A Kinky Christmas

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Bonus Chapter

Melissa’s pov

“Ok! We’re here!” I yelled - yes, yelled. Sigh, talk about awkward. The door behind us had barely been closed and I managed to make everything weird already.

I bit on my lips, unsure how to do this. I could feel their gazes on me but none of the guys moved. I’ll never tell her this, but the one thing that’s ever made me jealous of Sarah was her closeness with Liam. My God, I had such a foolish crush on him back in college. And we almost ended up in bed...almost!

But then Sarah called, I can’t remember why. And you know, when Sarah calls, Liam leaves everything for her. He’s so whipped, you’d think she’d see it. But she’s too busy screwing Ethan allegedly behind our backs - do they honestly think we don’t know? Please.

“Mel?” Caleb called sweetly, gently brushing my arm, which made me flinch nevertheless. “You ok?”

“Yeah!” Oh, my God, Melissa, stop yelling. I let out a nervous laugh, trying to calm down. I did this, I came up with it, yet now that it’s happening...

“If you’ve changed your mind, it’s ok.” Caleb, sweet, sweet Caleb, reminded me.

The Carter brothers nodded, especially Ethan. I bet he would give anything to be in the other room. I would be offended if I didn’t know it’s because in there there’s his Sarah with another woman. Ask any guy if he would renounce to seeing his girlfriend fuck another woman, see if he says no. Nobody would.

“No,” I sighed, “I... I want it, yeah.” I’m just, you know, mildly embarrassed cos I literally just admitted my deepest secret to my closest friends. And... anxious, because I’ve had a lot of dreams about Liam in the past, and now that it’s becoming true...

I yelped when I felt strong arms grab mine from behind, to turn me around. Before I could actually realize what was happening, Liam was crashing his lips on mine. That single kiss made my insides churn.

His hands slid along my frame, strongly enough for me to clearly feel every touch. They lingered slightly more on my ass as he fondled it a bit, still kissing me. When I gasped out for air, Liam seized me in his arms, and walked me to the king size bed.

I almost forgot Caleb and Ethan were still in the room. Liam’s gaze was scorching, it never left mine as he, once he’d sat me on the edge of bed, started undressing. “Are you gonna give me a hand here or...?” He smirked.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I immediately dropped to my knees and, after having unzipped his jeans, I took him out. Man, he was everything I imagined and beyond. I grabbed his manhood, and started licking it, up and down, up and down, but he soon stopped me.

I felt kind of ashamed, I mean, what the hell, do I give such horrible blowjobs? Wow. However, Liam came closer instead, and slipped off my sleeves, exposing my lace bra that matched the burgundy color of my dress – which, by the way, I wore purposely, knowing that a) burgundy is his favorite color; b) he’s a kinky freak just like me. Liam smirked, licking his lips as he eyed me from tip to toe. “Stay still.” He ordered.

I did as he said, and I barely retained a gasp when he, after having moved the part of my bra that covered my boobs, squeezed them together, his dick in between. He started thrusting slowly, up and down, up and down, as if to see if I liked it. Seeing I didn’t object, Liam started picking up a faster pace, legit tit fucking me.

When I started moaning, he started making sure his tip came close enough to my mouth for me to take it in, which I obviously did. My God, was it worth it. Not simply because he tastes so good, but because his moans were so hot. I was definitely getting wetter and wetter.

I had no clue where the other two guys were, but I didn’t really care. I know, I know, I wanted this fantasy, but like I said, in the past I dreamed so much about Liam that it was hard not to just bask in it now that it was finally becoming true.

When his moans became more frantic, Liam abruptly pulled back. He made me stand up, and he pushed me onto the bed on all fours. He didn’t even take off my dress or his jeans, he merely bared my skin enough, moving my thong to the side, and, after having made sure I was properly lubed, he pushed in. “How?” He whispered in my ear, bending down.

“How...what?” I asked, confused and a little more preoccupied with the fact that he was going so deep.

Liam chuckled. “How do you wanna be fucked?”

I licked my lips, pressing them together as I savored the feeling of him inside me. “By you? In every possible way I can.” I admitted.

I expected him to laugh or something, instead Liam merely nodded, then pulled back. He gripped my ass cheeks tightly. When he started going faster, my moans started getting louder. I gripped the sheets in order not to fall - he was digging that hard and fast, yeah. I could really hear the clapping sound of skin against skin.

Somewhere in between, I felt a little embarrassed. Why? Because the other two guys weren’t moving, and the reason was simple: they knew I needed it first of all with Liam alone.

I’m not as bold as Natasha, you know. She just went for it, writing the name of the person she’s been wanting to get dirty with for a long time now. I would have never written Liam, but believe me when I say, he’s at the top of my list. Then again, getting turned upside down by 3 hot studs is a close second.

I bent lower as Liam went deeper, my head hiding in the sheets, my ass perking up for him. The dress was beginning to cling onto my skin due to sweat, but I was far beyond caring. Liam lifted it up anyway, so that it was all balled up around my stomach.

He grabbed my hair, and tied it around his wrist, slightly pulling as his thrusts got harder and rougher. It didn’t take long before my legs started quivering and I felt a pressing tightness in my stomach – I was coming, harder than ever.

I don’t know if I screamed and how loud, I probably did, but Liam was patient. He slowed down, and rubbed my stomach sweetly. I was still catching my breaths when he bent down, his lips against my ear. “All good?” Maybe it was me, but he sounded so caring that I melted.

“Y-yeah.” I croaked out.

He grinned. “Phase two then.” Wait what? “Eth.” Liam called.

I wasn’t sure whether he didn’t say anything else or if I just didn’t hear it, because I was mostly focused on the fact that he pulled out. Before I could question it, however, I met sight of his well erect dick before my face. I didn’t need to be prompted, but Liam grabbed a handful of my hair again, and started pushing my head on him, nice and slow.

I gasped when I felt something push in behind me, though. When I glanced over my shoulders, Ethan winked, taking off his shirt. He gripped my ass cheeks, spreading them wide open, and dug deeper but slow. Now I know what Sarah meant.

I would have kept watching Ethan thrust nice and slow, deeper than any other I’ve ever had, but Liam requested my attention on the other side, and unlike Sarah, my preferences are directed at the younger one of the Carter brothers.

It was difficult to focus on blowing while Ethan was really testing my ability to stay still, though. Every time Sarah told me and Nat about him, we thought okay, maybe she’s talking him up a bit, how can someone be that good? I guess she wasn’t exaggerating at all.

It was all so synced, though. The way with which Liam thrust into my mouth met Ethan’s digging so perfectly that I kind of wondered … have they done this before?

After a few minutes, Ethan stopped, but I didn’t remain unattended for long. I will admit, Caleb was surprisingly better than I expected. Even though it was difficult to pay attention to him digging from behind while in front of me I had the two Carter brothers – although Liam soon went back to tit-fucking me. I think I definitely underestimated how tiring it would be to have 3 men at the same time.

When Caleb stopped, he pushed me to lie on my back, sliding me down the bed enough for me to be almost off it. He grabbed my legs, and opened them wide, restarting to thrust slowly at first, then faster and harder. I watched him for a few moments, his bare chest glistening in sweat, his full focus on pleasuring me.

It’s difficult to be friends with Liam and Ethan Carter. They’re rich, hot and popular – any guy kind of inevitably fades next to them, especially next to Liam. But Caleb is way more than what the eye meets – the insane pace he was keeping right now, causing me to writhe uncontrollably beneath me, was proof.

I’d have wondered where did the other two go, but, much to my surprise, I spotted them behind Caleb, pretty much in line, waiting for their turn. If that was supposed to make me feel like there were more guys than there actually were, it worked. Especially because my sight was blurring due to movements and complicated efforts to keep focus.

One after the other, they took turns, but all at the same pace. All three, one after the other, spent about 3 to 5 minutes each digging. I don’t know how long that went on, all I know is that I was already exhausted and voiceless.

Liam smiled when he grabbed my hand, and lifted me up. Wobbling, I almost fell, but he held me, so I wound up against his sweaty chest. He laughed, but it wasn’t anything hideous, just a cute chuckle. Okay, maybe I am still whipped. Ugh. I would have sworn I saw Ethan whispering something in Caleb’s ear and the other nodding as they stared at me. What was that about?

Liam turned to his brother, and they exchanged a significant look that I’m guessing it’s a Carter secret, because they didn’t say a word, yet Ethan knew he was supposed to walk back to us. When Liam lay on the bed, and Ethan helped me get on to straddle his brother, I became 100% certain that yes, they’ve done this before, they’ve shared girls.

Liam gripped my hips, grinning, and I closed my eyes as he gradually pushed in. He directed my movements, thrusting nice and slow, and I placed my hands on his chest. Slowly, however, I picked up my pace, starting to ride him properly, which I knew he wanted.

In fact, his hands moved to my ass, which he slapped, urging me to go faster. “That’s the good girl.” He said when I obeyed, and there you go, my thighs already clenched again. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the dirty talk.

With the corner of my eye, I saw Caleb watching us from the side, his hand on his manhood going up and down. Guess whose fantasy it is to watch group sex? However, I didn’t see Ethan for a bit. Did he leave to reach his precious Sarah in the other room?

“Mel.” Liam called, slapping my ass cheeks and spreading them right after. “You think you can take two?”

“Two what?” What a stupid, stupid question, Mel. Ugh.

Liam chuckled. “Not yet then.” He sat up, his hand holding my back so that I wouldn’t fall off him. Tracing it, he started thrusting deeply and leisurely, while his lips nibbled on my neck.

I wanna say I didn’t moan his name way louder than I wanted to, but it would be a lie. I didn’t see anything nor anyone else for a good … I don’t know, 15 minutes? 30? I have no clue how long it was. I just know that I reached the highest ecstasy, and may I be damned, I don’t entirely mean orgasms.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, hiding my face behind his neck, and basked in it. It’s one night that will never ever be repeated, I needed to live it to the fullest. Even though, I was barely aware of anything – consider I hadn’t even noticed my dress was all gone. “Are you gonna come again just for me, Mel?” Liam whispered seductively in my ear.

“I’m close.” I moaned lowly.

“Oh, that’s not enough, babe, not enough.” He mildly increased his pace, yet still digging leisurely, sultrily, pressing me against his chest, his lips against my ears. I’m not sure I completely heard what he murmured, but it was probably enough to set me off, because it didn’t take long before my thighs were clenching around him and I was coming all over him. “Good girl.” Liam said, kissing my cheek.

“Good girls get rewards.” I wheezed, pulling back enough to look at him.

“Indeed.” He gave me a quick kiss. “You think you’re ready for it now?”

“You mean …”

“He means I’m tired of standing here like a twig.”

I gulped when I heard Ethan’s voice right behind me. He didn’t sound annoyed, rather impatient.

Caleb chuckled. “I don’t know, I’m enjoying the view here … there’s chemistry between them.”

Oh, my God, Caleb, shut up. I sent him a dirty look. I shouldn’t have told him about my crush on Liam, ugh. Luckily, none of the Carter brothers seemed to have picked up the hint. Before they could, I turned to Ethan, and waved for him to come closer.

On cue, Liam lay on bed. I was still straddling him, so I placed my hands at the sides of his head, then took a deep breath, and nodded, relaxing. “Okay, let’s go.”

I closed my eyes when I felt Ethan push in. They both remained still for a few seconds, I guess to help me get used to it, then, slowly, the began thrusting, nice and slow. It wasn’t easy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, not the first time I get anal, but both holes at the same time? Oh, boy. And the Carter brothers are just … whew, no words for it.

After a few minutes, they picked up the pace, though, but I was way too voiceless to really moan loudly. They dug in sync, thrusted in sync, all so harmoniously and deeply that I thought I was gonna faint soon. Luckily, I didn’t, because otherwise I wouldn’t have seen Caleb come to my side, offering the last piece of the puzzle.

It wasn’t easy, no, but I managed. I was exhausted both emotionally and physically, but I still managed to fell every single thrust from both Carter brothers, and at the same time literally blow Caleb’s mind away – if his blissful expression was to prove anything.

Part of me wished the night wouldn’t end any time soon, even though I couldn’t really take it much longer. However, all good things come to an end. In my case, it was at the hand of two nosy chicks.

I won’t deny it, seeing Liam so quickly turn his attention to Sarah the moment she walked in worked like a cold shower on my hormones, and for a few seconds I hated her. But then I realized something: the night’s still young, and we’ve barely started.

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