Vandal's Bargain

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Viviana's temper is one to behold, and one day it gets her into more trouble than it's worth. Jude loves her fire, and wants more of it. So he offers her a bargain she just can't refuse.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1: Jude

It’s a good thing I never liked that car, I thought to myself with a silent chuckle. I stood in the shadows between two buildings and watched as a short but curvy woman finished scratching the words “FUCK YOU” into the side of my burnt orange Audi. I listened as she yelled words I couldn’t understand but sounded Italian, words I’m sure I wouldn’t want to understand. I raised the mostly empty glass I’d been holding to my lips, then nearly chocked on the swallow I’d taken as I watched her kick one of the back tires then get even more pissed when nothing happened. She stalked down the street and I couldn’t help but take in the way her hips swayed in those tight as fuck jeans, the tips of her long dark hair just brushing the waistband.

I raised an eyebrow as she stopped at an older Volkswagon nearby, wondering if she was just insane and planning to demolish a few cars tonight. However, she walked around to the trunk and popped it open, rummaging around and still talking to herself. I heard a triumphant shout, and my eyes widened as she came back into view holding a crow bar. She hit the tire she’d previously kicked, nodding sharply when a dent appeared in the hubcap. She made her way towards the front of my car, climbing onto the hood. I already knew where she was going with this, but I wanted to see it happen.

I mean, even if I liked the car in the first place, I would have no problem with being able to pay to get it fixed. I was a millionaire after all. The only reason I had this car was because one of my clients had bought it for me as a thank you. I’d just had dinner with them, and figured I’d bring the car along as a show of appreciation for the gesture. I’d never planned on keeping it- and fucking good thing too because it was being destroyed right before my eyes.

This mystery woman planted her feet on my hood, raised the crowbar over her head, and swung it down with all the force in her gorgeous body, and cracks covered the windshield with that one hit. Impressive, to say the least. A throaty laugh escaped her and floated towards me, making my pulse jump with the sound. If her face was as pleasing as everything else I’d witnessed, I’d be a fool to let the chance slip by. A grin filled my face and before I knew it I was headed towards her. She’d hit the windshield a few more times and was raising the crowbar to do it again when I finally spoke out.

“Now what did I ever do to you?” She must not have heard me approaching because she jumped half a foot in the air at my words, flinging the crowbar away and spinning to face me. She lost her footing and I rushed forward the last couple feet to catch her as she fell. I barely heard the glass I dropped shatter behind me as I wrapped my arms tightly around the woman, feeling protective of this fiery stranger. I looked down at her face and my breath caught in my throat. She had a heart shaped face with large caramel-brown eyes, thick lashes and pouty pink lips that I suddenly wanted to nibble on. She smelled mouthwatering, like sugared lemon.

She stared up at me in shock, and I couldn’t help but take in the way her chest was heaving up and down from the way she’d exerted herself. A scoffing sound escaped her and she struggled in my arms. I looked back into her eyes, seeing they were narrowed at me and I couldn’t stop the grin from reappearing on my face. I let her struggle for another second or two before smoothly setting her back down on her feet. She wobbled a bit so I held onto her waist so she could steady herself.

“What the hell do you want?” Her voice held a slight accent and she stepped back from me, crossing her arms over her chest defensively. I had to try really hard not to look down because, well, I’m a man and I can’t fucking help but check out an impressive pair of tits, alright? But I somehow managed to keep eye contact.

“What do I want? Well I wanted to be able to go home and pass out, but seeing as how you went full Beyoncé on my car, I doubt I’ll be able to do that any time soon.” I watched as her faced paled with horror. She turned and moved back to the car, cupping her hands around the driver’s window and staring inside. Whatever she noticed made her whole body stiffen, and she slowly dropped her hands, standing up straight. After a few moments she turned to face me, and was glad to see that the color had returned to her face, replaced with the fiery heat of embarrassment.

“I… I am so sorry, sir.” My dick twitched at the sound of her calling me sir, and I mentally willed it to calm the fuck down. Not the time or place. “I th-thought this was my boyfriend’s car. Well, ex-boyfriend. I know he hangs around here sometimes and he just bought it and I didn’t think anyone else would have this ugly car, so I just assumed it was his and…” She trailed off, gesturing vaguely at the destruction.

“So you’re saying my car is ugly?” I couldn’t help but tease the poor woman, wondering what her response would be.

“What?! No I just meant- oh merda.” She rubbed her forehead with her hands and took a deep breath, muttering something to herself I couldn’t understand.

“It’s fine, not everyone has the same taste in cars. How do you expect to pay me back for this? Especially if I call the cops for property damage?”

Her gaze shot back up to mine, horror and frustration on her face. “No! Please don’t! I know that I should’ve checked to make sure I had the right car, but I can’t get arrested not after everything else!” Her voice cracked on the last few words, and I was shocked to see tears building in her eyes. That’s not what I expected to happen at all, and I didn’t like to see her so upset. I don’t know what it was about her, but I didn’t fucking like seeing her so distraught.

“Look, I won’t call the cops.” I scrambled in my brain to think of something, anything to stop the tears. “We’ll just have to figure out a way for you to pay me back.”

She stared at me and bit her lip, my eyes immediately zoning in on that little action. She took a step closer to me, then another. One more step and she was so close that if she took a deep breath her breasts would brush along the front of my suit. I watched in fascination to see what she’d do next, and I wasn’t disappointed. She reached her hands up and placed them on my chest, slowly dragging them down as she began to speak.

“I’m sure I have something that I can pay you back with, if that’s what you’re looking for…” She trailed off and even though this wasn’t what I’d meant, I wondered how far she’d take it. She didn’t seem like the kind of woman who’d offer up her body unless it were literally her last resort. Which made me wonder exactly what kind of predicament she was in. I was growing hard and although I could imagine just how good she’d taste and how much I’d love to feel her body writhing underneath mine, I didn’t want it to happen because she felt she had to. I wanted her to want it, just as bad as I did. Her hands reached the bottom of my suit jacket and I grabbed her wrists before she could continue her journey south.

She stared at me in confusion, and I shook my head lightly as I stepped back.

“That’s not what I meant. You’re beautiful, but I’m not in the habit of coercing women to sleep with me. What else can you do?”

She seemed to relax at my words, and stood more confidently as she answered my question. “I can do whatever you need; if I don’t know how to do something already, I am a fast learner and you won’t have any issues with me. Cleaning, organizing, or cooking, I can do it.”

“Did you say cooking? I’ve been contemplating getting a chef recently, I’m too busy to make my own food.”

Her eyes lit up in excitement. “Yes! I’m a chef by trade, and I can also bake if you’ve got a sweet tooth.”

“How could you tell?” I joked. She let out a laugh, and I let the sound wash over me. “Alright here’s the deal then. You come cook for me for six months to pay off your debt. You’ll have to be ready at any time, so I’ll need to you stay in one of the guest rooms at my place. Starting tonight. The good news is that I’m not picky, so unless I request something specific you’ll basically have free reign in the kitchen. In exchange for all that, there will be no need to call the cops.”

She nodded furiously. “Yes, I can work with that. Thank you so much for understanding.”

“Hey, I’m the one that gets a free chef out of all this.” I looked over her head and at my car, then back at her with a smirk. “Think I could get a ride home?”

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