Love Prevails

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Love Prevails is a story of a young woman, Olivia, running from a terrible past. She finds herself a new friend that invites her to stay with her to help around the house; a famous painter and writer.

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This has been the story of my own becoming. I have opened my heart and have healed in so many ways during my time with the women in this story, and still continue to do so when I read it now. Every woman in this story has a part of me in her character. In my time with all of them, I have gone through much heartbreak and have seen how it has deepened me in many ways. Pain and loss teach you about yourself. You find parts of yourself there. In the midst of pain and loss, there is so much strife. I always think of a snake shedding its skin and know how similar it is to this process. One must shed layers and layers so one can be fresh, new, healed and ready for the next lesson.

I have dealt with addiction as well, while writing this story, and still am on that journey. One’s path is filled with many opportunities for learning. Nothing is ever good or bad. It is just what it is. Life is life regardless. The less we judge our own path and the paths of others, the more we open up to healing. Love is love as well, and should never be judged. Love is what it is and always prevails. Love is what we need more of in these times of distress and chaos.

I know that in these times for the LGBT community, it is not easy. It is not easy to come out of the closet and to feel different than the majority. It is not easy to face the prejudices of many people. I have written this story in honor of my community and also hope that anyone of any sexual orientation can read this and find something here. I did not write this story to be separate; I wrote this story with love in mind. Love can happen between anyone in this way, and with that in mind, I hope that this story brings people closer together.

My wish is that you, the reader will experience this story as something beautiful, as something that will open your heart as well. Bless you, dear reader, bless your love and bless your precious heart…..

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