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Chapter 12: Punished by my Coach

Mr. Morozov blew his annoying whistle again, startling us for the 10th time that day.

“You’re landing is off again Natasha!” He threw aside his clipboard in frustration and came over to the balance beams where me and my 4 other teammates had been trying to perfect our routines all morning.

I groaned and mumbled a string of curses in Russian as he approached us. “You are not paying attention to the dynamics Natasha! It’s all about amplitude in this particular round...”

blah blah blah... I stopped paying attention as he rambled on for 5 minutes. My teammates looked just as irritated as they analyzed their finger nails and waited for practice to end. We were passionate about our sport, but not as much as our coach was. He was a famous gymnast, and one of the top performers back in his day before he retired and began coaching at one of the most prestigious gymnastics schools in Russia.

“Class is dismissed! I will see you girls tomorrow; Natasha, please stay after class.”

My teammates exchanged sympathetic glances with me before packing their gym bags and taking off. I sighed, knowing my punishment was long from over.

Our coach had a peculiar way of teaching, and his methods included punishment. When one of us did not perform to his standards and had to stay after class, it meant a guaranteed punishment fuck.

“I think you need a hot shower Natasha, to relax your muscles.” We went into the changing rooms, where Mr. Morozov sat and watched as I turned on the soothing, warm water and stripped down. I was 18 years old, but had the body of a gymnast, meaning I was short and quite thin. I unraveled my long brown hair from its tight bun and drenched myself under the warm waterfall.

I was too busy enjoying the shower when I opened my eyes and realized Mr. Morozov had stepped in with me. He was much larger than me, and had an intimidating cock that I knew would soon be deep inside of me.

“You were off today Natasha, you know you can’t continue like this especially with your competition coming up in just a few weeks,” he said massaging soap all over my petite figure.

“I know, I’ll do better next time” I said, nearly shivering in pleasure as my coach rubbed his hands over every inch of my skin.

“Your muscles are tense, Natasha. Release some of the tension, and you will see how easy flexibility will come to you. Your landing is off because you are not stretching your pelvic muscles enough,” he said, cupping my small butt cheeks in his hands. His breathing grew heavier and he pressed against me. I could feel his large erection, caressing my backside.

“How can I gain more flexibility in my pelvic area, then?” I questioned.

“Well Natasha, it all begin’s with a woman’s pussy. You have to allow your pussy to feel pleasure in order for the other muscles to loosen. Here, let me show you what I mean” he said, gently resting me on the shower floor.

“Spread your legs,” my coach ordered, retrieving the shower head from its grip and adjusting the intensity of the flow.

He licked his fingers and gently rubbed my clit, eliciting a sigh from me. “See, the bud is swollen with pleasure” he said, positioning the shower head right on the pink nub. I closed my eyes and laid my head back, enjoying the sensation of the hot water blasting my pussy.

He moved the shower head in circles, stimulating the maximum amount of nerves in that area. “Oooh” I groaned, biting my lip to keep from screaming out.

Mr. Morozov turned the dial, blasting the water at full speed right on my sensitive core. “Ohh yes!!” I cried, frantically bucking my hips up. He spanked my pussy and fingered me roughly while keeping the jet of water right on my clit.

“You will not leave here today until I have given you 10 orgasms. Only then will I be convinced that your pussy is flexible enough to do your routine properly. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” I moaned, still bucking my hips as my pussy was punished. Coach slapped my pussy again, making me explode in orgasm. I screamed out as I trembled with the reverberations of my climax.

Coach turned off the water and laid down on his back. He pulled my tiny body on top of his so that I was straddling him. “To become more flexible a woman needs to allow a man to fill her with his cock and stretch her pussy out,” he whispered.

He eased his hard, twitching cock inside of me, and began to slowly thrust into my body. I whimpered at the sudden fullness and pain of having such a large cock stuffed inside of me.

“You will take every inch of this cock inside of you Natasha. I will pound your tight pussy until my cock is covered with your sweet cream pie,” he said, looking me dead in the eyes with a serious look.

He gripped my hips and began to bounce me up and down on his cock, showing no mercy. I cried out as I was repeatedly filled deeply and completely. “That’s it, be a good girl and take your rough fucking. Feel my hard cock penetrate your tight little muffin.” Coach said through gritted teeth. He let out a string of curses in Russian as I bounced up and down harder and sloppier.

“That’s it baby, be a big girl and let yourself be fucked. I love you and your teammates, and want you to be the best. That’s why I ravage your innocent pussies, to teach you discipline.

I orgasmed again as my coach continued to whisper filthy things to me. “I love the feeling of an innocent pussy exploding while I’m inside of it. I love when your small bodies tremble with pleasure as I pound through the sludge of hot cream and bring you to orgasm over and over again.

As I came back down from my orgasmic high, Coach pulled me off of him and made me get on all fours. He knelt behind me and roughly shoved his cock into my leaking pussy, plugging me completely. He held my hips and violently thrust into my body, slapping his sticky balls on my thigh with every rapid stroke.

“Backdoor sex will make you scream with pleasure, Natasha” Coach said. He let his hand fly down and spank me hard on the ass, leaving a red handprint.

I moaned and spread my legs a bit wider to fit more cock inside. “A good girl knows how to take a painful spanking while a man fills and ravages her once innocent pussy. You’re a good girl, aren’t you Natasha?” he said, grunting as he stuffed me.

“Yes sir!” I cried out, climaxing yet again around his cock. He watched me experience my orgasm and grabbed my hair while plowing my slippery pussy with all his strength. He spanked me again and slammed into my muffin one good hard last time before spraying his seed like a hose deep in my womb.

When he fully emptied himself in me, he took his cock out and slapped it against my raw, well-fucked pussy.

We collapsed on the floor where he pulled me into his arms, whispering into my ear what he would be doing to me next.

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