A Kinky Christmas

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Chapter 9

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in bed somehow, a cozy body behind me, spooning me, arms around me, while the other had a leg and an arm sprawled over me. Obviously, the first one was Ethan, the other one was Liam. The guy is a messy sleeper, I’ve found out.

I smiled, though. Liam was there in the same bed as I, while I perfectly know that he normally sneaks out in the early morning after a night of passion. It felt surprising yet reassuring that he would remain to sleep. I suppose it should be normal, or it will be, but...it’s been so fast, I haven’t wrapped my head around it just yet.

Ethan’s arm around me was natural instead, it was perfectly ... routine. Even while not dating, every time we hooked up, we did sleep together. I guess that, in the end, our peculiar thing wasn’t as ... non-committing as we thought, there were many more strings attached that we wanted to admit. As a matter of fact, there were so many strings attached, that ripping them off would have ripped us, too.

Turning around slowly, I gaped at Ethan’s face. I’ve always loved watching him sleep, he looks so sweet, while awake he’s that manly man that always has everything under control. I think that, in the end, we only pretended not to be dating. I think it was easier to say ‘yeah, we’re just having sex, and that’s it’. That way we, well, I could ignore the elephant in the room.

I think I’ve never grown out of the teenage crush, if anything, it just grew up with me, and it became way more. I think I’ve loved Ethan since way before it all got to conscious levels. And the thing is, I don’t love him because he’s sexy and hot, or because sex is amazing with him, I don’t love him because he’s clever, and nice, and funny ... I love Ethan because he makes me feel safe.

I know, I know, you didn’t expect such cliché from someone like me, did you? But the thing is, I’ve grown up parentless, I’ve always had to provide for myself, which is somewhat great, because this way it was way easier to grow a backbone since early age and be a grown up, a ballsy woman, as Melissa would say, other than a whiny child in need of love.

I didn’t need love, I never have. Because my parents gave it all, before leaving me, and it was so in excess that it remained even when they passed away, and it’s still there. I’ve never needed someone that would love me, because I love myself and, as my mom always told me, that’s the greatest love story one can ever live.

I’ve never needed love, but... Ethan and Liam gave me it. Even before I realized, in ways I didn’t even knew. Love is not just about romance and all that crap. Love is in every little detail, and in every deeper bond.

I love Ethan because he makes me feel safe, I can rely on him, and I perfectly know that. I love Liam because ... well, because he is Liam. It’s basically impossible not to love him. He just...sinks into your heart even if you’ve sworn you’ll hate him forever.

I love Ethan because he is the one constant in my messy life, the one anchor in this whole tsunami I live.

I love Liam because he may not be the most reliable guy in this world, but he is to me. He has been constant in our friendship, despite every up and down.

I love Ethan and Liam because ... because I do. I just ... do. I always have. And it was just a matter of time until everything evolved into romantic love.

I love them both. And the idea that we were onto starting this new life together, the fact that we would share not just a bed, but our entire lives, in such an intimate sense, made me grin like a Cheshire cat. Because I’ve always thought the guys would be in my life till I die, but I never really stopped to think that we three would live our lives as one. At least for a few years, that is. Because, well, you never know.

Wanting to think positive, and actually too happy to dampen my mood with what ifs, I reached out for Ethan’s cheek, and caressed him, grinning. The moment I’d turned around, Liam had taken the chance to roll over, so right now he was on the other side of bed, leaving just me and his brother.

I let my fingers trace the lines of his cheek as I watched Ethan sleep, never tired of that peaceful expression on his face. Unable to resist, I leaned in and placed a small kiss on his lips, just a peck, but it was enough to cause him to stir, which had me half chuckle. He didn’t wake, so I decided I would wake him instead.

Slowly and carefully, I let my left hand wander, skimming over his rippled chest, gliding over his sporadic pubic hair, until it settled on something very interesting. I started stroking, slowly and calmly, my eyes focused on his face in order to see his reactions.

Ethan’s lips leisurely curved into an ecstatic smile, clear sign he felt what I was doing, even if asleep. I’ve done this to him a few times, so I perfectly knew what would he do, that’s why I couldn’t quit grinning. I stroked and stroked, until the softest moans left his mouth, and in order to step up things, I started trailing kisses over his neck, nibbling just a tad bit, enough for him to squirm the slightest.

“Hmm ... Sarah ...” He called, and I grinned, going to bite his bottom lip as I responded:

“Time to wake up, Grumpy. Snow White needs a quickie.”

He smirked, his hand slyly reaching over my butt to squeeze it, causing me to press against him. “Snow White’s a bit of a nymphomaniac, isn’t she?”

“Living with seven men, how couldn’t she be?”

Finally, he opened his marvelous green eyes, which settled on me, a full smile etched on his pink lips. “You always hated her.” Ethan pointed out.

I smirked. Yeah, I’m the one kid that rooted for the Evil Queen, sorry to disappoint. Well, I almost always kinda rooted for the villains, to be honest.

Ethan leaned in, and pecked my lips, cupping my cheeks, only to then moan as I restarted stroking him. “Hmm ... you’ve always been so freaking good at this, babe ...”

“I know. Is that why you stuck to me?”

He grinned, claiming my lips. “I stuck to you because I’ve always loved you, babe.”

“Have you?”

“Yeah ... cheesy, huh?”

I grinned this time, deepening the kiss as well as the little game I was playing, which caused him to lose his breaths for a small moment. “I might have always loved you, too, Eth.”

He smiled, for how visibly affected by my the movements of my hand up and down his length. “Uh ... I ... damn, it’s hard to make any sense while you’re ...”

“I know.” I grinned, picking up a slightly faster, but always gentle, pace, and kissed him deeply. “Just kiss me, you silly boy.”

He did, cupping my face, pouring everything into it, I could feel it, until his moans started breaking his breaths as well as the kiss. I could feel he was close, that’s why I slightly stepped up the whole game, just enough to give him his bliss as soon as possible.

Man, how I love when he moans in my ears ... how I love to hear him cum ... he makes these cute muffled growls amongst moans, and he always, always freaking calls my name in the midst of it, with such intensity that I feel shivers all over my body. This time was no exception.

His seed was sticky in my hand, but pleasant, as usual, and always as usual, I was more focused on his hitched breaths, feeling his heart beating so fast against my chest, feeling his every vein pulse in my hand ... I’ve always loved this, it’s honestly one of my favorite moments. The second one, probably second merely to another one I’m sure I’ll live later.

Half wheezing, Ethan lay back on bed. I chuckled, swiftly going to straddle him, in order to claim his lips once again. He wrapped his arms around me, welcoming me gladly, however chuckling as he pointed out: “I need a few minutes, babe, you know that.”

I giggled against his mouth, and cupped his face, kissing him deeper, my hair covering us. “Just shut up and kiss me, Carter.”

Ethan grinned, agreeing, and better pressed me against him, literally kissing the heck out of me, so heatedly that I was soon gonna need to breathe. I could even feel his smile against my lips, and ... kind of a butterfly type of feeling in my stomach as my head got lightheaded, enough to make me forget the rest.

I did recall where we were when Ethan suddenly made me yelp by flipping us without warning, without breaking the kiss, which lasted just a few seconds more, before he pulled back, giving me one of his sexy grins as he slid down my frame, kneeling in front of me, his face at level with my core. I knew what was he up to, but his hot breath against my nude skin still gave me Goosebumps.

I smirked devilishly, and pressed his face against my core, without warning, so that he found himself unprepared. I had to cover my mouth not to laugh too loud. Ethan sent me a dirty look I smiled angelically at, sticking out my tongue, then ordering: “Get to work, Carter.”

He smirked, grabbing my legs to pull them over his broad shoulders. “Always at your service, Ma’am.”

I grinned, but then moaned as his tongue flickered into me, taking me off guard. I squirmed a little, so he pinned me down with his hands, but I could still thrash mine, and I did, nearly hitting Liam given how relentless I was. I’ve always known Ethan was good at giving head, but damn!

He solved the my hands all over the place problem by gripping them and entangling our fingers, so that he could be undisturbed in his job. His predatory green gaze stared me down, daring me to disobey, which I would have, but I simply love it when he gets all bossy, and I knew that when his eyes gained such a dark shade of green, he was slipping into his dominant boots. I’d punch any guy that’d try to make me, but I’ve always willingly posed as sub for Ethan, to be honest.

When he hit a weak spot, I bit my tongue not to moan too loudly, and the jerk chuckled against my core, so that I pressed my legs together, caging his head. He sent me a dirty look, emerging from my graces, but I pushed him back down. The guy sure knows how to work his magic.

In no time I was squirming beneath him as I came so hard that he had to cover my mouth with his hand in order not to let me scream. My whole body shook, as it always does when he gives me such orgasms, therefore Ethan swiftly came to cuddle me, so that his firm body would ease the light tremors.

“Did I ever say I love holding you like this?” Ethan mumbled, smiling so fully that my own heart felt all tingly, if that makes any sense.

You gotta know, I’ve never been a really sentimental person, therefore all these vibrations my heart sends me are quite odd for me, which means I need a bit of adjusting. Understand me, I went from having an ex with benefits, no strings attached, to being in a relationship with both my ex and his brother ... I gotta wrap my head around it.

That’s why I merely smiled at Ethan’s statement, and he placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, his lips then going to brush my earlobe as he spoke as softly as never he had: “I want you to know we’re not playing here, Sarah. All of this is no temporary game just to have some fun. I love you, Sarah, with my whole heart. And so does Liam. We love you more than anything, if we’re doing this, it’s because neither of us could renounce to you.”

I swallowed, always uncomfortable with too deep conversations. “And it won’t bother any of you? Sharing your girlfriend?”

Ethan’s serious features had my heart drop, which was also a new sensation, but the next one I felt, as he cupped my face, his green eyes staring straight into my browns as he spoke those words, was even newer and definitely stronger: “We’ve talked this through, Liam and I. We’ve gone through every single aspect of it all, believe me. And in the end, we came to the conclusion that, we three have always been so indivisible, it seemed the most perfect solution for us. Because we both love you, Sarah, and we want to give you only the best.”

He half chuckled, weirdly. “It was Liam’s idea actually. He said, only together we could be the best of boyfriends for you, so who cares if it’s unconventional? Neither of us can see his life without you in it, babe. And let’s be honest, our relationships would never work, because our hearts are, always have been, always will be with you and just you, Sarah.”

I could barely breathe, honestly. Silence slipped in between us, inevitably, like some heavy blanket that worked to suffocate us. “Talk about awkward moments, huh?” Nope,I have many talents, but breaking silence isn’t one of them.

Ethan smiled, his hands sliding over my neck, and he kissed me, deeply and gently, even ... lovingly. “Don’t be weird about this, babe, okay?” He almost pleaded, forehead against mine, his voice a mere whisper. His green eyes travelled towards his brother for a moment, Liam was still soundly asleep, of course. “I think he’s the most scared of us three. That’s probably another reason why we’re in this together.”

I frowned, confused, I wanted to ask what he meant, but there was no need ... I read the answer in his eyes, quite easily. “He’s afraid he’ll screw it all up and hurt me, isn’t he? So you’re kind of a ... guarantee for him. If you’re into it as well, I’ll have a safe line, is that it?” I assumed.

Ethan smiled gently, caressing my cheek, and pecked my lips. “My brother loves you more than he’ll ever be able to tell, of course he’s worried. You’re his weakest spot, Sarah.”

“And you guys are mine.”

“Then you can understand.”

“Of course I do.”

Ethan smiled softly, his thumb skimming over my bottom lip, so that my mouth slightly parted, and he finally kissed me, murmuring: “I’m ready now.”

I grinned against his mouth, wrapping my arms around his neck as I deepened the kiss, gladly complying as he hooked my legs behind his back. It’s so Ethan to just switch topic in the blink of an eye. I closed my eyes in order to savor the moment I felt my boyfriend inside me and, as expected, it left me breathless. Also literally, because he didn’t seem willing to leave my lips any time soon.

Eagerly, I let my hands trail down, from his hair to his neck, along his back, until I found his delicious ass. I gripped the cheeks, following the movements as he dug into me, deeper and deeper, at such a sultry pace that I was barely able to moan. Normally Ethan has me scream like a freaking whore, but this time ... I could barely hear myself, my moans were broken sounds mingled with his name.

The fact that Liam was right there sleeping while his brother and I were, well, making the sweetest love made it only the more intense, I’ll admit, and I loved it, but ... it felt like I was locking him out, and I wanted him to join.

As if on cue, Ethan ceased digging, his eyes lit in that peculiar dark shade that makes me all wet just as I spot it. Gently, he stood with me, then placed me back on bed, this time on all fours.

“I know you too well, babe.” Was all he whispered in my ear, before going to kneel behind me, positioning at my entrance once again.

While Ethan slid back inside me, I took the chance to uncover Liam. Sure as hell his arrow too was well straight. Leisurely, I took Liam in my mouth, my eyes fixated on him as I started sucking: he didn’t even blink. I would have used my hands to help myself, but Ethan grabbed them and entangled our fingers, squeezing them every time he had to repress a louder moan.

I closed my eyes in order to savor every bit of Ethan’s length as he thrust sultrily, his fingers gripping my hips tightly. I’ve always loved the feeling of his nude skin against mine, to be honest. It’s a good thing we’re very cautious with other means, because, well, within four years we’ve barely ever used a condom, and certainly we wouldn’t start now. I’d rather rush him into spilling his seed wherever other than renounce to the feeling of his nude skin, truth be told.

It was when we both picked up a slightly faster pace that Liam started moaning in his sleep, his hips jerking in order to meet my mouth. He probably thought it was a dream. “Hmmm ... Sarah ...” Liam moaned, and I grinned.

Okay, either he was awake but he pretended to be asleep, or he was truly dreaming of me in a not at all decent predicament. Ethan behind me chuckled as he dug a little deeper, causing me to close my eyes – because I felt it all, his stiff dick reaching my back walls –, so that I barely heard what he said.

“Huh?” I mumbled, feeling the pressure already starting to build up in my stomach.

He laughed, shaking his head. “I said, he does that. Calls your name in his sleep.”

“Oh.” Well, that’s a surprise. I gaped at Liam, whose eyes were still closed, and clearly, he seemed still profoundly asleep. I tried sucking a little faster, just to see his reaction, and he did moan, calling my name once again, but he didn’t wake.

“Babe?” Ethan called, and I turned to him, meeting his wide grin. “My brother’s been having erotic dreams about you since you guys were 17.”


He laughed, shaking his head. “Liam often dreams of you guys screwing, babe. It’s ... so recurrent that it might not be that normal to some extents, but I think it just reflects how much he’s always wanted you.”

Ah. “And how do you ...”

“I’m his brother, babe, I know everything.”

“But ...”

“I caught him a few times.”


I turned back to Liam, my brows furrowed, but as he called my name once again, his voice so filled to the brim with nothing but desire and love, I smiled. He did say he’s waited ten years.

Grinning, I restarted my little job, and Ethan restarted his, so that soon enough we fell into a cozy pace, where our moans were all entwined and our pleasures met each other. It felt like being in a whole different dimension, I swear.

When Ethan stepped up his game, I had to plant my hands firmly onto the bed, in order to hold myself up, and he swiftly came to entangle our fingers, his sweaty chest against my back, until he pulled up in order to cup my ass cheeks and focus on digging as deep as possible, causing me to pause my sucking a few times as I wasn’t able to keep my moans. I practically forced myself to blow Liam in order to muffle my own sounds.

Until I felt Liam’s hand on my hair, and I raised my head, finally meeting his green eyes. “Good morning, Sleeping Beauty.” I greeted, grinning, and he, even if a little dumbfounded, mirrored me, his eyes travelling to his brother behind me.

“You kinky freaks.” He joked, and I laughed, but then whimpered when Ethan met a sore spot. I turned to him, sending him a dirty look, ready to tell him off, but Liam grabbed my face, and guided me back to his dick as he sat up.

I didn’t need to be asked, I easily and gladly got back to work while his hands roamed over my body, both in order to fondle whatever he could and in order to soothe the pain I’d just felt. We’ve had so much sex in so little, of course I’m sore, and I will be for a while, I think. It’s damn worth it, though.

Liam gripped my hair, following my movements, bobbing my head, while in my ears I could hear the amazing symphony that his moans, together with Ethan’s and the sounds of his flesh against mine as he thrust made. It felt heavenly.

We’d slipped into such a cozy and comfortable pace that it took me off guard when Ethan pulled me up and, grabbing my neck, he kissed me hungrily yet gently. I reciprocated gladly, for how confused, and giggled when I felt Liam’s hands on my hips, tickling me, as well as his hot breath on my neck. I didn’t lose the chance to grab his length, and stroke it, of course.

“Damn, I love you, Sarah.” Ethan murmured against my lips, digging a little faster, and I grinned, kissing him softly.

“I love you, too, silly boy.” I turned to my other boyfriend – because, ladies, this lucky bitch here’s got not one, but two hot boyfriends ready to take care of her –, and I pulled his face closer so that I could kiss him, too, which I did, eagerly. “And I love you, too, no matter how annoying you can be.”

Liam grinned, and kissed me again, while his brother trailed kisses over my back, his fingers sliding over my backbones, causing me to feel Goosebumps, until I squirmed and moaned inside Liam’s mouth, because Ethan had just slipped his slick fingers inside my butthole.

As Ethan dug deep yet gently, his fingers testing waters back there, Liam’s slipped down to rub my slick clit, while they both peppered kisses all over my neck and lips and anywhere they could. It felt like touching Heaven. Truly.

Our moans were in sync, even our hitched breaths were in sync. For how weird that sounds, we were living a harmonic synchrony that reached way more than just our bodies. And why am I even surprised? In the end, all of this, it was simply meant to be.

When Ethan started relenting, I took the chance to step off him, and turn around, so that the roles were switched. Liam eagerly picked up on my trail of thoughts and got to work, while his brother lay down, me following him. Because Liam’s thrusts were sultry and gentle, I was easily able to crawl along Ethan’s smooth legs, and reach my most favorite meal.

It felt like last night all over again, just way more ... emotional than ever, not that last night there weren’t any feelings, it’s just that this time it was ... way more sentimental. Maybe it’s because last night we soon got carried away towards kinky-land, or maybe it’s because this morning it had finally kicked in that we three are indeed in a relationship.

Well, in truth, more than we three in a relationship, it’s more like me in a relationship with both guys. I don’t think neither Ethan or Liam would like to try incest. Maybe explore the other side of the fence, like I know Ethan has done at least once, but incest? Ew. No.

“She’s spacing out again.” I heard Liam muse, humor latched in his voice, in fact Ethan chuckled as he grabbed a fistful of my hair in order to both better move it to the side, and follow my movements.

“Yeah, she does that in these moments.” He replied. I looked up, frowning, and he grinned.

“It’s not polite, Lancaster, you know.” Liam teased, giving me a harder thrust that had me squirm a little. “If you don’t feel me, I’ll make you, baby.”

“Wha-” I barely made it to half growling – you know, I still had Ethan in my mouth –, that Liam pulled out, only to then push back in, but this time inside my secondary hole ... it hurt, can’t deny it.

“Where did the no kinks part go?” I kinda complained. I can be a kinky freak, yeah, but I was honestly relieved when they went gentle. My vagina’s gonna hurt for more than a while after all this roughhousing.

Liam chuckled in response, giving me one harder thrust for each word he spelled: “That’s. For. Spacing out. On. Me.”

I would have laughed, hadn’t I been busy grimacing. No matter how much you do it, there it’s always gonna hurt at first, I’ve learned that. So I did my best to cope, but before I could, Ethan came in to save the day: “Don’t be an asshole, Liam. If you’re too hasty now, you’re not gonna get any for a week or two.”

I smirked. He damn knows how vindictive I can be. It happened once that he screwed one of my college mates without telling me ... I kept him on short for three weeks. He said it didn’t matter, because he could get some anywhere else, but I know for a fact he was going nuts because of the abstinence.

As if he’d heard a magic word, Liam slowed down, getting docile again. I smirked, turning back to him, and winked.
However Ethan interrupted us, grumpy: “Alright, we’ve got something going on here, don’t we? How about we resume?”

I laughed at his lameness, but soon got back to work. It’s obvious that, with all there’s been between me and these guys, we couldLiam restarted digging, this time slowly, and I resumed my blowjob, working in sync, like a team, until Ethan moaned his final goal: “Ah, fuck, babe, I’m gonna cum...”

“So soon?” I teased, and he sent me a half dirty look, but also smirked, sitting up, gripping my hair quite tightly in order to get control. I let him, as kind of a favor. He pushed my head onto him, frantically seeking light, while behind me his brother worked his beautiful skills wonderfully, pushing me over the edge with each thrust, until I couldn’t handle it anymore. I left Ethan to push against Liam, trying to quicken the maddening race that was taking even too long, the pressure tightening my gut even too much for it to be endurable.

I was barely able to stroke Ethan, just to keep him in the equation, but all he did was cup my face and kiss me, hungrily, while his brother picked up a faster place, then coming to hide his face in the crevasses of my neck, same as Ethan did later. I guess they just love this position.

While Liam dug, and they both nibbled, Ethan played with my clit, which altogether with everything caused me to lose focus almost completely and start thrashing around, gyrating my hips to meet Liam the most possible, until, finally, I felt my leg quiver, clear sign the orgasm was building up ... until the release.

I remained still for a few minutes, grinning like a fool, forehead against Ethan’s shoulder, tired as hell, but ... happy. More than in one sense.

Ethan placed a small kiss on my temple, while Liam did the same on my shoulder, both smiling, which caused me too to smile widely.

“I love you so much, guys.” I breathed out. They both grinned, kissing me here and there. I knew they were doing that also in order to let me recover from the highest high I’d just been, and I was thankful, but also eager.

Hence, after a good ten minutes of mere kisses and caresses, I lay down on my side, stretching my hands to call both, and they came in a nanosecond, each at my side, ready to engulf me in their love. I was tired as hell, totally worn out, so I barely had the strength to stroke Ethan, my head on his shoulder, especially as his brother pushed inside my buttholr again, this time going very, very gentle, practically at a snail’s pace.

Ethan kissed me deeply as Liam picked up a faster pace, their hands all over my frame, caressing me, soothing me ... simply, loving me. I could barely keep my eyes open, for how tiring that was, added to what we did last night, despite having rested, and the guys knew that, therefore they kept it as gentle as possible.
Only when I lazily whispered something, barely audible, did they move:“Fill me up.” Was all I said.

As if on cue, Ethan sat up, gently holding my head, and Liam pulled out, helping me to stand, and straddle his brother. Ethan guided himself inside me very leisurely, then pulled me down, embracing me fully as he started digging. I closed my eyes in order to savor the feeling, and gasped when Liam pushed in my secondary entrance, causing my breaths to hitch.

But you know what I loved the most? Yeah, the hot love we were making altogether, yeah, the feeling of both of them filling me up entirely, but ... mostly, I loved how both grabbed each of my hands and entangled our fingers, I loved how they sought contact with my skin, how their movements, their moan were in sync with mine, and how wonderfully I felt with all of this.

And I loved, I simply loved how Ethan and Liam embraced me when they felt I was close to my highest peak. I loved how our moans came together to form one, and I loved the feeling of their warm seed as they exploded into me the same as I did all over them. I just ... loved it. I’m not even sure the word love could even be enough. I adored it, worshipped it, simply ... all of this gripped so many strings inside me that I ... cried.

Yes. Yes, for the first time in my life I cried at the huge intensity of the orgasm, of the whole moment, of our whole thing ... I just let tears stream my cheeks, inevitably.

“Babe?” Ethan whispered, evidently concerned, kissing my temple.

“You okay, baby?” Liam asked, still leaning over me, his hot breath against my ear.

I nodded tiredly, tears still falling, my heart running foolishly. “I just ...” I sobbed, but not at all sadly. “I-I just ... I-I’m just ... overwhelmed ...”

The guys smiled, and kissed my temples at the same time. My eyes closed out of exhaustion, and I fell asleep with their words resonating in my heart more than just my ears: “We’ll love you forever, Sarah. This is just the beginning.”


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