A Kinky Christmas

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Chapter 4

It might have been the longest kiss I’ve ever shared, hadn’t I gasped out loud, breaking it, not for air, neither out of surprise, but simply because she hadn’t wasted a single minute, her hands traveling straight to the hem of my dress, lifting it up effortlessly and frantically, leaving me only in underwear. I’d have expected that from a guy, you know, I’d pegged Natasha for the fine type. Oh, well.

“Eager, huh?” I teased, smirking. Discovering it was Natasha to have written my name, finding out I am her most compelling desire, while I’d expected to be Liam’s, was flabbergasting, but hey, she didn’t really give me time to think, did she? And it’s not like I was much against it.

She pulled up, grinning as she gripped her own dress and took it off without so much of a fuss, letting me admire her beautifully shaped body. Man, she’s such a goddess, no wonder Caleb is so smitten with her.

“I’ll leave the femme fatale crap for the other rounds. Now ...” She pinned down my wrists, her mouth nearing my lips, but only teasing me, going for the earlobe instead. “I’m too excited to think of strategy.”

I moaned loud when she bit down. I did wonder how would it be, but I never really considered taking action ... don’t get me wrong, Natasha isn’t my first lesbian encounter, I kinda experimented with my roommate back in college. However, while Natasha has indeed crossed my mind, I’ll admit I’ve never really desired it enough to crave for it to become true. Apparently, she has.

“I’d have turned gay for you, baby.” She murmured while nibbling on my neck, her hands stubbornly pinning my wrists down at the sides of my head, forbidding me to move. “Well, at least for a night or two ...” She grinned, biting harder.

Well, damn, I hadn’t considered hardcore on the first round. Not that I minded anyways. I’ve experimented a couple of kinks with Ethan, and my roommate back in college gave me a few lessons, but I guess she went nowhere near what Natasha was about to do to me.

Natasha let her lips trail kisses and licks all over my neck from my earlobe, her teeth coming in contact with my pale skin now and then, I bet leaving bite marks I’ll have a hard time getting rid of. I wonder what will Ethan think of those. Slowly, her mouth trailed towards my cleavage, but she bypassed it, moving on to the stomach, until she stopped at level with my panties.

I bit my lips, watching her as she tugged at the lace stuff with her teeth, excited that she was going so fast I could barely wrap my hand around it. Normally I would love to be in charge, but given her eagerness and her straightforward ways I was all willing to let her lead. She was right, we might as well leave the femme fatale crap to the rounds with the guys, there’s no need for that between us.

Natasha could have more easily slipped off my panties, had she left my hands, but she was dead set on keeping them hostage, and I was beyond caring. The simple fact that she held me there, pinned against the bed, her on top of me, was beyond hot, why should I complain? It took her a little more time to slip off the panties just by tugging them with her teeth, but feeling her hot breath against my pubic zone was worth it, it only made me hotter all over.

“Why don’t you just tie me up, babe?” I asked, a little hopeful, unable to retain myself.

Natasha grinned against my core, her grey eyes burning into mine as she looked up. “You know what you like, huh?”

I bit my lip as she freed my wrists. I know I like being partly a sub, can’t deny it. Heck, I know I love it when Ethan goes all bossy on me ... you have no idea how hot that guy gets when he slips into his dominant boots.

Natasha eagerly dragged me up against the headboard, then looked around for any kind of stuff to use, or so I thought, because her grey eyes then focused on one spot only, beaming in excitement. I glanced over at the wardrobe she was eyeing, wondering why was she looking right there, but I got my response when she stood, going to rummage through that.

I’ll admit I was too busy staring at her perked up ass while she rummaged, so I didn’t see what she took from where. Natasha’s got a really nice ass, one of those you’d love to spank over and over again, not to mention fuck like there’s no tomorrow.

When she came up, she grinned wildly, and I think I saw something glinting in her hands, along with something else, but before I could tell whatever those things were, she hid them both behind her back, and ordered me to close my eyes, which kinda had me grin as well.

“Are you gonna go all dominatrix on me?” I asked, kinda failing to suppress my arousal. Natasha’s grin widened, but she shook her head, nearing the bed. My eyes were dutifully closed, and I lay expectantly, arms stretched to the headboard, but I could hear her footsteps, of course.

When I felt her weight on me, I yelped the slightest, but nearly gulped when she roughly gripped my wrists and handcuffed me to the bedpost, her voice sultrily murmuring in my ear: “You’re under arrest, Ms. Lancaster. Everything you say can and will be held against you.” Oh, damn. I forgot ... Natasha is a police officer.

I gasped when she roughly stripped me of my bra, leaving me there completely naked underneath her, I bet I was already pooling in arousal. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be blindfolded, it would add to the fun, but I wanted to see what she did to me. However, I didn’t need to decide, because the first thing Natasha did was pull up her lower side to my face, so that I couldn’t help gulping as I faced – literally faced – her core. Way to be direct.

I’d have dived in gladly, but she held my head back, and I gaped at her curiously, only to bite my lips when I noticed her impish look. So she really did want to go all dominatrix on me, huh? I’m not surprised, I knew she had it in her. Actually, when the paper with Dominatrix written on it came out, I kinda thought it would be Natasha. The funny thing is, it wasn’t her, so who was it?

She gripped a handful of my hair, and pulled roughly, inching my face closer against her core. “You’ve been very naughty, Ms. Lancaster, if you want to be released, you will have to precisely and wordlessly obey to me, do you understand?”

I bit my lip, eager to savor those pink lips that were glistening in arousal, just a couple of inches away from me. I nodded my assent, but Natasha pulled my hair as a punishment, so I voiced: “Yes ... Ma’am.”

She grinned, pleased. She let go of my hair, and dipped my face into her core for real, ordering: “Now go ahead, do a good job, or else I will punish you.”

Oh, golly ... this must be heaven. I did as asked, straightly going for the lips, my tongue slipping in eagerly, only to be hastily pulled out when Natasha tugged at my hair, implicitly scolding me for going too fast. Having received the message, I took my time, raking my mind for memories of what my roommate liked – because she’s the sole girl I’ve been with, to be honest –, and once that compartment of my memory store was opened, every trick and idea came back in a flash.

I did everything I used to do to Clarisse back in the day, but while then I had her guiding me, this time I was doing everything on my own. I also recalled and eagerly used on Natasha some tricks I’ve been submitted to by that sinful sex god that is my ex.

I got my response when Natasha arched her back, moaning louder than she’d ever had before, tugging at my hair so tightly that it freaking hurt, but I said nothing, just went on sucking, licking and all I knew could drive a woman insane.

Natasha’s moans were so wild, I wondered if the others could hear, because, I mean, I had her legs covering my ears, so I heard her muffled, what about them? She grinded against me, practically riding my face the same way as she would ride a dick, and I nearly choked on her cum when she climaxed, but I resisted enough not to spit it out, even though it was tricky. Good thing I’m sort of used to relaxing my throat enough for the purpose.

Natasha pulled back, grinning when she looked at my face, and I knew why ... I probably had her cum all over my face, I could feel it even in my nose, mind you.

Taking me off guard, she reached over for the nightstand, and grabbed a tissue, cleansing me with more sweetness than expected, especially when we were on kinky mode. My insides clenched when she came down and crashed her lips on mine, tugging on my bottom lip with her teeth until it hurt, and I let out a bit of a strangled moan. She was going to be half sweet and half rough, huh? Awesome.

I could feel my lip already swollen when she quit, but I didn’t mind. She trailed kisses mixed with bites all over my neck, down to my cleavage, making me scream out loud when she took one nipple in her mouth, biting roughly. It hurt like hell, but it was freaking worth it.

One of her hands grabbed one boob, and squeezed harshly, once again making me scream out loud, arching my back, tugging at the handcuffs, which hurt my wrists, but it was a pleasant pain, something not entirely new, but neither routine for me.

Ethan may be bossy all he wants when we play, but he’ll never get to hurting me, the most he hurts me with is by pulling my hair. It’s a guy thing...they restrain their strength, afraid. Well, Ethan does.

Natasha pushed me down, pressing both her hands on my stomach to keep my back at level with the bed, and I obeyed this time, but when she restarted biting while kissing and she twisted my nipple so harshly, I could only revolt. “Behave.” She warned me, but I didn’t listen, tugging at my cuffs, the response was that she twisted my nipple tighter, making me whimper more than moan, because I’m too sensitive there.

“Nat ...” I called in a warning. I’ve never known why, but my nipples are really, really sensitive, a too rough touch hurts like freaking hell, and not much pleasurably. She met my eyes, and relented her grip, without a word, I guess not to spoil the atmosphere, even though I’m sure she understood that was too much for me.

Luckily, it was only a small impasse, we could easily overcome it by ignoring it, which we did. Natasha regained her eager pace by going straight for my core, spreading my legs forcedly and raising them in the air. It was my turn to scream like a mad woman as she ate me out, way better than I could have, and I don’t exaggerate when I say I think I came multiple times in a row, to the point that my clit was already achy.

Her tongue ran so skillfully over my labia, so leisurely yet eagerly, her mouth cupped my clit so easily even while it was so slick, she sucked and licked and kissed with such energy, that it could only end in me going nuts because of the too much pleasure.

My wrists hurt like hell because of how harshly I tugged at the handcuffs, in order to be set free, because I was craving to reach out, touch anything of her, my legs closed on their own a couple of times, but she didn’t cease. I think that at some point I invented new curses, because my mouth’s as dirty as a sailor’s during these moments.

My ass raised up to meet her mouth when she pulled up, but Natasha always pushed it down, using all her strength to keep me steady, which was tricky, I know it was, because hardly can Ethan in such predicament.

Damnit, I shouldn’t think of Ethan while being fucked by this gorgeous goddess, should I? I couldn’t help it, my mind compared them willingly when needing to fill the empty moments between one climax and the other.

I nearly gasped out of both relief and disappointment when Natasha’s mouth left my core. I could see my fluids dripping along her chin, and I so wanted to be freed from the cuffs in order to lick them away, but she didn’t let me, better said, she did free me, but only to have me on all fours.

She was mindful enough to place a couple of pillows underneath me, but my arms did hurt as she pulled them back, forcing my face against the pillows. She spread my legs, along with my ass cheeks, and I yelped when she spanked me harshly, but couldn’t help demanding: “Please, more!”

“More what?”

“Please, spank me, Ma’am!”

I could hear her grin impishly as her hand came down on my left cheek once again, quite forcefully too, enough to leave a red mark, I’m pretty sure, and I freaking love it. What can I say, I’m a kinky freak. Natasha’s hand came down on either of my ass cheeks at least five times each, harshly enough to convince me I’ll have some troubles sitting down for a while, and I bet Ethan will be surprised to notice the red marks ... coming from a hand that isn’t his, I mean.

When Natasha left my ass, I was surprised, especially because I could hear her stuffing with herself, but I couldn’t see what she was doing. I gasped when I felt her fingers inside me, thrusting all at once, without warning, which had me kinda whimper in pain, but not enough not to let me enjoy it, which didn’t last long anyways, because she was soon to pull out.

“You’re dripping wet, you know.” She pointed out.

I smirked, even though kinda uneasy because of the delay. “Fuck me.” I demanded, gaining a light slap on my ass.

“I decide what to do when, Ms. Lancaster.”

“I know, but ...”

“But what?” One more slap.

I bit my lip, kinda liking it. “But ... I really need you to fuck me right now, Ma’am.”


“Or ... I’ll go insane.”

Natasha grinned, and I felt her positioning right behind me. When I felt something cold against my skin, I recoiled, having an idea what was she up to, which pushed me to just shut up and wait, because I knew I would love this. And I wasn’t disappointed.

She rubbed the thing against my sleek labia, I bet gathering juices in order to lubricate it, and when she gripped my ass cheeks, spreading them, I repressed an excited sound. It was a first time for me, therefore it felt weird in the beginning, but as soon as she slipped inside, I moaned.

Natasha came in and out a few times, the same as a skilled man would, which had me guessed she’d used this particular thing more than a few times already, which had me make a mental note of asking her what does she exactly do during the wild nights she doesn’t want to tell us about ...

It didn’t take long before she picked up a faster pace, and I moaned louder, feeling it all inside me, the material still being a weird intruder, but not as much as before. Natasha thrust skillfully, faster and harder by the minute, her hand came down a few times, more than I could count anyways, but then, it wasn’t really easy to focus on anything but Natasha pounding into me. Her moans were entwined in mine, in a delightful symphony that filled the room, and I could only wish it would never end.

“Oh, gosh ... oh, gosh, baby, you make me wish I had a fucking penis!” Her comment was weirdly arousing and funny at the same time, but I barely laughed, too focused on pleasure. She gripped both my ass cheeks in order to better pound into me, and I felt like I was truly touching heaven. Man, I’ve found one fair adversary for Ethan.

The sole bummer was the fact that my wrists were cuffed, so I could nothing but just take what she was giving me, while I wanted to participate more actively, dang it. My face dipped into the pillow when she increased her pace, and our skins slapped against each other so loudly that the sound filled my ears more than our moans, at intervals that symphony of moans plus skins against each other would be joined by the sound of her hand smacking against my cheeks, which only made it all the more better.

I was beyond myself, I could hardly feel myself in a concrete bed, on earth, I was flying so freaking high that I felt I could never come down, and it didn’t matter that she was going so fast and hard that it kinda hurt, I just loved every single bit of it.

However, everything comes to an end, doesn’t it? And what an abrupt end this was! Natasha pulled out unexpectedly, making me whimper in pain, especially as I’d been one mere inch away from climaxing again. That was nothing, though. The real pain came when she stuck that thing into my butt, after having barely prepared me with her fingers, which I’d barely felt, too busy enjoying her thrusts into my core. I never knew a freaking strap-on could be this satisfying.

“Nat!” I screamed loud, squirming for how possible it was, when I felt it almost all, and she gripped me tightly to keep me steady. My arms hurt a little, but I said nothing, my scalp hurt worse when she grabbed a handful of my hair and started pulling while she pounded. I wasn’t new to anal either, but it freaking hurt nevertheless. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to say anything, because it hurt, yeah, but it hurt so freaking good.

Once again too abruptly, Natasha pulled out, and flipped me, coming to straddle me, which hurt my arms that were behind me, and she noticed, so that she freed them. I would have taken control, hadn’t she blocked me against the bed with all her weight. Well, in truth, I’m taller and with a few pounds more, so I could have easily tackled her, but I didn’t, wanting her to enjoy her fantasy to the fullest, or as much as I was, anyways.

I let her fuck me in any position she felt like, I let her get wild with that freaking toy, and when she slipped it off, going back to hands and mouth only, for how exhausted, I gave everything I could. I think we probably went on for more than an hour or so, when we finally ceased, we both collapsed onto bed, sweaty and worn out, but so fully satisfied that hardly would we be able to do anything more than just sleep for the rest of the night.

I stared at the ceiling, still wheezing, Natasha beside me doing the same. “Do you realize that, if you and I are here, that means Melissa is in the other room being a lucky bitch?” I frowned at her comment, and Natasha smirked. “I mean, there are four people in that room, three of whom are hot guys ...” Oh. I didn’t consider that. “So right now that lucky bitch is being turned upside down by our three studs.”

I smirked. Clever girl, she took the best pleasure for herself. Carefully listening in, now that we were over with our own concert, I could even hear moans coming from the room opposite to ours.

“Hey, how about we go peek?” Natasha proposed, kinda reading my mind.

I frowned, turning back to her. “I can barely move thanks to you, Nat.”

She grinned, guilty. “Me too, but come on, when will we ever get the chance again?”

“There’s porn for that, you know?”

“Yeah, but this would be real time!”

I chuckled at her enthusiasm, even though I was surprised that she still had some, after what we did. I guess I was more worn out than her. Biting my lip, I considered her idea. It wasn’t in the deal, but ... neither was it against the rules, right?

Finding it hard to stand without feeling achy bones, I did anyways, and Natasha followed me. We barely put back on our dresses, without undergarments, and headed out of the room. Once outside, the moans from the other door came louder, and clearly, they were female. Tiptoeing towards the source, Natasha and I huddled together as we opened the door ajar, enough for us to see without being seen.

I nearly gasped when my eyes met the scene. Sure as heck there she was, Melissa enjoying all three guys at once. Damn, I should have written Foursome, too.

I bit my lips, reconsidering it. Then again, my biggest fantasy will be tricky anyways. You see, I’ve always fancied screwing two brothers, but ... well, not two generic ones.

I watched them both, Liam and Ethan, pounding away into Melissa, while Caleb was enjoying her blowjob, and ignoring this latter piece, I couldn’t help picturing myself in her place.

Gosh, I’ve dreamed of that very same scene so many times ... hey, I said it took me off guard that Liam would want to have sex with me, I never said I didn’t consider screwing him.

Then again, I wouldn’t do him alone, what I’ve desired most these years was to have those two studs just take the chance and fuck the hell out of me. We’ve slept in the same house, in close rooms even, so many times, have camped together even, yet they never considered it. I bet they were convinced I wouldn’t agree ... how foolish of them.

I think I recall one specific time, when we went camping. Liam forgot to bring their tent, so for one night they shared mine, which was pretty small, so I wound up kinda sandwiched between them. I recall feeling Ethan’s boner against my butt as well as Liam’s against my front as they both hugged me, but none of them made a move.

I won’t deny that even back then, even while being barely 19, I did wish they would do something. Sadly, nothing happened. Those fools. Then again, maybe it was unvoluntary, they do not fancy having a threesome with their best friend, I would understand them, especially Liam.

However, because Natasha had opened the door a little too much, eager, I was able to meet Liam’s gaze as he glanced our way, his face showing the bliss he was enjoying. He didn’t look away, and neither did I, but while his face was focused more on the effort than on me, I was daydreaming of feeling that thick thing of his inside me.

So much for being his most compelling desire, huh? Now it turned out, I was the one craving to fuck my bestie. Well, he and his brother at once. Gosh, I can’t wait for my Secret Santa. I can’t wait for the guys to realize. Meanwhile ... I could enjoy the hot sight.

Or I would have ... hadn’t Natasha grabbed my hand, barely muttering a “let’s join them” before dragging me in. It wasn’t hard to miss Liam’s smirk along with his hint at his brother, which had Ethan turn as well, only to then grin while eyeing me.

Instead of focusing on the matter at hand, the two brothers shared significant looks, smirking, and nodded. Well, well, looks like I’m not the only one to have concealed desires among us three, huh?

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