Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 13: Cammie Gets Gangbanged

“Cammie, would you help me finish setting this bed and then report to the recreation room?” My coworker Anna said, smoothing down her white uniform.

“Mm-hmm,” I mumbled, hastily sliding the pillows into their cases. Thank god, I thought to myself. If I had to set one more damn bed I’d get fed up. I recently started volunteering in a senior citizen home. It was a good way to earn school credits, and slap another thing onto my resumé in the future.

I adjusted my white cap and strolled down to the lounge area, where a group of gregarious old men sat around playing cards and watching the television. They were talking and laughing loudly amongst themselves when I came in.

“Afternoon gentlemen!” I said cheerily, taking materials out of the cabinet to tidy up the space.

“Well, hello there Miss Cammie,” several of them responded, turning their attention to me.

I exchanged pleasantries with the men, eventually telling them to go back to their game and don’t mind me.

I worked diligently for about 20 minutes when my urge started creeping up on me. Of course it would happen here of all places! I thought, annoyed with my body.

I tried to think of something else for the time being, to distract myself from the rising sensations although I knew it would eventually be an unavoidable situation.

“Would you get a load of the tïts on that one,” one of the men said. A few chuckles and grunts of agreement followed and I looked up curiously to see them ogling a bouncing Kate Upton on the screen, promoting some product.

“If I ever saw that girl, I’d lick that püssy until she was screaming for more.”

“Oh, I’d fück her kitty so hard she’d never have kids,” another man added.

Their crude, sexual words only aroused me more. I stifled a groan as a wave of ecstasy rippled through my body. I didn’t think I’d even make it to the restroom to mästurbate.

Desperate for release, I tried to inconspicuously rub myself on the leg of a wooden chair. It wasn’t doing much but it was something. I’d eventually need to be penetrated.

I continued to rub myself on the chair, and slid a hand up my skirt to try to at least finger myself.

An outburst of laughter came from the cards table, and one of the men roared, “You cheated asshole!”

“I won fair and square, c’mon then let’s have Cammie be the judge of this one, eh?”

Oh shit. The men all turned to me and caught me rubbing the chair with my fingers in my panties.

A group of them slowly got up and moved towards me. Two of them, drew the curtains, blocking out the rest of the entire center from coming in or seeing what was about to happen.

I was too horny to care about anything, and could feel the liquid dripping down my legs. I just needed to be fücked.

“You won’t be needing that chair anymore, dear. There’s plenty of wood in this room to fill you up, right boys?”

The men agreed; some had even begun unzipping their pants and taking their cöcks out.

They led me to the large table and tied my hands cuff-style, making sure my restraints were nice and tight. I was laid on my back, and had my legs spread wide and individually tied. There was no escaping, and I was at the complete mercy of their cöcks.

One of the men, slid my uniform skirt up and roughly ripped apart my flimsy panties, revealing my wet püssy for everyone to see.

“Haven’t seen such a tight, fresh kitty in decades. Do you want to be fücked by some real men, sweetheart?” I bit my lip and nodded, desperate to be drilled in every filthy way possible.

One after another they put their old, dry tongues on my clït and licked roughly. I laid there, unable to move, while I was forced to suck and choke on their cöcks. They wagged their cöcks all over my face and tïts, and ordered me to lick their heavy, swinging balls.

One of the men, shoved three thick, fingers into my püssy and drilled them in there, finally taking them out to smear my cream all over my cünt.

“Line up boys, we’re gonna start fücking her kitty”

The first man to stand between my legs was balding and fat, with a short but very thick cöck. He almost immediately turned red and began wheezing as he pounded my püssy as hard as he could, making me moan with pleasure.

“Finish up, you fat fück there’s a long line back here!” Someone called out, earning a round of laughter from the naked mästurbating men all waiting their turn to ravage my body.

My next cöck was huge, with a big bush of white whiskers. I screamed as he used all his strength to thrust deep inside my spread legs. My screams were muffled with another man’s large, wrinkled cöck shoved down my throat.

“Damn Bert you really stretched her kitty out,” the next man said.

“Let’s see if she can fit two cöcks in there at the same time,” another man suggested. They eagerly positioned themselves at different angles, and shoved both their hard logs in my püssy making me whimper.

They moved, awkwardly at first, but then began rapidly sawing in and out of me. The men cheered as they watched me take two cöcks up my cünt.

Several other men, rubbed their cüm-filled balls on my body, while a few took turns spanking and fücking my tïts.

My throat was hoarse from screaming around thick cöck as each of the 15 men took turns pounding me. My body shook as I was being nailed right on my sweet spot. “Oh, that’s a good girl, letting all those men tear your pussy up, eh?” The man fücking me said. “Such a good, sweet girl taking all of that cöck, aren’t you baby?” he said through gritted teeth, roughly pulling out, and landing a stern slap right to my clït.

My walls exploded at the impact, and I projectile-orgäsmed, squirting what felt like a gallon of püssy juice all over the men. They watched hungrily as I sprayed the whole group, and several fought to plug my leaking püssy.

The men fücked my soggy cünt, making me squirt over and over again. They would drink and bathe in my juice every time I burst, then climb on top of me and pound my kitty just to see it all over again.

By the end of the day all my holes had been filled with cüm and the table and floor was completely soaked with my püssy juice. Damn that’s gonna be a hard stain to cover up...

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