A Kinky Christmas

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Chapter 5

You know, when you spend so much time with your friends, it may happen that, even if you haven’t known them your entire life, you feel like you have, therefore you feel like there’s nothing, nothing that can surprise you of them. Most of the time, they do surprise you.

How often do you find out that your friends have actually been having fantasies about you? Maybe they do have them but they’ll never tell you. I was lucky. I not only found out, but I also lived that fantasy. And what an experience that was ...

However, that was only the first round. There were four more desires to fulfill.

Natasha and I’s appearance disrupted Melissa’s schedule, but not her own fantasy. Heck, she wouldn’t have even noticed us, as busy as she was enjoying all three guys at once, but Natasha decided to make our presence known, so...

There was one fantasy that required all of us, so why not just get on with it? Six people, all naked, in one room, determined to get the best out of the night. What does it make you think of?

I’ll admit I was surprised when Caleb asked us to just stand all beside each other. Watching group, that was his fantasy. I’d have never guessed. You gotta know that Caleb is the sweetest and kindest among us, the shiest, to some extents, so it did surprise us all – except for Natasha – that he would hide such fantasy. That he would love to watch his friends go at it, altogether, it never once crossed my mind.

So there we stood now, as naked as we were born, all of us pretty worn out, but not enough to delay this new Sexy Secret Santa.

The curious part, however, is, Natasha, Caleb and Melissa all revealed their own fantasies, now Liam, Ethan and I remained.

Let me remind you:

Sarah ... turned out to be Natasha’s

Foursome...Melissa, that lucky hoe

Watching group...our sweet, lovely Caleb

So...it remained: Brothers, Sharing, Dominatrix. Now, I know what I put, but which one of the two was Ethan’s, and which one Liam’s?

Caleb took an armchair, and moved it to face the bed, far enough for him to sit there, and fully enjoy the show. He gave us all a small coy smile as he joked: “Real time porn, I guess, huh?”

I wasn’t able to hold back a laugh, despite everything, and neither were the others, so that lit up the atmosphere. I think the tension was due more to tiredness than awkwardness, but just to clear it all, I decided I would be the first one to break the ice.

I broke the line by going to stand in front of Natasha, whose eyes blinked before she smiled, realizing. I grabbed a hold of the back of her head, and crashed my lips on hers, kissing her deeply and hungrily.

Ethan and Liam gasped in unison. With the corner of my eye I could see Caleb grinning. He wanted to enjoy a show, and a show to remember I would give him.

Natasha wasn’t late to respond. She swiftly reached out to my hips and pulled, having me crash into her, and we eagerly walked back towards the bed, while the others watched. I’ll admit that the idea of fucking Natasha while Ethan watched was pretty damn hot.

I pushed her onto the bed, and straddled her, being quick to cover her entire juicy body with mine, as if we were only resuming something we’d left mid-air.

I pinned her wrists onto the bed, and I smirked when her grey eyes lit up with lust, while behind me Liam cursed loudly. I attacked Natasha’s lips eagerly and avidly, biting the bottom one, pulling at it fiercely, then trailing kisses along her jaw, down to her neck, then her cleavage. She’s got some nice boobies, a cute cup B I could only devour, as if I were a hermit having spent ages in a desert with no food nor water whatsoever.

I got a little carried away, meaning that my mind fogged a little too much for me to be able to follow a real plan, as I’d wanted to. So I just went with the wind. That means that I let go of her hands, and I let mine travel all along her sweet, delicious body, following her refined shape towards that piece of heaven she hid between her legs.

I’d barely gotten to licking a little moan out of her as I’d faintly touched her sweet bundle of nerves, that I moaned of my own, feeling hands get a hold of my ass cheeks first, spreading them, and then fingers slide over my labia. I was so sensitive over there, it was impossible not to feel it.

Looking over my back, I noticed Melissa’s blonde hair in between my legs, and I grinned, gripping the sheets as she went all in for it, going straight to the jackpot, without hesitation, as it’s in her character. With Melissa’s tongue swirling around my core, trying to focus on Natasha was quite tricky, but I forced myself to, somehow.

You know, they make it look so easy, but what they don’t tell you is, having multiple partners in bed is one hell of a tricky business. And not because of the eventual emotional repercussions. It’s complicated because you ought to focus on more matters at once while your hormones are all tangled up and you don’t even know where to turn first.

Take me, for instance, in what was I supposed to linger more? Should I pay more attention to Melissa eating me out, or should I focus on eating out Natasha?

And what does it happen when you hear your friend let out such a loud high-pitched moan, as if she’s just been strangled, and you realize that, had you looked over just one second earlier, you’d have seen the direct responsible for such reaction, who happens to be, guess what, your best friend’s thick dick. How the heck do you keep focus when you’re well aware that, behind you, your bestie is fucking the girl that’s getting you so close to orgasm that you kinda even forget where the heck you are right now?

With Melissa’s moans in my ears, along with Liam’s grunts as he pounded into her, I got back to my own job when Natasha pressed my head against her core, reminding me of what was I up to. I slid my tongue through her sleek lips, letting it sink into her enough for her to feel the flat side of it, and she moaned in response.

Looking up, I saw Ethan standing at the side of bed, staring at me as he bit his lip, in the tremendously sexy way he does when he’s aroused, and I didn’t need to look down, I was pretty sure his flag was standing proud. His green eyes – the one feature that gives away his blood relation to Liam – bore into me, and it was merely a matter of seconds before his left hand travelled to his manhood. It was easy forgetting the rest, I’ll admit, because I got stuck watching him. That sight is always mesmerizing for me.

Sure, I did continue with my own job, but my eyes were fixated on that hand and the movement it made, up and down, up and down, stroking that big thing of his. I’ve asked Ethan to let me watch him as he masturbates so many times that I’m sure he thinks I’m obsessed. And I probably am. It’s hard to give it up, he got me hooked, it’s like a drug I can’t be without.

I looked down, just so Ethan and his addictive dick wouldn’t distract me, which resulted in Natasha letting out her loudest moan because I’d increased my pace so suddenly and so feverishly, that she’d already come, right on my tongue. I grinned at her tired face as she wheezed. Not even close to what she did to me, I guess, but I could settle for now.

Looking over my back, I saw Melissa had ceased her job on me, she was too busy gripping me, in order to hold herself while Liam’s thrusts got harder and faster by the minute. I bit my lip, kinda bummed that I couldn’t get a full sight, so I focused on his face instead.

His forehead was sweaty, and it showed the creases due to him concentrating, his eyes fixated on what he was doing, his hands gripping Melissa’s butt. I’ll admit I was kinda envious, but hey, my moment would come. If he’s nothing like his brother in that department, I won’t be able to walk straight for a while.

I felt Natasha slide out of my grip, so I turned, and noticed she’d gotten on her knees on the side of the bed, and had started blowing Ethan. I smirked. He was gripping her hair, bobbing her head, the way he does to me, because he likes guiding the movement. When he noticed I was watching, he smirked back, shrugging. “You’re better”, he mouthed, and I had a hard time not laughing. Not very kind of him, but yeah, Ethan can be a bit of an asshole when he really wants to.

Because Melissa and Liam were all focused on themselves at the moment, I slipped out of her grip, so that she could fall onto bed, like she did, perking up that delicious ass of hers for his pleasure, and I went over to the other two, joining Natasha in her job. I couldn’t resist.

Ethan’s hand was quick to dip into my hair as I licked his length, prefiguring what was to come next, which Natasha did too, because she moved just enough to leave me space, and I took the chance to swallow him whole, feeling him reach the back of my throat all too easily.

I love giving head, I admit, especially to my ex. He’s so responsive, and this time was no exception. His grip on my hair tightened, which was a telltale sign that he was loving it even too much – as in, he might come any minute now, that is.

I took care of him the way I know he loves, while Natasha helped by playing with his balls, and I guess that’s the real addition that set him off, because in no time Ethan was releasing his load into my mouth. I let go merely because Natasha seemed as eager as I to taste him, otherwise I’d have gladly swallowed, something I’ve ever liked doing only ever since I tasted him.

I stood, and so did Natasha. My eyes travelled to the bed, where Melissa was screaming out Liam’s name while he pounded into her, so hard that the freaking headboard kept hitting the freaking wall. Soon. I reminded myself. Soon, my turn would come soon. Meanwhile ... I could play a little.

I turned back to Ethan and Natasha, only to realize they were both staring at me, but while she was focused on my boobs, as soon as he met my eyes, my ex smirked, hinting at our friend. I didn’t need him to speak, I instantly got what he meant, and I sure as heck was all in for it.

Making her yelp, I grabbed Natasha’s hand, and I pushed her onto the bed. I walked over to the other side, where her head was, and I positioned right above her face, implicitly telling her what I wanted. She swiftly gripped my legs, which were at her sides, and dipped her tongue into my core.

I bit my lip, loving it already, but I loved it more as she gasped against my labia when, out of the blue, Ethan did what he does best. I smirked as he worked his way through her walls, digging slowly at first, picking up a faster pace gradually, just so she would get used to it. I know by experience that it’s always necessary with him. I grinned as I watched him, loving the concentration on his face as much as the sight of him digging deeper and faster by the minute.

I heard Liam and Melissa shift, and with the corner of my eye, I saw her straddling him, which made it easy for him to meet my gaze as I turned, and he smirked as much as I, watching us, his arms behind his head. I licked my lips seductively,poking the inside of my cheek with my tongue as I hinted at his crotch. Liam smirked, lust brimming in his green eyes as he mouthed “you’re next”.

I’d have wanted to keep up appearances, make it a surprise, save it for my own fantasy, but fuck, I could not wait any longer. I wanted to feel Liam’s thick dick inside me, and I wanted it sooner than soon. Besides, just because it happened already, it doesn’t mean that my Sexy Secret Santa won’t be worth it, don’t you think?

At this point you might have already guessed, but yeah, I put Brothers. Not just any brothers. I want the Carter brothers all too myself, even if only for one night. It’s been a fantasy I’ve had ever since I walked in on Liam going at it with two girls at a time. Not that I didn’t fancy screwing him before, but that just made it all the most interesting.

I turned back to my own mix when Ethan grabbed the back of my head, and I barely caught myself as he crashed his lips on mine, harshly and hungrily, in a way he’d hardly ever done before. There was something weird in it, but maybe it was just me, confused by the pressure in my stomach as I got closer and closer to my climax because of Natasha’s damn good skills.

How the heck could she focus on giving me head while she had my freaking awesome ex thrusting into her, I really don’t know, but she did, and I was thankful for it, because it gave me a mind-blowing orgasm shortly after.

I was still kissing Ethan when the flood came, and I would have jumped away, the pressure being so strong, but neither of them let me. Natasha held me there, her arms tightly gripping my legs, despite them quivering, Ethan still gripped my head, holding onto that kiss, which he broke only when I gasped loud, needing air.

His lips moved to my neck, and I lingered more and more, till I found myself leaving Natasha, or rather, she let go of my legs so I could lean into my ex to get more of him. I felt her slip out from beneath me, and crawl to the floor, and I realized she’d gone back to sucking Ethan only when he groaned against my skin.

I cupped Ethan’s cheeks and brought his face back up, so that I could kiss the heck out of him. He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me closer against him, so much closer that Natasha’s hair kinda tickled my navel, which would have normally had me laugh, me being so ticklish, but I was too focused on Ethan right now.

I may have forgotten the others, but my ex seemed to have done the same, you know. Judging by the way he devoured my lips, his hands roaming my body feverishly, it seemed he was ignoring even the girl at his feet, despite her being intent on blowing the heck out of him. I guess I should be flattered. No matter what, he’ll still focus on me.

Ethan’s lips moved from mine when I gasped for air, breaking the kiss, and he moved on, trailing kisses along my jaw, down to my neck, lingering to nibble on that sweet spot of mine, the one that’s suffered tons of hickeys from this particular guy here, the heavy type that had me wear high neck even in Spring. My hands unconsciously reached out for his abs, letting my nails trail, and he groaned against my mouth, not sure if at that or at Natasha’s job.

When his hand finally reached my core, I moaned, because Ethan wasted no time, just stuck his fingers in there, pumping fast, as he knows I love. Our bodies drew so closer that we would have squeezed Natasha between us, but because we didn’t, I realized she wasn’t there anymore. I tilted my head enough for my peripheral vision to meet the sight of her currently on her knees before Caleb, intent on blowing him. That girl sure likes sucking, huh? Who can blame her.

“It’s our fault.” Ethan murmured huskily in my ear as he pumped. “We ignored her.”

I bit my lip, acknowledging he was right. Damn guy, always messing with my hormones. “You should recall this is a group play.” I chastised him, half jokingly, and he smirked, biting the skin of my neck, causing a light moan to erupt from my lips.

“You’re right, it’s a group play.” Ethan agreed, sticking his fingers further inside me, making me half whimper in pain. “But I’ve fucked Mel back and forth, I’ve had Nat’s cum cover my dick, now my buddy craves to feel his most favorite partner.” He bit down, and I moaned, but whimpered as he pulled out his fingers. “Man, how I love fucking the hell out of you, baby, you have no idea.”

Roughly, Ethan grabbed a hold of my hips and in a moment he flipped me, putting me on all fours, my knees aware they’d get quite sore, because they were on the hard floor other than on bed, against which the rest of my body leaned. “Come on, Sarah, do what you do best, baby. Scream my name out loud.” He taunted as he pushed in, quite roughly I’d add.

Of course, how could I disappoint him? Like I said, Ethan can be a bit of an asshole when he really wants to, and gosh, how good sex is when he plays jerk. Ethan pounded so hard that my knees got sore quite soon, inevitably, which hurt, but I could endure it, also because I had an awesome bonus: from where I was, in that position, I could get a full sight on the rest of the group, and damn, what a sight that was.

Caleb had finally joined the game. Sitting on the armchair, hands firmly gripping Natasha’s hips, he was digging harder and harder into her, enough for me to see her pale skin getting kinda redder, as much as her face at each moan she let out.

Liam was standing beside the bed. Melissa was blowing the heck out of him, his hand was gripping her hair as he followed the movements of her head, but he was mostly focused on watching me and his brother.

And when Ethan bent over, breathing in my ear as he spoke, I realized why was his brother so fixated on us: “He knows you want us, baby. We both know it. We both know what’s your most compelling desire.”

I should have been surprised, but...come on, these guys know me so well and I know them. Of course they figured it out. And at this point, I didn’t need to hear it from him...once the other three were out of the way, I knew Ethan’s fantasy was sharing.

Sharing me, that is. I know they’ve done that, sharing girls. So his most compelling fantasy was specific, just as much as mine.

“You never told ...” I mentioned. I’m freakishly open to kinks, Ethan’s never had troubles in asking me this or that. I wonder why this particular desire was to remain so hidden. Isn’t it a somewhat common fantasy amongst guys? To share your girlfriend with your brother or best friend?

Ethan chuckled, his breath hot in my ear as much as his chest was sweaty against my back. “It’s not much of a fantasy, really. It’s more of a ... long term wish.”

My eyes widened inevitably. What the ... what?

“Right here and now or in private? That’s the real question, baby.” Ethan murmured, his husky, sexy tone echoing in my ear.

I bit my lips, struggling to keep the answer that craved to be blurted out, but it only took one more hard thrust mixed with nibbling and pulling of hair, and I easily admitted: “Both. I want both.”

Ethan smirked, and let go of my hair as he agreed: “As you wish.”

He pulled back up. I didn’t see what he did, but I did see Liam smirking his ass off as he looked at his brother. My breaths once more caught in my throat when Liam left Melissa to come over to us. Well then, the moment has arrived finally. Me, Liam and Ethan. As it’s always been.

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