His Secret Assassin

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Chapter 3: Matias

I watched the house for three more days before deciding that my original plan was going to take too fucking long. I couldn’t stand to see the way the guys treated her. She’d been without food, barely had any water, and been physically abused all while hanging there, hour after hour. I saw them bring several other girls to the house as well, but none of them grabbed my attention like the blonde in the upstairs window. I can’t imagine what they did when I wasn’t able to watch, and the thought of anything worse happening to her nearly made the risk of bursting in on a rampage worth it. But I’d sped up my plan, and today was the day. Four days early, and I was taking a huge risk just to help the woman. Hell even if I died it didn’t matter, as long as I killed every other fucker first and she was able to escape.

I ran through the layout of the house in my mind as I silently crept to the back. I knew that at the moment there were at least seven people in the house. Three were in the basement where most of the girls were kept, one was guarding the blonde, one was doing outside patrol, and two were somewhere else inside the house, either with a girl or just keeping a general lookout. Their leader wasn’t at the house tonight, which was the only downfall to my plan. He was the one I needed, after all.

I’d figure that shit out later. The outside patrol was coming around the corner as usual, and I counted down in my head until the second I knew he’d pass the wall I’d hidden behind.

As soon as the tip of his shoe was visible I thrust my arm out and wrapped it around the man’s head, whipping him around the wall and breaking his neck before he could shout for help. He dropped to the ground lifeless, and I quickly pulled any weapons I could find off of him.

Really, it was very foolish of them to only leave one guard on outside duty. That was their problem now though. I hurried around to a side door, tested it, shaking my head ruefully to find it unlocked.

What a bunch of fucking idiots, I thought to myself. It was a wonder they hadn't been disbanded before now. I crept silently through the house, listening intently for any sign of the two men who's whereabouts I was unsure of.

I came to a flight of stairs going up, and I decided to go get the mysterious blonde before anything else. If I were bring honest with myself, I wouldn't have been able to fully concentrate on anything else until I had her anyway. I made it up the stairs and to the top landing, turning left to where I knew her room was. Voices trickled down the hall, and my hackles rose.

I paused in a shadowed doorway feet away from the open door where she was kept in order to figure out exactly what I was dealing with.

"Why not? No one would believe her, even if she said anything!" The voice was whiny, and my nose curled in disgust at the sound and the inference of what he was talking about.

"Sure, go ahead. When you're crying and sniveling from having your pathetic excuse for a cock cut off because you touched her, don't come to me about it."

A third voice chuckled darkly while the first pouted. So that must have been where the other two men went. My blood boiled and a red haze began to cover my eyes at the thought of what the three of them were doing in her room. It didn't sound like they were allowed to touch her, but even having their fucking eyes on that angel pissed me the hell off.

Next thing I knew, I was bursting through the door, the three men whipping around to face me with wide eyes. The biggest man reacted the fastest, starting to come towards me. I let fly one of the daggers in my hand, already looking towards the other two men as it embedded in his throat, bringing him to his knees. The whiny man was frozen, staring at the dead man bleeding out onto the floor while I began to fight the other.

I tried not to look at the woman, knowing that as soon as I got my eyes on her I would see nothing else. In just a few short minutes, I'd killed the second man and turned to find the whiny one.

Every muscle in my body tightened with rage when I noticed him standing behind my angel, an arm around her waist and holding a knife to her neck. I met her eyes briefly and a shock went through me. Her wide eyes were pleading and tired, begging me to help. A dirty piece of cloth had been shoved in between her teeth and tied around her head, making it impossible for her to speak.

I moved my eyes away from her to take in the ruddy face of the trembling man behind her. The one that was about to die.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" His voice was even higher pitched than before. I chuckled darkly, pulling the cloth off my face. The three scars running from my right temple down to my jaw told him exactly who I was. His eyes widened, his pupils a pinpoint of fear as he met my gaze again.

His hand trembled harder, and the knife he was holding pricked her throat. Blood welled at the mark, and a wild growl tore itself from my throat.

"Get the fuck away from her!" I didn't care who heard me yelling now. I'd slaughter everyone like the savage they called me. The coward instantly dropped the knife and jumped away from her, bringing me a sliver of calm. It wouldn't save his life though.

"Please," he sniveled. "Please don't hurt me."

"Don't worry." In just two large steps I reached him where he'd crumpled to the ground, holding out a hand. Confused, he took my hand and I dragged him up- right into the knife I'd hidden in my other hand. "It won't hurt at all."

The light in his eyes went out slowly, and I watched until they were completely dull. A loud squelching noise echoed in the room as his body fell back to the floor, the knife staying in my hand and dripping his blood.

A whimper sounded, bringing me back to the reason I was here in the first place. I faced the woman, wiping the blade on my black sleeve and making my way to her. I didn't see an iota of fear in her eyes, something that surprised me. What I did see was even more surprising.

Satisfaction. Need. Hunger.

The exact same things I felt pounding in my veins. I moved forward until I stood in front of her body hanging from the ceiling. I reached forward and she flinched back. I grit my teeth in frustration, but I didn't blame her. I was a hulking beast of a man with scars on my face that didn't make me any prettier. I had just ruthlessly killed three men in under ten minutes. She had no idea who I was, or what I would do to her. Something that I vowed to change.

She was going to know me well. She was going to know my name so that when I finally got deep inside that curvy little body, she'd be able to scream it all the way to the heavens that had forsaken me a long time ago.

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