His Secret Assassin

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Chapter 5: Matias

I stomped inside my house, angry with myself. No one but me had ever been inside my home, and I kept it that way for a reason. Now, I was throwing away years of caution for this female. Despite my lack of trust, I just wasn't willing to let this woman out of my sight.

I heard her come in behind me and shut the door softly. I could smell her even from here, and my cock throbbed in my pants. I'd been hard since the moment I'd stormed into the room where she'd been chained, and nothing had managed to calm me down. If anything, the adrenaline from the finished job had heightened everything, and being so close to her in the car, having her within reach... It was an exquisite torture.
I turned to see her looking at the floor, her hands twisting together.
"You're not going to beg me to take you home? Promise you won't talk if I let you go?" My voice was full of disbelief. I'd already asked her similar questions, but this almost felt too easy.
Most people in her situation would bargain, or plead, or something. Maybe being kidnapped and nearly sold, then witnessing the killing of the men had done more damage than I'd thought. Everything about her seemed so soft, even fragile, that most people probably wouldn't see the current of strength running through her. I'd expected her to fight me, but she didn't do that either.
She looked up at me finally, her expression neutral. "There'd be no point. Would you let me go?"
"No," I said bluntly. She shrugged.
"See? I'm saving both of us time."
I couldn't help the chuckle that left me. "Brat," I muttered under my breath as I abruptly turned and strode towards the kitchen.
"What did you say?" Her bare feet padded after me.
"Hungry?" I ignored her question and threw out my own over my shoulder. Before she could say anything, her stomach growled loudly and I bit my lip to stifle my laughter. "I'll take that as a yes."
"Well, it's been a few days since I really had anything to eat."
I closed my eyes and grit my teeth as anger boiled inside me. The thought of how mistreated she'd been while in that house made me want to go back and kill the men all over again. I opened the fridge with more force than necessary, making the bottles in the door shelves clink together loudly. I reached in and grabbed fruit, vegetables, lunch meat, cheeses, some condiments, a jug of water, and a bowl of leftover pasta. Dumping it all out on the table, I looked over to see her eyes wide and hungry. Unconsciously, her tongue came out and licked her lips. I stifled my reaction to that little swipe, knowing that now was not the time to grab her and taste that mouth for myself.
"Eat whatever you want." My voice came out in a rough growl as I left the kitchen, leaving her to her own devices while I tried to figure out what the hell I was going to do about her.
The only thing I knew for sure was that I was not letting her go. I didn't give a fuck if that made me a terrible person; I'd known since the first moment I'd seen her through my binoculars that she was mine. Whether she realized that yet or not, I didn't know. I didn't care. She was going to know, and with the way my body reacted to hers whenever she was near, it was going to be sooner rather than later.
I heard a moaning sound float down the hallway and it hit my ears with the weight of a battering ram. I turned and started back down the hallway towards my kitchen, needing to confirm the source. Just as I turned the corner, dick throbbing in my pants like it had its own heartbeat, I saw her take a giant bite from a sandwich, another deep moan escaping her at the taste. Her eyes were closed and she chewed slowly, relishing the food.
Imagining her worshiping my cock with that same look, those same sounds, was not a very big leap. A tortured groan escaped me before I could swallow it down, and her bright green eyes snapped open. Our gazes burned into each other, and my eyes trailed down to her delicate throat when she swallowed her bite of food.
I watched as her tits swelled with her deep breaths, and watching her nipples tighten through the thin, raggedy shirt she was wearing had me clenching my fists at my sides. My eyes moved back up to her face, and she lifted the sandwich still clenched in her hands slightly.
"This is really good," she said in a husky voice.
A choked laugh flew from my mouth, surprising us both. "Really? I couldn't tell."
Her cheeks flushed and a small smile lifted the corner of her mouth before she took another giant bite. Her eyes fluttered as she chewed, a third moan escaped her, and my control snapped. I stalked over to her, loving the way her eyes widened with every step I took towards her. I stopped right in front of her chair just as she swallowed and used a foot to kick her legs apart so I could stand between, them, getting as close as I dared.
"You have no idea what fire you're playing with right now, angelita."
"I probably don't," she said in a soft voice as she looked up at me. "But I can't seem to help myself."
Something in her eyes flickered and then disappeared before I could read the look. I watched her set the half-eaten sandwich down on the table before her hands reached up and cupped my jaw, her fingers spreading along my cheeks. The feel of her hands on me, even in that simple touch, was like nothing I'd ever felt in my life.
In my circle, I was well known as The Savage. Although I had a personal code to leave women and children unharmed, I was relentless with my targets. I was contracted to hunt down and kill some of the worst men in the world, and I had never taken a job I'd regretted later.
And yet the touch from this woman whose name I didn't even know made me want to be a savage for a completely different reason. She was the first thing that had tested every ounce of my control- ever. I'd never felt this kind of obsession, the burning need, to own and consume her.
Her shaky exhale was a soft breeze on my face, and a finger traced the ugly scar that I was famous for.
"How did this happen?" The question was quiet, almost like she was merely wondering aloud.
"If I told you, I'd have to kill you," I answered in a serious voice. Her eyes shot to mine, curiosity rampant in the green orbs. She must have seen the laughter in my eyes, because an alluring, throaty chuckle left her and broke the tension between us. She moved her hands away, picking up the sandwich again and taking another bite.
"I'm going to get the story of that scar out of you one day," she said between bites.
"We'll see about that," I replied with a smile. It was then that I realized I'd smiled more in the last hour than I had in years. I watched her begin to slow down eating, incredulous at the effect she had on me.
"What's your name?" She startled at my question, her green eyes studying me with an unexpected seriousness.
"It's Kiara." She bit her lip and looked away for a moment like she regretted telling me.
"That's different. It fits you." I watched as her lips twitched with a small smile, a light flush of pleasure at the compliment filling her cheeks. "I'm Matias."
"Matias..." She trailed off, just staring at me and mulling over my name. I let her, not uncomfortable with her perusal. After several moments, she nodded. "Fits you too."
My skin prickled at the unexpectedness of the words. I rubbed the back of my neck, trying to think of some way to change the subject. I could handle her staring at me, but I couldn't take a small compliment without getting flustered? What the fuck was happening to me?
I stood up and started cleaning up the food, knowing she was watching my movements. I could feel that she wanted to say something, so I waited until she was ready to spit it out.
I shut the fridge, then turned around to face her, folding my arms over my chest. I raised an eyebrow at her, silently letting her know I could tell there was something on her mind.
She picked at a spot on the table nervously, but voiced the question I'd been waiting for since the moment she knew she wasn't going anywhere.
"So what happens now?"
I pushed off the fridge and moved to stand in front of her. I held out a hand, and she cautiously took it so I could help her stand.
"What happens now, is you shower and get into some clothes that aren't dirty rags. Then you go to sleep. In the morning, we can worry about everything else."
Her brilliantly green eyes held confusion, but she didn't question me. "That sounds amazing. Lead the way, Matias."
I stepped away, letting go of her hand reluctantly. Her skin was soft, but I'd felt the callouses on her hand. It'd surprised me, knowing that those hands had seen rough work. She gave the impression that she'd led a full but easy life; her soft voice and beauty indicated a life of wealth. But then again, I mused to myself, not everyone is as they seem.
We reached the bathroom, and I motioned for her to step in. I turned back towards the hall closet, handing her two clean towels.
"I don't have much in there but shampoo and body wash, but we can work on getting you what you need. There's an extra toothbrush under the sink, and I'll have some clothes set out for you on your bed."
"Which is where? Your bed too?"
Images of her spread out on my bed filled my mind, and I bit the inside of my cheek to control my body's reaction to the sight that would make.
I shook my head sharply, leveling her with my stare. "When you end up in my bed, it won't be because I forced you there."
The air in the bathroom felt like it dissipated, and I watched her pupils widen in reaction to my words. I had to muffle a groan as I felt my cock hardening, knowing that she was now picturing what that would be like.
Knowing I had to get out of there before I took her in my arms and showed her just how interested I was in that idea, I continued. "Third door on the right down this hallway. 'Night."
I shut the bathroom door harder than necessary, and stomped down the hallway to my room that was just next door to the one she'd be staying in. I slammed my door shut and stripped off my clothes until I was wearing nothing, stepping into the bathroom connected to my room. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I wondered how Kiara hadn't been completely frightened of me. My eyes were dark, intense, a reflection of the scar that dominated my skin. I was covered in blood from earlier, and I looked like a beast. Shaking my head, I stepped into the shower and thought about the mystery of the first woman I'd let into any aspect of my life in decades.
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