Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 4

Reluctantly, but out of a sense of professionalism – yeah, right – I had pulled my pants back up and was back in my seat. Mrs. Titus seemed content to sit bare-assed on my desk, legs crossed to hide her hairy prize at the moment.

“Her name is Holly. Holly Fortuna. She’s my daughter.”

I studied the picture she had given me of the sweet-faced brunette with the big hazel eyes and full, pouty lips. I briefly wondered if the young lady was as talented with a hard dick between those cherry lips as her mother had been. It was okay to think that; Holly looked to be in her early twenties in the photo.

“Your daughter,” I confirmed. “Mother of the rambunctious little ball-buster, perhaps?”

A half-smile. “Yes. Holly wires us money for him each month. It’s a fairly decent amount, so she must be working a good job. Yet she never calls, no letters, no e-mails. All we get is a phone call from Western Union when the money arrives.”

“Well, that explains why the police don’t bother stepping in to help find her,” I said, pretty much just thinking aloud. “No originating city with the money?”

“‘California’ is all the information we get with the wired funds.”

“‘California’,” I repeated. “That could be local, or anywhere within the 134,000 square miles that makes up our fair state. How long has she been gone, now?”

“Holly disappeared just after Toby’s second birthday. It’ll be three years in April.”

Over two and a half years. “Where’s the boy’s father?”

From the look on Mrs. Titus’ face, that question definitely struck a sour chord. “Oscar ended up in Florida shortly after Holly went missing.”

“He didn’t decide to keep custody of Toby?” I asked, surprised.

“Oscar was more a sperm donor than a father,” she replied. “The difference between Oscar Fortuna and an elevator is that an elevator is capable of raising a child. Once Holly was gone, my husband and I stepped in and demanded custody of Toby. Oscar didn’t resist.”

“Does your son-in-law contribute anything to Toby’s support?”

“No, but that was by design,” replied Mrs. Titus; the woman of many designs. “I told my dickhead-in-law that if he would just quietly fade away and stay away, that my husband and I would not seek any child support from him. He was all too happy to agree.”

I looked again at the photo Mrs. Titus had given me. Once again, my mind immediately conjured up an image of a thick, long cock sliding between those red lips. Only this time that mental image was followed up with one of the imaginary dick blowing a creamy load on Holly’s face.

Fuck, did Mrs. Titus do a number on me, or what?

“So, why haven’t you bothered getting a P.I. to search for Holly before now?”

Mrs. Titus shrugged. “The police were pretty good about convincing me that Holly’s disappearance wasn’t related to anything criminal. I just tried to accept that Holly’s disappearance was voluntary, but I still had hopes of finding her. I never really thought about going this route until Gayle raved about your skills. I guess she appreciated your investigative work, too.”

There’s nothing wrong with good old-fashioned flattery.

“Thank you,” I replied with a grin and a chuckle. Back to business: “Any investigator would start at the most obvious place... so, how sure are you that Oscar has, in fact, been in Florida, and hasn’t hung around somewhere with Holly, whether voluntarily or involuntarily on her part?”

Mrs. Titus sighed heavily, a rueful smile on her face.

“Last we heard, Oscar was spending some time as a guest of the State of Florida.”

“I see. Which facility?”

“Blackwater River, as I recall.”

Okay, I’d follow up on that lead as soon as Mrs. Titus’ hot twat was off of my desk. Not that she made for an unattractive desk decoration, by any means. No, it was the heady scent of her sex so near me that was having a detrimental effect on my concentration. I was tempted to just push her legs apart and dive into her hairy honey pot face-first as it was. And then there was that little nagging daydream of seeing daughter Holly’s face covered in cum that I just couldn’t shake off for some stupid reason.

“I’m two hundred and fifty dollars a day, plus expenses. Ten day minimum, up front. After that is negotiable.”

Mrs. Titus scowled with suspicion. “Gayle said you were one-fifty a day, plus.”

“Mrs. Davies’ situation kept me local,” I explained. “I doubt that’s the case with your daughter. I also had a number of other cases going at the time, one that will be completed Thursday night. After that, you get exclusivity. I’ll put any other cases on the back burner and focus solely on locating your daughter. That singular focus normally costs three-fifty a day.”

“So, my blow job was good enough to get me a thousand dollar discount?” she asked with a grin.

“What can I say?” I replied with a playful shrug. “I’m a sucker for a good suck.”

Mrs. Titus finally let loose with a genuine laugh and slid off of my desk. She turned away from me to pick up her pants, deliberately pointing her ass and still-damp muff in my direction for my benefit as she withdrew a checkbook and quickly scrawled out my retainer. She stood and turned, handing me the check for $2500.

“Maybe when I come back to... ‘negotiate’,” she said, stepping into her pants, “I’ll let you have my ass.”

“Or, if I find your daughter sooner than that...” I said, leaving things open-ended.

“Find Holly alive and well, and you can have me all to yourself for an entire weekend,” she said.

“That’s some incentive,” I replied honestly.

Mrs. Titus pulled up her pants. Before she zipped them, she reached in with a hand and fumbled around her pubic bush for a moment. Withdrawing her hand, she reached out towards me and smeared two fingers, sticky with her vaginal fluids, across my lips.

“There’s a lot more where that came from, Mr. Case.”

Stepping into her shoes, Mrs. Titus turned and walked towards my office door. I reached down and picked up her pink lace panties from the floor and held them up.

“Uh, Mrs. Titus?” I called out.

“Add those to your collection,” she replied with a wink. “Or, better yet, give me a reason to come back for them.”

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