A Kinky Christmas

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Chapter 7


Rolling over on bed, I squinted my eyes when they, upon opening, met the obnoxious light peeking from the windows. I would have sworn I’d shut the curtains before going to sleep ... then again, I couldn’t even recall when was the last time I got up from this bed.

You’ll be smirking your ass off by now, prefiguring what I must have done, or, better said, what somebody must have done to me, to keep me in bed for so long ... I’ll disappoint you. After that unforgettable Christmas Eve, nothing of that sort has happened. Not to me, anyways.

I mean, after that awesome time with Liam and Ethan, I was so completely worn out, that I collapsed onto bed. I don’t even recall whether they slept beside me or not – knowing them, they certainly did, I just wish I’d recall it.

We would have spent Christmas and the rest of the holidays together, like we always do, but out of the blue they were summoned to some event in some place, something about their mom. She does that, whenever elections are behind the corner, Senator Carter starts playing the loving mother card, so her husband and her sons are summoned to events all over the country in order to show off what a perfect family the Carters are.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Mrs. Carter. She might not be the most affectionate mother, but I know she loves her sons deeply, same goes for Mr. Carter. They might seem harsh and cold, but they do love their sons. I am irked whenever this happens because it’s always at the most expected moment, so that every time I wind up all alone.

Liam and Ethan had to leave on Christmas Day. Because of the long night we all had, we slept in, and when we woke up, we found out the hosts were gone. They left us a message in the kitchen. They said they would be away for a few days, something about their mother needing them for a few events in a row, which was a bummer for me, because I’d taken for granted I would have my best friends to hang out with, instead of just be a lonely widow in a huge mansion.

Caleb and Natasha left by 26th, however not before having startled both me and Melissa by confessing they’d been dating for six months already, and they were ready to announce it to their families.

Melissa and I alone ... I don’t need to tell you what we did, just know that we fully exploited the time we had. She left last night, her mother happens to celebrate her birthday right on 31st.

So that left me alone in the Carters’ mansion. I could have gone back to my old place, but Liam and Ethan insisted I stay, saying we’ll spend New Year’s together nevertheless, it’s our tradition. But this morning Ethan wrote me again, saying these stupid events are gonna stretch out a little more. Sigh.

I was invited to a couple of parties, but I don’t really feel like going without the guys, so I guess I’ll just remain in here watching people celebrate. Wild, huh?

Rolling over, I reached out for my phone, which was on the nightstand. I’m not even sure which room is this one, because, I mean, Melissa and I kinda got carried away these couple of days ... we parted with the promise that our girls nights would never be the same again, and when we texted such promise to Natasha, she eagerly agreed.

That girl is always one step in advance, you know. She’d already talked about it with her boyfriend. Caleb agreed in a heartbeat. Melissa and I are officially single, so no trouble, even if I wanted to consider Ethan, I highly doubt he’d have anything against me having fun with my gal pals, actually, he’d probably offer to lend a hand, or ask to watch.

Unlocking my phone caused me to squint my eyes, because the freaking light nearly blinded me, so it took me a couple of moments to get used to it. When I did, I saw all the notifications. All texts from my friends, of course. Amongst those useless ones in the group chat with everyone, normal business like ‘how’s it going’, Caleb and Natasha explained in a couple of sentences how did it go with their parents, Melissa assured us the flight was fine, she was alive and well, Ethan wrote on his brother’s behalf as much as his, informing us they were almost done with events, but they didn’t know when would they come back.

I would have answered, but amongst my tons of texts, let alone the naughty ones the girls sent me in our own group chat – Girl Power is the name, needless to say it –, there were also those from both Liam and Ethan in the other group chat. The Amazing Trio, name that, apparently, Liam had changed into The Perfect Sandwich, for obvious reasons.

They mainly asked me how was I faring, if I felt lonely, how did I plan to spend the day, if I’d stay at their mansion or go home ... it was a little weird, because they haven’t been texting me these days at all. Sure, we talked in the group chat with the others, but just the three of us? Nothing.

I wonder if the guys have started feeling all the awkwardness of what we did. Even the texts they sent me in the morning, they were too ... impersonal. Not the type of text I’m used to get from them.

I bit my lip as I considered asking, my fingers ready to type in ... then I reconsidered it. Better talk it out in person. Ethan and I will also have to tell his brother about us, unless Liam knows already. If they planned what we did on Christmas Eve, my ex probably already informed his brother, so that might be one issue out of the way, because my bestie didn’t seem bothered.

Deciding I would talk four eyes with the guys once they’re back, I threw my phone onto the bed, and leisurely stood. Upon stretching, my bones felt a little crispy, but nothing compared to the day after the big event. I could say I’ve almost fully recovered ... and I’m ready for a next round.

Hmm ... how I wish the guys were here, damnit. But then, who knows if they’re willing to do a repeat. Maybe for them it was only a onetime thing. I really hope they won’t get all awkward now, it’d be stupid after all we’ve been through together.

As I stood beneath the shower, I bit my lips while thinking back to that night. Gosh, there’s nothing that could ever live up to those standards. Aside from the whole Sexy Secret Santa thing, which we’ve decided to repeat every year, by the way, even only my round with Liam and Ethan gave me Goosebumps at the sole thought. Inevitably, with water pouring down on me, I let my hands wander downwards, towards my achy paradise.

Closing my eyes, I pictured the scenes I lived barely a week ago. I saw Liam pounding into me from behind, Ethan cupping my face as he watched me moan at the extreme pleasure his brother gave me, and as if on cue, my fingers slid through my labia, going straight for my clit. Damn, I felt horny. I felt so damn horny that I could jump either of the guys or both as soon as they come back.

I rubbed my bundle of nerves leisurely at first, letting myself enjoy the feeling, keeping my eyes closed so that I could easily picture either Liam or Ethan doing that to me instead of me using my own fingers. I got so carried away that I forgot where I was and what was I doing, my mind was focused on that scenario.

Ethan silently comes in, opens the shower door, and slips in, his arms cage me, and he presses me against the wall ...

My fingers slipped inside on their own at the thought, and I inadvertendly moaned his name out loud as I grinded against my own fingers, pretending they were in fact my ex’s thick dick. I saw it, I saw the scene as if it were real ...

Ethan pounds into me like he knows, he grips my hips tightly, enough to leave marks, as he thrusts harder and faster until, out of nowhere, his brother appears, in front of me, his panty-dropping grin there to make me wetter.

My fingers dug deeper into myself as I, pressing my eyelids closer, one hand against the wall to keep me steady, I saw that scene that never happened.

Ethan pulls out – I don’t even feel it –, and hands me over to his brother. Liam seizes me up, and practically impales me with his hard rock cock ...

I started moaning louder as I pictured the scene, and the pressure in my stomach started becoming unbearable. I was in a whole other dimension, I didn’t care about the water getting colder, I was sure it would evaporate as soon as it touched my skin, because I was too hot for my own good. The steam might have enhanced my dizziness, but I didn’t care, all I could focus on was my own imagination, that scenario that felt so real even while being totally invented.

I forced myself to resist, to hold back the orgasm, because I knew that if I was patient, I would be rewarded. I saw it all, I even felt it, for how crazy that might sound, I felt Liam thrust deeper and deeper into me, I felt Ethan’s chest press against my back, I felt his hands join his brother’s in holding me up, and finally, I felt Ethan push in, inside my butthole. I felt even while not actually feeling, for how absurd that may sound.

Those two studs, my two studs working faster and harder and deeper, I heard their groans in my ears, I felt their scorching kisses all over my skin, and, finally, I felt them explode inside me. Just as I, finally, screaming out both names, reached my own peak, falling to my knees for how weak I felt afterwards.

My breaths were uneven, and even if I did leisurely open my eyes, I felt so lightheaded that it was hard to come back to reality, given how fast my head was spinning. Definitely the best orgasm I was ever able to give myself.

I let out a deep breath, feeling disappointed. I bet it would have been so much better if they guys had been here ...

Grudgingly, still a little weak and dizzy, I stood, and restarted the shower, embracing cold water, for I needed my thoughts to clean up, given the impossibility to realize any part of the immensely vivid fantasy I just had. Once I was ready, I exited the shower booth. I didn’t even need to make a run for the bathrobe, like I do when I’m at my place, the heating system was set so high that I could hang around naked even in the middle of Winter.

Feeling restless, I reached for my phone beside the sink, and unlocked it. There were a few messages from the group chat, which I ignored, and a couple from Girl Power – aka Melissa and Natasha –, asking where the heck did I disappear for the past 45 minutes. I smirked. I guess my lonely fantasy lasted more than I thought. Skipping those, too, I clicked on The Perfect Sandwich, not caring about being too sticky or whatever.

Even though, the guys and I do text each other a lot, enough for their girlfriends and my boyfriends to always be quite suspicious. I guess it’s inevitable, when you’ve got such a deep friendship like ours. Some people don’t understand what does it mean for us, and I don’t blame them. They don’t know how much Liam, Ethan and I have lived together, they don’t know that, for instance, I wouldn’t have made it to achieving what I have, hadn’t it been for my guys.

They gave me hope, they lifted me up every time I was down, and they keep on sustaining me every single time. I don’t know what I’d be without Liam and Ethan, so pardon me, but even while being a proud bull, I can allow myself to be weak with them.

That’s why I didn’t bother texting:

Guuuuys! Where the heck are you?! I need you! Right now!

The answers, obviously, came in, in a matter of seconds. Please ... I’ve had girls incinerate me with their eyes because both Ethan and Liam are capable of halting sex to respond to my texts. I do the same, to be honest. That’s to tell you just how close we are. I mean, I don’t do it for the girls nor for Caleb, yet I love them to bits, eh.

Ethan: What’s up, sweet pea?

My ex and his stupid nicknames ... he uses them when he wants to irritate me ... or cheer me up.

Liam: What is it, Lancaster? Miss us already?

Had it been anyone else, I would have denied stubbornly, but how could I when it came to them?

Sarah: Damn right, I miss your dumb asses! Both!

Liam: Whoa ... somebody’s lonely, huh?

Ethan: Hold on, sweet pea. Just a while longer.

Ah, Ethan, always the sweet one ...

Sarah: How long?

Ethan: No idea, sorry

I groaned out loud, frustrated, but my ears perked up at a muffled sound coming from the other side of the door. I frowned, confused. There’s just me in this huge mansion, not even the staff, so I probably hallucinated. Back to the phone, there was another text from my ex:

Ethan: Entertain yourself, we’ll be back soon

Sarah: I’m booooored!

Liam: It’s a freaking mansion, Sherlock, plenty of things to do.

I bit my lip, for once thinking it over before sending a text. One phrase came to me as response, but would admitting it make things awkward? Ugh, screw it.

Sarah: There’s only one thing I wanna do, and I can’t!

Ethan: What?

Liam: What is it?

Sarah: You! You dumbasses! I wanna do YOU!

I heard those muffled sounds once again, this time a little louder, but I blamed the city: I opened the windows to get fresh air, so it must be noises coming from the outside. This mansion is in an awfully rich neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t noisy.

Ethan: Care to elaborate?

The jerk. I bet his brother suggested the response, but hey, I was beyond caring.

Sarah: Take your dumb asses back here sooner than soon. I’m naked and fucking horny.

Ethan: For us?


Liam: We could tell that much from your moans ...

My eyes widened in surprise, but as the sounds I heard before now got almost booming, and I was finally able to recognize laughs ... male laughs, I realized. A moment later the door swung open, and the two idiots appeared on the threshold, Liam laughing his ass off, Ethan biting his lips as he stared at me.

Irked that Liam would laugh of my situation, I crossed my arms, and turned, not even caring that I was completely naked in front of them. I felt steps coming closer, but I stubbornly faced the wall ahead of me, until familiar arms came to wrap around me, and I was pulled against an as much familiar hard chest.

“I’ve missed you, too, baby”, Ethan whispered as he bit my earlobe kinda sensually. “But seeing you cum so hard while thinking of us made up for it.”

My eyes widened like saucers once again. “You saw me?”

“Damn right we did”, Liam injected as he came to stand in front of me, pressing against my front as much as his brother pressed against my rear. My knees inevitably weakened as both guys kissed each sides of my neck, biting a little too.

“Time to make your fantasy come true, don’t you think?” Liam mentioned.

“Again, you mean.” Ethan corrected.

His brother smirked against my skin. “For a long time to come, I mean.”

I could feel their boners against me, and I had a hard time trying not to moan as I spoke, needing to specify, just so I was sure my fantasy wasn’t betraying me: “You mean we could ...“, I wasn’t able to finish, because they both kissed my neck, giving me Goosebumps.

My heart was set on fire as both Liam and Ethan, in unison, admitted: “I love you, Sarah.”

Well, damn.

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