A Kinky Christmas

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Chapter 6



“Hey, you asleep, Eth?” I bit my lip, barely daring to even breathe, just not to wake Sarah, but then I sighed at my brother’s stupid question.

“How the hell can I sleep? I’ve got her freaking boobs against my chest!” I whisper-yelled. Damnit, Sarah was clung to me like a freaking koala. I’ve cursed my brother so many times ever since I found out he’d forgotten our tent. I must have reminded him to put it into the backpack so many times, but of course, he didn’t even listen.

We agreed to come to this stupid camp only because Sarah wanted it. Honestly, I’m more of a comforts and technology kind of guy; I do like nature, I like going for walks and such, but to go out camping in the middle of nowhere, with no contact with humanity nor technology? Hell, no. Too bad I’m a sucker for that cute pout of hers.

Damn girl, she’s gonna be the death of me. I’ve been crushing on her for so long, I can’t even remember when it started. Had I been straightforward since the beginning, without pulling that idiotic try to get her jealous move, I’d have been with her eons ago, so by now I wouldn’t be suffering a freaking painful boner while she’s against me. Well, maybe I would anyways, but hell, I could make a move on her without her getting mad.

“Don’t tell me, bro, I’ve got her ass perked up right against my dick!” Liam complained, I bet suffering just as much as I. I don’t think she knows. I mean, she might have sensed I’m attracted to her, but I don’t think she realizes just how much my brother craves to screw her.

She calls him her bestie, her best friend, and sure, they are indeed best friends, but certainly not the platonic type she thinks. I’ve seen my brother run off to take the coldest showers after they played soccer, cover his boner with just about anything when she wasn’t looking, I wonder how couldn’t she realize.

“Do you think she can feel it?” My brother asked, taking me off my thoughts.


“My erection against her butt, do you think she can feel it?”

I rolled my eyes at his stupid question. “How the hell can I know?” My brother is so clever, but he can be so stupid sometimes. Then again, I should also wonder if Sarah could feel my boner against her. Judging by how deeply she was sleeping, she definitely couldn’t. Damn, I want her. So bad. I want to take her right here, right now, with my brother watching, and why not, joining. I bit my lip as the thought crossed my mind.

We’ve done that. Sharing girls. Man, of course we’ve done that. The first time happened at the beginning of my senior year, Liam was a sophomore, it was with Noelle, this new girl in our school, Liam brought her home once, back then he was still battling to keep Sarah out of the soccer team, so they weren’t friends yet – they would become in a couple of weeks actually –, and the girl not so mistakenly wound up in my room instead of his. She said she’d heard so much about the Carter brothers, she wanted to try it firsthand. Who were we to deny her such pleasure?

I looked over at Liam, and he smirked his ass off, clearly having perceived what I was thinking. Call it brotherly telepathy, but even without being twins, we’re able to read the other quite easily.

“Do you think she’d let us?” Liam asked, his voice now hoarse, which gave away his arousal. In case the boner against Sarah’s butt wasn’t enough, that is.

“What?” I played dumb, my fingers rubbing Sarah’s skin, not that sneakily having slipped beneath her sleep tee.

My brother rolled his eyes, snorting at me. “Don’t pretend you’re not thinking it, Ethan.”

“Thinking what?” My brother knows every single detail of my thoughts, but at least this one, I’d have preferred to keep it a secret. He doesn’t even know about my crush on Sarah, which is funny, because he knows all too well I’ve got his same problem when it comes to our hot friend. I guess he presumes that for me it’s the same as for him, namely, simple attraction to a damn hot girl.

“Come on, big bro ... admit it.” Liam pushed. I bit my lips, looking over at her beautiful face. She hummed in her sleep, and clung to me only more, her arms gripping me tightly, and judging by how Liam groaned, she’d pushed against him as well. I wonder if she forgot we’re right here sleeping with her.

“She’s our best friend.” I pointed out, more to myself than to my brother.

He snorted, for how lowly. “So what?”

I rolled my eyes. “So ... she’s off limits, you moron.” No matter how many things you would love to do to her when she bends over, showing off that juicy ass of hers just for your pleasure, for how involuntarily. I wonder how would she take it if she knew she’s my primary thought whenever I’m alone with my right hand.

I wonder how would she take it if she knew I’d so gladly fuck the hell out of her. And if I admitted I’d kinda love to share her with my brother? Damn, that’d be so good. Just picture it, me and Liam filling her every hole, making her cum so many times, giving her so much that she won’t be able to walk straight for a day or two. The sole thought had my pants inevitably stiffen, way more than before, that is.

“That counts for you too, you know.” Liam murmured, once again taking me off my thoughts, so I looked over to him, catching him as he stared at Sarah, a weird expression on his face, one I’ve rarely ever seen on him.

Last time he had that look on, he was staring at Clara, our nanny, on whom Liam had a foolish crush when he was 9. He was determined, you know, he was sure he’d marry her once he was old enough. I think that, seeing her make out with her boyfriend in our living room was one of my brother’s biggest disappointments, and I don’t think I exaggerate when I say she kinda broke his poor little heart. Now he was gaping at Sarah in the same way, which had me doubt whether his was just attraction or not.

“She’s off limits for me, but she’s off limits for you too, Eth.” Liam pointed out, staring me dead in the eye, despite the dim light, which had me gulp. How the heck did he know? “Promise me.”

“What?” I asked, marveled.

“Promise me you won’t try anything with her.”

“Liam ...”

“She’s our best friend, you said.”

“Yeah, but ...”

“But what?”

I sighed. Yeah, she’s our best friend, but she’s also been my forbidden dream for so long, how can I swear I won’t grab the opportunity as soon as it comes? “I can’t promise anything.” I admitted. Liam sent me a dirty look. “Oh, come on, if you could get a chance with her, you’d take in a heartbeat.” I groaned, resented. I know he would, I know my freaking brother like the back of my hand, I know damn well he wouldn’t blink twice if he got the chance of doing his bestie.

However, he surprised me by groaning. “I don’t mean that, you idiot.” I frowned, and he rolled his eyes. “I meant, you can fuck her all you want, but nothing more.”

“What?” That doesn’t make any freaking sense.

“If she came to you, horny as fuck, ready to have sex with you, you would give in, wouldn’t you?”

I didn’t reply, but of course I would. I’d be stupid if I didn’t. I’ve been fancying that for so long, how could I turn her down? You have no idea how many daydreams I’ve had of her ignoring everything and everyone else to come give me what I crave. Sarah has been a very vivid dream for quite long. It’s not my fault, it’s her to be so freaking hot. Hell, she’s been my most forbidden desire for so long, that even when I’m with some other girl I think of her.

“Eth, you would give in, wouldn’t you?”

I rolled my eyes at my brother. “Of course I would fucking give in. I’d take her in a heartbeat, you know that.”

“Exactly my point.”

“You would do the same.” It’s not like I’m the only creep that craves to fuck his best friend here, eh.

“Of course I would fucking do the same!” Him raising his voice resulted in Sarah stirring in our arms, so Liam lowered it again, whisper-yelling: “I meant, don’t you try all that relationship crap with her.”

I frowned. Why shouldn’t I? “Are you vetoing our eventual story? Because if that’s the case, let me tell you, my dear baby brother, you command no shit. If I’m gonna date Sarah, I just am, no matter what you say.”

He growled, and like the child he is, he kicked my ankle, to which I would have responded, but, one, I’m more mature, two, I risked waking the sleeping beauty in my arms, and even though my freaking boner was damn painful, I preferred such position.

Sarah isn’t your average girlie, she’s not all rainbows and sunshine, hell, with the traumas she’d had, of course she isn’t. She’s full of sass, she’s tough, the kind of woman that will cut off your balls if you dare call her princess. She’s a real badass ... however, when she sleeps so peacefully, she looks incredibly sweet. It was a rare moment I couldn’t quite give up.

“You’re not gonna hurt her. Not on my watch.” Liam stated darkly, taking me off guard.

I know he’s quite protective over her, even if he’ll never tell her – something about pride –, but I was surprised that he would attack me even. He should know I care for Sarah just as much as he does. Well, maybe a bit more. “Who says I’m gonna-”

“Oh, please, you change girlfriend more often than a hipster changes I-Phone.”

I would have laughed at the joke, hadn’t he been so freaking serious. It’s true that I’ve had quite a few girls, but it’s not because I don’t want to commit, if anything, it’s the opposite. I do want a relationship that’ll last more than two months, but it never works. Never. It just doesn’t.

Every girl I go out with, it’s fine for a while, then I get bored or annoyed or both. Sarah says I’m just unconsciously determined to remain single, I think it’s more like, none of the girls I go out with are able to chain me to them. And maybe there’s a specific reason.

“Either way, you should recall what we said about this.” I pointed out, ignoring my brother’s comment.

“That was years ago.” He snorted.

I rolled my eyes. “Maybe. But it still applies.”

“Oh, come on ...”

I didn’t budge. We once said that, no matter how much we’d love to share her, we’d never try, because it’d be too awkward. Now he seems to have forgotten all about it.

“Alright, alright. Let’s ... make a deal. If we find ourselves in the predicament, where we know for sure she really, really wants it, like ... she wants us more than she’d want Nutella ...”

I smiled, knowing Sarah loves Nutella more than anything else, just a tiny notch beneath soccer. If she could feed only on Nutella, I think she would, maybe with some intervals of pizza and Pringles. Believe me, for how much that girl eats, you’d picture her as fat as the Fat Lady from Harry Potter, yet no, she’s got those maddening curves that you’d so gladly grip tightly while you’re grinding against her, thrusting into her as if your own life depended on it ... ah, sorry, just ... one of my fantasies. Inevitable as the sun rising every day. Damn, she’s definitely gonna be the death of me.

“If we find ourselves in such predicament, we won’t back down.”

“Liam ...”

“What? It’d be an altruistic gift, don’t you think?”

I rolled my eyes. “Sure. It’d be so altruistic of us to make of her just one more number amongst those we’ve shared.” I snapped bitterly. “She’s not whatever chick, Liam. Sarah is-”

“Are you in love with her?”

My eyes inevitably widened. “What? No, I-”

“Say it.”

“No, I-”

“Fucking say it, Ethan.”

I bit my lip. Busted. There’s really nothing I can hide to my brother, I guess. “Fine.” I sighed, tightening my grip on her. “Yes. Yes, I, Ethan Carter, am deeply in love with Sarah Lancaster. Have been for a couple of years.” Phew, it feels good to finally say it out loud.

I expected my brother to huff and puff, yell or whatever, given his opposition, what I didn’t expect was Liam sighing as much as I while, eyes on our sleeping beauty, he breathed out: “Then we’re both screwed, because I’m in love with her, too.”




You know, when your best friends are guys, easily you let your eyes wander. Most of the time, your male best friend will still check you out, it’s stronger than him, no matter what, but you? Can you honestly say you’ve never once done the same?

I have. I never took the chance to truly peep when I could, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never let my eyes fall on Liam’s package. Damn, I of course I have, how couldn’t I?

My best friend is hot, useless to deny it, he was and somewhat still is, even if only for hobby, a soccer player, so he’s perfectly fit, with a physique that ... hmmm, yummy. They say that pants deceive, well, I’ll tell you, in my case, not at all.

However, one thing is glancing over at his crotch now and then, picturing the inside, a whole different animal is having his big thick dick only a couple of inches away from your face.

When I looked up, I met Liam’s excited grin, which gave away his desire – in case his flag standing so proud wasn’t enough, that is. I licked my lips, wet at the sole idea of finally feeling my best friend. I was so aroused, that I almost forgot not only the rest of the group, but more specifically Ethan behind me. I recalled he was still there when he pulled out a bit too fast, causing me to whimper, although he apologized.

Taking me off guard, Ethan stood, and grabbed my hand to lift me up as well. I wound up crashing into his naked chest, and I grinned, wondering what was he, or, better said, what were they up to. With the corner of my eye I could see Caleb blissfully lying on bed, Melissa and Natasha taking care of him.

My sight was obstructed by Liam coming to squeeze me against his brother, so that they kinda sandwiched me. It’s a habit they have, and to be honest I don’t really mind. I’ve spent most of my life with these two guys.

Liam, Ethan and I are an inseparable trio, that’s a given, and I guess that’s the biggest reason for Liam to be against the idea of me and his brother dating, it would have split the trio. Luckily it didn’t, and neither does me still hooking up with my ex, so I guess it’s safe to say that neither finally realizing my fantasy will.

Liam and Ethan are the most astounding, most perfect example of brothers, it’s not that they never fight, oh, they do, trust me, but they are so amazingly attached to each other that, in case one of them decided to leave the other, you’d think he must have gone completely nuts. They’re so close as only twins are. Ethan will always deny it, but, being two years older, he obviously feels the big brother responsibility, so he’ll always take that dumbass that is Liam out of trouble.

Now, Sarah the sandwich. Yes, they tend to do that a lot, mostly when we have a multiple hug. It’s a thing we started in high school, we used to celebrate like that when Liam and I’s team won.

Liam and Ethan were pressing against me, caging me between them, their sweaty, hard chests against mine as well as my back, their skins against mine ... I felt overhyped already at that. I closed my eyes, in order to take a deep breath, but I wound up gasping when I felt both their mouths on my neck as well as their hands on each of my breasts.

Damn, even that small touch got me dizzy, how’s it possible? I could handle Natasha, I didn’t even blink when I shared her with Ethan, but both him and Liam focusing on me, it was ... more than my crazy hormones could take. Maybe it was tiredness after all the roughhousing, but even only the guys nibbling on my neck, their hands roaming my body, had me feel as weak as hardly I ever have.

I’m not a whiny type, I hardly ever cry, hardly ever let myself be vulnerable, with the life I’ve led, growing up parentless, adult with responsibilities already by the age of 16, of course I’ve learnt to be always tough, and usually even in bed I tend to lead more than submit, but ... these guys, I’ve always entrusted them with my life, I’ve always lived with and for them, I feel the safest when I’m with them, yet right now ... I felt all my fragility.

Each and every single one of their touches on my skin made me weak in my knees, to the point that I could faint any minute. And they probably noticed, because I felt myself being lifted and carried till I was placed onto the bed. I took the chance to kneel, thighs wide open, in case either of them or both decided to let their hands wander more than fairly innocently.

They were taking it quite slow, which was unexpected, but welcome, because this way I could keep up the pace even while being so tired. The bed was big enough for all of us, but with the corner of my eye I could notice Caleb back on his armchair, busy stroking himself at a mad pace while Melissa and Natasha put on a show in front of him.

It felt as if the guys knew exactly what I wanted, as if they’d read a word per word recount of every single daydream I’ve had of them. But after so long, they just know me back and forth.

Ethan especially, after four years, of course he knows precisely what I like. He knows I love it when he nibbles on my neck, he knows I love it when his lips trail all over my body so gently that I feel tingles; he knows I love it the most when he grabs a hold of my neck, and crashes his lips against mine, hungrily yet sultrily, while his other hand, after having travelled delicately through the whole length of my backbones, winds up in my most private areas, where he starts playing with my clit.

Liam might not know my body like that, but he sure knows how to please a woman. He was on my left, busy nibbling on my neck while his hand squeezed my breasts, just a tad bit less gently than his brother’s touch.

I gave myself a few minutes to rejoice of their touch, closing my eyes to feel everything, I even turned to my right, seeking Ethan’s lips. I would have turned to Liam too, but I wasn’t quite sure how would it feel to kiss him. In other circumstances I wouldn’t have cared, but it was my bestie, our kiss might have been too strong for us to keep focus, already his amorous caresses and his nibbling caused my stomach to flip, a kiss might have sent me off balance for good.

I lingered in their touch for a few minutes, like I said, but in the end, I couldn’t skip the chance, I just reached out for them, and grabbed a hold of each of those big thick shafts of theirs. Only feeling Liam in my hand had me moan more than all of his strokes on my skin.

I’ve been with Ethan so many times, that I could honestly recognize his penis just by touching it, but Liam ... every vein, every bit of his skin that I touched, it made my stomach churn and flutter at the same time in anticipation.

I retained myself from comparing, and let my hands start stroking each of them, slowly at first, increasingly fast later, which had the guys start groaning against my ears, their pleasure increasing mine somehow, their foreheads against my skin burning it already, until they both slowed me down, because otherwise they’d have been unable to focus on me.

Ethan spread my thighs a little wider, so that my clit was fully exposed for him to stroke it and play with it as much as he liked, while I stroked his thick manhood. I turned to him, biting my lips as I saw him so concentrated – I simply love watching his face when he focuses on something, especially his work and our sessions –, and I would have retained myself from it, but I couldn’t help it, so I just reached out and kissed him, hungrily and feverishly but still sultrily.

Meanwhile Liam focused on my breasts, cupping one in his mouth, and I yelped inside his brother’s mouth when I felt his fingers replace Ethan’s against my clit, starting to stroke it faster and harder, causing me to bite Ethan’s lip because of how frenzy I got, unable to hold steady as the pressure in my stomach tightened. As Liam’s fingers stuck inside me, starting to thrust, I started grinding against them, almost forgetting his brother on the other side. I would have, hadn’t he left my lips to stick his sleek fingers inside my mouth.

I was barely able to keep stroking them as I practically rode Liam’s fingers, needing to get the most of it, as if I were afraid he’d stop too soon. My eyes might have been focused on Ethan’s as I sucked on his fingers that were in my mouth, but the rest of my body was with his brother as Liam guided me closer and closer to my orgasm.

I don’t know if it was planned, but it was exactly when Ethan pulled his fingers out of my mouth that Liam finally pushed me over the edge, so that I let out a loud moan that distracted even the other trio, while I came all over Liam’s fingers.

My stomach churned when Liam smirked, his thumb disclosing my lips, an action I expected to anticipate him doing the same as his brother would, making me savor my own juices. Instead no, Liam raised my chin and brought my face closer to his. It was a matter of a half second, I was barely able to realize his intents, that his lips captured mine, his hand on my cheek.

I won’t lie, my stomach made a thousand flips, my knees felt weaker than before, and I felt Goosebumps all over my spine.

It took me off guard, because it was the very same thing that happened four years ago, when Ethan first kissed me – when we were both sober, I mean. That time I felt the very same tingles, the very same sensations, the very same feeling of the proverbial rug being pulled from under my feet, as if I were floating in the air, without any link to the real world.

Luckily, Liam recalled it was a sexy moment, not a let’s mess with Sarah’s feelings time, therefore he left my lips to trail kisses over my neck, this time merely sensually sexual. When I remained interdicted, he grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled, forcedly tilting my head back, giving both him and his brother access to my skin, which had me moan both at the pleasure their kisses and caresses gave me, and at the unexpected rough moment.

Liam probably perceived I liked it, therefore he pulled my hair harshly a couple of times more, always causing a louder moan to leave my lips, until they both left my skin, in order to stand.

I grinned as Liam tied my hair around his wrist, taking it out of the way, as if implicitly telling me what they wanted now. I didn’t need to be asked. I gave myself time to meet Ethan’s deep green eyes before taking him in my mouth, my left hand restarting to stroke Liam instead. I was so eager and excited that I didn’t even focus entirely, I just kept switching, offering my oral services alternatively to both of them, I helped myself with my hands.

The sole times I would linger more in each oral part would be when either Liam pulled my hair harshly, or Ethan bobbed my head, each of them wanting as much as they could get. Their ongoing moans were like a delightful symphony to my ears, they made me wonder why the heck didn’t I take this chance earlier, why the heck did I spoil so many occasions ... not gonna happen again, trust me.

I was a little disappointed when Ethan moved back, but I grinned when he lay on bed beside me. Before I could move to straddle him, craving to feel him inside me. Liam pulled my hair once again, thrusting my head against his dick, harshly enough to catch me off guard, so that I kinda gagged when he reached the back of my throat, and I would have reproached him, hadn’t he given me one of his sexy, panty-dropping grins that made me wetter at the sole idea of what was to come next.

However, in order to let him know I wasn’t gonna be just a doll, I left him to go straddle his brother ... that failed, too. Showing his domineering side, Liam lifted me up just by gripping my hips, and he put me on all fours, my face inevitably going to almost collide with Ethan’s hard shaft. I didn’t mind. I could teach Liam some manners another time.

I eagerly took Ethan in my mouth again, trying to ignore Liam as his fingers slid over my labia, collecting my wetness, I bet in order to make sure I was ready. I nearly choked on Ethan when I felt Liam push in. It was gentle and slow, and we were both perfectly lubricated, I even expected it ... yet it still took me off guard. He didn’t go through at first, he slid inside and out a few times, giving me time to adjust, and I bit my lip as I could so clearly feel every single inch of his length. Hmmm ... they’re definitely brothers.

However, Liam soon picked up a faster pace, disrupting my job on his brother, actually, both because my whole body shook with each of his thrusts, and because the pleasure was too strong for me to focus on anything else.

Liam gripped my hips as he dug harder and deeper, and I closed my eyes to savor every single inch of him inside me. My hand was on Ethan’s own length, but I was too high to consider anything else. I did open my eyes, though, and it was when Ethan pulled up, and cupped my face, only to then kiss me, deeply and hungrily, with something different, odd, in it, something that had my stomach clench as much as his brother’s thrusts.

When Ethan left my lips, he grabbed a hold of my hair, holding my face up, so that I could look at him, and our eyes inevitably met. I stared into those deep green eyes as I moaned, Ethan stared back into my browns, watching me, licking his lips, evidently excited.

A couple of times he glanced over my back, behind me, at his brother, and every time the arousal on his face showed as clear as ever. It felt odd, staring into my ex boyfriend’s eyes while I took in every bit of the pleasure his brother was giving me. Looking at my ex, barely blinking, being comforted by him, caressed, kissed, while his brother was fucking my brains out. It felt odd. An amazingly awesome kind of odd.

“Come on, baby, let go. Cum for us, Sarah, come on.” Ethan encouraged me when Liam picked up an even faster pace, his hand coming down onto my ass cheek a couple of times.

My body was so sore, after the rounds I’d had already, and with the hormonal frenzy this one caused me, I’ll be lucky if I’ll be able to get up from bed tomorrow and for the next couple of days. Then again, if Liam and Ethan remain with me, what reason would I have to get up?

Ah, that’d be a dream, wouldn’t it? If only this night wasn’t only a onetime thing, if only I could go to sleep with the certainty that I’d have both my best friends with me. I remember that time on camping, I slept so cozy, wrapped up in their arms! If only I could have that every night of my life, it’d be heaven.

Liam’s groans behind me told me he felt as much as I that I was so very close to my orgasm, and as my insides clenched around him, his grip on my hips tightened, to the point that I’ll almost certainly be able to see the marks he left tomorrow. My mouth inevitably opened wide as I moaned, and Ethan took the chance to slip his thumb in, so that I sealed my lips, licking his finger like I would do to his buddy down there pretty soon again. I just needed to ...

“Ahhh! Liam!” I called out as I came, my body quivering in the aftereffects of such a powerful climax. I was barely able to feel my body as it was, but I felt all too clearly the guys’ caresses as they soothed me, both of them. I was so exhausted, so worn out, that I might have collapsed right then and there. I think that, mostly, to keep me still awake was the expectation, the prospect of the ultimate union of me and my two best friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Melissa, Natasha and Caleb, too, but these two guys ... they’ve picked me up when I was to my lowest, they’ve shared my pain as much as my joy, they’ve been there for me for the most part of my life. It’s obvious that, what we have, even compared to the deep friendship with the others, it’s way stronger and more important to me.

Don’t consider the fact that I’ve dated Ethan, consider that, before being my boyfriend, he’s been my sweet confidant, the shoulder I’ve cried on so many times, when I really couldn’t avoid it. And Liam, you don’t even need to consider the bonding that forms amongst teammates, you just need to focus on the very simple fact that this guy might be unnervingly cocky most of the time, but he’s also my cushion, my safe line, because every time I seem gloomy, he makes me laugh.

Every time I’m down on my luck, they’re right there for me. I’ll cry on Ethan’s shoulder, and then a few minutes later I’ll laugh my ass off because of some corny joke Liam cracked up on purpose. They’re kind of a team, these two, Ethan being the gentle, kind side, Liam being the silly funny one. This way, they have lit up and will keep on lighting up my darkest days, I know that. So forgive me if I dare put them on a pedestal. In every sense.

Me, Liam and Ethan together ... it was sublime. The most supreme moment I could have ever lived. And we’ve only barely started.

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