The Lover's Vow

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Chapter 3: Aphrodite

“Silly human.” I chuckled excitedly, not having had a project like this in several millennia. I lost count of just how many to be perfectly honest. Everything got so boring with the same thing century after century, so I tried not to pay too much attention to the ever-passing time. But now- this Callie girl had given me something to do for once and I found I was rubbing my hands together like I was coming up with an evil plot of some sort. All of us up here in Olympus kept an eye and ear out on the humans who descended from any of our lines. It was entertaining to see what kind of troubles they got themselves into (with or without our help). Finally, it was MY turn to intervene. And what a time to be alive! The twenty-first century really gave me so many ways to prove this human wrong. I sipped on ambrosia and plotted as I watched Callie interact with her parents for a few minutes more. After her parents left, she went directly to bed and continued to rub the spot on her chest where my personal brand marked her as mine until she fell asleep.

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