Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 25

Colleen was still clutching the bed sheets, panting and shaking all over.

“Fuck, you’re amazing with that tongue,” she moaned.

I climbed out from between Colleen’s thick thighs, smiling and with my face literally dripping from her copious pussy juices.

“Simply the result of a man who enjoys feasting on what women have to offer,” I said as I climbed on all fours and took position next to my quivering friend.

“Most guys give it a lick and a promise, with no follow-through,” she sighed. “You? Boy, do you follow through!”

“I’ve always said that any morning I can wake up with a face looking like a glazed donut is proof I had a great night.”

Colleen responded with a hearty laugh that faded into kind of a sad flutter. Definitely out of place with the jovial woman I’d come to enjoy, particularly after a gut-wrenching orgasm.

“What’s up?” I ventured.

“It’s… it’s nothing.”

Oh, crap. The ‘nothing’ response.

“Colleen, I’ve been with enough women to know that ‘nothing’ means ‘something’, and that ‘something’ is usually pretty serious.”

She stared at the ceiling, her jaw working and her lips tight. She was definitely stewing over something serious. Finally:

“I… I know who you are.”

Okay, that actually might be something I didn’t want to hear.

“As in…?”

“Back at the restaurant, during our first date… you actually said you were a private detective trying to make contact with Crystal Fortune.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Yeah, I did.”

“And I thought that was a little too unbelievable.”

“Yeah. You did.”

“You were actually telling me the truth.”

I took a deep breath. “Yeah, I was. How did you find out?”

“Like I’ve said – like all of your co-stars have said – you’re different from the rest. You have a porn star dick and porn star talent. You don’t have a porn star attitude.”

I still wasn’t sure what a porn star attitude really was, but it sounded like something I didn’t want, anyway.

I chuckled. “Probably because I’m not a porn star, I’m guessing?”

“Yeah, that’s kind of stuck out with me,” she replied. “Then I have the business card you gave me. I thought it was a joke at first, but there it was; Justin Case.”

Oh, fuck. I did do that.

“And you did some research, I take it.”

“It wasn’t rocket science. But then, I was making an effort.” Colleen turned her head to face me. “Crystal really has a mom and son looking for her?”

“Yeah. The kid’s only 5, but she’s missed 3 years of his life so far. She’s apparently taking care of him financially, but that just gives her mother added incentive to find her.”

“And you’re sure Crystal’s the one they’re looking for?”

“They don’t know that I’ve made the connection, but I have no doubt that Crystal’s the woman I’ve been hired to find.”

“And you’ve been using me to get to her.” A statement, not a question. But it wasn’t spoken as an accusation, either.

“I was using the Fantasy Factory to get to Crystal. It was never my intention to use you. You offered, so, yes, I took advantage of that opportunity. I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you.”

A little smile touched her lips.

“So, all the times we’ve fucked, it wasn’t just to get to Crystal?”

“Honestly, any time spent naked with you was to enjoy you.”

Colleen’s face beamed. I was being honest. I hoped that honesty was still a good policy in this world.

“You’ve blown my cover,” I sighed.

“Well, I’ve blown a lot more than that,” she replied with a wicked grin. “And, frankly, I don’t want to stop if I don’t have to.”

“I don’t want you to feel used, Colleen.”

“If that’s using me, I have no problem with it!” she laughed. Then she turned a little more serious again. “What’s Crystal’s real name?”

“Holly. Holly Fortuna.”

“Fortuna?” Colleen’s eyes went wide and she sat up. “Was she related to Oscar Fortuna?”

I definitely didn’t expect that reaction. “Yeah. He was her husband.”

“That guy was a total weasel,” she said with disgust. “I can’t believe Crystal – well, Holly – would have anything to do with someone as slimy as Oscar.”

“You’re not the first person with that perspective. Holly’s mom says he’d tried to sell her boobs from the beginning.”

“But it was Bobby Dare who claims Crystal as his great discovery,” Colleen replied, face twisted in thought. “I thought Oscar was just some slimy shit who wanted a piece of the Factory.”

“You thought right.”

“They gave Oscar some seed money and sent him to Florida to try and establish an east coast office. Never heard back from him. I think he just took the money and ran.”

Fuck. You want to talk about pieces falling in place.

“Once again, you think correctly.” I replied, skipping the part about Oscar taking the money and getting killed. “He’s definitely out of the picture now.”

“So… you don’t think Crystal got into the biz on her own?”

“Based upon what her mom has told me, I’m doubting it.”

“Might explain why she’s such a loner, I guess.”

I nodded. Colleen was one sharp woman. Then again, maybe being Crystal Fortune’s personal clit licker gave her added insight. I wondered if I would benefit from such insight if I had the good, uh, fortune, to muff dive on the porn star myself. But I think my chances of that might have come to a screeching halt.

“She’s a really sweet girl,” Colleen sighed.

“So I understand.”

“If all you’re saying is true, then maybe she needs a chance to rethink what she’s doing.”

“That’s all I’ve been hoping to do,” I said, my hopes getting up. “I just want to let her know that her old life is still there waiting for her if she wants it. And if she doesn’t I go back to the mom and kid and tell them I never found Holly and share nothing I’ve found about her or her new life.”

Colleen looked away and nodded.

“And I’m your best shot at meeting her.”

“Until I find another way to get close to her… yeah. You’re my ticket to Fortune.”

Colleen got up on her knees and climbed between my legs. She lay on her chest and without preamble began sucking my dick.

“Uh… does this mean you’ll help me?” I asked.

She stopped sucking my meat. “Yeah, but you’re gonna earn it,” she said. “I’m gonna get your dick hard again and ride you like a mechanical bull, baby.”

Once again my cock disappeared into her mouth. I definitely liked Colleen’s negotiating skills.

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