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These are erotic short stories! Each chapter will be a different story, so just be sure to read the blurb for specified details. Some are more risque than others, and are not for everyone. Ch 1: Involves an age gap and Daddy kink; taboo step dad/daughter relationship. Ch 2: Continuation of Ch 1 Ch 3: HEA, filthy words and fast paced! Ch 4: Friends to lovers story. FF/lesbian Ch 5: What happens when a brilliant scientist agrees to an experiment- of her body? Ch 6: A woman goes out for her birthday and gets a lot more than she expected! Ch 7: If dubious consent is not your thing, then DO NOT READ. If you read this, just keep going until the end- it's an HEA, I promise! Ch 8: An office romance with plenty of tension and heat Ch 9: A husband and wife explore something different

Erotica / Romance
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1. Daddy's Temptation Pt 1


I shook my head in amusement as I watched Tahlia bob her head to the music in her headphones, her off-key voice echoing in the kitchen as she frosted the last of the cupcakes she'd baked. I leaned against the doorway with my arms folded across my chest and watched her curvy body bounce across the tiles. As wrong as it was, I couldn't stop watching the way her ass jiggled in those tiny shorts.
Wrong because I was supposed to be watching over her, not lusting after her. Wrong because she was pure and innocent, and I had seen too much darkness in this world to enjoy life like she did. Wrong because I was 15 years her senior. Wrong because she was my stepdaughter.
And yet, all the ways it was wrong didn't stop me from watching her, burning for her, and when I was at my weakest, stroking my cock to the thoughts of what she'd sound and look like if I had her pinned under my body, fucking her until she came so hard she saw stars.
Today was her 19th birthday, and even though I'd wanted to take her out for her birthday, she'd insisted on staying home with me and having our own celebration. I'd given in as soon as her caramel eyes had widened, pleading for me to let her have her way.
How was I supposed to resist when her pouty lips trembled and she put her hands together like a prayer, bouncing up and down, her generous tits mesmerizing me as they swayed under her low-cut top?
I'd gone out to get her gift after giving in, and now I was drinking in the sight of Tahlia in the kitchen, completely unaware of my gaze until she turned in a dramatic dance move and saw me there.
"Eek!" Her singing cut off mid-lyric and the knife covered in frosting she'd been using as a microphone dropped to the floor when she jumped in surprise.
She yanked her headphones out of her ears and set her music down on the counter. "You scared me Lucas! Now look, you made me get the floor all dirty."
She whirled around and ripped a paper towel of the nearby roll, wetting it and then getting to her hands and knees to wipe up the frosting. I stood there, watching with wide eyes and already half-hard cock as she wiped at the floor. Her shirt had gaped open, revealing a baby pink lace bra that held her full tits, the color so light and soft it almost blended in.
I tore my gaze away from her as she stood back up, turning to the fridge and opening it for something to do. Jesus, she had no idea the kind of affect she had on me. And if I had anything to say about it, she never would. I might be a perverted old man, but I would never drag her into my world and dirty her purity.
I stared blankly into the fridge, hoping the cool air would help me calm down. I was standing there for several minutes, not moving, before Tahlia came up beside me. I could see her looking at me out of the corner of her eye, but I refused to look over.
"Are you okay, Lucas?"
"Yeah baby girl, I just can't remember what I was looking for in here. I was hoping I'd remember if I kept looking." It was as good of a cover story as any, and she seemed to buy it.
"You're so funny," she laughed as she walked away. "Dinner and dessert are both ready, whenever you are."
I looked over at her, finally shutting the door to the fridge. When I saw she was licking frosting off her fingers however, my cock went right back to hard. I bit back a groan and called out over my shoulder that I just wanted to change as I turned and headed to my room. I was going to have to stroke one out before doing anything else, or she would know exactly what dessert I had on my mind- and it wasn't the sweet treat she'd made.
I watched as Lucas walked away from me, hurrying out of the kitchen like his ass was on fire. I nearly let the giggle I'd been biting back escape, but I managed to swallow it down before I gave myself away.
See, I knew exactly what he was off to do, and I figured it wasn't to change his clothes. He thought I had no idea what was on his mind when he watched me, but just because I was barely 19, it didn't mean I was naive.
I'd seen the outline of his hard cock many times, and the way his eyes burned into my skin like he wanted to eat me alive. He tried so hard to hide it, but I wasn't as innocent as he thought.
Sure, I was still a virgin, but I had a slight obsession with trashy romance books, and I'd learned a lot while devouring each and every one I could get my hands on. So yeah, I knew what he was thinking when I caught him staring at my ass or tits, and what he wanted when he unconsciously licked his lips while staring at mine.
It helped that I'd accidentally caught him masturbating once, when I was supposed to be out at the library but had come home early. I'd walked to his door to let him know I was home, but had decided to wait to let him know when I'd heard the shower running.
A weird sound had made me pause at his doorway on my way out, and when I heard it again heat flooded through me. I knew that sound; I'd seen enough porn to know when a guy was groaning in pleasure. My feet had taken control, and before I knew it was was peeking around his open bathroom doorway. His glass doors were foggy, and I could barely see anything, but from the way his arm moved near his hips, I was absolutely sure he was stroking his dick.
My nipples had puckered at the sight, my panties going instantly wet as I watched, listening to him let out small groans as he worked himself. I knew what I was doing was bad, but I just couldn't help myself. Then, words left his mouth that sealed both our fates.
"That's it Tahlia, take Daddy's cock like a good little girl. Fuck, yes baby girl."
My hand flew to my mouth to mute my gasp, and I backed away as quickly and quietly out of his room so he wouldn't catch me watching him. I ran out of the house and back to my car, peeling out of the driveway as I tried to comprehend what I'd witnessed. I drove around the neighborhood for a good hour before heading home, my pussy soaking wet and pulsing the entire time.
I'd had a crush on Lucas as soon as my mother had introduced him to me at 14, and over the years that I grew into being an adult the crush turned into full-blown attraction. I'd felt completely wrong for it, knowing he was my stepdad, but that wrongness only seemed to amplify my attraction.
Ever since that moment six months ago I'd been surreptitiously teasing Lucas, wearing shorter, tighter, more revealing clothes around him and practically inviting him in between my legs.
The one thing I'd wanted to try was calling him Daddy, but I just couldn't make myself do it. I'd always called him Lucas since that's what he'd told me to do when we first met. Suddenly switching to "daddy" was sure to raise his suspicions. Then again, I'd made up my mind that this was the day I was going to get him to act on all those dirty thoughts I knew were buried in his head, so maybe that was exactly what I needed to do.
After all, that's what he'd called himself when I'd caught him masturbating to thoughts of me. And when I'd heard it, my insides had gone molten. I'd tried it out in my head dozens of times, and it never failed to get me going.
After my mom had died of cancer barely a year after marrying Lucas, he was the one that had been there for me. He was the only family I'd had, and all my so-called friends had abandoned me when I became too depressed to hang out. He was my rock, my support, the only comfort I had left. He'd been there for me when no one else was, and I'd fallen for him hard before I even realized it.
I had never seen my mother and Lucas be affectionate towards each other, but they were always civil and got along well. I'd wondered about their relationship, but as long as she was happy it didn't matter to me. My mother had a good last year of her life, and her final words to me were just that she wanted me to be happy, no matter how it was.
I knew that Lucas would make me happy, I just had to get him to realize that. I also knew that I could make him happy if he just gave us a chance.
I heard him coming back down the stairs, and I hurried to finish setting the table for dinner. I surveyed my handiwork, proud of myself for the lasagna, salad, and garlic bread I'd made all by myself. I heard Lucas's foot hit the last step and I turned to smile at him just as he turned the corner.
"Wow Tahlia, this looks amazing. You put in a lot of work for your own birthday dinner, baby girl."
I flushed at his compliments and the nickname, my smile widening in pleasure as I hugged him tightly. "Thank you. I know it's my birthday, but I wanted to thank you for taking care of me."
"You don't have to do that, it's my pleasure." He hugged me back, and I slowly breathed in the scent that was his, all man and pine.
"I know. I want to." I finally let go of him, and we sat down to eat. He served me my food and then his, and we talked like usual about our days. I'd never felt uncomfortable around him, and our conversations and always flowed nicely until they lapsed into comfortable silence.
Lucas finished his food, placing his napkin on his empty plate and stretching. I greedily drank in the sight of his trim stomach that showed from under his lifted shirt, following the smattering of hair that trailed from his navel to below his jeans.
"That was delicious." His words jerked me back to the present, and I hastily looked away before he caught me.
"I'm glad you liked it. Dessert?" I stood, taking our plates to the sink and rinsing them off.
"I'd love some," Lucas replied from right behind me. His nearness made me jump, and I accidentally sprayed some water on both of us. I squealed in shock, and felt him reach over me to shut off the water.
I slowly turned to look at him, and it was all I could do not to laugh at him, his face dripping water and a surly look on his face.
"I'm so s-sorry," I said just before breaking out into a fit of giggles.
I clapped my hands over my mouth in an effort to stop them, but it wasn't working. Soon I was leaning back over the sink, clutching my stomach and laughing so hard I thought I was going to die.
"Y-your face! I'm sorry, it's just," I paused to try and breathe, "so funny!!"
He didn't say anything, just looked at me for a second before leaning over, swiping a few fingers through the frosting of a nearby cupcake, and then wiping them off on my face. My mouth dropped open just as his split into a wide smile.
"Now who's face is funny looking?"
God, she was adorable. Her laugh made me want to laugh, and I'd had to bite the inside of my cheek in order to keep the scowl on my face.
Now, I had to concentrate on not getting hard as she stared at me with mouth open wide like an invitation, her t-shirt nearly see-through from the water she'd sprayed herself with. One glance had confirmed that her bra was nothing more than a scrap of lace that hid nothing when it was wet. If I had looked any longer, I probably could have determined the exact shape and size of her areola and nipple.
I watched as Tahlia picked up the cupcake I'd stolen half the frosting from, a devastated look on her face. She looked up at me, and I suddenly felt bad for ruining it.
"You made a mess of a perfectly good cupcake," she said in a shaky voice.
I stepped closer, getting ready to apologize to her when suddenly that very cupcake was being shoved onto my own face.
"Gotcha!" Her laugh surrounded me, and while I wiped as much cake and frosting off my face as I could in one swipe, I saw her dart away and run towards the stairs. Something primal inside me clicked, and I began to chase after her.
"That's it, little one! I'm about to get started on your birthday spankings early!" I yelled the words to her, and relished in the little squeal she let out as I charged up the stairs after her.
I watched her hair fly behind her as she bolted towards her room, my long legs working double time to catch up before she could get to her door. She looked back just as I got within a couple feet of her, her eyes wide and sparkling, another shriek escaping her when she saw how close I was.
My blood was running hot, and I couldn't believe how hard I was just from this little challenge. I scooped her up in my arms just as she flew through the door of her room, then tackled her onto her bed. Pillows flew as I tried to pin her down, tickling her sides in punishment when she tried to escape.
"No, please don't! I'm sorry Daddy, I'm sorry!"
I froze just as I got her wrists gripped in one hand above her head, my other clamped down on her thigh as I loomed above her. I watched as her eyes widened, almost in shock, and I realized that she hadn't meant to let that slip out.
"Tahlia..." My voice was tight, but she interrupted me before I could continue.
"I'm sorry," she blurted out, face fire engine red. "I didn't mean to, it was an accident."
I contemplated which direction to go with my next words, but to be honest, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I'd fantasied about her calling me Daddy for almost two years, and as soon as the word had left her mouth, my control had basically disintegrated. Dropping my eyes to her lips that were wet from her tongue swiping them nervously, I knew I was about to lose this battle. Spying how hard her nipples were through her clothes, every thought of keeping my distance any longer fled.
"An accident? Just like showing me your tits earlier was an accident? An accident, like how you've been teasing me and torturing me with glimpses of your body for months?"
I watched her eyes darken, and felt the way her hips subtly tilted up to mine. I watched the pulse in her neck flutter, and I held back a groan as I waited for her response.
"I... yes, an accident like that."
"Hmm. Maybe you need a daddy to keep you from being a bad girl."
Her eyes dilated with those words, and a soft noise escaped her lips. It was in that moment that I knew- she wanted this too. Suddenly, all of the looks, all the revealing clothes she'd been wearing, all of it clicked into place.
"That's what you want, baby girl? You want me to be your daddy?"
"Yes," she breathed out.
"Yes, what?" I leaned forward, our lips so close that I felt her next words caress me.
"Yes, Daddy."
I closed the distance between us, kissing her with all the pent up need I'd been holding onto. She didn't hesitate for even a moment to return the kiss with fervor, her mouth opening instantly under mine. I slid my tongue into her mouth to taste her for the first time and swallowed her moans.
God this was wrong. So wrong how much I loved hearing her call me that. So wrong how hard I was for her, how wet she was for me. I found out just how wet when I slipped my fingers under those ridiculous excuse for shorts she was wearing and rubbed my fingers against the soaking panties that clung to her lips.
And yet, with every press of our lips, every caress of my tongue against hers, every whimper that left her throat to land in my mouth told me just how fucking right it was to hold her against me. Fuck what everyone else thought or said; I was claiming Tahlia for my own.
Oh god oh god oh god. I had dreamed and fantasized about this moment right here, but I hadn't even come close to the reality. My every nerve was on fire, my skin tingling with sensations I'd never felt before. I was making all sorts of noises that I could hardly believe were coming from me, but Lucas didn't seem to mind.
In fact, with every little moan I let out, he seemed to kiss and touch me with more fervor than before. I was melting into a puddle in this man's hands, and it felt like a dream.
"Fuck, you're so wet already," Lucas groaned out as he pulled away from my lips. I could feel my cheeks heat with a blush and his fingers tightened on me when he noticed. "Don't be embarrassed little one, it just means I'm doing this right."
"I..." I trailed off, nervous to say the words.
"What Tahlia? What do you want from Daddy?" His fingers worked their way under my tiny panties to pet my pussy, and I arched up against him, his hardness pressing against my hip.
"I want to feel your cock," I blurted out hastily, hoping that if I said the words fast enough he wouldn't be able to tell how nervous I was.
He groaned, placing his forehead against mine gently, never ceasing the movements of his fingers in my panties. He wasn't penetrating, just rubbing my juices around and making me even hornier than the second before.
"Baby, I want you to touch my cock more than anything," he said in a hoarse voice, "but I'm afraid that if you do I'm going to come before we even get to the good stuff."
He lifted his head to look at me, desire burning in his eyes, and I smiled at him.
"This is good, Daddy."
He cursed under his breath, and it made me proud to know that I was testing his control. Me, a nineteen year old virgin, was causing this experienced, gorgeous, 34 year old man to lose it slowly.
"This is barely the beginning baby." He began to pull away, and I let out a protest as his hands left my body. "Don't worry love, I'm not going anywhere."
I hummed in happiness as he ripped his shirt off, giving me a view of his big, muscled chest. I knew he worked out, but holy fuck... His muscles taunted me, telling me to trace them with my fingers and follow them with my tongue.
"Dammit Lia," he groaned using the nickname only he ever called me, "don't look at me like that."
"Like what, daddy?" I moved my eyes up his torso to meet his own stormy gray ones. I tried to keep my face blank with innocence, but I had a pretty good idea what he was talking about. If even a fraction on my thoughts, had shown on my face, I'm sure I looked at him like he was a feast for a starving woman.
"You know exactly what I mean, naughty girl."
I grinned at him wickedly, and he just shook his head at me. "Are you going to punish me for being a bad girl?"
"It's not much of a punishment if you like it, Lia." His voice was stern but I saw the smile in his eyes.
"I guess you should try it and see what happens." I rolled onto my stomach and peeked at him over my shoulder, loving the groan he let out at the sight of my bottom peeking out from my shorts.
Immediately, his hand came down and spanked me, most of the smack muted by the cloth of my shorts. the bottom of his palm did connect with a bit of skin, and that little sting made my clit pulse. My eyes widened with a little surprise, not realizing just how much I was going to like that. I realized after a split second that it wasn't enough though.
A wicked though crossed into my mind, and I hid my evil smile against the blanket in front of me.
"That didn't even hurt."
"What did you say?" Daddy's hands squeezed both of my ass cheeks, and I barely held back a moan. my goal now was to provoke him just a little; just enough for him to let go and stop worrying about this.
I turned my head so that he would be able to hear me clearly this time. "I said that didn't hurt."
A low laugh escaped him, and the sound had goosebumps popping up on my skin. "You asked for it little girl."
Suddenly, my shorts were yanked down over my hips, my bare ass exposed to the air. I heard him suck in a sharp breath.
"I've never seen a thong look so good before baby. Fuck, your ass is perfect."
I glowed at the praise, glad he liked what he saw. I knew the dusky pink color looked good on me, hence why I'd worn it.
"Now, if you're going to get a spanking, we're going to do it right." Before I could ask what he meant, the bed dipped as he sat on the edge, and suddenly he was pulling me over his lap. The tips of my toes were barely touching the ground as I was splayed across his legs, his hard cock pressed into my tummy. My hands were grasping his leg, helping me to balance.
One of his hands pressed into the middle of my back, securely anchoring me to his lap. Before the sigh of content could finish leaving my lips, a crack sounded through the room. The burn registered a moment later, and my mouth popped open with a small cry. Daddy ignored it, smacking my other cheek with just as much force.
The pain was more than I'd expected, but it was like it had a direct line to my clit. I could feel myself get wetter, more so than I ever had before. Lucas's hand smoothed the skin and I let out a moan.
"Your ass looks so good with my hand print turning it pink," he said in a low, growl-like tone. With that, he began to spank me in earnest, moving his hand from one side to the other and up and down my cheeks, even onto the sensitive skin of my thighs.
The burn was constant, as were my moans and cries. I didn't even bother to count how many he was giving me. All I could focus on was the feel of his palm landing on my skin, and the sting and burn traveling from the surface to my pussy. I could feel Daddy's hard cock digging into my stomach, rubbing against me as I moved slightly with every hit to my body.
Just when I thought I couldn't take it any more, Lucas smoothed his hands over my red skin, helping to take away some of the pain. My mind was flying high, my muscles not even wanting to move as I lay across his lap just reveling in the sensations.
Then, Lucas slipped his fingers down the crack of my ass to the lips of my pussy, finding out just how wet I was.
"Jesus," he breathed on a groan. "You're fucking soaked, Lia."
He moved his hand so that he could slip a finger inside, both of us moaning at the feeling. There was barely any resistance I was so damn wet, and my pussy clenched hard around his finger, trying to draw it in further.
"Daddy," I mewled as I arched my back and looked at him, not knowing how to express what I needed.
"Don't worry baby girl, I'll take care of you."
I pulled my finger out of her pussy, nearly losing it at the way it gripped me. I couldn't think about getting my cock in there just yet, or I'd blow in my pants like I was back in middle school. I knew the moment my hand first landed on that peach ass of hers, the only place I was going to be coming was in that pink cunt that was currently so wet she'd left a spot on my pants.
I sucked Lia's juices of my finger as I held eye contact with her, her eyes widening at my crude appreciation. "You taste like candy," I said and I didn't miss the small shiver that went through her in reaction.
I moved her so that she was straddling my lap, and I had to close my eyes to keep my shit together when she automatically started grinding her bare crotch against my covered one. I could feel her heat through my pants, and I was so fucking tempted to just unzip and take her like this.
I clamped my hands down on her hips to stop her movements, needing a moment to chill.
"Is everything okay?" Her small voice had my eyes popping open, and I saw the self-doubt in her eyes.
"Absolutely. Everything is too okay," I said with a self-depreciating huff. "I just had to stop you from moving or I was going to come."
Her eyes widened and then glittered with pride at my confession. I loved seeing that look in her eyes, but I knew I was going to love seeing them even more when she was coming all over my face. Which I was about to make happen.
I fell back on the bed with a wicked grin. "Climb up here baby. Let Daddy taste you some more."
Her pouty lips formed an "o", and I couldn't help the dark chuckle that escaped. I knew she read dirty books and was no stranger to the things I was doing and saying, but it seemed that reading them and experiencing them were two different things.
She was still sitting on my lap and I got tired of waiting. Tightening my hands on the swell of her hips, I dragged her up my body until she was straddling my chest. I could smell her, and my mouth watered just waiting to get her on my tongue.
"I've never, I mean, I don't..." I looked up from her glistening lips to her face, seeing the blush riding high on her cheeks.
"I know Lia. All you have to do is enjoy it, and I'll take care of the rest." I moved, sliding my hands beneath her thighs and grabbing her butt that was still warm from the earlier spanking, pulling her up the rest of the way. It took a second for her to figure out how to move her legs so she was comfortable, but once she stopped moving I grinned up at her from between her thighs.
"Um, Lucas?" She squeaked out the question when I lifted my head and gave her a quick lick.
"Yeah, baby girl?" I was now focused on her cunt, my left hand moving from the cheek of her ass down to gather some wetness before I pushed two broad fingers inside her tight little hole. She let out a keening moan, her head falling back while her hands moved to her thighs, nails digging into the skin.
"Do that again," was all she said before she spread her legs just a little bit more, so that her pussy was even closer to my mouth. I didn't hesitate for a second; I pulled my fingers out of her wetness, moving it back to grab her ass again as I pulled her the last inch onto my mouth and I plunged my tongue inside where my fingers had just been.
I could feel her muscles flexing under my fingers as she moved her hips with the movements of my tongue, licking up and down her slit to get every last bit of her taste down my throat. Her pants and curses were muffled by the tightening of her thighs around my face, but I cherished each one.
Soon enough I could feel her get closer to the edge, and I moved my tongue up to her clit, rubbing it and making her hands clench in my hair. I pulled her off my face just enough to say what I needed.
"Fucking come on my face Lia, come for Daddy like the good little girl you are." I pushed her back onto my face and I wrapped my lips around her clit, sucking lightly while I thrashed the tip of my tongue on her button.
"Oh shit, Daddy!" Her yell echoed in the room as she tightened all around me, her torso curving in as she shook with her orgasm, her juices rushing out of her and into my mouth as I swallowed them down greedily. I felt my cock pulse and a little cum leaked out, and I had to reach down and squeeze the base to stop anymore from escaping.
When her tremors faded, she let go of her grip on my hair and leaned to the side, falling onto her back on the bed while she panted. I let her go, but I couldn't stop myself from touching her. I caressed every inch of her I could reach, playing with the hem of the shirt she somehow still had on.
"That was... Whew." Her voice was gritty and thick, and the sound made my dick jerk in my pants. I rolled over, going to my hands and knees to crawl over her.
"I'd fucking say," she said with a wide grin. "What's next?"
I chuckled, shaking my head. "That's enough for today."
"But what about you?" She looks down my body and I follow her gaze to see the giant bulge at my crotch. I look back up to her with a shrug.
"I can wait."
She looked at me for a moment before I noticed a gleam in her eyes that meant trouble. She played with the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up a little to bare her stomach. My eyes were glued to the movement, waiting until her belly button was exposed to say anything.
"What are you doing, Tahlia?"
"Hmm? Nothing Daddy, I'm just warm." She tried to curb her grin, but she couldn't quite manage. I did better at it, giving her a stern look as I leaned back , folding my arms over my chest and still straddling her thighs.
"Are you being bad again?"
"Me? I don't know what you're talking about." She said the words innocently, all while pulling her shirt up farther and farther. Soon I could see the cups of her pink bra, and before I could do anything else she lifted her torso and whipped her shirt off.
I bit down on the inside of my cheek, my jaw tightening at the sight of her breasts nearly spilling out of the fabric covering them. It took everything I had to stay still, just watching to see what she'd do.
"Don't you want to see my tits, Daddy? I'll let you play with them. You can even suck on my nipples a little bit if you want." She was using this playful, innocent little voice that was just as tempting and alluring as her smoky, seductive one. God, the things this girl made me want to do to her. The fact that she was my stepdaughter and she kept calling me "Daddy" made this so much worse- and so. Much. Fucking. Better.
I grunted in response to her teasing, and she moved her hands to the center of her bra where I noticed a piece of plastic. She twisted the pieces, and a second later a groan I couldn't hold back was leaving my mouth at the sight of her big tits bouncing from their confines. My control snapped; the temptation was too much for a man like me to resist. My bad little girl was about to get exactly what she was asking for.
One second I was unsnapping the front of my bra to show Lucas my tits, and the next his mouth and hands were all over them. I cried out, grabbing his shoulders as he sucked hard on my left nipple, his teeth scraping across the tip while his hand played with the other, tugging and twisting it to add a little pain to the pleasure that was swamping me.
I was swimming in ecstasy, my body still thrumming from the orgasm he'd given me with his wicked mouth a few minutes ago. As sated as he'd made me, it took less than a minute for me to know for sure that I wanted him to fuck me. Today. I wasn't going to wait any longer, and if I had to convince him that that's what he wanted too, then so be it.
"I love your tits Lia, they're fucking perfect. Your nipples are so pink and hard, I can't help but remember when I had your clit in my mouth not too long ago." His dirty words made me moan, my legs moving to wrap around his waist so I could press my pussy against his dick.
His hardness hit me just right, but when he thrust his hips forward against mine, pressing me deep into the bed like he was fucking me, my sounds only got louder and more desperate.
"Please, Daddy, I need you to fuck me." I was gasping, trying to get him to let go of whatever inhibitions were still holding him back. "Don't you want to feel me around you, all hot and tight and wet? Don't you want to come in me?"
"Jesus Christ Lia." His hips thrust harder than before, the ridge of his cock hitting my clit so perfectly a tiny orgasm razed through me. The cry I let out must have told him what happened because she leaned back just a bit, wonder in his eyes. "You're fucking perfect."
I felt myself blush at the compliment, and moved my hands from his shoulders down to his shirt. "Take this off."
He didn't ask questions or protest, just reached behind him and pulled it off. I took in all the muscles that graced his chest, my mind wandering to all the things I wanted to do to him. I shook my head, knowing that I had a more important goal in mind right now. Reaching up again, I went to the buckle on his belt, undoing it, the button, and his zipper in seconds.
I was hungry for a glimpse of his cock, wanting it in my hands so bad I was willing to beg for it. I started to pull the band of his boxer briefs down, nearly vibrating with anticipation, when his hands covered mine. I looked up at him and softened a bit at the look on his face.
"Are you sure about this Lia? Once I've had you, you're mine. There's no going back."
I straightened my face to let him know how serious I was when I answered. "I've never been more sure about anything in my life, Lucas. I know other people will think this is weird since you were married to my mom, but I'm not worried about that. We can move away if we have to. You make me happy, and that's all I've ever wanted."
His hands cupped my face, holding me there while he kissed me with gentle passion. Pulling away, his thumbs brushed my cheeks as his dark eyes burned into my own.
"I love you, Tahlia."
My chest tightened, and I felt like I was about to overflow with feelings. "I love you too, Lucas."
He kissed me hard and quick before pushing me back down onto the bed. "Goddamn right. Now lay back, and let me get to fucking the naughtiness out of my little girl."
My giggles were cut short when he finished the job I'd been doing earlier, pulling his cock out of his underwear and stroking his length for me.
"How bad do you want this cock Lia?"
"I don't want it," I replied. He stopped stroking, looking at me confused. "I need it."
He growled, letting go of himself and sliding off the bed, roughly pushing his pants and underwear the rest of the way off before grabbing my ankles and pulling me until my butt hit the edge. Spreading my legs apart, he stepped between them, running his hands up my legs, squeezing my thighs.
"So fucking beautiful."
My nipples furled harder at the words and his grip on my thighs. I swallowed hard, knowing that this was the moment. I'd been saving myself for him, knowing in my heart that my virginity was a gift I only wanted him to have. He hooked my leg over his right arm, using his free hand to take his cock in his hand, rubbing it over my swollen and soaking lips.
"I'm going to put this dick in that little pussy of yours, so Daddy need you to play with those tits. It's going to hurt a little, but when it does just squeeze your nipples. I promise it won't hurt for long."
I grabbed my chest like he said, watching as he moved his cock down to my hole, biting my lip as he began to slowly push inside. There was an initial sting, but it hurt way less than I thought it might. The pressure was intense, my walls stretching to accommodate his length as he pushed all 8 or so inches inside.
"Shit baby, you're so goddamn tight. You're going to make me lose it before I want to."
My muscles clenched at his words, and he drew in a sharp breath when my pussy pulsed around his hardness. His hips jerked forward and impaled me on the last inch, my fingers tightening almost cruelly on my nipples. He pulled back a little and pushed back in, pausing at my loud gasp.
"Fuck, sorry Lia."
"No, don't stop. Felt good," I managed to get out. And it had; the friction had been more powerful than anything so far, and I needed more. So I told him. He moved a hand and stroked my hard clit just as he pulled back once more and immediately thrust back in.
"Ah, so good Daddy." The words burst from me on each thrust, his hips beginning to move faster while my pussy gushed around him.
"That's it, I can tell you like the way Daddy fucks you. You've been saving this innocent little cunt for me, haven't you?"
"Good thing too, because you're all mine." He leaned down, bringing a knee up on the bed and bending the leg he still held in his arm towards my chest. The angle of his thrusts changed, rubbing against a spot along my front wall that had my legs trembling. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him even closer.
"Yes Daddy, I'm yours."
"All mine. You're going to come for me again, aren't you Lia? I can feel you getting tighter and tighter, squeezing the life out of my cock. Just let go. Come for Daddy, now."
He bit down on the spot between my neck and shoulders, and that plus his commanding words had me flying off the edge once again. I screamed out my orgasm, calling his name as I pulsed rhythmically around him. He shouted into my skin, the feeling vibrating from his teeth all through me and making me come all the harder.
I felt his warmth fill me up, and I loved the way I could feel it leaking out around us as he thrust shallowly in and out, drawing out both of our pleasure until the last of the aftershocks faded. He stayed inside me until he rolled onto his side, pulling me with him and cuddling me in his arms. I snuggled into him, basking in the afterglow of the moment.
It took my brain several minutes to comprehend what had just happened. I'd given my virginity to my stepfather, a man a decade plus older than me, and it had been spectacular. I felt Lucas softly kiss the top of my head, and a smile spread across my face as I looked up so my lips could meet his.
"Thank you," I said in a quiet, content voice.
"I should be thanking you," he replied with a small laugh. "I'm pretty sure I just died and went to heaven."
I giggled, smacking him lightly on the chest while a light blush covered my cheeks. I snuggle into his chest again, not wanting to ever move from this spot. Who knew temptation could be this perfect?
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