A Kinky Christmas

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Chapter 8


I love you, Sarah. I love you. That very simple phrase kept swimming in my thoughts, fast and confused yet ... normal. I guess that’s the whole point.

When Liam and Ethan, my best friends, my anchors, my ... everything confessed me that, at first I felt marveled, confused, flabbergasted, but then ... then it made sense. It made incredibly sense. I love them, it felt only normal that they would love me back.

Inhaling deeply, I sank better into the water, rejoicing of the bubbles, not entirely willing to get up. The surprise the guys made me was an off the book thing, they begged their mom to be let go before due because they had something very, very important to do. I don’t know how they succeeded, but in the end they were able to convince her, however there was a condition.

They would spend New Year’s Eve wherever they wanted, but the next day they ought to be back with her. The events would go on till the end of January, to the very least, which means that I won’t be able to see them for a whole month. I miss them already, I swear. Especially because we have very few hours, yet they locked me in here.

Let me explain. After that surprise, and that declaration, we did nothing, except for kissing, that is. Then, once I’d been finally able to move on from their flabbergasting declaration, Liam and Ethan let go, saying our hours were counted, so there was no time to waste.

I didn’t understand, and was frankly disappointed, but they assured me it would be worth it. Ethan forced me into a bathrobe, saying I was too much of a temptation, as naked as I was, which wouldn’t have allowed them to follow their plan. I asked what plan, but of course, they didn’t answer.

All they did was drag me back into the bedroom, where I found lunch on a tray and everything needed to stay in. They didn’t order, just ... sexy-talked me into staying all day in the bedroom doing whatever but without ever stepping foot outside. Because I’m a rebel without a cause, I disobeyed a couple of times ... Liam locked me in.


Normally I’m not the type of girl that spends too much time in front of a mirror, yes, I do like dressing up, but I never put that much effort, instead this time, I went all the way through. I got ready to battle. Navy blue lace dress that hugged my curves so perfectly that it felt as if I were naked, ankle boots, leather jacket, hair left cascading in waves.

In addition, I put on the bow and arrow with feather charm necklace that Ethan got me for our only Christmas as a couple, and a soccer themed charm bracelet, which might have been a little out of place and childish for such night, but it was Liam’s gift to me to welcome me in the team back in the day, so I’ve been keeping it tucked amongst my most precious things since then.

Same goes for Ethan’s necklace, which I never wore because only a couple of weeks later we broke up, and it felt weird. I also wore devil heart earrings, but those were a kind gift from Melissa on my latest birthday. I sprayed all over my frame the Miss Dior perfume I got myself right before Christmas, and off we go.

The door wasn’t locked. It was precisely 7 o’clock in the evening, that was the appointed hour. Taking a deep breath, I placed one hand on the handle, and twisted it. As I stepped outside, I was surprised to find a trail of rose petals leading upstairs.

The I love you they confessed me resonated in my ears, reminding me they were doing this for a reason, and I perfectly knew what that reason was. This one, as a matter of fact, would be a first date for us. It wasn’t about spending a sexy New Year’s Eve, no, it was about us three, starting off the new year differently, in a way I’d probably fancied but never really thought realizable. It was a kickoff to a new, for us unprecedented but somewhat ... predictable relationship. Yes, I said relationship on purpose.

I followed the trail of rose petals, and found myself in front of a wooden door I know quite well. Beyond this door there was the greatest and coziest Jacuzzi I’ve ever seen. We’ve used it many times when the guys threw parties in here. A bit nervously, I grabbed the knob, and opened the door slowly, only to awe delightedly as soon as my eyes came in contact with the sight.

The Jacuzzi, on the high terrace that dominated not only the mansion, but also the whole breathtaking panorama, was surrounded by lit candles and rose petals; at the side there was an ice bucket with a bottle in it – presumably wine; the glass windows that covered the whole wall in front of me were closed, but it was perfectly possible to enjoy the panorama outside. A full moon with a starry sky would have been perfect, but I could settle for a timid one hiding behind big clouds that menaced snow.

As I took a couple of steps inside, I heard the door being closed behind me, which had me kinda yelp, but not as much as I did when I felt strong arms wrapping around me, and sexy lips coming to place an arousing kiss on the back of my ear.

“Happy New Year, baby.” Liam’s smooth voice dropped of a few tones as he said that, and my stomach flipped.

I swallowed my saliva, taken off guard. I didn’t expect him to be so ... well, romantic. “It’s ... not yet.” I stammered, nervous and excited at the same time.

Liam chuckled behind me, pressing me against him, enough to let me perceive his torso was nude. “Let’s pretend it’s midnight.” He whispered sensually, tingling me as he skimmed over my arms, in order to take off my leather jacket while nibbling on my neck delicately yet strongly sexual ... enough for me to let out a strangled moan that had him barely succeed in holding back an amused chuckle. He gently nudged me forward, nibbling on my neck.

“W-Where’s Ethan?” I asked, once again stammering, which was a first for me. I’m never this nervous with a guy, especially not this specific guy here.

Liam smiled against my skin, and he made me yelp as she spun me around, letting me barely catch a glimpse of his panty-dropping grin before he crashed his lips on mine, hungrily yet sultrily, as if telling me he didn’t crave just sex, but certainly he did feel a strong pull.

It didn’t take me long to reciprocate, despite confusion, but his kiss was so intense that I clumsily wound up backing up against the Jacuzzi, my hands dipped into his smooth hair, my hormones already on frenzy mode. Gosh, I barely had any patience to go through all the sensual game first.

His naked chest felt harder than usual against mine, our bodies were so glued to each other that it felt as if we were one, and I’ll admit I didn’t miss the underling figurative meaning of such position. Liam seemed to voluntary force his hands not to roam over my body, and I understood why when he also forced himself to break the kiss. I was awfully disappointed, can’t deny it, therefore I sought his lips just a tiny time more, and I could feel him smirk against my mouth. I’d never guessed that kissing my bestie could be so addictive.

Liam pulled back, enough for us to stand a couple of inches apart, a wide smile covered his thin lips as he beheld my outfit. I giggled, silly, when he gripped my hand to make me round, then brought be back against him, this time fully embracing my curves, his hands gripping my hips tightly enough to make me yelp.

“You had to make it so very hard for me to resist, huh?” Liam mused, biting his lips as he leaned in, towards my neck. I moaned when he bit down, quite harshly even, enough to give me that itsy bitsy of pleasurable pain I guiltily enjoyed.

“You’ve seen nothing.” I murmured, conscious that the dress was just part of my armor for the night.

Liam smirked against my skin, making me kinda let out something halfway between a squeak and a moan as he squeezed my ass, seizing me in his arms swiftly and effortlessly, pushing me against the Jacuzzi. “In that case, I’m all in for the rest.” He stated, once more crashing his lips on mine.

My dress hugged my curves, like I said, therefore it easily slip upwards as soon as I wrapped my legs around Liam’s torso, but luckily he didn’t see what I wore beneath, he was too busy biting on my neck like a freaking vampire.

“I planned a mushy thing, damnit.” He groaned as he bit, better squeezing me against the Jacuzzi. “I planned to be nauseatingly romantic. Yet you show up like this, spoiling all my plans ...” He bit harder, and I whimpered more than moan. “... making me feel like screwing it all up to just screw you instead.” He pressed enough for me to clearly feel his boner against my own crotch, and this time I purely moaned, already craving to feel more. “It’s not fair, is it? I did make the effort.”

I bit my lips, kinda aroused by his words. I’m not sure if he was serious or not, I just knew that: “I don’t give a fucking shit about romantic crap, Carter. All I want right now is that you stick your big thick dick into me, and pound away hard and deep and fast ... until I cum all over you so many times that I won’t even be able to stand. All I fucking want right now, Liam Carter, is that you fuck the hell out of me, you hear me?”

He smirked at my words, and I yelped when he let go of me, almost dropping me. “Fine then.” He roughly grabbed my arm, and spun me around. “To hell with romanticism. I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you.”

He bent me over the Jacuzzi, my breasts feeling the hot cozy water, I moaned guiltily when he roughly pulled up my dress, and spread my legs. He groaned when he spotted my garters, obviously, but didn’t really consider them, just swiftly reached out for them, and went to remove them, before I stopped him: “No ... clothed. Fuck me clothed.”

Liam smirked, nodding, and slapped my ass for good measure, not sure why. I moaned even when he pulled my thong aside, and the simple sound of his zipper being undone was delightful to my ears. Normally I would care about foreplay, I would take all the time to suck, I would enjoy being given head, but ... not tonight. No, I was too eager, too, too eager for all that. We’ve got all the time in the world to be romantic.

“Oh, my God!” I moaned out loud as soon as I felt him push in, his thick cock so stiff inside me, that it really felt like some wooden stick instead. He stilled, probably conscious I needed a few seconds of adjustment, and he took the chance to pull my hair to the side, so that it fell into the water, his hands skimming over my back, making me feel Goosebumps.

“Ten years.” Liam grumbled as he dug, gripping my hips. “Ten years. That’s how long I’ve waited.” He thrust deeper, and I moaned, the stuff of his jeans against my nude skin gave me a wild sensation of naughtiness. “Ten years of freezing showers after every soccer match.” Liam continued, thrusting deeper at each word. “I was going nuts. I’ve jacked off so many times while thinking of you, that I got calluses on my right hand. If my sight’s deteriorated, it’s your fault, Lancaster.”

Leave it to Liam to make me laugh even in such sultry moment. I bit my lip as he pushed in deep enough to cover the whole length, and I gripped the edge of the Jacuzzi as he progressively started picking up a faster pace.

“You should have fucked me earlier, Carter.” I teased, closing my eyes to savor the feeling of him inside me, without anything to divide us, just our nude skins against each other, which would have been quite risky, hadn’t we decided to take precautions beforehand. Because we obviously knew what we would do tonight, don’t you think?

“Right. I should have fucked you earlier.” Liam repeated, digging his fingers in my hips as he thrust just a tad bit harder, enough for me to feel the pressure in my stomach. “I should have fucked you all those times we took showers divided only by a damn wall. I should have pinned you against the wall every time you rubbed yourself against me in those soccer shorts. I should have just taken the chance, huh?”

I grinned, recalling the growls I always heard from him in training, when he would mark me relentlessly, so that we often found ourselves even too pressed against each other. Now that I think about it, I did feel the tiniest hint of a boner now and then. Good for him that soccer shorts hide things pretty well.

“I’d have let you.” I pointed out matter-of-factly. Of course I’d have freaking let him. I’d have fucked him in those damn showers every night after trainings. Silly boy, he just never realized.


“Fucking yes.” I blurted out. “Ah, Carter ... you’ve missed so many chances. I’d have fucked you eons ago, you coward.” I teased. I bit my lip as I felt his nude skin sliding in and out, in and out, fast, yet not enough for me not to feel every thrust. “Hmm ... oh, man, I’ve wanted this since so long!”

“Have you?”


He chuckled.

“How couldn’t I? There’s been a period when I could only think of how beautifully would your big thick dick fill me, how loud would I moan as you pumped inside me, how gladly would I have screamed your name as I came all over you.” I bit my lip as he dug harder, evidently turned on by my words. “Ah, fuck, Liam ... I want this! I want you, I want Ethan ... hmmm ... I want the chance to keep fucking you for the rest of my life.”

I was going insane, I guess you can tell. Blame Liam Carter and his mind-blowing skills. I wasn’t tossing and turning only because he kept me tightly blocked against the Jacuzzi, otherwise I’d have thrashed around as if I were possessed.

“You sure?”

“Damn sure!” I nearly screamed, meeting his thrusts eagerly, because that jerk was slowing down on purpose, knowing it would drive me nuts. Liam chuckled, digging slowly, too slowly for my liking, yet no matter how much I tried to speed him up, he held control.

“You would keep on fucking us no matter what?” Liam asked me curiously.

I wanted to tear my hair out of desperation, but I managed to be lucid enough to give him a full and honest answer: “You know I don’t give a damn about relationships. I’d remain single forever, if that meant I could come to either you or Ethan or both and get fucked by the book. If you tell me I can call you whenever and you’ll come at my bidding, I won’t fucking care about anything else.”

I’ve never considered myself as the type of woman that would fit the classic married with kids life, maybe I’ll change my mind within ten years, but as of now, I just want to get the most fun I can. To hell with everything else, I’m too young to settle, for Pete’s sakes.

At my response, I heard a different smirk coming from behind me, not Liam, well, not only Liam. In fact as I looked over my shoulder, I spotted Ethan by the door.

“You want us that bad, huh?” My ex teased. I bit my lip, more focused on, one, his brother digging deep, two, the fact that also Ethan was wearing only his jeans. Ah, my ex is so fucking hot! And his brother! Damn, how the hell could I go on so long without falling in bed with these guys? Both, I mean. We’ve spent so much time together, so close, how the hell could this not happen earlier?

“You were right, Eth.” Liam mused, grinning. “She really wants us both.”

I grinned as Liam spun us around, and we faced Ethan. Liam leaned against the Jacuzzi, I spread my legs to better feel him, my eyes on Ethan’s. He licked his lips as he watched us, my flesh wobbling at each and every single one of Liam’s thrusts, which was breathtaking per se, but I wanted so much more ...

“Get your dumbass here, Carter.” I ordered, extending my hand to my ex, who smirked, while his brother chuckled.

“Horny, huh, Lancaster?” Liam mocked. I rolled my eyes at his stupid cockiness. My hormones were too crazy right now for me to be lucid enough to think it over. I didn’t need the sappy crap, I needed my studs to give me everything they could. All night long. The mushiness could wait.

“Just do your job, you back there.” I ordered, and his grip on my hips tightened, as if I’d said a magic word. I smirked, knowing what to do. I’ll admit that, more than the situation itself, to turn me on was the fact that I could switch roles while they’d prepared everything so carefully. Not that I wanted to play spoilsport, but it was fun to mess with their plans, to be honest.

“Ethan?” I called, assertively.

My ex stood to attention, though barely able to hide the smirk as he responded: “Yes, Ma’am?”

I bit my lip, no matter how teasing he wanted to be. “Come here, I said.”

“Acknowledged, Ma’am.” He saluted me with his hand, and I did my best not to laugh. Once he was close, I eagerly gripped the hem of his jeans, and brought him to me, only to crash my lips on his, practically devouring them, while behind me his brother finally picked up a faster pace, digging deeper and harder by the minute.

As I kissed him, I unzipped Ethan’s jeans, but didn’t take them off. I took his hard shaft in my hand instead, causing him to groan louder in my mouth, and try to reach out to touch me in some way, but I didn’t let him.

It was weird, doing routine stuff to my ex while behind me his brother was making me touch the sky with his sultry thrusts .... It was weird, but amazing, it was awesomely amazing.

As I stroked him, Ethan moaned, pouring everything into the kiss, cupping my cheeks. Liam instead, he remained against the Jacuzzi, his hands digging in my hips as he pumped inside me, however at a slower pace, enough not to break his brother and I’s kiss, neither my little handjob.

I didn’t need to see him, I could easily picture Liam’s deep green eyes devouring the sight in front of him. I’d always thought he was against me and Ethan dating because he feared that it would split our trio, but maybe ... he was only resented because he wasn’t part of the equation.

In the end, if I think about it, I’ve spent four years indulging in very brief relationships – five, counted – that barely lasted three months each, and maybe I’ve never wanted to admit it, but it’s possible that I broke up with those guys simply because I needed to resume what I had with Ethan.

I mean, like I said, our ... let’s say ex with benefits thing was active only as long as neither of us dated, when we did, it’s obvious we didn’t sleep together, so I guess that, maybe it was subconscious, but most probably I didn’t really put any real effort in those relationships because I didn’t really care, it was simply an attempt with each guy ... an attempt at starting something meaningful, or so I thought ... an attempt at detaching from my addictive ex boyfriend, now I realize.

As I kissed Ethan, my hand working skillfully for how leisurely to give him what he needed, I didn’t forget Liam behind me – how the heck could I, the guy was too good –, but I did focus, one moment, on our thing. Ethan and I’s.

“I think I love you.” I whispered against his mouth, unable to hold it back. A moment later I nearly lost balance, consequently breaking the kiss, as Liam gave me a harder thrust. I guess he heard me, too.

I focused on Ethan, his eyes reverberating the confusion mixed with joy he was feeling, but those same greens, just a few seconds later, moved from me, to the guy behind me, and they filled with concern. Just as much as I, Ethan worried about his brother’s feelings instead of his own. I did just say I love you to my ex while my bestie, who merely a few hours ago confessed me the very same words, was behind me, giving me indescribable emotions and pleasure with his skillful moves. One hell of a way to spoil the mood. I can be such a class A idiot at times.

Liam seemed determined not to break our thing, though. And he was right, because, had they given me time to, I’d have also pushed my mind and heart to acknowledge the facts.

I left Ethan in order to press my back against Liam’s chest, and his face dipped into my neck as he practically sniffed me, in order to take in my scent, a perfume I wore specifically because I know the guys love this fragrance as much as I do. I pulled my hand back to dip it into his smooth hair, and I tilted my head to the side, in order to face him. I gave him a crooked smile as I mended: “You’re a dumbass, Liam, but I think I love you, too.”

A cocky smirk plastered over his lips, and in other circumstances I would have been annoyed, but this moment, I barely bothered, I just reached out and broke that smirk with a hungry kiss, to which Liam eagerly responded, seemingly having forgotten about my gaffe. Phew. I almost blew it all off, didn’t I?

When Ethan moved closer to us, pressing his warm body against mine, Liam broke our kiss, and I turned to my ex, with his brother watching. He’d stilled inside me because of that kiss, and I would have complained, but I’ll admit I was too captured by my ex’s mesmerizing green eyes as his fingers held my chin, a small, tender yet mischievous smile covering his delicious lips.

“Liam?” He called

His brother, seemingly without needing to be asked, responded by moving his lips to my ear, effectively causing shivers all over my body, especially as his lips intently brushed my earlobe while he spoke, his voice dropping to a sensual bass I’m not sure I’ve ever heard from him: “If you love us both, then you’ll want us both. For the rest of our days. Am I right?”

Ethan moved his lips to my other ear, whispering, just as sensually: “If you take us, we’ll be yours, Sarah, only yours. As long as you’ll want.”

“Y-You mean ...” I lost my voice, unable to keep talking, my emotions breaking into my thoughts, causing me to lose focus, which barely ever happens, if ever at all. I like to be in control of my life and actions, because I’ve learned to be adult since I was a child, but this moment ... this exact moment, I was losing myself in favor of my two best friends.

Other times I’ve abandoned myself to their embrace, whenever I needed, but this one felt different, not only because of their words, but also because it felt as if I wasn’t just that tough girl that lets herself be weak now and then, so that her most important people can comfort her, I was the most exposed Sarah, the girl whose heart was split between the two guys that truly filled her life.

They can say all they want that you cannot love two people at the same time, I am the living proof that it is in fact possible, to split your heart in two, love deeply and equally both people, needing both of them. It is possible, because I do. I love Ethan. I love Liam. And I love what they make me feel.

“You know what we mean.” Liam pushed, his arms now wrapping around me as he, oddly enough without letting me feel the slightest pain, slid out of me, and stood tall, the same as his brother and I, while, once more, I found myself sandwiched between them, both gripping me tightly. The fact that their chests were naked against my clothed frame, and that I could so evidently feel their bare erections gave this whole situation an odd yet hot aura of cheap romance ... therefore awesome.

It was Ethan first to move, his hand slyly slipped between my legs, and he smirked, staring at me, when he felt the thong and the garters. As he neared, I better felt his erection against my thigh, and I bit my lip, aroused. Ethan sent one significant look to his brother, and in one swift moment I felt myself being lifted up, Liam holding me as if he were a chair I was sitting on, except for the fact that my legs were well spread for Ethan’s delight.

At first I was confused, but when I spotted the mischievous glint in my ex’s eyes, I realized. Maybe I ruined their plans, but not entirely. After all, if Ethan came up here, they’d already organized everything. These devious little bastards. I bet they’ve talked all of this out between them, deciding what to do to me, when, where and how. I love it.

Ethan dropped to his knees, in fact, his face at level with my core. He tickled me as he let his fingers wander along my inner thighs, and his hot breath hit my wetly wet zones, causing me to bite my lip in anticipation. I wasn’t not sure how comfortable that one would be for a position, but I didn’t really care.

When Ethan’s tongue came in contact with my labia, I squirmed, causing Liam to grip me tighter, in order not to drop me, and Ethan himself to grip my thighs to steady me, throwing my legs over his shoulders. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue flicker inside, twirl around like he knows, flat against me, as if thrusting with it. Focusing on anything else but him was near impossible.

I left my head on Liam’s shoulder for support, and he took that chance to come cover my lips with his, smirking his ass off while his brother drove me nuts with his skillful tongue. Damn, I’ve always loved this, my ex gives a spectacular head, I can assure you. Well, I should quit calling him ex, I guess.

I started grinding against Ethan’s mouth when he cupped my clit, causing me to stir, and in response I received a light pinch on my ass cheek from Liam, who bit my earlobe as he murmured huskily: “Stay put, Lancaster.”

I smirked, impishly teasing: “Or what?”

He rubbed himself against my butthole, just a little, enough for me to feel his erection, but not for him to disrupt his brother’s job. “Or ... I’ll take your second virginity right now.”

My smirk widened at his words. “I’m afraid your brother took that privilege years ago already.” I felt Ethan smirk against my labia, and I grinned. We’ve had sex so many times, Ethan and I, and together we can be quite a kinky combo, so there’s not much left that we haven’t tried.

Liam, as a response, bit down on my neck, causing me to whimper. “Hey!”

He chuckled. “Stay put, or you’ll have more marks than Dracula’s girlfriend.” I rolled my eyes at his silliness, but then, it’s one trait I love about him.

Regrettably, Ethan didn’t wait for me to reach my longed peak, instead he pulled up, my own wetness dripping from his lips, which he victoriously licked, predatory eyes fixated on me. I just love it when he switches from sweet to bad ... it makes sex all the more enjoyable.

“My turn?” Liam asked, hopeful, breaking his brother and I’s stare contest, and we both grinned.

I slipped from his grip, conscious that, if I didn’t move, these two would play their own game, leaving no space for mine. “I’ll dictate the rules, if you don’t mind.” I stated firmly.

The guys gaped at me, marveled, and I grinned, biting my lips as I beheld the core-dripping sight in front of me. Both my studs half naked, zippers down so that their beautifully shaped cocks peeked out, as straight as arrows, as if pointing precisely towards their most favorite playfield, aka me.

The dress I wore, now that I thought of it, wasn’t truly a great idea, because with all the sweat and the steam now it stuck even too much to my skin, making it insufferable, therefore I decided to hell with it, yet ... I couldn’t let it known to them that my moves weren’t studied, could I? Theirs were, it’s only fair that mine were too.

Hence, I made a show of reaching down for the hem of my dress, lifting it, grinning slyly when I heard their groans. I remained in my navy blue lace lingerie, which had the guys’ eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets, which caused me to hardly succeed in repressing a chuckle at their faces.

I stood there, hand blatantly on my curved hip, as I grinned slyly at both of them. My tongue slid over my bottom lip leisurely as I drank them in, their chests slightly glistening, their erections unscathed as they stared at me, unbridled hunger brimming in their eyes.

Slowly, I walked over to them, and kneeled at their feet. Both Ethan and Liam moaned as I grabbed their manhoods, but that was just the beginning. As I started working my skills, those same delightful sounds filled my ears with a lovely melody, the way their head shot back in unison at some point had me smile at how similar yet opposite they are.

I took Ethan in my mouth while I stroked Liam, and my ex-well, my boyfriend wasted no time in digging a hand in my hair, bobbing my head to follow my movements, his moans increasing by the second. I switched soon enough, of course, but I didn’t take long in that small foreplay, there was much more on the plate.

Standing, I slipped in between them, and as if on cue, the guys sandwiched me, gripping me, Ethan kissed my lips, while Liam dipped his face into the crevasses of my neck, nibbling gently yet sultrily. Their hands roamed over my skin in sync, never once crossing each other, always filling every empty spot, and when Ethan broke our kiss, both guys lay their hands at either sides of my neck, inhaling deeply, as if breathing me in.

It lasted more than a minute, which should have made it sort of weird, but ... I liked it. It was a brief, cozy moment in the middle of the sexiest ones, it was the proof that our thing, even while being only at the beginning, it’s not just about fucking. It’s real, it’s about emotions, it’s about love.

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