A Kinky Christmas

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Chapter 3


Let me tell you our tradition. Every Christmas Eve, each of us buys something, we gather at someone’s place, have dinner, play games and drink alcohol until 2 am. Then one of the guys plays Santa Claus, bringing us gifts, we open them. After having taken pictures of course, which I jealously keep, in case I need to blackmail somebody – read Liam.

After gifts, we go back to drinking and playing games, then usually by 5-6 am we collapse wherever. By noon we get up, and even if wobbly and with a murderous migraine, we leave to see our families, well, some us of do, the others just rest. And by others I mean me, Liam and Ethan.

Melissa goes to see her parents in Argentina, Natasha travels back to Alaska, Caleb spends the last days of the year in Hawaii with his relatives. Liam and Ethan do have a family, but they never see their parents.

As for me ... well, I’m orphan, my parents passed away when I was 14. Car accident. A friend of my mother’s took me in, but when I was 16 she moved to Europe. She’d have taken me with her, but ... I didn’t want to go. I’d have had to leave soccer, my school, my friends, Liam in particular ... I couldn’t. So she agreed to have me declared legally emancipated, which meant that, well, I was major at 16, therefore able to take care of myself and all.

Liam wanted to convince his parents to take me in, but I refused, first because I did not want to be a charity case, then because ... well, it would have been too weird, given my crush on Ethan. I mean, he’d have practically become my stepbrother, which would have spoiled my every nonexistent chance at dating him.

Yes, I was that crushed back then. Funny, huh? I’ve longed for Ethan for over a year, even while never truly admitting it, yet when I did start dating him, it didn’t feel as fulfilling as teenage me thought. I guess it’s because I’d grown out of that puppy crush.

Liam, Ethan and I usually spend the rest of the holidays together, lounging at their mansion or travelling to some expensive place when they manage to convince me to be their guest. My job is nice, but it doesn’t really pay off enough for me to afford holidays in fancy beaches or things like those. Whenever I leave the State, it’s always because either Liam or Ethan convince me to travel at their expenses.

It’s a tough life, we all know it, but when you’re the son of a US Senator and a high profile businessman, it doesn’t matter if your own job is crappy, you can afford whatever you want ... including pay for everything your girlfriend would love but is too proud to ask you.

I never asked anything, never wanted any unnecessary gift from Ethan, and we fought every time he tried to get me something that cost more than 20 dollars, but ... that didn’t stop him from paying my rent when I couldn’t.

When I found out, I wanted to kill him, I swear, and then I’d have killed his brother, because it turned out, they had a deal with my landlord: if I got problems to pay rent, he needn’t fuss nor bother me, he just ought to go to them.

Those overprotective idiots took turns in paying my rent and bills the period I was jobless, without telling me anything. It’s luck that to enter college I got a scholarship that paid part of the fees, while the rest, I could pay it with what my parents left me – the account they’d opened purposely for college when I was born –, otherwise those jerks would have paid for those, too.

It’s one thing we fight over often. I get it that we’ve grown up together, so we’re practically family, but I don’t need their charity. Back to when we dated, Ethan always put it as ’boyfriends normally take their girls places, why can’t I?’, and it didn’t matter that I reminded him I was no kept woman, he wasn’t my sugar daddy, so we got to an agreement: he would only buy me two gifts a year: Christmas and birthday, not even Valentine’s Day, because I hate it.

We barely got to the Christmas gift before breaking up, but he’s been maintaining the deal, no matter what. Hard to make him change his mind, so every year, no matter what, on Christmas and my birthday, on my bed I find some expensive, unnecessary, superfluous gift from my ex boyfriend slash fuck buddy slash best friend.

With Liam it’s even worse, he doesn’t care if I threaten to castrate him, he’ll just pay for me whenever I can’t.

We’ve always spent Christmas together, all of us, yet never New Year, but, this time it would be the opposite, the families were already informed. For this particular occasion, however, we didn’t use my place, it was too small.

We had to use Liam and Ethan’s mansion, the one that’s always deserted because their parents are always out State, and there’s nobody left except for the housekeeper, who they conveniently sent away for the holidays. The guys don’t even live here, they got themselves a nice place downtown, which is pretty close to my own apartment.

Ethan says he chose it because it’s comfy and he can find peace to write there, but I’m pretty sure they only picked it because it was close to me.

We were all standing at the end of the main stairs, all dashing in our attires. Oddly enough, even without having arranged it, we girls all showed up in dresses color red wine.

As for the guys ... well, what can I say, I’ve always known my friends were pretty hot, tonight I actually saw it for the first time. Even Caleb, he was wearing simple jeans and a shirt, whose color, funnily enough, was red wine, the same as our dresses, but he looked different than the usual, definitely hotter.

Ethan was his usual sexy: black jeans, black vest, white shirt whose sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, showing off those sexy tattoos of his. He’s always been the ragged type of beauty. He had that bad boy look that just screams please, take me, I’m yours. The light beard only added to it, giving him a more mature look. All in all, I couldn’t help kinda wondering why the heck did we break up.

Last but not least ... Liam. Ah, Liam. My bestie, my ex enemy, and, as I found out only recently, my most secret admirer. He didn’t look dashing ... he looked drool-worthy kind of hot. Scratch that, tonight he was the oops, my panties just dropped to the floor kind of hot.

It was hard not to tease him these days, but I didn’t, mostly because I did not want to ruin anything. However, how do you behave when you indirectly find out that the guy you’ve always considered only your best friend – who’s coincidentally, your ex’s brother –, has been having indecent fantasies about you, and that he’s now craving to make them become true?

In other words, how do you behave when you find out your best friend can’t think of anything else but to pin you down and fuck the hell out of you?

Because it’s not about some secret fantasy here. He didn’t write something like, I don’t know ‘I wanna be dominated’, which would be kinky enough for Liam. No ... he simply wrote my name. Just ... my name.

Meaning that I am his most secret, most compelling desire, meaning that, throughout these years, the fact that he checked me out wasn’t casual, I always thought it was just typical of him. I’ve seen him check out Natasha and Melissa, too, yet no, he stared at me for a reason. I caught him licking his lips while staring at my butt for a reason, it wasn’t just aimless pervert behavior, Liam was actually picturing me naked, us doing the nasty ...

I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s weird, also because it makes me wonder whether he was against my relationship with his brother because of the reasons he stated or because he wanted me all to himself, and it’s also weird because, well, after all these years, there’s not much he hasn’t seen of me, so his fantasy can’t have gone that wild.

I mean, we’ve played in the same team for three years, we were always the first ones to arrive on the field, and the last ones to leave, therefore we often found ourselves taking a shower at the same time, and because there wasn’t a ladies restroom, I’ve often found myself taking a shower just beside my captain ... there were walls separating us, but they were enough low for us to be able to see each other’s face and peek if we really wanted to. I never have, and that’s always been a bit of a regret, but now I wonder, did he? Did Liam peep while I showered?

Then again, even if he didn’t, there’s not much he doesn’t know about my body. First because, playing soccer, we’ve often found ourselves in the mud together: we both played as forward, therefore in training we were always in opposite teams, and may I tell you, Liam has never been kind with me on the field, not when he battled to throw me out of the team, not when we became friends. He said that way he was preparing me to the opponents, because sure as heck they wouldn’t go gentle on me just because I’m a girl.

Liam marked me closely every time, and if you have even little knowledge of soccer, you know that marking means practically being glued to the other player, too, and when I say glued, I mean practically dancing lambada together. Also, with the group we often go to the beach, so yeah, Liam knows my body, just as I know his.

However ... you’ll agree that seeing someone on the beach, with trunks/bikini, it’s way different from seeing them completely naked behind closed doors. I was nervous, can’t deny it.

Oddly enough, I was way more nervous about Liam than the others. I could be fine with whatever I might find myself doing with my friends, I’m as open-minded as it can get when it comes to sex, but ... I was nervous about Liam.

Because it’s not like he wants to try something with me, he wants me. Period. I wonder how would Ethan take it if he knew that his brother would very much love to fuck his ex girlfriend anywhere, anytime, in any way he can.

We read the papers that were in the mug the other night, but none of those, except Liam’s, as you know, contained a name, and that’s where the Secret Santa part comes in. These were the fantasies written on those papers:




Watching group



The Secret Santa part comes in when you consider that these fantasies are abstract, except for the first one. They’re all focused on the what, not the who, so anybody of us could decide to pick one, and we thought we would, but Melissa disagreed, saying that was too easy.

It was actually her to arrange everything. Melissa knows whose paper is which, she arranged the rooms accordingly.

“Alright, let’s go.” Liam incited us, so we all climbed the stairs, in order to get to the bedrooms.

Once upstairs, we found ourselves in a fairly long corridor. Melissa prepared six rooms, and each bore a number ... the number of people the room was supposed to contain for each round.

The first room on the left bore the number 4, and I could already feel my stomach clenching at the thought. I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to do everything in one night, be it only because our bodies can only handle that much. I know for sure my own fantasy will tire me out entirely. So I’m guessing only two rooms will be used for tonight.

Room 1 bore a 4, so that would be used for the foursome. Room 2 bore a 6, which meant it was reserved to that watching group. Room 3 bore a 3, and it’s easy to guess why. The remaining three rooms all bore a 2, since the other fantasies were for two people.

Melissa gathered us in circle, then ordered us to close our eyes, and spin round a couple of times, which had us all shoot her questioning glances, but she merely grinned, inciting us to trust her, which we did. I felt stupid spinning around without a real purpose, but I did anyway.

When I stopped, I felt slightly dizzy, so I had to grab onto the first thing I found not to fall, even while still keeping my eyes closed, which I’d have opened, to see whom did I grip, considering I was sure it was a human shoulder, but Melissa forbid me to, so I obeyed.

“Alright, guys, do not open your eyes. I will guide you where you are supposed to go.” She stated, barely able to contain her own excitement that seeped all too clearly through her voice, and we all murmured in agreement, even if confused.

Silence reigned, all that could be heard was the shuffling of people moving, and doors being opened. When one door was closed, I swallowed my saliva, nervous. I didn’t know if she followed the order, taking the room 1 first, so I couldn’t know which fantasy I would be called to fulfill first.

I nearly screeched when I felt Melissa’s hand on my arm, and I almost wanted to drag my feet, not to follow her into the room.

I’ve been waiting for this since we came up with it, I’ve been impatient, I looked forward to it ... but now I felt nervous, awfully nervous, my stomach was full of butterflies banqueting around, I felt tense, and my breaths were a little uneven.

All because, somehow, I prefigured what, better said who would I find in the room, and ... for how much of an enthralling discovery that was, it was still unsettling. In theory it sounded exciting, practically, it made me antsy.

I was a mere inch away from running off when I heard the door being shut behind me after Melissa wished us fun, and I swallowed hard.

I didn’t even want to open my eyes. Deep in my gut I knew who would the other person be, I just ... knew it, and I wasn’t ready for it.

I’d considered he would be last, I thought I would have time to get better acquainted with the idea of me and Liam having sex together, but now ... being thrown face first into it, I was losing control of my usually impassive self.

I yelped when I felt hands on my shoulders, a thick unfamiliar scent waffling in the air, which confused me, because I was expecting something different ... it was completely new, as if bought on purpose.

I know Liam’s perfume all too well, he practically drowns in it every time, but this one wasn’t his ... it wasn’t the Hugo Boss he usually has on, it was different, too different to be him. Maybe he decided to change for this particular night? Or maybe it wasn’t him at all.

But it wasn’t Ethan’s perfume either, heck, it was not a perfume I’ve ever smelled on any of my friends. It could be anybody, so I went back to my first feeling. Liam.

Who else could it be to want a solo encounter with me? I already know for sure that paper was his, it was Liam who wrote Sarah when asked to mention his most compelling desire, so it gotta be him, my bestie.

The hands on my shoulders tightened their grip, and I felt the person moving closer to me, their breaths tickling my ear as they neared it. I held in my own breaths, expecting it to be one person and one only ...

However, the voice that spoke alluringly in my ear took me completely off guard: “You didn’t expect it, did you? What can I say? I’m a great pretender.”

I gulped audibly, my stomach clenching, especially as the person came up behind me, pushing me forward. I expected Liam, I considered it might be Ethan, but not ... “N-Natasha?” I called out disbelieving.

She grinned as she pushed me onto bed, swiftly coming to straddle me. “Damn right, baby. I’m taking what I’ve wanted since the first time I met you.” Her lips crashed on mine, strawberry meeting blueberry, plump meeting thin, in a mix that blew my mind away within merely a second.

“I can finally say it.” Natasha left my lips to nibble on my neck, hands travelling to the hem of my dress already. ”You are my most compelling desire, Sarah. I wrote your name. I have wanted you for so long I can’t even remember. And for the love of all things holy, tonight I’m taking you, baby. Oh, sweet God, I’m taking you right now.”

Well, damn.

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