Justin Case: Finding Fortune

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Chapter 6

Now looking into the half-lit office, I saw the attractive woman I knew as Claudette Martin sitting behind a walnut desk. Her face brightened when she recognized me and she smiled back. The smile was friendly enough, but coupled with the glare in her eyes, it was more like that of a crocodile lying in wait.

“Just hold on a second, Kyle,” she said snappishly into the phone handset she was holding against the side of her head. She covered the mouthpiece with her free hand and said to me in a half-whisper, nodding her head slightly to the receiver, “The soon-to-be ex-husband. Come in.”

“I can wait until you’re done,” I replied softly.

The woman lifted her hand from the mouthpiece briefly. “I said hold on, Kyle,” she growled into the phone. Then back to me: “Don’t go.”

I shrugged and stepped into her office, at which time she then scanned her eyes up and down me from head to toe.

“Kyle,” she said into the phone again, “I’ve dealt with your infidelity more times than I can count. I don’t know why you keep trying to deny it.”

Still feeling a bit out of place, I occupied myself with looking around my client’s office. Movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention and I turned to find Claudette rising from her chair. Paying closer attention, I saw that she stood about 5’6”, but even that was likely with heels. As I mentioned before, her hair was raven black, cut in a hairdo that I think they used to call a “Prince Valiant.” Although, for all I knew, they were calling it a “Jessie J.” after the British pop singer had made the look her own.

Claudette’s green eyes were almond shaped, their color brought out by the green and gold eye shadow she sported and their shape emphasized by a tasteful application of black eyeliner. Her high cheeks sported a rosy glow, and her blood red lips were curled in a sly smile when she noticed me studying her so carefully.

“That’s what you don’t get, Kyle,” she said into the phone again. “Why should I continue to sit idly by and accept your deceit as a condition of our marriage?”

Claudette was dressed in a form-fitting gold-shaded knit blouse that was, appropriately, fitted to a trim and firm form, with a tight waist and breasts that were probably a C-cup. The lower half was covered with a black knee-length skirt that, like the blouse, clung to her and emphasized hips that were a little wider than might be expected when compared to the top half, and hinted at firm and muscular thighs. All in all, a very attractive package worth staring at.

“I’ll have you know, Kyle, that a lot of men find me attractive,” she said as my eyes shifted back to hers, whereupon she appeared appreciative of the visual attention my gaze had lavished upon her, “but, unlike you, that doesn’t mean that I’ve been obligated to respond. But I think that’s going to change very soon.”

Claudette’s last remark struck a chord with me as I felt an odd electricity crackle through the room.

“How soon?” she asked into the receiver. Her eyes twinkled and she arched an eyebrow as she stared into my own eyes, a look of... invitation... in her green eyes. “Maybe sooner than you think,” she added as she raised her free hand and crooked a finger at me.

I briefly wondered if Claudette was simply calling me over to take over the conversation. You know, because I’m such a great negotiator, and all. But with my best “What the hell” shrug, I stepped forward and walked around the walnut desk until I was towering over her. The sudden difference in our relative heights and our closer proximity seemed to add to the sparkle in her gaze.

“Why do you need his name?” she asked into the phone. “What? What’s he look like?” Another study of me, another couple of passes with her gaze from head to toe and back again. “Oh, he’s about six-foot-two, with a trim and... firm build. Dark hair… clean shaven, but with a rugged face, although I’m more inclined to say ‘handsome’ the more I look at him.”

I chuckled and looked to the floor for a moment. I’m a lot of things and accept the “rugged” observation, but I don’t personally tend to count “handsome” among them. Besides, the flattery of my supposedly handsome appearance was probably intended for the benefit of the soon-to-be ex, Kyle.

“But I think it’s the dark eyes that really do it for me,” continued Claudette, drawing my gaze back to hers. “Kind of a dark hazel that could be pretty easy to get lost in.”

I could feel a smile hit my face as my heart jumped a beat at that remark.

“How long has this been going on?” she asked, likely repeating Kyle’s questions for all of our benefit. “If you’re asking that question under some assumption that I’ve been unfaithful to you, you could not be more wrong. Any interest in straying from our marriage is just now, at this very moment, getting started, but it’s been a long time coming.”

And with that, Claudette boldly reached down and cupped my crotch in her hand. No question. No preamble. Just a brazen, out-and-out land grab. Both her eyes and smile widened and she felt out my quickly stirring package.

“I should have played the lottery today because it definitely is my lucky day!” she said into the phone.

“I’m beginning to think that it might be my lucky day here,” I said softly.

Claudette shifted the phone and held it between her tilted head and hunched shoulder, freeing up both hands to undo my belt and jeans. I was about to help her, but the woman was doing a very good job of freeing things up. Another second later and she had slipped in a hand to cup my dick and balls, this time without the barrier of any clothing.

“Ooh,” she cooed with a sly grin, “I thought someone might be going commando, here.”

I could hear the angry buzz of a voice coming through the receiver as Claudette pulled my dick free from my pants. Once out, her hand caressed and stroked my shaft, pumping it to draw more blood and harden it. She then sat back down in her chair, taking her nearly eye-to- well, eye, with my throbbing member.

“You really should see this guy’s meat,” she said into the phone, stroking my shaft slowly. “How big? Well, from the looks of things I’d say he’s bigger than anyone I’ve had before. I believe I am going to truly enjoy sucking it.”

Claudette reached over and hit a button on her phone base before placing the handset in its cradle. “Claudette,” pined a tinny voice.

Holy shit! She placed him on speakerphone!

Maybe I should have felt a little self-conscious, but I instead found it pretty exciting to have some additional company in the venture in which I was about to participate. Sure, maybe I was only benefiting because the raven-haired beauty had a score to even up, and she had made the decision to make me partner to her revenge without really checking with me first, but I wasn’t about to complain, much less refuse. Claudette continued stroking my rock-hard cock while teasing the head with little flicks of her tongue.

“Mmm...” she hummed, “his pre-cum is sooo salty.”

My God, Claudette!” whined Kyle. “You’re really gonna suck his prick? Fuck, you haven’t sucked mine in, like, forever!

“That’s in no small part because I really don’t know where your little dick has been, dear,” she replied. “Why would I want to take a chance of putting it in my mouth?”

Well... you don’t know where his dick has been, either!

“True, true,” she said, looking up into my eyes, “but for some reason that doesn’t concern me right now,” and she punctuated her response with parting her lips and drawing me deeply into her very warm mouth.


She pulled back and released me from her mouth, but the smile on her face told me it wasn’t from the anguish in her husband’s voice. “Damn, he’s bigger than I thought,” she said with a giggle. “It hit my tonsils before I expected it to.”

What the –

Placing her mouth over my cock head again, Claudette looked up at me, a beautiful vision with those big, soulful green eyes and the fullest, reddest lips I think I’d ever seen... lips that just happened to be wrapped firmly around my dick at that moment. She was teasing me, taunting me with her warm mouth, almost as much as she was teasing her husband on the phone.

“Do you really even know this guy?” called Kyle’s voice.

Claudette stopped sucking my meat and said, “I’m sorry, dear. I was a bit distracted as I was sucking the handsome man’s rather tasty cock. You were saying...?”

Heavy sigh. “I was asking if you really even know this guy whose cock you say you’re sucking on.”

She looked up at me again, studying my face.

“Yes,” she confirmed. “He’s a contractor. He’s here to collect his payment. I’m just giving him a little bonus for a job well done.”

“So, you just find some guy you may have seen a time or two and start sucking his dick, is that it?”

“No, dear,” replied Claudette, clearly annoyed, “that would be you. You know, jumping in the sack with anything that moves. And for all I know, that might have included you sucking a dick or two yourself over that time.”

Undaunted, Claudette went right back to sucking my cock with sweet and long strokes, cradling my manhood with a velvet-like tongue and taking me deeper than I expected, given her earlier remark. Then again, it was likely all a part of the show for the husband’s sake, especially when Claudette got to making slurping sounds and moaning hungrily from deep in her throat, a sensation that only added to the pleasure she was giving me.

Jesus Christ!” snapped Kyle. “You’re really doing it, aren’t you, you fucking bitch!

Taking one long and very loud slurp as she pulled her mouth off of my meat, Claudette replied, “Don’t you mean ’fucking cock sucking bitch’, dear? I mean, I am sucking his very long, very thick, and very tasty cock.”

Claudette put her talented mouth over the head of my dick again, suckling on it while she worked the waist of my pants down to mid-thigh. “God, that’s nice!” I remarked loudly and automatically as a result of the intense sensation of her sucking mouth focused just on the head of my meat.

Fuck you, you bastard!

Claudette again let me free of her mouth to reply, “No, Kyle. I will fuck him. Hang up if you want, but this man has a set of balls you only wished you had. And I’m going to drain them dry, with or without your whiny voice on the other end of this phone.”

I am not whining!

“Yes, he is,” Claudette whispered to me as she stood up from her chair, then on her tip-toes to actually kiss me on the lips. It wasn’t one of those deep, romantic kisses, nor was it the kind of kiss that is driven by passion or sexual hunger. No, it was a sweet kiss that was just another portion of her “thank you” for my unplanned participation in her little game of revenge.

Once her kiss became a memory on my lips, she was reaching under her skirt and fumbling for the briefest of seconds until she bent fully over, stepping out of a lacy thong nearly the same shade of red as her lips.

What... what are you doing now, Claudette?

“Well, when I’m not being distracted by your inane questions, Kyle, I’m stripping off my panties so my very sexy friend here can fuck me.”

You’ve got to be kidding!” he snarled. Well, as much of a snarl as a cheap speakerphone can transmit.

Claudette hiked her skirt up around her waist, giving me the briefest view of her pubic region before turning her back to me, revealing a pair of full ass cheeks in two-tone flesh, the result of spending a lot of time in a bikini in the sun. As she bent over and rested her elbows on her desk, the tan line acted as a bit of a road map as my eyes followed the lighter-skinned path that led to a rosy pair of puffy pussy lips, engorged and inviting. Seems I had encountered the same situation just two days earlier. Deja’ vu all over again.

Unable to resist adding a little insult to injury, I said aloud, “Dude, I can’t believe you ever fucked around on this.”

I’m gonna kick your fucking ass, you fuck!

“You might want to re-think that, Kyle,” Claudette interjected. “He’s a bit – mmm! – bigger than you – OH!”

Assuming that the invitation was open, I didn’t bother to warn Claudette of my approach. I simply stuck the head of my cock between those gorgeous labia, and between my unyielding firmness and her copious juices, shoved it home in a single stroke.

What was that?” asked Kyle.

“Ohh,” Claudette sighed. “He’s definitely bigger than you! Any part of you.”

Jesus fuck!

I took hold of my client’s hips and started working my meat in and out of her hot love tunnel, pulling back until my prick almost slipped from her – although she was tight enough that that probably wasn’t going to happen without some dedicated effort – and then shoving it back into her until my balls were nearly stuffed inside of her as well.

“Oh!” she squealed.

“I just can’t understand why you passed this up for any other pussy, Kyle,” I said. “She’s so tight and wet...”

“I haven’t been this wet in a very long time,” Claudette sighed.


Well, duh!

Now a bit more familiar with Claudette’s sex, I drove my cock into her sopping pussy, taking my time with my pace but always drilling it to the hilt in her tight confines.

“Oh, my God, Kyle,” she groaned, “he’s reaching places in me you could only dream of... or that I could only dream of, for that matter!”

Claudette was taking me to some wonderful places, too. I looked down at her bikini-lined ass, watching my cock disappear into her before drawing it back out, her thick pussy lips clinging to my shaft making it glisten with her slippery juices. Each time I shoved it back in, I did so with enough force to make the skin of her glutes wave with each smack of my body into hers.

“Oh, that is so fucking good!” moaned Claudette. “Harder!”

Never one to refuse a woman’s request, I pummeled her love nest even harder, our impacts making smacking sounds that even Kyle had to hear through the speakerphone.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” she panted.

Fuck!” snapped Kyle.

“We are!” replied Claudette with a gay laugh as I pounded her stroke after stroke, the weight of my balls swinging and swaying with my thrusts, slapping against her pubis and egging her on until: “Oh... fuck! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! I’m cumming!”

I wasn’t about to stop. Hell, I wasn’t about to slow down. I was reaching my own point of climax along with the sexy business owner-president. I was pounding her so hard that her heavy walnut desk was getting pushed little by little across her office with each thrust of my meat into her seemingly insatiable pussy.

I could feel Claudette shudder as her orgasm shot through her body, hear her panting little barks of delight directly into the mike of the speakerphone, each little scream forced from her throat by my hard thrusts into her welcoming body. And then my own orgasm welled within me.

“Oh, God,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum, too!”

My knees nearly buckled as I shook all over, my balls tightening up almost to the point of pain just before my first burst of cum rocketed through my dick.

“God, that’s so hot!” squealed Claudette.

My ejaculations were so strong, so intense, that it was all I could do to keep pumping my meat into the sexy lady. But I was determined to soldier on... I had a little something to prove to our audience.

“Jesus!” I groaned. “Yes!”

“Your cum is so hot,” giggled Claudette. “So fucking hot!”

Finally, I could give no more as my body gave out from the intensity of my climax. I fell backwards, my dick popping out of Claudette’s well-used love hole, falling into her executive chair. I hadn’t yet released my grip on Claudette’s hips, and I ended up pulling her off of the desk into my lap. We sat there panting until we both started giggling like children.

I don’t believe you two actually fucked while I was on the phone!

“And I don’t believe you actually stayed on the phone listening to me fuck your wife, Kyle,” I said with a laugh.

A click followed by a dial tone told me I had gotten the last word in, among other quite wonderful things.

Claudette and I remained in her chair, panting and kind of basking in the afterglow while our mixed fluids slowly dribbled from her abused pussy and trickled down my thigh.

“Let me guess,” I said softly, “this whole thing was for Kyle’s benefit?”

“Maybe a little at first,” she admitted, “but once I got my hands on the goods, so to speak, it all went from revenge to desire pretty damn fast.”

“Glad I could help.”

“Oh, you did more than help,” Claudette sighed. “I think we might even have to do this again sometime.”

“I’m cool with that,” I said. “But, next time let’s not make it a conference call. I think a more private conversation is definitely in order.”

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