Awaken (The Angels: Book 1)

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“What are you?” she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to find out. “I think you know what I am, Amoura.” There he went again, saying her name as though it were the most sensual thing in the world. When Amoura caught her boyfriend cheating, she gave up on the idea of men. Having always been on her own, she decided she didn't need anyone. She had her art and that was enough. Gabriel was very much a loner, and had been for millennia. Being a former angel, otherwise known as a forsaken or fallen angel, he lived much of life on Earth protecting mortals who were none the wiser. When these two meet one night in the dark alleys of Rome, their mutual attraction to one another is undeniable. There's just something about this woman that Gabriel can't seem to put his finger on, and it draws him to her whether he wants it to or not. Is she mortal, or is she something else entirely? Will Gabriel have the courage to tell Amoura what he is without scaring her off? And will Amoura be able to open her heart to another after the betrayal she had just witnessed? Read Awaken and get lost in the steamy, hot and heavy and action-packed story of a fallen angel and the woman that steals his heart.

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He landed hard on all fours – the impact from his jump sending pain shooting up his arms – and kicked off running. His heavy boots crunched against the tarmac as he ran, and he struggled to unsheathe the curved blade on his hip. His right shoulder protested when he slid the blade from the holster, and he hissed, trying to bite back the pain. There was no time to stop and assess his injuries – not when he was being chased by a pack of kumis down a dark alleyway in the middle of the night. His nostrils burned with the stench of the foul creatures as they closed the distance behind him. He hated their scent most of all – similar to that of rotting, burning flesh – and growled inwardly when he felt their proximity. He dared to steal a glance over his shoulder before taking a sharp turn down another street – his feet landed heavily on the pavement before kicking off. His hand grasped the corner of a building, allowing him to swing around the wall, landing safely on the adjacent street. He never broke his run, and his fist tightened around the hilt of his blade. He just needed to get a little more distance between them, and he could make his move. One of the creatures snapped its jaw and hissed behind him, and he could feel its slimy breath against the torn fabric of his black jeans.


He really hated to bring attention to himself in mortal territory, but he was beginning to run out of options. He was exhausted, having fought several species of hell creatures that night. He was just getting ready to call it a night when he heard a woman scream in the square. He had caught their scent immediately, the overpowering fumes making it impossible for him to resist the need to search and destroy. It was in his nature after all. He had barely arrived in time. The creature had already pinned the innocent to the ground and was working to snap her neck in the vise-like grip of its jaw when he arrived, successfully dislodging the creature from the woman’s shaking body. He hadn’t realized there was an entire pack on the prowl, and as usual, bit off more than he could chew. He swiftly beheaded three of them with one, hard swing of his blade, and took off running when the alpha of the pack emerged from the shadows, flanked by at least a dozen more kumis.

At last, he reached a closed off alleyway, and lead the slimy reptiles to their doom. He smiled as the enormous wall before him rushed toward him, and let his power flow through him freely. He loosened the reins on his control and felt the comforting buzz at the tips of his fingers as his abilities rose to the fore. Curling his curved blade under his right arm, he launched toward the pavement with his left hand extended in front of him. He pressed his palm flat against the damp ground, allowing his feet to lift off and arch over him, before releasing a burst of heat from his fingers. The blast lifted him into the air and he aimed his legs for the brick wall. He uncurled his right arm, bringing the curved blade directly in front of him as he kicked off, and aimed back toward the ground. His eyes glowed an unconventional blue-white color and he released a cry of fury as he whipped through the air with his blade aimed at the pack of growling kumis. Pure, white-hot energy shot from his hand and into the blade, and he held his form as the blade tore through the flesh of the first creature, causing blood to spurt on his face, severing its head from its lizard-like body. He landed on his feet and swung his blade back around, spinning with the force, and could hear and feel the crunch of bone and flesh as his blade tore through three more of them. He sheathed his blade and extended his arms from his sides, palms facing outward. His eyes glowed again, and his entire body burst into white light. White flames shot from his palms and burned the demonic filth in its path. The man roared to the sky as the creatures burned, others hissing and retreating into the shadows. The white-hot light faded, and the man dropped to his knees, heaving. His right shoulder throbbed and his calves were slashed from the wretched creatures’ claws. He sat back on his behind and inspected the lacerations on his legs. They were deep, but they were only flesh wounds to him. He would survive. He examined his shoulder next. It hurt like a fucking bitch. He pressed his left palm into his shoulder and roared with pain. It was definitely dislocated. Reluctantly, he pushed onto his feet, and gripping his right elbow with his left hand, ran sideways into the wall, and popped his shoulder back into place. The brick cracked and crumbled under the force, and he roared – the sound dark and born of agony. The man slid to his bottom, resting his back against the now indented wall. He heaved, struggling to get his breathing under control. Fuck, he was tired. He had to keep moving – he couldn’t risk any innocents catching sight of him. There would be complaints of noise by now, and authorities would be arriving shortly. They were no threat to him of course – but he hated running into them. He tried his hardest not to reveal what he was – always respecting the rules set by his world. He pushed onto his feet, biting back a groan in the process. He rested his head against the wall, his left arm clutching his right shoulder.

“Are you alright?”

His eyes snapped up, narrowing on the owner of the delicate voice that had just assaulted his ears. His pupils dilated when his gaze landed on her, and his breath hitched in his chest. She was striking. A caramel skinned, brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty stood before him. Her eyes were wide with fear as they flicked between his. She was flushed, her cheeks dark with it, and she stood with her arms wrapped around her torso, shaking against the frigid night air. He raked his gaze down the length of her body, appreciating the narrow dip of her waist and the generous curve of her hips. He felt something jerk in his groin, shocking him. No woman had stirred any kind of reaction out of him for centuries. He shook it off and pushed off the wall to stand straight. The hairs on the back of his neck stood at attention, and a foul stench invaded his senses.

“Fuck!” he grunted, launching himself toward the woman. Her eyes grew with fear and he could hear her heart pounding against her chest frantically. Something hissed in the shadows behind her, and the man’s heart skipped a beat as doubt crept in. What if he doesn’t reach her in time? The woman turned toward the sound and her scream pierced the night as red eyes and sharp claws launched at her.

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