My Dangerous Love

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Chapter 15 ~ The Deceit

...Chase’s P.O.V...

Pulling out my phone, I call the only man that’s ever cared for me, the only man who would be able to rectify the lingering doubt in my head and the only man who could understand. “Varco, can you meet up without Dad knowing?”

Heading to our predetermined meeting spot, I felt uneasy, on high alert because of the implications it would have should we be discovered. Varco said he had news about my love Aiya, and Regan still hadn’t found the file yet, either that or he was avoiding the inevitable.

“Chase, you’re looking good son,” Varco pulls me in for a hug.

“Varco, you’re taking a risk meeting me, I appreciate it.”

“You’re like a son to me Chase, I will risk my life for you. Your father is out of control, the way he sleeps with those young girls and how he will do anything for power disgusts me, I have no idea what happened to my friend? The boy I grew up with is long gone.” Varco sighs heavily, looking down with beaten sadness brimming in his eyes.

“Listen, I need to know something. Aiya looks a lot like your wife, Catriona, she mentioned the other night that her real mother’s name is Cat, are you her father?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about son,” Varco draws in a deep breath. “Your father can never find out what I’m about to tell you, if he does, he will take Aiya and use her as leverage.”

“So, are you?” My need to know the answer was burning a hole in my mind.

“Catriona is her mother but despite Cat still being my wife, she is not my child. When we sent Cat into The Black Dragons to gather information, she was raped by Delucius Karrofski, Pakhan (leader) of The Black Dragons and as a result, she fell pregnant.”

“What the fuck?” My head was spinning.

“That filthy bastard raped my wife and stole my future. I knew something happened to her but I would never have guessed this was the outcome, she was unrecognisable when she finally managed to escape and came back. This is your father’s fault, I begged him not to but he fucken didn’t listen.”

“If dad finds out they are both as good as dead.”

“I know son, which is why I’m going to claim Aiya as mine, your Dad and Karrofski can never know her true identity.”

“Does Cat know what Aiya suffered through?”

“She knows some, she’s followed Aiya most of her life, kept close watch from the shadows as she grew up in foster care but between rehab and mental institutions, Cat was fighting her own torture - I don’t know the extent of what she saw, but it was enough to really fuck her up.”

“Does she know that Aiden Strackeroff sold her into child slavery?”

“What? They had her and didn’t even know who she really was?”

“Yep, she was adopted by him when she was nine, sold at ten-years-old.”

“Fuck Chase, that girl has been through the wringer from what Cat has told me and now this...” Varco runs a hand across his face exhaustedly. “Aiden’s Delucius’ right hand, if he was to ever find out, you’ll have a war at your doorstep. But listen, there’s something else Cat found out - Maverick is not his real son.”


“It’s true; Maverick’s mother slept with Delucius’ brother, then claimed Delucius was the father.”

“So? Aiya is the true and only heir?” Silence falls uncomfortably between us as everything begins to slot into place. “Joel and Ash have been increasing training of my footmen but I don’t know if this will be enough.”

“Make sure they are always packing, I’ve got extra weapons stored in the bunker at my house if you need them but Chase, knowing what they have done to your beautiful mother, does it change the way you feel about your woman?”

Without a second thought, I replied, “never Varco, Aiya is my soul, she has no idea who her father is, nor is she anything like that evil cunt.”

“You’re a great man son, I’m proud of you.”

“Varco? When will you be joining us?”

“It’s nearly time son, but I have to be the one to kill Vin, even more so now that I know what he did to my wife. I pleaded for him not to send her in and that bastard laughed in my face and threw her into the lion’s den like an offering, claiming she had to pull her weight as part of Hell’s Deamon’s.”

“I’m so sorry my friend, I truly am.” I can’t even begin to imagine the hurt he felt, the betrayal or disloyalty.

“Chase, he must never know who she really is, I’m going to tell Vin that Aiya is my daughter, are we agreed?”

“You have my word.”

“Good. Now all plans are in place, it won’t be long and Vincent will get what’s coming to him. Oh and Chase… it’s time she was trained, she needs to be able to defend herself.”

“Boss, come to bed? Sophia and I are getting lonely.” Lilly purrs from under the feather down as Vincent stood naked on the balcony.

“You girls need to entertain yourself, I’m thinking.”

“Vin baby, we need you… now.” Sophia demands, spoilt to the core she was, and always needing attention.

Vincent strides over to the bed and picks her up by her jaw. “I fucken told you, bitch, I’m thinking.” Anger and hatred covered his once green eyes turning them pitch black.

“Get your hands off me you dirty fucken bastard, do you know who I am?” Sophia spits back, thinking her father’s name would save her from anything.

“A dead woman if you don’t shut the fuck up.” He throws her into his headboard knocking Sophia out cold. Turning to Lilly he snaps, “throw this useless bitch outside for the men to use. The deal is signed, she is no longer any use to me, plus, she is a lousy lay.”

Lilly sits there blinking rapidly, “Y-y yes, boss.”

“Good girl Lilly, I’d hate to see you end up with the same fate.”

Lilly’s mind swims with fear, but one solid thought remained. I will kill you, you bastard, she repeats in her head as Lilly takes Sophia by the arm and drags her limp and unconscious body across the floor and out the door.

“A present, use then dispose.” She turns, leaving Sophia unprotected, naked, and in front of the foulest vermin, she’d ever met in her life, that guarded the bosses room.

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