The Lover's Vow

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Chapter 4: Callie

“I’m telling you Ell, it was so weird.” I filled my sister in with what happened to me two days ago. She was only a year and a half younger than me, and we’d grown up close. With three brothers all younger than us, we constantly said how glad we were to only have one sister to steal our stuff and argue with. “It felt like a hot poker was being pressed against my ribcage. I don’t know what it means... but I know I don’t like it!” I vigorously punched the crosswalk button with my elbow, juggling my smoothie, my cellphone at my ear, and heavy bag at the same time. I knew I should’ve taken my backpack. At least I would’ve had a hand free instead of trying to carry a purse full of books I shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

“God Callie, are you even listening to me?” Ellinor protested loudly into my ear, jerking me back to our phone call. The walk signal came on, and I started to cross the street. Thankfully it was almost dark, so there weren’t many people to maneuver around.

“Yeah, sorry sis. I was.... Never mind. What were you saying?”

“I was saying that you probably don’t even need to worry about it. It’s probably just a fluke or something.”

“I don’t think so. It felt too real to be rand-” My last word ended on a yelp as I stepped onto the opposite curb weirdly, twisting my ankle and completely losing my balance. Suddenly everything went into slow-motion as I fell. My smoothie arced in the air and I watched it come back down, right into the face of an oncoming skateboarder, all while I fell straight into a parking meter. I watched, horrified, as the skateboarder swerved and lost his balance when the shock of the ice-cold drink hit him and then my forehead smashed into the meter.


“Shit!” We exclaimed profanities at the same time on impact, and I lost sight of him as my vision went black for a few moments. I came back to consciousness for a second, only to find him lightly shaking my arm to get my attention. As I made eye contact with him, the hot pain from the other day spread in my chest again. Oh hell no, I thought to myself right before I completely passed out at the combination of the head impact and the pain in my chest.

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