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Chapter 11: Nikki Tries Naughty Films

“Nicole get in here, we’re splitting tips.” I rolled my eyes and begrudgingly entered the kitchen where my co-workers impatiently waited for me to fork over my day’s earned cash to split it “evenly.”

I pulled out $247 worth of tips from my waitress apron and watched the bitch of a manager greedily snatch it as she proceeded to count all our tips.

I secretly counted along with her and calculated that I was supposed to receive $124. My manager handed me $75 with a sneer-like smile on her face. “You can go now,” she said, waving her hand in dismissal.

“Where’s the rest?” I asked, trying to compose my anger. Every fucking time I worked a shift, I got cheated out of cash.

“There is no rest, take what I gave you and get lost. I’ll see you back here at 8 am sharp on Wednesday.”

I knew the fat bitch hated me since day 1, and I won’t tolerate her pathetic ass anymore.

“Actually, I quit!” I said, yanking my apron off and throwing it in her face. “And I believe this is also mine” I said, grabbing another $50. She was too stunned to say anything to me, and I didn’t give her a chance, turning right on my heel and leaving that shit-hole diner for good.

A few hours later I was on my computer, surfing Craigslist for immediate-hire jobs. Quitting, although necessary, was a reckless thing to do. Yes I’m 18 and still live with my parents, but I do have things to pay for!

After a while of looking and applying to a few things, I came across an advertisement for a pörn audition. It said no experience was necessary and that I could earn $1000 just for today!

I’ll admit, the idea of fucking a random was sketchy but I’m no saint and I’m not freaked out by porn so why the hell not? I shot a quick message to the guy who posted it, asking if I can come in later tonight. I attached a picture of myself.

He replied almost immediately confirming that I could and gave me the address. Thankfully it was pretty close by.

I felt a pit of nervousness in my gut but I enjoyed the rebellious feeling of it all. I dressed in a tight mesh top that pushed my tïts up and a short skirt with some heels to make me look taller. I was only 5′0.

I brushed out my dyed red hair and applied my best attempt at “sexy” make-up, hoping to come off as mature and experienced. I’ve fucked a few guys but never for an audience or anything.

I easily snuck out the house, and drove slowly and a bit shakily. I turned on some music to drown out my anxiety which helped a bit.

The location of the audition was a non-conspicuous apartment building. I almost drove past it, not expecting the place to look like any old residential building.

I walked in and had the doorman buzz me for apartment 13-D. He gave me the go-ahead and I took the marble elevator up to the 13th floor, impressed with the beautiful building.

Before I could knock on the door, it swung open and a tall, good-looking guy who I suspected to be in his 30′s stood there, smiling at me.

He introduced himself as Draco and led me in. It was nicely furnished and clean looking. I took all this in while I briefly chatted with Draco. He seemed pretty cool.

“And this is the studio room for now. Don’t worry we have an actual building for our real studio but this is where we’re crashing for a few days while a new central air system is being installed there.” I nodded, timidly greeting the other people in the room.

“Aren’t you cute?” A friendly looking woman said. She introduced herself as Lizzy and sat me down to ask me a few standard interview questions, which I answered easily.

After around 20 minutes of questions, she told me I would be moving on to the next part of the process which was the video. “Say goodbye to Nicole, and hello to your stage name Nikki Lix.”

“Draco, I can’t get over how cute and small she is. I think she’d do really well with the innocent teen image, don’t you think?” They discussed a bit more among themselves while I nervously shifted in my seat, wanting to just get fucked, get paid, and get out. I wasn’t actually interested in doing this for the long run, just today and that’s it.

“I just need to visualize it, that’s all,” Draco said, snapping me from my daydream of spending my 1k. “Have wardrobe take care of her, tell them to make her look as young as possible.”

Before I could grasp what was going on, my make-up artist escorted me to the wardrobe where she took off the heavy make-up I applied, and re-created a juvenile look: a few fake freckles, carefully applied eye-make up that made my eyes look larger and more childish, pink lips, and some blush. She tied my red hair into pig tails and made me change into a baby blue skirt and white top with pink converse instead of my heels, bringing me back down to 5′0. I looked like a fucking little kid!

“It’s perfect!” Draco and Lizzy said, almost simultaneously. They admired my new look and directed me to the casting couch to get ready for my scene where a 30-some odd year old, pretty handsome man sat back on. He grinned at me and wrapped his arm around my waist, squeezing my ass cheek.

“Nikki this is John, he’ll be starring in this video with you,” Lizzy said, looking excited as she set up the cameras.

“Well, what do I do?” I asked, annoyed at the lack of directions.

“Just be natural and play the innocent card, the viewers will eat it right up. Let John take the lead for now and fück you good and hard, okay?” I nodded, smiling. I was actually kind of excited and jittery.

“Alright, we’re rolling people. Tiny teen gets fucked by her Stepfather take 1 and action.”

There was thankfully no dialogue in the scene, which would have been to awkward for me. John pulled me onto his lap and kissed me hungrily while I rubbed my hand over his crotch. He slid his hands under my flimsy top and grabbed my tits, squeezing and kneading them.

I moaned and bit my lip while he traced one hand down my stomach and slid it under my little blue skirt, lifting it up. I spread my legs and he rubbed my wet pussy over my panties, teasing me before he pulled them aside and sunk two fingers inside of me, making me groan in pleasure.

He continued to rub my swollen clit, spanking the cunt every now and then when I pretended to playfully wriggle and resist.

He pulled his pants down, letting his big, hard cock spring free. “Ready for daddies cock?” He asked. I nodded my head childishly, with a girly grin on my face. We kind of improvised and threw in a little dialogue even though it wasn’t required. I actually preferred that then just moaning and grunting the entire time.

He lifted my small little body up as he positioned his cöck at my hole. It looked massive compared to my tiny frame, and I yelled out in a fake high-pitched girly voice as he held my hips and pulled me down on his cock, completely plugging my pussy with his thick trunk.

He held my thighs and spread my legs farther apart while he bounced me up and down on his cock. “That’s a good girl, let daddy fuck his sweet princess. Do you like having daddies big cock stuffed inside your little pussy?”

I nodded and squealed in a girly way as John began to pound me harder. “You like it when daddy roughly fucks you, don’t you baby?”

I threw my head back and moaned while John held on to me tighter and thrust up into me with all his strength. His balls swung wildly while he frantically drilled my müff.

Draco gave the signal to wrap up the scene along with two thumbs up, before disappearing again behind the camera.

“Would you like daddy to cream-pie his little girl?” John asked, still plowing my pussy like a horse.

“Oooh yes daddy, please fill your little girl up!”

With a good, hard slap on my clit, I burst on John’s thick cock. He pounded out my orgasm before tensing up and slamming me down, filling my pussy with gooey cream as promised.

We ended the scene with a blow-job and shortly after Draco and Lizzy called scene. They looked extremely pleased and said I was a natural on camera, and that there was no need to re-do any part of the scene.

Later on after I got cleaned up and dressed, I sat with Draco and Lizzy. They gave me my $1000 for the video, which apparently already got 900 views in the last 20 minutes I spent cleaning up.

“You know something, you have a real bright future as Nikki Lix. If you work for us full time you can be earning up to $5000 a day, with a great company and full-time support system. So what do you say, will you join us?”

I thought about just getting paid for today and never seeing these people again, but shit they were saying I can make $5000 a day just to have sex?! I was sold.

With a mischievous grin on my face I said, “So when do I start?”

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