Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 28

It helps that both of the fast food places with clowns serve breakfast all day, so I’m not stuck frequenting just one. The fact that neither one serves pizza yet also keeps me from being a permanent denizen of either business.

First, a phone call.

“Good morning, Fantasy Factory. This is Colleen.”

“Good morning, sweet thing. I just wanted to say Thank You.”

“So, it all worked out?” she replied in a businesslike tone. I could still make out a certain excitement in her voice.

“Yes and no. On a positive note, I met Holly and creamed her ample tits, then confessed my real purpose after the cameras stopped rolling and just before Bobby Dare arrived and spoiled the afterglow.”

Colleen tried to stifle her laugh.

“I mean, that guy could fuck up a wet dream, you know? Anyways, he stole Holly away before I could give her more details and let her know how sincere I was in trying to reunite her with her mom and son. But, I managed to follow them afterwards and I think I know where Holly calls home.”

“I’d like to meet her again, you know,” she said. Then in a conspiratorial whisper: “I’d love to have her sit on my face while you fucked me. Mmm, that would be the ultimate.”

“Nothing would make me happier, Colleen.” I meant that, too.

“Well, the only way I could get hold of her before would be to go through Bobby himself, and we know how that wasn’t going to fly. But, now…?”

“Doesn’t the Factory keep address data for tax purposes, at least?”

“Yes, but like I said before, everything goes through Bobby when it comes to Crystal Fortune. Even all of her mail goes through Bobby’s address.”

“Which reminds me, could I get his address?”

“I’ll text it to you. I don’t think I want to be overheard giving it out.”

“Smart girl.”

“So, if you think you can get it up again, I’d love – oh, shit.”

“Excuse me?” I chuckled.

“Something’s going on in Saul’s office. He’s got an investor in there who doesn’t appear to be a very happy camper.”

“You need help?”

“If I do I’ll call 911. Probably not a good idea for you coming to the rescue at the moment. Gotta go.”

With that she abruptly hung up, leaving me hanging with a decision to make. Well, on a good note it meant that I might have enough of a diversion to approach Holly in the privacy of her own place.

I returned to the apartment complex, parking in the guest lot to the rear. I didn’t want to park on the street and take a chance being seen and recognized by Bobby should he happen by. Not seeing Bobby’s car parked anywhere in the area I walked to the main office where I found the mailboxes. I looked until I found the box for apartment 167, listed under the name C. Dare.

Talk about ownership.

A quick glance at the complex map posted near the leasing office and within a minute I was standing outside of number 167. I was in a tough position; I needed to talk to Holly but had little chance I’d be heard. On a good note, I could honestly tell Mrs. Titus I’d located her daughter and what the young lady chose to do from there was out of my hands.

Surprised at my own nervousness, I consciously settled the butterflies in my stomach and knocked on the door. A moment of waiting and I repeated the knock. I was about to give it try number three and subsequently give up for the day until I hear a tiny voice inquire, “Who is it?”

“It’s not Bobby Dare,” I replied.

The door cracked and a green eye peered out at me.

“What the fuck?” she growled.

“I’m here to make one last plea on behalf of your son and mom, but I don’t think it a good idea to make it out here in full view of the world.”

The door closed harshly. I was about to give up when I heard the chain rattle and the door opened, but Holly remained hidden behind it. I took the hint and stepped in quickly as she nearly slammed the door behind me.

“How the fuck did you find me?” she barked.

“It wasn’t that hard, Holly. Bobby Dare’s little-man vanity plate certainly made it easier to follow you. The parking space number helped. His name on the mailbox was my guarantee I’d struck gold.”

“Who are you, again?”

“Justin Case. I’m a private detective who’s put his neck, his ass, and his dick on the line to find you hiding in plain sight.”

“Who names their kid ‘Justin Case’?”

“My parents, obviously. Originally, my first name was going to be ‘Brief’, while my sister was going to be named ‘Basket’.”

“What did they eventually call your sister?”

“Nothing. Seems they stopped at little ol’ me.”

“Smart people,” she sneered. “Too bad the intelligence didn’t trickle down to their only son.”

“Was I that bad a fuck this morning?”

“No, but you clearly gave up brains for a decent dick if you think I can just up and disappear without any repercussions, Mister Case.”

“For whatever reason you chose to step into this life, Holly, you’re not an indentured servant. No one owns you.”

“You might want to re-think that.”

“Who are you worried about? Bobby Dare? Saul Gordon? Oscar?” She visibly shuddered when I recited the last name. “Holly, Oscar is dead.”


“I was told by his prison warden in Florida that he’d assumed room temperature after a violent confrontation.”

Her eyes brightened a touch with that bit of news, then darkened again. “There’s still Bobby Dare.”

“If you decide to come home with me, back to your family, I’ll take care of Dare. He won’t ever bother you. I promise.”

“If Oscar is really gone…”

“I got it straight from the horse’s mouth. I’ll even call him again if it’ll help reassure you.”

Holly nodded.

“And Colleen can’t wait to see you again.”

That brought a smile, albeit a brief one. “You’ll have to leave now. Bobby usually drops by in the evening to check on his moneymaker.”

I withdrew a business card, but she refused it.

“I can’t take a chance of Bobby finding anything suspicious, and a business card is guaranteed to draw suspicion.”

“How will you get a hold of me if you decide to come back to just being Holly Fortuna?”

She glanced at the card again and nodded.

“I’ve got a good memory. I’ll remember the number. Now go.”

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