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Chapter 10: Cammie and the Bus Driver

I was curled up in a ball, at the very back of the bus shuffling through my playlist. I was annoyed because I had to take the bus to school since my parents weren’t in town to give me rides. I hate the takes forever and is usually full of annoying people talking way too loud.

But today it was pretty quiet. Just me and a few other people. Thank goodness I was almost home. I could feel the motion sickness slowly creeping in. Wait, is that motion sickness I’m feeling?

The bus went over a bumpy road, making me jump a little in my seat when we went over a small hill. The movement was causing constant stimulation to my clit and before I knew it, my daily fit began to take over my body. I whimpered at the forceful need to orgasm and silently cursed my condition...why now?!

The bus halted and 2 people got off. I looked out the window and saw we were still at least 15 minutes from my stop. Shit, I’m not gonna make it! Think of something quick Cammie.

I looked over at the guy sitting on the chair across the aisle from me. He caught my eye and smiled shyly and I inwardly groaned. He was lanky and passive looking, but he’d have to do.

I smiled back and fondled my breast. He had his full attention on me and ogled my every move. I slid my hand down my chest to the hem of my short jean skirt, slowly lifting it and trailing my fingers to my crotch.

We went over another small hill, making my pussy ooze more wetness. I groaned and touched myself while he watched like a hungry dog.

I knew my fingers were not enough. I needed a thick cock to satisfy the urge.

“Want to help me out?” I said in a sultry tone to the red-faced boy. He eagerly nodded and nearly climbed on top of me. He unzipped his pants and took out an unimpressive dick, which he jerked while kissing my tits.

“Don’t I need a condom?” he asked. “Don’t worry I’m on the pill,” I impatiently replied. I needed to orgasm so badly that I felt like my insides could explode if I didn’t hurry.

He sloppily entered me in an uncomfortable position and started thrusting rapidly. I didn’t feel much of anything and was certainly receiving no satisfaction from the sex.

We did this for another few minutes before I felt like screaming in frustration. The pressure kept building but I couldn’t see myself getting off with this guy.

I hadn’t even realized but the bus had stopped. I looked out the window to see we were parked in a shaded, almost hidden area. What the fuck?

I heard a deep chuckling and looked up to see the bus driver standing right over us, watching. He was a big, rough-looking, middle-aged redneck with dirty jeans and a dirty mind. I’d caught him several times checking out the girls’ asses as they got off the bus.

I looked down and saw he had taken his huge, thick cock out. It was fully erect and slightly twitching. The veins on it were inflamed, and the head looked like an engorged, angry red mushroom.

The boy screwing me nearly jumped off of me in fear and feebly attempted to mutter something.

“Don’t worry boy you ain’t in trouble. Why don’t you step aside so I can teach you how to properly fuck a pussy.

The boy hesitantly moved away and the bus driver took his place, pulling me onto his lap. He spread my legs and rubbed my clit with his rough, calloused fingers. “Mmm, haven’t had a fresh pussy in decades,” he muttered. I was uncontrollably oozing juice and eagerly waited to be filled with the redneck’s huge cock.

He rubbed the head against my pussy lips, lubricating it with my juice. Breathing heavily, he positioned it at my hole and thrust up into me. He wrapped a beefy arm around my waist and penetrated me in long, complete strokes. The feeling of fullness made me moan in pleasure.

“That’s it baby, take all that cock inside of you. And when I’m done tearing you up, you’re gonna take every drop of my cookie batter deep inside that beaver, you understand?” I nodded and he grunted, slapping my tits.

He bounced me up and down harder on his big, hairy cock. The only audible sounds were our grunts and heavy breathing, and the sound of his sweaty balls jiggling every time I came down on his trunk.

The boy next to us silently watched and masturbated. “Yea you watch real closely boy, watch how I’m fucking her. Gotta make sure you hit every part of a woman’s pussy and fill er’ up. The bus driver shifted me and roughly nailed me right to the core of my g-spot. I screamed out and began to spasm.

“Yeaaa, keep hollering’ baby. Scream for daddy’s cock,” he grunted, pounding his thick, swollen cock deep into my cunt. “If you were my daughter I’d fill all of your holes on a daily basis. That’s how a young slut needs to be fucked.

The rough sex had satisfied my every need, and after a few more moments of hard pounding, I came harder than I had in months, releasing a waterfall of pussy slime. The bus driver slammed my g-spot one last time before shooting thick ropes of batter into my womb. “Take all that hot spunk inside of you, and suck me clean when you’re done.”

I gagged as I obediently sucked his trunk and showed him that I swallowed like a good girl.

“Good, now come over here boy, have another go at that pussy while I tear her ass up,”

Oh, this bus ride is going to be even longer than I thought...

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