Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 26

Colleen wasn’t making things easy, and yet she was.

The hard part was I had to go two days without sex with Colleen in anticipation of my next gig, while she kept reminding me that she probably gave the best non-professional head in the state, and likely the whole fucking country. The easy part? I was actually standing on the set of the next Crystal Fortune shoot with the not-so-remote possibility of determining if she gave the best professional head in the country. Only one little roadblock left…

“No one does a Crystal gig without her approval,” said the balding director, who introduced himself as ‘Director Dan’ just moments before, “and you aren’t the A-lister we were expecting.”

“Yeah, you were supposed to get Dick Shafter,” I replied. “Heard he came down with a case of the trots. Damn shame.”

“Well, until I get confirmation from Bobby Dare, you aren’t doing duty as Dick’s towel-holder, much less as his stand-in. Which is really gonna fuck up my day if we can’t do this shoot.”

“Tell Crystal that Coleen assigned me as today’s talent. Let her decide from there, fair enough?”

Director Dan scoffed.

“What, you think that’s some secret password that will get your dick sucked by Crystal Fortune?”

“Just tell her,” I said. “Or take a chance with not getting hold of Bobby Dare and blowing the whole day of set and crew time.”

My secret password worked. In this gig I was hired by the father of a well-to-do recently widowed woman to draw her out of her funk in the most basal way possible, by reminding her just how beautiful and she truly was and fucking her brains out.

In other words, an absolute no-brainer.

Director Dan called out, “Aaannd… action on 3… 2…”

“I believe you were sent to see me?” called a soft but sultry voice from behind me.

That was my cue. I spun around to find the diminutive but buxom beauty known to the porn world as Crystal Fortune, standing at the entrance of a doorway, wrapped in a silky black housedress. Her blonde hair was curled and waved back away from her face, which was nicely made up but not caked with cosmetics like a lot of women in this business.

I swallowed hard. “You look beautiful, Mrs. Easter,” I said, needing absolutely no acting skills to be sincere.

“You’re not just saying that because my father is paying your salary, or are you?” she asked with a sweet smile.

“Not at all, Mrs. Easter,” I said. “I’ve worked for your father for a very long time. I’ve always thought that you were very beautiful, and that’s not his money speaking for me.” At least the writing was stronger this time.

“Thank you,” she said, stepping toward me. “And you can call me Lily.”

“All right,” I agreed, “Lily.”

“Very good,” she said, “because all formality ends here and now.”

Crystal Fortune reached out with her arms. I half expected a motherly hug when she pushed herself onto her tiptoes and pulled me to her and pressed her lips hard to mine in a hungry kiss that was anything but motherly. It was a jumpstart to my heart and my arousal that I had to quickly dismiss as anything but her playing to the cameras for the scene, but she was certainly convincing. Or maybe it had something to do with my fascination for, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually make physical contact with the porn queen.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her hard to me while pushing my tongue between her lips. Her mouth opened and welcomed me as her hips rocked forward and ground into my quickly growing erection.

Holly finally pulled from our kiss and down from her tiptoes, closing her eyes and letting out a deep sigh. She hadn’t let go of me and I could feel the heat growing between us. After a moment she opened her eyes and looked up at me with a pleasant smile.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked.

“I wasn’t sure,” I answered, “but I’m sure now.”

“Good,” she said, “because you’re not leaving until I say so.”

Holly took me by the hand and pulled me through the doorway into the bedroom set. Once inside she closed the door and again took my hand and guided me to the bed where she encouraged me to sit down.

“Please undress me,” she said, holding her arms out from her sides to allow me free access to her garments.

Trying to remain professional and not like a kid in his ultimate pubescent fantasy – which was how I was feeling, regardless – my heart was beating wildly in my chest. I undid the satiny tie at her waist and I looked up to her face. Holly’s green eyes gazing back down at me, a nervously excited smile touching her lips. I turned my own gaze back down to the garments that I was about to open. Using both hands I slowly peeled back the thin black fabric, little by little revealing milky white skin with a hint of freckles until I had her robe completely open.

And then there they were, the ultimate breasts of my fantasies and the world of porn, fully exposed to me; full, round, soft and heavy. Free of any support they hung heavily upon her chest but didn’t sag unattractively. If anything, it emphasized just how large Holly’s breasts really were. Mouth agape, I drank them in with my eyes.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked. I nodded excitedly. “I know you’ve been looking at them for as long as you’ve been in my father’s employ, Rocky.”

Who the fuck was Rocky? I almost corrected her with my real name until I came back to earth long enough to remember that there were cameras and a crew of six all around us.

“You knew?” I asked, my sudden embarrassment real.

“When you possess a set of rather enormous titties, you tend to notice the stares and outright gawking, Rocky.” She sighed. “I wish I could’ve shared them with you long ago. You would’ve liked that, wouldn’t you?”

“I would’ve thought I had died and gone to heaven,” I answered.

“Well, don’t die,” Holly said, “but please come to heaven.”

I sat up and leaned forward as Holly leaned down towards me. I put my face immediately between her breasts as she put her arms around my head and held me to her bosom. I reached up with my hands and grabbed a fleshy melon in each one and gently squeezing at the pliant flesh, pressing them against the sides of my face and happily smothering myself between them. I truly was in heaven.

“Feel my nipples,” Holly said, sighing. “Play with them.”

My face happily smothered in her ample cleavage, I slid my hands along her fleshy globes until I could feel her hardening nipples between my fingers. I kneaded at them with the tips of my fingers and playing with them.

“They won’t break,” she said. “Squeeze them harder. Pinch them.”

I responded to Holly’s encouragement and tweaked her nipples hard between my fingers now, enjoying their rubbery texture and the way that her breath deepened as I squeezed them and rolled them between my fingertips.

“Suck them,” she purred. “Let me nurse you.”

I pulled my head back and quickly found one of her nipples with my mouth, sucking upon it eagerly. My eyes were closed and my mind was swirling as I feasted upon her tasty flesh. With a gentle hand Holly guided my head to her other tit where I could nourish my sexual hunger on her other firm nipple. Back and forth I went, savoring each of her generous melons with blissful abandon until a hand grabbed at my bulging crotch and brought me back to earth.

“We need to get you out of those clothes,” said Holly as she massaged my straining prick through my slacks, “before you hurt yourself.”

Holly stood upright again. I quickly undressed myself, likely a bit rushed and a picture of adolescent excitement despite my age, while Holly calmly removed the rest of her lingerie. Moments later we were both openly naked in each other’s’ presence. I couldn’t help but admire Holly’s curvy and well-proportioned body.

“I was made for comfort, not speed,” Holly said as she reached out and pushed me backwards onto the bed, following me until she was straddling my body, her ample tits hanging low before my face and looking even larger.

She bent down and kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue pushing into my mouth as her breasts mashed against my chest and the heat of her flesh radiated through them and into me. “I’m starting to feel like a woman again,” she said with a tiny tear in her eye.

“I hope I’m a suitable replacement for your husband,” I said.

“Oh, I think you’ll do just fine.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I heard you pretty much fucked your husband to death.”

“Well, he did die a happy man,” she giggled. “Are you worried that I’ll fuck you to death, too?”

“I couldn’t think of a better way to die.”

Holly smiled brightly as she reached down between her legs and found my steely prick standing at attention. She slipped her fingers around it and her eyes widened as she looked down at me.

“You’re as hard as a rock,” she said. “Early rigor mortis?”

“They call me Rocky for a reason, Lily.”

Holly shifted her position over my hips, her pubic hair just tickling the head of my manhood. I swear I could feel her moist vaginal heat radiating over me as she carefully guided my member between her labia. Once the head of my cock found the entrance to her love tunnel I could actually feel her juices start to run down the head of my dick and lubricating us for what was to come next.

“Well, let’s see if the old girl still has it in her,” she said.

I thought for a moment that I should take the lead but this was Holly’s gig, and judging by the way she was holding my member at the ready, it was apparent that Holly was finding satisfaction in being in control of the whole situation. Still, the anticipation had me hungry to get at least the head of my rod into her, but Holly kept pulling back just enough to keep me from entering her as if she was trying to decide to actually go through with it.

“Please,” I whispered.

“It’s good to see that you still have your manners,” she said as she lowered herself onto me, the sudden warmth of her sex surrounding my erection nearly making me cum right then and there.

Had she been any other porn actress I’d have expected to feel no resistance from her professional-grade pussy, but Holly’s vaginal walls held my meat as firm and tight as young Tiffany Lords’ tiny ass. Slowly she began to work me deeper into her with every rock of her hips until it seemed that she was sufficiently ready and then she shifted her weight and fully impaled herself onto my achingly rigid tool. My guts tightened involuntarily as my dick was quickly swallowed down to my balls within her tight pussy in one sweet, swift move.

“Jesus!” I sighed in a raspy voice.

“Oh, yes,” Holly said in a voice more like a low growl. “That’s what I’ve been missing.”

Holly began riding my pole, working her thighs to lift up and drop herself on my prick, driving herself onto me over and over again. I watched, fascinated, as her massive mammaries rolled up and down, at one moment defying gravity until being yanked down by their sheer mass with her cock-riding until I reached up and grabbed them in my hands, holding them in check in excited wonder at their heft and fullness. I turned them inwards to the other with my hands until I could suck both nipples at the same time, something Holly seemed to really enjoy.

“Mmm… that’s something new!” she said as her voice wavered in pitch in concert with her up and down motions on my fleshpole.

“God, I’ve always wanted to do that,” I said before returning to my double-sucking on her bouncing jugs.

“Then keep on doing it, because it’s getting… me… closer…” Holly said as her breaths quickened along with the pace of her fucking me.

Holly squeezed her eyes tight, her blonde hair flowing as if she was riding against the wind upon me. Her furry pubis seemed to land on me harder with each stoke of her body upon me while her vaginal juices felt like they were raining down the length of my rigid shaft and pooling on my balls. She increased her pace a little more and began to moan from deep in her throat.

“Closer…” she growled even more deeply.

Her love tunnel started to grip harder on my manhood, squeezing at it in an almost milking fashion as her body heat seemed to build and her rocking motions became erratic. Her nipples, still hanging within my sucking mouth, firmed up even more until her swaying eventually pulled them from my lips.

“Sweet, Jesus!” she cried out. “Oh, God!!”

Acting or not, I watched Holly’s face twist up in pleasure as she continued to rock above me, her facial features alternating between faint pain and extreme pleasure as her entire body trembled and her pussy tightened around my shaft in a grip so tight that it threatened to rip my prick off of my body until she finally slowed down and melted over me as her breaths came in short gulps of air and she seemed to sob softly.

“Are… are you okay?” I asked softly.

“Oh, hell, yes,” Holly replied, hoisting herself up and off of me. “But now it’s your turn!”

Before I could mount a feigned protest, Holly scooted down until her head was over my still-hard cock. She grabbed the base of my prick and took it into her mouth and swallowed me down as deeply as I’d ever been taken in a single gulp. She enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down on my steely staff, taking me as deep into her throat as she could and then back up to just short of letting it escape her mouth before sucking me back down again, over and over.

I felt my pending climax grow stronger with each stroke of Holly’s hot mouth, pushed along further by the soft massage of her generous globes gliding upon my thighs as she worked her head on my tool. My orgasm was growing so incredibly close when Holly suddenly let my cock fall free from her lips and she and cupped her soft, hot breasts around my shaft and massaged my aching member with them, holding them tightly around my throbbing dick with her hands. She ground her body hard on me and smiled lustily up at me as I watched the head of my cock disappear and reappear from deep within her cavernous cleavage, lubricated by the perfect blend of her pussy juices and saliva.

“Oh… my… fucking… God!” I moaned as my balls tightened and my near-purple cockhead opened up and a literal geyser of my cum erupted from me like Vesuvius, shooting streams of my jizz up Holly’s neck and under her chin and then settling into a massive flow of my white man-cream that coated Holly’s voluptuous tits and my pulsing prick as she continued to fuck me with her sweet melons, not stopping until my hard-on finally ebbed.

Holly looked down in awe at the near-gallon of semen I swear I fired through my dick all over her beautiful boobs.

“How long have you been saving that up?” she asked with a chuckle. “It’s a good thing that didn’t all shoot into my mouth or I’d have drowned.”

“I’ve… I’ve never cum that much before,” I replied through heavy pants of my breath.

“It’s the tits,” she said as she casually rubbed my sperm into the skin of her breasts like lotion. “I always knew you were a tit man, Rocky.”

“Aaaannnd cut!”

Crystal Fortune looked up at me with a neutral expression. Well, at least as neutral as one can be while wiping splatters of semen from her face.

“You’re good,” she said. “A lot better than most. But you’re not really porn star material.”

That would have burst my bubble if I truly was hoping to be a porn star, but the buxom beauty hadn’t said it maliciously.

“You’re not the first to tell me that.”

“You invested real emotion in the scene. Unless you’re an incredibly good actor and I’m far off the mark, I’d bet my paycheck you weren’t acting.”

I suddenly felt like a kid in the principal’s office.

“You going to support Barry Dare’s estimation of me and call me a love-struck asshole, too?” I asked, maybe a little more defensively than I’d intended.

Crystal laughed, the first true display of emotion I’d gotten from her all day.

“No,” she chuckled. “I didn’t get ‘love-struck’ out of it, much less ‘asshole’. I get a sense of duty… a protective vibe.”

Boy, did she nail me, or what?

“So, what got you into porn, Case?”

“A sense of duty,” I replied. “Seeking out someone to protect.”

“How noble of you to really get into your work.” Crystal’s eyebrows arched high in her forehead. Who needs your protection?” she asked with a smirk.

I took a deep breath.

“Your mom and son say ‘hello’.”

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