Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 38

“Mr. Case?”

I spun my chair around at the sound of the familiar voice. “Mrs. Titus,” I replied, standing.

“No, please,” she said as she closed the office door behind her, locking it for good measure. “Take your seat.”

I did as I was told while Mrs. Titus, clad in a tight ivory blouse slinky mid-thigh navy blue skirt walked to my desk like a model on the catwalk.

“I’ve come to pay off my account,” she said as she came around to my side of the desk.

“Your check cleared yesterday.”

“Yes,” she replied, hands on her hips. “But there is the little matter of a well-deserved tip. As I’m sure I said before, I demand a lot of people in my employ. I have high expectations for them. I get what I want, and I give what I promise.”

As if to punctuate her last remark, Mrs. Titus slowly pulled at the hem of her already short skirt until she revealed herself to me. Her dress glided along her smooth thighs until it was above her crotch and her sex came fully into my view.

Unhidden by any undergarments, Mrs. Titus’s snatch was fully shaven; smooth and hairless and dick-hardening. With my eyes still fixed upon her barren nest, she opened her thighs just enough to expose large, puffy vaginal lips that separated slightly in concert with the spreading of her milky thighs.

“Do you suck pussy as well as you fuck?” she asked.

“Damn straight, I do.”

“Get on your knees, then.”

I did as I was told, kneeling on the floor as she spread her legs wide and I bent my head down. As my face neared Mrs. Titus’ pussy she reached down with her long fingers and spread her labia wider and revealing her engorged clit to me. My nostrils filled with her intoxicating scent, sweet and inviting. I eased my face down to her hairless beaver and closed my eyes as I took another deep breath, inhaling Mrs. Titus’s heady sexual aroma.

She grabbed the top of my head with a hand and pulled my face into her snatch as she anchored her calves on my shoulders, immediately smearing my face with her almost sticky, sweet nectar. I opened my mouth, and stuck my tongue deeply into her hot honey pot, probing and lapping up the juices that flowed freely from her gaping orifice.

“Mmm,” she purred.

I withdrew my face from her deepest regions and gnawed at her thick labia before I dove back in and started to work on her cock-like clit. I swirled my tongue around and around her bud, flicking my mouth muscle at the edges of her clitty as she rolled her hips to match my rhythm.

I pushed my tongue back into her vaginal opening and patiently licked again at her labia while I alternated with tender nips of my teeth, then returning to lapping at her juices. I mentally pictured every detail of her sweet womanhood and made sure my tongue found at touched at every bit of her tender, delicious vaginal flesh.

I returned my focus to Mrs. Titus’s swollen clit, working my tongue around it again and pinching it between my lips. When I sucked her bud into my mouth her hips bucked and she let out a little squeal.

“You definitely know your way around my pussy!” she sighed.

I sucked a little harder on Mrs. Titus’ clit and her hips rocked at me more. I began to carefully gnaw on her sensitive nub with just the barest edges of my teeth and she worked her pelvis into my face as she forced her outer labia as wide as possible for me to take in every bit of her sex bud as was humanly possible. I reached up and grabbed her hips to hold us both together. She let go of her pussy lips and grabbed my head from both sides and dug her heels into my back as I happily tormented her clit with my sucking mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned. “Oh, yes!”

Mrs. Titus shook all over. Her thighs clamped around me alongside her hands as her fingers grabbed at my hair until it seemed she didn’t know whether to pull my face into her hairless piece of heaven even harder or to push my face away. Then her body momentarily went rigid before she relaxed again as she trembled all over, finally releasing her death grip on my head.

I quit sucking on Mrs. Titus’ sweet bud and slowly pulled my face back from her steaming pussy. She let her legs slide off of my shoulders until her feet rested on the floor once more. She was panting heavily, her eyes closed, a smile fixed on her pretty face.

As I came to my feet Mrs. Titus stood as well and kissed me, licking some of her juices off of my lips.

“Mmm,” she purred again, “I do taste good, don’t I?”

“Like fine wine,” I replied.

“Drop ’em,” she then said. She watched, her eyes focused on my crotch, as I undid my pants and pushed my jeans to my knees. Once freed from the prison of my clothing, my dick began to rise, bobbing and growing in size with each heavy heartbeat in me.

“That is suck a nice cock,” she sighed. “So very nice.”

Mrs. Titus lifted her dress until it was around her hips, turning her back to me and bending over my desk, unashamedly exposing her full, rounded ass to me. There was nary a blemish or imperfection in her glorious glutes.

“You put yourself in a tight spot on my behalf,” she said, looking over her shoulder. “Now you get to put yourself in my tightest spot.”

She reached with a hand and pulled a butt cheek aside to reveal her puckered ass bud. I already knew how tight Mrs. Titus’ snatch was around my dick; her anus had to be nearly vise-like in its grip.

“Tongue me. Wet my back door, Mr. Case,” she said, demand in her voice. “Get me good and ready for that sweet cock of yours.”

I knelt down and began to run my tongue along her ass crack. I found myself salivating over the thought of entering into her taboo tunnel and I proceeded to fill her ass with my slick spit, probing her with a stiff pointed tongue in between passes of my mouth muscle that I ran from her clit through her wet pussy lips up to her sweet butt hole. I repeated the full-length licking, drawing Mrs. Titus’s own vaginal lubrication up and mixing it with my saliva in preparing my desired target.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed. “Rim my ass good.”

I eagerly rimmed her incredible ass, even reaching up and slipping a finger into her dripping pussy while driving my tongue hard into her anus. My dick remained rock-hard in anticipation. Once Mrs. Titus began pushing her ass hard into my face, I knew we were ready. She turned her head to face me once more and smiled as she looked down at my raging hard-on.

“Okay,” she said, her smile turning absolutely evil. “Get that sweet thing in me.”

Mrs. Titus’ little ass bud glistened, generously lubed and waiting for me. I took my cock in hand, pointing it at my waiting target.

“Ready?” I asked, rather unnecessarily.

“Mm, hmm” I heard her answer. I placed the edge of my manhood against her hot flesh. I eased forward and, after the barest bit of resistance, my cockhead popped neatly into her slick but tight orifice, sending a chill through her body.

“Ooh, yes!” she said with a slight start. “You’re there!”

I waited for Mrs. Titus to relax a little and then I started to pump slowly into her rectum, pushing myself a little deeper into her with each new stroke. Within a few short moments she began to rock her hips back to me, driving my rod deeper into her incredibly tight tunnel with each roll of her satiny ass. I met her backward thrusts with my own strokes, excited over the intense sensation of Mrs. Titus’s hot ass as her anus yielded little by little to my cock as it gripped me like a vise.

“Fuck me, Mr. Case,” she moaned. “Fuck my ass, you sweet stud.”

A few moments later and Mrs. Titus and I were slamming into each other. I was trying to hold onto her full hips and only barely succeeding. My balls were smacking into her pussy with every stroke and picking up threads of her dripping juices while grazing her clit with each swing. My testicles quickly tightened up in anticipation, driven further by the audible panting of my client as her own orgasm built up. She threw her head back in apparent bliss, her hair flailing as I pummeled her harder and harder in her shapely ass.

“Oh my God!” she abruptly shouted as she grabbed the opposite edge of her desk as we threatened to slide it across the room. “Cum in me now!”

Nearly at her demand, I found myself unable to hold back and I let out an animal-like groan as my intestines convulsed and my cock erupted into her, firing a massive load of my semen into Mrs. Titus’ tight ass-cunt. Spasm after sweet spasm rifled through my body as my balls strained to empty their contents into her incredible ass. I swear I nearly fainted from the pleasure and I fell forward onto her back as we both panted in near-delirious bliss.

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