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Chapter 15: The Brazilian's Escort (BDSM)

“Nadia, you have a customer coming up in 10!” I gave a quick nod of thanks to Anastasia, and rolled out of bed. I lit a candle and worked quickly to freshen up, brushing out my shoulder-length red locks and applying some dark mascara to my pale lashes. It was a waste of time and I knew it; very soon the mascara would be running down my cheeks after whatever it was Thiago wanted to do to me today. He had very particular and dark tastes, that man.

I used to have plenty of clients before Thiago came into my life. Some days I would be lucky with nice, handsome young men. And other times I would get the scum of Poland. Those days made me feel so angry, and regretful of running away from home into a life of escorting. But he changed all that.

He was tall, dark, and irresistibly handsome...The opposite of the common Polish man. He had a rich Latin accent and told me he came from the faraway country of Brazil for business. He never spoke much about this business, or really anything regarding his life. He was secretive; I could see the shield over his eyes even when he opened his heart.

I knew that he was wealthy. After the night we met, he paid the pimps off with massive amounts of cash and demanded that he be my only client from now on. Our relationship these past few weeks has been a whirlwind to say the least, especially after I found out about his particularity for darkness and his BDSM fetish. Our meetings were always similar. We’d converse, and he’d use my body for all of his sick pleasures, then hold me gently in his arms and lull me in Portuguese.

I had just finished putting on one of the many elegant, yet sultry lingerie pieces that he sent me when I heard a soft rap on the door. “Abra, querida” he said softly from outside.

I gave myself one last look in the mirror before going to open. He stood far above my petite frame, looking down at me with an adoring glint in his eyes. “For you, meu amor” he whispered, holding out a sleek matte black bag. I peeked inside to see a gorgeous, red dress neatly folded.

I perked up on my toes to kiss his delicious lips. “You don’t have to get me a gift every time you come, darling.”

“I know I don’t have to; I want to. I want to share everything with you, Nadia.”

I smiled into his deep brown eyes, and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him into a tantalizing kiss. He closed the door behind him with his foot and lifted my small body, bringing me to the bed.

I giggled as Thiago climbed on top of me, leaving a trail of kisses across my collarbone and into the crevice of my neck. I fisted a handful of his luxurious dark hair, and moaned softly as his masterful lips danced on my skin and made my body tingle with pleasure.

He unbuttoned his shirt, and shoved off his designer suit pants and ground himself into me, leaving not an inch of space between our bodies. I wrapped my legs around his waist, rubbing my wet, throbbing clit against the thick snake in his boxers. “I need you,” I whimpered out loud.

Thiago stopped sucking on my nipples and looked up at me with lustful eyes, that darkened by the second. His switch had flipped, and the dark side of him had come out to play. “Say it again,” he demanded coolly.

I bit my lip seductively and raked my fingers across his heavenly face and over his pouty lips. “I need you,” I whispered again.

Thiago clenched his jaw and with a sudden force, ripped my lingerie apart, leaving me naked underneath him. He pulled down his boxers, giving me a coveted view of his delicious cock, rigid against his perfect abdomen.

He pulled on my red hair, sitting me up. Without a second to catch my breath, Thiago forced his large cock down my throat, ordering me to suck like a whore.

I placed my hands against his solid thighs and maneuvered my mouth around his cock with skill, although he made it difficult. I wrapped a petite hand around his shaft and licked up and down like I was enjoying a cold treat on a warm day. He groaned and tightened his grip on my hair, muttering filthy things to me while abusing my throat.

I tickled and gently caressed his balls, driving him over the edge. He grunted and sprayed his seed down my throat. “Swallow all of it,” he said watching me teasingly roll his hot cum over my tongue before letting it glide down my throat.

“How does it taste?” He asked, with the same dark eyes trained on me. He kissed my neck and nibbled on my earlobe, eliciting a sigh from me. “It’s warm and salty, my love” I said, making him chuckle.

Thiago laid me down on the bed and got up to retrieve his ‘playthings’ from their hiding spot under the bed. He held in his hands, some rope and a few toys for me. I knew what was coming next and it both scared and exhilarated me.

“Don’t be anxious, meu amor” he reassured, seeing the expression in my eyes. “You know I can’t control this side of me. I can’t repress it or ignore it either, or I would.”

“You don’t need to explain anything to me that you don’t want to,” I said, looking up at the ceiling as Thiago began securing rope to the four bed posts. I patiently awaited his games and released a breath I didn’t realize I held.

“He took my left wrist and kissed the soft skin right on the spot that let me feel my pulse. He held his lips there for a few seconds before tying it to the corner behind me with the soft rope. He did the same for my other wrist, and ankles until I was fully tied up and spread out for him.

“So beautiful,” Thiago murmured, climbing over me and kissing his way down from my lips down to my little, wet kitten, adorned with a red landing strip that drove Thiago crazy. He nibbled on the milky flesh of my thighs before feasting on my juicy pussy, making me cry out with overbearing need.

He thrust his tongue into me and sucked on my swollen clit, gently biting and licking parts of me that every woman should have sucked at least once in their life.

I moved my pussy against his mouth as much as I could in my restraints, and let my mouth hang open in a silent scream. I wanted him to slurp up every drop of juice I would soon release for him.

He licked roughly, knowing I would break soon and then stopped suddenly, letting me squirm and whimper with sexual torture. “I won’t allow you to fucking cum until I say you can,” Thiago warned, with a dangerous edge to his voice. He sat up for a moment, and grabbed an egg-shaped sex toy that was designed to masturbate women.

With a smirk, he rubbed my pussy roughly and switched the toy on, making it vibrate. Slowly, he inserted it into my ass, making me pull at my restraints. He noticed me pulling on the rope, and looked at me with a dangerous glint in his eye. He shoved the toy up my ass with no hesitation and retrieved a flogger and an erotic electrostimulation apparatus. “Scream, and I’ll gag you and get the fucking machine out. It’s been a while since I’ve put it to good use,” he threatened.

I whimpered as he powered on the electrostimulation device and held it against my pussy. I want you to count how many times I strike you with the flogger and if you miss a number, I press this button. He demonstrated, by pressing a button on the device, sending an erotic shock against my pussy that reached all the way to the core of my body and left me writhing and trembling in both pain and pleasure.

“Do you want me to replace the egg with a fisting sling?” He asked, with an edge to his tone. I shook my head and he smiled. “Good,” he said, striking my body with the flogger. It stung, but combined with the electric stimulation of my pussy and vibrating toy in my ass, it felt amazing. “One.”

He struck me again, harder this time, setting millions of nerves ablaze. “Two,” I choked out.

He struck me over and over, with punishing strokes. I counted obediently until I could no longer. My mind was fuzzy with pleasure and I felt like I was being fucked in all holes while high.

When I didn’t cough out the number, Thiago pressed the button for a few seconds too long, emitting erotic electricity directly from the device into my body. I felt gooey and warm and unbearably horny. I had experienced countless orgasms over such a short course of time and needed to be filled and pounded like a filthy, filthy whore.

Thiago could see all of this in my eyes, because even if I didn’t want to admit it I knew that he understood everything about me and my body. He knew how to stimulate all of my senses until I could feel nothing but a blur.

He threw the flogger aside and slammed his cock into my sweet, warm pussy instantly filling my body. “Oh, baby” he moaned, forcefully slamming his pelvis into mine to nail my sweet spots over and over again. He wrapped his hands around my throat, with just enough pressure to add the element of danger he needed. His shaggy, dark hair was drenched with sweat and our bodies collided and moved together with rhythm and passion. It was like an intricate dance and union of our souls and hearts as we poured ourselves out our molds through the rough sex.

It was hard and fast and deep. Thiago fucked me as if it was our last day on Earth, although I felt as if our love-making had transported me into another dimension. An alternate universe where only he and I existed.

“Cum for me Nadia,” he whispered, furiously pounding my peach open with heavy, deep penetration. Time paused for a moment and I felt myself blinded with ecstasy as I released an orgasm so powerful that it shattered my mind and rendered me helpless and drained.

Thiago let out an agonizing cry of pleasure before burying his face into my neck and slamming his cock into me one good last time, releasing a flood of his burning hot seed into me.

It wasn’t long after until I was untied and safe in Thiago’s strong arms, where he held me and stroked my fire-red locks. He promised that his dark side had been quenched and tucked away for now. That he wanted nothing more than to give me the world. I closed my eyes and nestled up to him, secretly resenting the part where I would wake up and find myself alone again until he came to see me...

Which is why I yelled out in shock when I awoke to find myself curled up on a black leather chair in a private jet.

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