Sexcapades 1

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Chapter 14: Mandy and Her Step-Dad

“Mandy get in here”

I sighed dramatically, and ripped out my earphones. What does he want now?!

I walked into my step-father’s office and shot him an irritated look. “Yes?”

He had his eyebrows scrunched, looking intensely at a piece of paper. Oh shit my progress report, I thought gloomily. He smoothed back his thick brown hair in frustration and threw the paper down. “Why are you getting a D in math? You’ve only had 1 test so far and you said you got a B!”

“Yea, well..” I mumbled

“What was that? Speak up!” he ordered.

“I forgot to do a few of the homework assignments, okay!” I said, crossing my arms.

“What will your mother think when you tell her you’re slacking off your senior year, huh?”

“Oh please, you and I both know that she doesn’t care about anything except traveling and trying to make it as an “actress” all the way in Paris!” I challenged.

My step-father hardened his gaze and blew out a sigh. “When is your next assignment due?” He asked.


“Well, did you start it?”


“Go get it and bring it in here to do it. From now on you are going to make sure you complete every single assignment correctly. Come on chop, chop!” He said, as he unbuckled his belt. Oh not again! It was a rule that every time I got in trouble I had to have sex with my step-father as punishment.

I retrieved my books and homework assignment and brought it back to his office where he was still sitting in his big leather chair. He had left all his clothes on except for his pants which were shoved halfway down along with his boxers. His big cock was standing up straight, waiting to be buried inside my pussy.

“Come on, make it quick Mandy” he said, patting his lap where he expected me to sit.

I laid my books down on the mahogany desk, my ass facing my step-father. He gently lifted my flimsy nightgown up around my hips and pulled down my white panties. He groaned quietly as I still went about arranging my books, and slid two fingers up and down my moist slit, planting a kiss on my pussy.

“Sit down Mandy,” he said, slapping my bare ass. He held my hips and guided me down, sliding his large, eager cock into my muffin. He pulled me all the way down so that my pussy completely swallowed his cock and my ass was touching his thighs.

“Now, what’s the first question you need to work on?” He asked, once his junk was deep and secure inside of me. He gently pushed aside my long blonde hair, and kissed the end of my shoulder.

We worked through the first two problems when my step-father began to caress my thighs, and slide his hands up my waist and under my shirt. He cupped my breasts, and shifted his hips. I could feel his big cock, pulsing and throbbing inside of me, and I teasingly adjusted myself, so that I slid my pussy slightly up and down his thick shaft.

His breathing hitched for a moment and he tightened his squeeze on my tits. “Take a look down Mandy. I want you to tell me who’s cock is stuffed deep inside your little slutty pussy”

I smiled coyly, biting my bottom lip. “Yours daddy,” I said, looking down at my filled and stretched out fuck hole.

“And who’s about to fuck his little girl real good and make her scream and cum?” He asked.

“You daddy,” I responded.

“Good girl,” he said, raising my hips and slamming me back down. I cried out and dug my nails into my step-father’s shoulders.

“Ohh, that’s it, baby. I want you to feel every inch of cock gliding through your body,” he said. He held me tight and thrust up into me with a deep hunger, sloppily slamming into my sweet spots over and over again. He smashed my pussy up, which was now a slippery mess and muttered filthy things.

“Ohh don’t stop daddy, don’t stop drilling my pussy!” I begged, looking down at him ravage my tight cunt.

“You’re just like your mother, you little slut. Like it deep in your creamy twats. Need to have your big, round asses filled with big cock too, don’t you?

I whimpered, knowing my anal sex was coming soon. He always saved it for last.

My step-father sawed his cock right through me, nailing every sensitive region inside of me. I screamed and rode his fat cock stuffed up my hole, grabbing onto my bouncing tits. His heavy, cum-filled balls made loud sticky noises as they slapped against my clit with each pounding. My walls began to tighten and I knew I was close to oblivion. With a grunt, he aggressively slammed me down one last hard time, and my senses shattered in orgasm, electric and explosive, rippling through my body like a cyclone.

My body twitched uncontrollably and I humped the fat cock still buried inside of me with feverish intensity.

“Get in position on the desk the way I taught you, slut.” My step-father ordered, spanking my ass with a stinging blow.

I climbed onto the desk on my hands and knees with my backside facing him. I spread my legs a bit wider, knowing my anal sex was coming.

My step-father caressed my swaying tits and applied a cold gel to my tiny ass-hole before, positioning himself behind me and grabbing onto my wide hips. “If you try to stop daddy from fucking his princess’s nice big ass, I will get my whip and lash you up before tearing your beaver up again, understood?”

I nodded, but he was already pushing his way through my ass. I tried to bite my tongue, but couldn’t help letting out a scream, as he completely shoved his way through, filling my big, round ass with cock.

“Ohh, that’s it girl. Feel your daddies cock deep inside of your backdoor barn.”

He grabbed a chunk of my long blonde locks and pulled my head back as he began to pound into my ass with long, greedy strokes. “God I love stuffing your sweet peach,” he moaned, intensifying the penetration with every stroke.

Tears stung my eyes at the sensation of having my backdoor filled. It was a strange, yet satisfying sensation. The anal sex created an electrifying pressure on my pussy that made it tingle with pleasure.

While taking my pounding deep in my ass, I began to rub a few manicured fingers on my clit, breathing a sigh of relief at the released pressure.

My step-father caught me in the act and angrily spanked a stinging blow on my big ass. While still pounding me even harder and faster up the ass, he yanked open a desk drawer and removed a large dildo that resembled a big, black cock. He turned its vibration settings on and shoved it up my soaking wet twat, mercilessly fucking me with it while filling my ass with his cock.

I screamed and let out a string of curses as I got screwed in both holes. My step-father blew a hot load up my ass, though it didn’t slow him down.

Suddenly the front door of our house opened and I could hear my mother turning off the alarm. “Shit, she’s home we need to stop!”

My step-father just laughed, sweaty and red as he abused my two holes. “We’re not stopping until you cum for your daddy again, slut” he threatened.

I shoved my pussy down on the massive dildo, and spread my ass, to fit more cock in there. I needed to cum right away before she caught us.

I took my drillings until I could no longer take it, and finally exploded on the dildo buried inside of me and all over my step-father’s cock. I let out a loud scream that I couldn’t contain and heard my mom call out my name in a worried tone.

Both cocks were still stuffed inside of me when the doorknob to the office turned...

Well, shit.

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