My Dangerous Love

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Chapter 19 – Control

...Aiya’s P.O.V...

After ordering, we sat down at a table waiting for our lunch. “Do you feel that?” I asked Mags, grasping her hand.

“Like we’re being watched?” Mags and I were seemed to be on the same page, it was an eery unusual feeling but we brushed it - somewhat - off.

“Let’s just eat and then leave.”

“Okay,” she agrees.

Halfway through eating, the café door swings open and in strides, none other than Lucifer himself, dressed in a black and crème Armani suit. Mags jumps around the table to sit beside me as my heart beat wildly in my ears. We have just spent four weeks training for a situation like this, four weeks of tormented hell, we had this. “Aiya, I’m scared, I’ve never disobeyed him like this before, what will he do?”

“Mags remember therapy, what he’s done to you is not right, it’s not love.”

“But…” Mags begins to protest.

Julius slams his palm onto the table, his sea blue eyes boring into Mags as she fidgets nervously next to me. “You have been a very bad girl Margo, your mother is worried sick.”

“Your wife should have protected her from the monster you are.” I spat with acidic venom, anger and adrenilin causing my hands to tremble as I faced him.

His eyes not leaving Mags’ he spits back, “you know nothing you useless slut.”

“You’re making a scene Lucifer, I mean Mr Kensington, shall we tell everyone just what you get up too on your ‘special’ daddy, daughter time?” My threat did not fall short on this mother fucker.

He averts his dark gaze in my direction. “Wrong man to mess with little girl.”

“Man? I see no man, just a rapist.”

Without blinking, he retracts his hand so quickly, I don’t see it coming until the last second and with an almighty wallop, that son of a bitch slaps me straight across the face, knocking me clean off the seat and I take Mags out on the way to the floor. Slightly dizzy, I see shadows moving about behind him, I guess people are leaving.

“Hey, you can’t hit a woman.” Some brave stranger attempts to come to our rescue, Julius pulls a gun out and points it towards him.

“Mind your own fucken business.” While he’s distracted, I leapt from the floor, grabbing his arm and out of nowhere as searing loud smack lands against my face and then a bang goes off, the gun had been fired.

This asshole had punched me straight in the eye, accidentally squeezing the trigger in his right hand and shooting the innocent good samaritan in the chest. I pushed off the ground, both feet landing into the side of his right leg causing him to slightly stumble backwards.

“You little bitch,” he screams. I looked over at Mags shaking uncontrollably on the floor, she was cowering in fear and it broke my heart, but as I was distracted, I felt a blinding pain as another loud ‘whack’ passed through my ears.

“Fuck,” I cried out, he’d hit me with a fucken chair.

Rolling me over as blinding pain ravished my entire body, he climbs on top of me. Pinning my arms down with his legs and he starts letting loose, punching me in the face. Six good shots had left me seeing black dots as he pulls my limp arms up and over my head, pinning them there with his left hand. I heard him unclick his belt buckle and then undo his zipper as panic rose within my chest. I couldn’t fight, I was weak, I couldn’t stop him.

“You wanna take what’s mine away from me bitch? Keep me from my love? You deserve to be ripped in half,” his spit splashes my face as I whimpered and moaned in agony.

Unable to focus, I can feel him pulling at my shorts.

“Should have been good Margo, now you get to…” I hear another thunderous whack, then suddenly, Lucifer is gone.

“Fuck you, asshole.”

Looking up, I see a blurry Mags standing over me with what looks like a chair in her hands. My beautiful girl, brave and fearless girl, had knocked the monster clean out.

She dropped the chair and immediately pulls up my bikini bottoms and denim shorts, “I’m so sorry babes, I’m so, so sorry.” She helped me to my feet, struggling to get a solid footing and we hobbled to her car.


Pulling up to the house, she slams on the breaks causing me to jolt forward and goes flying out the door and to my side. Flinging my arm around her shoulders as small strangled cries leave my lips, we slowly move to the two guards at the front door, both of them frozen in place.

“Help me, you fucken idiots.” Mags’ venom waking them from their daze.

By now, my face is throbbing so much that I start drifting in and out of consciousness, torturous agony ripped through me as my body trembled. The last thing I see is his beautiful deep greens before blackness.

...Chase’s P.O.V...

“What happened in training?”

“I don’t know, they just seemed to be fed up and pissed at the world today” Joel replies.

“Boss?” I hear the front men bellow in unison and Ash flings open the door, so hard, it's almost torn from its hinges.

“What the fuck happened?” I shout, Aiya’s face was covered in blood and she was leaning heavily on Mags as Margo struggled to hold her upright. I raced forward, scooping her up bridal style, into my arms and headed straight for the kitchen.

Placing her as gently as I could onto the bench and pulled out the first aid kit.

Luca, get Dr Merlo here right now,” fear pulsed through me at an alarming rate, I had never been so terrified in all my life. “Baby, stay with me, I need you.”

Luca, help her.” Mags shreks, break down into a puddle of tears.


“Chase?” I hear her sweet but croaky voice break through my exhausted dreams and my eyes snap open.

“Baby, baby, I’m here.” I kissed her hands not wanting to hurt her face any more than it had been.

“Well hello, you had us worried there awhile,” Dr Merlo smiles down on us.

“Where’s Mags?”

“Here babes, I’m sorry Aiya. I'm so sorry.” Mags cuddles into her chest, crying hysterically.

“Shhhhhh, its okay, you got him good, I’m so proud of you.” She stokes Mags’ head with her fingers.

I looked down at this beautiful woman of mine, completely broken and yet still managing to pour love an comfort into her best friend, supporting her every need - how I am so lucky?

“Mr Ramalio, can we talk outside? You Miss Aiya, took quite the beating, you are far stronger than I think you know,” Dr Merlo praises.

Kissing her shoulder, I slide off the bed and follow the Doc out of the room.


“I hate that we can’t take her to the hospital Chase,” she whispers in soft hushed tones.

“I know Talia but you know it’s not an option for us.”

“I know, I know,” Dr Merlo waves her hand about.

“Listen, she’s been out for a day, her body will still be in shock and we can’t assess the damage under the blows to her face without an x-ray.”

“No hospitals Talia,” if I was a normal man we could have, but since my father is the leader of the fucken Hells Demons, the pigs would love nothing more than to bust us, I can’t risk everything when we are so close to taking out that asshole for good. For the sake of all of us.”

“Watch her chase," she warned through gritted teeth, Dr Merlo knew what was at stake, she wanted far away from him just as much as I did. "Any sign of a concussion, slurred speech, lost eyesight, you call me immediately.”

I breathed a heavy sigh, “I will, thanks.”

She opens the door, “Alright Aiya, I’m outta here, take care of yourself, you too miss Margo.”

“Thank you,” the girls sing out in unison then giggle.

“Anything, Chase.” Her steel hard glare was enough to understand how serious she was.

“I promise.” I waved the Doc off, desperate to get back to her.


“Everyone asleep?” Aiya asks as I eventually crawled into bed next to her.

“Yes, I’ll be happy when I get our bedroom back and not everyone sleeping on mattresses on our floor.” I looked around - There were Mags and Luca, laid out on one side, Arlo and Ash, sprawled out on camper stretches at the foot of the bed and on the couch, Joel. She just smiled at the sight before her. I knew they’d grown close to Aiya but this was ridiculous.

Rolling on my side to face her but she turns away, “don’t look away.”

“I’m hideous.” My heart snaps, how can she think that or think, that I’d think that? She wasn’t anything less than perfect.

“Baby, you are not hideous, you are beautiful,” tears run down her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry Chase, I was so mad at you, I didn’t think.” I slipped my hand under her neck and pulled her in.

“I don’t even understand what happened, why were you mad at me?” She cuddles into my chest and sobs.

“Joel and Luca kept yelling at us - we weren’t good enough, strong enough or hit hard enough - day after day the same, you’re not good enough, we don’t learn that way.” I sat there, stroking her back, listening to her tentatively.

“Alright, so you want to change the way they talk to you?” I asked slightly confused and needing clarification.

“Not after this, I was so terrified Chase, his hit was so hard, he was there to do damage without any compassion or restriction, we were completely unprepared. I won’t do that again.”

“It’s my fault, I said I’d take care of you, let no one hurt you, yet I drove you to breaking point.”

“No, it’s our fault, we should have realised. Joel warned me when I asked for five minutes that anyone attacking me would not give us a break, I underestimated him and I should have listened.”

“Let’s just put it behind us?” I sighed deeply, the regret of this whole situation was too much.



“Why, when I finally tell you I love you, do you disappear on me?”

“What? Is this why you were mad at me?” She tucks her head into my armpit, attempting to bury her face but hisses when her lacerations were touched. “Look at me Aiya?” Hesitantly she looks up at me. “I love you Aiya, I’ve not been ignoring you or pushing you away… I’ve been…” Oh god, I have to tell her the truth, my eyes closed momentarily as I thought.

“Please, tell me the truth; my mind has gone crazy thinking you were rejecting me.”

Taking in a deep breath and exhaling, I finally give in. “I’ve been helping Varco set up my father’s death.” She gasps and grips me tighter, “I stayed away because I wanted you to focus on training but also because I never wanted to tell you this, you’re not involved with this shit, yet he threatened your life, I won’t let him touch a hair on your head. I would never reject you, you are my soul, my world, my everything.” Her sobbing starts up again, god, I love this woman but her crying breaks my heart. “Baby, I didn’t want you to know because if something goes wrong? You could never be an accessory, you would genuinely know nothing.”

“I love you,” I smiled, relishing those words that came from her mouth.

“There’s one more thing, Aiya look at me? Mags wanted us not to touch her father all these months, so we just kept an eye on him. Yesterday our tail was intercepted by some bad men and that’s how he managed to get to you two. Hearing that he tried to rape you - that fucken sick bastard - that was the last straw, Mags’ wish or not, tomorrow he dies.”

...Aiya’s P.O.V...

I hated Julius 'Lucifer' Kensington, he had raped Mags for years, he was in control of her life and her mind, now I am here covered in bruises and tiny cuts. If it wasn’t for Mags’ he would have raped me.

“Tomorrow he dies.”

I laid there staring up at him, hate swirls across my heart, anger, sadness, rejection and deceit, all the experiences from youth, from all those men, and then finally, love.

Love for my parents, for Mags, for the men that lay across the carpet and finally, my beautiful god-like green-eyed hero. Julius was a powerful lawyer with high connections, he defended the rich and tore apart all who crossed him, before we were weak - just surviving, struggling to keep each other sane - but even we had our limits and we had finally reached them. He will not hurt my loves.

“Good.” Was all I could muster, but my reaction had Chase eyeballing me in bewilderment.

The next morning, I slipped out from underneath his arms, the room was still pitch black but I could hear someone’s phone vibrating on the floor, wincing with every movement, I shuffle to the bathroom.

Leaning on the basin for support, I looked up to find someone unrecognisable staring back. My right eye was swollen and shut, the skin of my mouth was split and bruised and my right cheekbone was twice its normal size. Jesus, I looked like a fucken mess.

Turning around, I lifted my shirt to see bruises forming across my back, fucken bastard, I thought to myself.

After my shower, I decided - it was time to train.

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