Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 27

Our comfortable conversation came to a screeching halt. Crystal Fortune stared at me, face blank. I mean, not even a hint of emotion to my out-of-the-blue announcement.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she finally replied. “I have no family.”

I nodded. “That’s sad. You know, to have no family. I know that this kid Toby misses his mom, so his grandma hired me to find her. I thought that missing mom might be you… Holly.”

Now that got a reaction, but not quite what I was hoping for.

“So, you’re out looking for someone who you think I am, and part of your brilliant plan is to get an on-camera blowjob from her?” she hissed. “What, cumming on my tits was some bullshit way of marking your territory?”

The sarcastic side of me wanted to tell her that stuffing my dick down her throat was a new way of checking dental records, but in her agitated state she’d have likely kicked me in the balls.

“No,” I said calmly, “being in a position to cum on your tits in a professional capacity was the only way I could get close enough to you to even initiate this conversation.”

“I’m kept from the public for good reason.”

“I’m sure you are. You’re a target for stalkers, lovesick pervs, blackmailing husbands…”

That one put the brakes on her angry ride. In a near whisper she asked, “How did you find me?”

“A serendipitous combination of good detective work and sheer dumb luck,” I replied. “Falling into a nice sexual relationship with Colleen Carter didn’t hurt, either.”

“Colleen…” she sighed, her face on the verge of showing emotion once more. Cold as a rock regarding her kid, but warms up to the name of her pussy-licking friend. Go figure.

“Colleen took a big chance moving me up the ranks to meet you, and not just because I’m a decent fuck,” I said. “She cares very deeply for you, and when I was able to convince her you had another life you left behind and that I was going to offer you a chance to maybe reclaim it, she went out of her way to get me this gig.”

“Lucky you.”

“Yes, very lucky me. If it makes you feel any less taken advantage of, I was willing to meet with you anytime and anyplace. The fact that my first introduction to you was to blow my wad all over your gorgeous tits has a lot to do with how deeply you’re protected from the outside world.”

She scoffed. “You don’t know the half of it, Mr. Hardin.”

On cue, Bobby Dare came out of the shadows and straight up to us.

“How the fuck did you get called up for this gig?” he demanded of me. “There should have been two dozen hired dicks in line before you!”

I shrugged. “I got called for the gig. I agreed to it not even knowing who the talent was going to be. That it was Crystal Fortune was like hitting the lottery.”

“That still doesn’t explain how you got moved to the front of the line – “

“I, for one, am glad he did,” interrupted the director. He glanced at Crystal, mostly not looking at her fleshy assets. “There was something different this time, Crystal. The whole crew agrees there was something a little extra in the scene.”

I waited for her to respond. She had the opportunity to expose my true motives and probably get me a one-way ticket to the bottom of San Francisco Bay.

“Case, here… reminded me of an old flame I haven’t seen for a couple of years,” she said. “I guess I got caught up in an old memory and just sort of relived it.”

The director nodded. “Well, bring that memory to the plate next gig, ’cause it worked.” Then he looked me over, mostly not gazing at my crotch. “Better yet, schedule another gig with this guy if it helps. You two kinda fit each other. That was a killer money shot.”

The director had me smiling and Dare near blowing up.

“You seem to forget who’s running this show,” Dare snapped. “Who’s signing your paychecks.”

Unfazed, the director looked at his clipboard, flipping a page. “Uh, it looks like Saul Gordon is the guy running my show; the one signing my checks. Has that changed?”

“You’re missing the point,” seethed Dare. “You aren’t the person who decides which dick goes in which cunt, here.”

“Once the talent shows up on my set, I’m the one who decides which Tab A goes in which Slot B, Bobby. And I’m saying I like what I saw here between Crystal and the new guy, and that’s what I’m going to tell Saul.”

Having now established that he was the King of his domain, the director turned and walked away while Dare could only fume. His next move wasn’t at all unexpected.

“Get your ass dressed, Crystal,” he barked. “I’m taking you home.”

I said, “You know, Bobby, I’d be happy to save you the trouble and take Crystal home for you.”

His face suddenly turned so red I thought his head might explode. Sadly, it didn’t.

“I don’t know who you think you are,” he growled before holding his thumb and index finger about an inch apart and six inches from my face, “but you are this close to getting your ass shot.”

“Showing Case the size of your dick isn’t going to scare him into submission, Bobby,” Crystal sighed. “Just take me home.”

Damn. She stole my line.

Without another glance in my direction, Crystal headed away, leaving me to bask in Bobby Dare’s glare. If looks could kill he would have left me dead a dozen times over.

“We’re not done, Case,” he snarled before turning to catch up with the departed Crystal.

I watched them leave the set. Once they were gone, the director sidled up to me.

“You enjoy taunting him almost as much as me,” he said.

“Maybe more,” I chuckled before a twinge of worry crept up my back. “Bobby’s not gonna take his anger out on Crystal, is he?”

The director snorted.

“Hardly. She may be his ‘discovery,’ but she’s the Factory’s moneymaker. He doesn’t dare take a chance of damaging his gourmet meal ticket. If he left a single bruise on her Saul would have him hogtied and beaten half to death.”

“Doesn’t sound like much of a punishment,” I said. “Bobby strikes me as the kind who’d get off on whips and chains.”

I figured that Holly might take a few minutes to get herself together, giving me time to get dressed and still beat them to the parking lot. Yeah, it pays to be a guy.

I felt naked not being behind the wheel of Old Blue, but I still mentally kicked myself for being followed to the old motel so easily. Likewise, I didn’t want to be recognized while tailing Bobby and/or Holly. As the second-most ubiquitous fleet vehicle in the country, the rental Chevrolet Impala should fill that bill just fine.

Finally, the unhappy couple emerged from the studio. Bobby had the arm a young lady who, had I not seen a picture of Holly prior to her porn days, I wouldn’t have recognized from any other big-breasted woman on the street. Crystal Fortune maintained her anonymity as Holly Fortuna, the persona well buried behind layers of expertly applied makeup now left behind to be tossed out with the day’s laundry.

I slithered down in my car seat as Bobby studied the area, his suspicions undoubtedly on high alert. They climbed into a pearl white late-model Lexus serendipitously adorned with the vanity plate “I DARE U” and drove away.

I’ll take that as a challenge, thank you.

It only took me a moment to catch up to the car in light mid-morning traffic. And it only took another two minutes before Bobby pulled into the parking lot of a nice but relatively unassuming apartment complex. I slowed and pulled to the curb, then counted to ten before pulling into traffic for the short trip to the parking lot entrance. I drove slowly until I saw the Lexus parked under a shaded space with the number ‘167’ painted on the overhead beam. I figured time would be on my side, at least for the next hour or so, so I left the scene to grab a late breakfast.

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