Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 37

I spun around and found myself face-to-barrel with a snub-nosed .38 revolver. Behind the outstretched arm stood a mountain of a man, 6’3” and probably 300 pounds, if he was an ounce.

“Oscar!” Holly shouted, saving me the introduction.

“Nice job of leading me here, asshole,” he said to me, sneering.

“Not a talent I’m particularly fond of at the moment, Oscar.”

“Saul said you had a protective vibe about you. All I had to do was hang around Bobby’s place until you charged off to save Holly. So, who put you on her trail? Her mom?”

“You seem to have it figured out, Oscar,” I said. “Why don’t you tell me? And why don’t you start off with how you’ve come back from the dead?”

He snorted a laugh.

“Two years I waited, biding my time in prison waiting for release after Bobby punked me. Told me he needed someone to expand the Factory, and that there was a lot of easy amateur talent in Florida. I figured, what the hell, I was getting a cut of Crystal Fortune, so I could afford the vacation. Didn’t expect he’d roll on me with some bullshit underage stuff. But, he promised me I’d be compensated.”

“Still doesn’t explain how you’re alive after the prison shanking.”

“Greed. Ol’ Crabtree noted just how much money was hitting my prison account. Hinted he’d love a share of something for that. Only way I was going to get it was a release, or my death would see it distributed to my chosen designee. Made Crabtree’s wife the designee, never mind she was already dead. So when that Columbian kid that looked like me got transferred, Crabtree put the plan in motion.”

“That’s impossible,” Holly said shakily.

“Hardly, babe,” he replied. “You’d be surprised what falls through the cracks in a backwater prison. You’d also be surprised how much time you have to just plan your revenge.”

“Holly doesn’t warrant any revenge,” I said. “She had nothing to do with your incarceration.”

“Yeah, so Saul told me. Just like that fat bitch told him all about you after he drugged her. Damn, that cow was a load to carry out to her car.”

I started shaking in anger. “There was no reason to kill Colleen!”

“I had every reason to kill her once she found out I was alive!”

“Scopolamine erases recent memories, dipshit! That’s why it’s used for date-rape.”

“You think that was a chance I could take? Fuck, man, she was as big as an elephant so she probably had a memory like one, I figured. But Bobby… man, that was nothing but sweet revenge.”

“Still doesn’t explain why Colleen had to even be touched.”

“Boy, for a private dick you sure got shit for brains. Saul knew you two were fucking around and that she pulled strings to get you moved up the ranks to fuck Holly, too. He just didn’t know the real reason behind it all until he met with the cow and hit her with the truth serum. She sang like a fucking bird about how you were gonna take Holly back to her mom. Guess that ain’t happening now, is it?”

“Somehow I don’t think killing me in a cheap motel room is your ticket to freedom.”

“I don’t gotta kill you here, moron.” Then to Holly: “Find something to tie this dickwad up, Holl. Then he can watch me fuck you until we can stuff ’im in the trunk with Saul. It’s been a long time, baby, and I need me a shot of them titties.”

“You asshole!” she barked. “You sold these tits to the highest bidder! You’re not gonna even see them, much less fuck me!”

“You bitch!”

Oscar pivoted his aim from me to his wife, and that’s when all of my pent-up anger exploded. I launched myself at the guy, barreling into his abdomen with my shoulder and driving him against the door. He just as quickly slammed his gun-laden fist into the back of my neck, stunning me and dropping me to the floor.

He turned the gun to me and three shots rang out. He jerked from the impact of three shots from my back-up gun, courtesy of his wife, and he slunk to the ground.

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