Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 33

I was half asleep when I heard the bathroom door open and shut again, followed by the sound of feet padding across the carpet. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but before I could wake myself enough to ask what was happening I felt the covers lift and someone slide into bed with me.

I was in that halfway spot between sleep and dreams, trying to make sense of what was happening when I felt someone nestle up in front of me, their body curling against mine in a fetal position that aligned with the semi-fetal curl of my own body. There was only one person who could have been in the motel room with me and that was Holly. I came awake enough to recognize that it was, in fact, she who had slid into bed with me, and that this was no dream.

Holly wormed her way against me until I was spooning with her in husband-wife fashion. But when I could feel just how hard she was shaking I could tell why she chose to climb in bed with me.

“Holly?” I asked, my voice raspy from sleep. “You okay?”

No response, just more shaking.


“I’m okay,” she replied in a voice as shaky as she was.

“I… don’t think so,” I said.

“You’re right, I’m lying,” she said as she reached over and grabbed my right arm and pulled it tightly around her. “Just hold me. Please.”

I pulled her tighter to me and conformed my body more with hers in a protective embrace.

“I’m cold,” she said, although she was clearly trembling with far more than a chilled shiver. Finally: “I’m scared.”

“Oscar can’t hurt you here. I won’t let him.”

“It’s not just Oscar… it’s the whole idea of starting over… rebuilding… learning to trust someone again.” I could feel a heavy sob wrack at Holly as she pulled my arm a little more tightly around her and held it there around her generous tits. “I don’t want to sleep alone. Not now, anyway.”

“Okay,” I said, trying not to caress the breast she had my hand crushed against.

“I just want to have a man I can trust hold me and make me feel safe.”

I declined to tell Holly that I slept in the nude. It wouldn’t have made a difference in the darkness of the room, but with her body softly snuggled against me, it was taking a conscious effort on my part not to have an erection suddenly jab her in her well-rounded ass. As natural as it would be to occur, it could easily disrupt the trust she was seeking. I focused more on falling back to sleep and once I heard Holly gently snore in my embrace, with one little caress of her tit I actually managed to drift off myself.

I dozed off for a while, I guess. I felt myself starting to wake a little, as if something was disturbing my sleep. Holly was still holding my arm around her and had her left tit nestled into my right palm, a pretty natural position. It was then, though, that I realized that I was having a just-as-natural nocturnal hard-on. I tried to will it away, but my dick was having none of that.

Being this close to a woman – even if that woman was supposed to be in my protective custody – was having an understandable hormonal effect on me, and being pressed up against Holly’s soft rump was taking its toll.

I squirmed a bit, trying to adjust my body position to maybe minimize the outright probing of my tool into Holly’s backside, but I think I only made it worse. I was still trying to just go back to sleep and ignore things as I’m sure that Holly was doing at this moment. But then that’s when I noticed something different about our embrace. My T-shirt she was wearing was rolled around her middle and she was bare from the waist down.

Not only was my hard-on poking her in the backside, but it was poking into her rather naked backside! My rock-hard dick was nestled between the cheeks of Holly’s ass, her warm glutes adding a dimension of sexuality that certainly had my hormones on red alert.

Sex is one of the most awesome experiences, but the sensation of my naked body simply snuggled up against the naked skin of a woman was wonderful, and something that I had missed for some time in my line of work. But I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t just a woman; it was the daughter of my client. Despite recently painting her gorgeous tits with my semen, I had an obligation to treat her as precious cargo right now, not a perk of my job.

Out of a sense of propriety, I was about to try to ease myself away when Holly shifted her ass back towards me a little as she moved her leg and my erection sprung up and neatly slipped between her thighs, nestling right up against her snatch as her thigh came back down and trapped me there.

Oh, holy fuck. Now it wasn’t just skin-to-skin warmth; my prick was being baked in the heat of one very hot puss, heated labia clinging to the skin of my cockshaft and the head of my tool getting tickled by moist pubic hair.

If my hormones had been on alert just moments earlier, now they were on overdrive. I was afraid to move, but my body seemed to have other ideas. I was trying to figure out how best to withdraw my steel rod from between her legs without disturbing her and chance creating a scene where she might think that the one man she said she felt she could trust was trying to hump her.

I started to pull back… I swear I did… but the sensation of Tammy’s sopping pussy lips against the skin of my erection was like an electrical current. I couldn’t help but let my body settle against hers again until her pubic fur was once more tickling at the sensitive head of my prick. Once more I tried to pull away, feeling the slick lubricating fluids of her snatch coating my tool as I attempted my retreat, but Holly pulled against my arm and I slipped back into place, my dick seeming to wedge itself even deeper between her labia.

Then she moved her body. I was steeling myself against any kind of angry reaction, but Holly’s movement wasn’t a retreat; she was rolling her hips slightly back and forth. Her movements seemed innocuous at first, but there was the hint of a rhythm as if in a fucking motion. And before I knew it, she was actually moving her hips enough to stroke my cock between her tightly held thighs.

“The angle is all wrong,” Holly whispered.


Pulling away from me, she pushed herself up on all fours, fighting the resistance of the blankets. Holly then pushed the covers aside and followed that with pushing against my shoulder and forcing me onto my back.

“The angle was all wrong,” she repeated as she threw a leg over me and grabbed my aching erection, pointing it to her hot pussy as her leg came down over my hip. “This should work.”

Holly’s hand directed the head of my dick between the wet lips of her love nest. As she settled her weight down on me my manhood slipped deeply into her well-lubed canal. She sat her full weight onto me, pushing my member as far as possible deep inside her.

“Holly...” I whispered.

She shushed me with a finger to my lips; a finger that clearly carried the scent of her vaginal juices after guiding me inside her.

“I don’t just need a man I can trust,” she said. “Right now I just need a real man.”

Still upright, Holly reached down and grabbed the bunched-up hem of my T-shirt on her and pulled it up and over her head, shaking out her hair as she tossed it aside. Even in the near darkness I could see her massive breasts swing freely.

“You said you’d do anything you could for me; that all I had to do was ask,” she whispered. She started gyrating her hips, working her vaginal walls around my rock-hard member. “Please do this for me.”

I looked up into the darkness and no longer saw my client’s face; I saw only the shadow of a woman begging for manly satisfaction. The woman whose sex was clamped around my aching cock started to ride me, stroking my willing meat with her wet lust.

“I’ve missed this,” she whispered. “Missed the feeling of a real man inside me.”

Holly put her hands solidly on my chest, her palms pressing on my pecs and rubbing my nipples as she started to slowly ride my cock. Taking my cue, I reached up with my hands and felt her naked tit flesh overflow from my grasp. Her breasts were butter soft in my hands, warm and pliable with rubbery nipples that pressed hard into my palms.

My own craving then took over. I arched my back and shifted my greater weight and rolled Holly over and onto her back without my cock slipping from her. I raised myself on outstretched arms and looked down at the female form beneath me in the darkness. Holly raised her legs a bit, placing the soles of her feet against the outsides of my thighs and allowing my cock free access to her vaginal depths. Her wetness was so incredible and so constant that I felt like I was gliding my manhood in liquid that tightened progressively around my dickhead until it was squeezed sweetly in her deepest confines.

“Please,” she moaned softly, grabbing at my hips with her fingers and pulling me to her, “take me all the way.”

I picked up the pace of my strokes, as much for my own increasing pleasures as Holly’s. Her pussy felt as sweet and tight as any woman I had ever enjoyed, perhaps more so, gripping at my slippery prick as I drove it into her again and again.

“Please,” she hissed as she dug her fingernails into my flesh, demanding that I comply.

I drove my hips harder against Holly’s spread thighs, smashing my dick hard into her velvety tunnel and mashing our pubic bones hard into each other until I was slamming myself into her deep crevasse like an animal seeking release, fucking her as if we had both sought this moment.

The heat was building in me as the tingling in my dick began to spread throughout my body. I was now on autopilot with my coital movements dictated by instinct and lust. I gave all control of my body to my lust and Holly’s demands.

“Fuck me! I’m almost there!” she moaned. “All… mossst…YESSS!!”

With a squeal Holly arched her back and wrapped her legs around my thighs, sealing me in place as her climax bolted through her, taking me over the edge with her into sweet bliss as my cock erupted hard into her, flooding her with my passion.

“God, yes!” she groaned as I continued to pound myself into her wonderful pussy, filling her with my bursts of scalding semen until I suddenly felt too weak to go further and my arms gave out, sending my body crashing down onto those generous breasts crowning her heaving torso.

It seemed like forever before either of us could find the will to let go of each other, but I finally rolled off of Holly and onto my back, panting and sweating. She followed me over and lay her head on my chest as she pulled the mess of covers over us.

“For the first time in a long time I feel like a woman and not some sex doll,” she said dreamily, giving my spent dick a soft squeeze. I wondered briefly if she might want another round and then I felt her grip loosen. Her hand remained in contact with my worn member as all tension then left her body and she kind of melted into me, drifting into slumber.

Beyond the sexual satisfaction, I was surprisingly – unusually – content. In front of cameras and a film crew I could be counted among a select few to have experienced awesome ball-draining sex with the mysterious porn actress Crystal Fortune. In retrospect, it was nothing compared to the passionate encounter I had just enjoyed with the lonely young woman named Holly Fortuna who lay snuggled into me and sleeping peacefully on my shoulder.

Hold on! What the fuck am I doing?

I’ve rescued this damsel who wasn’t really in distress to bring her home to her mom and kid, and ended up putting her life in danger as an unwanted side effect. As for the sex, she simply took advantage of my being in the right place at the right time to give her a nice Comfort Fuck. Don’t tell me that I’m gonna go all smarmy and softhearted and do something stupid like fall in love with her.

Besides, I’m expecting a bonus weekend from her mom when this is all done. Let’s not make things any more awkward than they already were now that I’ve been sucked and fucked by both of them. And enjoyed the hell out of it, too.

It took a little effort but managed to push out of my mind the sudden, exciting fantasy of doing both the mom and daughter at the same time and soon joined Holly in dreamland.

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