don’t think we can try this again tomorrow,” he said. “That will get back to the bosses.”

Which increased the probability of me being sent to the principal’s office and possibly ousted before meeting Crystal Fortune. Damn.

Tiffany scooted to the foot of the bed but remained sitting, her head at my dick level.

“That thing clean?” she asked, pointing to my well-worn meat.

“Uh, yeah,” I replied. “Got the old boy spic and span once we were done.”

Without another word Tiffany took hold of my limp cock and pulled it right into her mouth! Her tongue worked the sensitive underside of my meat while she sucked from deep in her throat. About 30 seconds later I could feel blood trickling its way back into my member. Another 30 seconds of her working her head back and forth and I was definitely getting hard.

“Tiff?” asked Eric, shocked.

She stopped sucking and looked up at the director.

“Get a handheld over here,” she said. “You’ll get your oral shots.”

Eric stepped over and grabbed the camera himself, returning to the bedside and kneeling.

“Action!” he barked.

“Ooh, daddy,” Tiffany cooed to me in character, fondling my surprisingly renewed staff. “Can I taste it?”

What else could I say? “Baby, you can do whatever you want with it.”

Another trademark childish squeal and Tiff was back to working over my cock like the pro she was. Heavy vacuum, lots of saliva, dedicated strokes with her mouth and in literal seconds I was rock hard once again. But she didn’t stop there. While Eric changed positions with the camera, doing low shots, high shots, and even POV shots from over my shoulder, Tiffany was focused on only one thing: keeping me as hard as she could for as long as she could until the director got what he wanted and doing an incredible job of it. He finally stepped back and shut off his camera.

“Good job, Tiff,” he sighed. “That’s a wrap.”

I was ready for the young starlet to stop working my cock over but she kept going.

“Uh, Tiff?” Eric called out.

Completely ignoring him, Tiffany was apparently focusing on only one thing and it wasn’t just the job of keeping me hard. She was going far beyond the call of duty. Way beyond.

“You’re gonna have me cumming in a second,” I sighed in mock warning. “You’re gonna make me cum again.”

Well that certainly did it. The young lady sped up the pumping with her mouth while taking me as deeply as she could. My dickhead was banging against her tonsils and her fingers were kneading my balls until my body suddenly felt like it was on fire.

“Ohh, fuuuck,” I groaned as my second climax hit me like a punch in the guts.

My knees turned weak and I was doing all I could to remain standing as my dick lurched in dry spasms in her talented mouth until it went soft as a matter of self-protection from my blonde-haired vacuum cleaner. Still she held my member trapped in her hot mouth, seemingly unwilling to let it go until she was satisfied that it was time to let it go. Tiffany finally eased the pressure from her jaw, allowing me to slowly withdraw my spent muscle from her smiling mouth to the scattered applause of the film crew.

“You, uh,” I stammered, “you didn’t have to do that, you know.”

“Yeah,” she grinned. “I guess that makes two of us.”

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